LearnWorlds vs Thinkific 2023: Which One Better LearnWorlds Or Thinkific (Pros & Cons)

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LearnWorlds is an inclusive platform to develop, manage, and sell your online courses through digital media. It is an effective, convenient, and efficient professional development approach for clients.

 Thinkific is a comprehensive online software platform that lets you build, sell, and deliver courses and training programs with simplified and instructional designs which helps to improve your interactions with the audiences

  • Built-in Social network
  • White-label platform
  • Many customisable options
  • Chapter modules
  • Drip Schedule
  • Affiliate program
  • You can create myriad courses through a single platform only
  • You can build the landing and marketing pages.
  • It has an easy-to-use interface for the new users.
  • The only platform to give free access to your startup plan w
  • It has a basic and affordable option for selling your course
  • This software offers full phone support. 
  • You may not get instant customer services for a free trial o
  •  As always, things do come with drawbacks, meaning support l
Value For Money

LearnWorlds is a great platform for creating and selling courses. It offers the full value of your money, so you won't regret choosing this platform.

Thinkific is an amazing platform that offers many features which helps you in making courses online but it is a little expensive than LearnWorlds.

Looking For Unbiased Comparison Between Learnworlds vs Thinkific. I’ve got you covered.

The main differences between LearnWorlds Vs Thinkific are:

LearnWorlds’ UI may first seem overwhelming to newcomers. On the first page, there is A LOT of information to comprehend. However, once you begin constructing your course, you’ll discover that it’s fairly straightforward to use. Yes, analytics might seem intimidating at first. However, it will not take long for you to get the hang of it.

Thinkific’s course builder is one of the finest I’ve seen. Drag-and-drop functionality enhances the user experience. All you have to do is upload your material and drag it into your course. That is all. Additionally, there are several documentation files and instructions to assist you.

Educating is a hectic process for many people but also it proved to be a good source of income. To make it easy for you, I would be sharing with you my experience after using both LearnWorlds vs Thinkific with a teacher’s point of view as well as a student’s point of view. 

These days the majority of the population relies on programs that educate them online without hustling. Here’s where these platforms come to our rescue. Thousands of teachers, coaches, trainers, consultants, and experts from different organizations are using these platforms to grow their brands and also to earn revenue by providing students with courses varying from their expertise. 

Bottom Line Upfront: LearnWorlds is a great platform that you can use to train your employees easily. It is really simple to use and straightforward. With your own website, you can create as many courses as you want on LearnWorlds and sell them to your users. When it comes to choosing between LearnWorlds and Thinkific, LearnWorlds is the perfect choice for you. It also offers a 20% discount on yearly plans.

LearnWorlds vs Thinkific: Overview


LearnWorlds is an inclusive platform to develop, manage, and sell your online courses through digital media. It is an effective, convenient, and efficient professional development approach for clients.

 According to me, it is a highly configurable, supportive software for interns, trainees, and professionals. It helps educate the clients and trade online courses to a massive audience around the world. Their cloud-based e-learning system offers a unique solution to the learners, professionals,s or entrepreneurs to fulfill their needs and a group of mentors helps the clients to achieve their goals.

LearnWorlds- Overview

Also read,

It also has a built-in social network that helps you to connect to the world. If you are a newbie to this e-learning business, then LearnWorlds completely guide you to popularise your courses to a large number of people.

I have been a constant user of this site, I have experienced that it offers amazing features to customize, control, and sell the courses easily and efficiently to the world. 


Thinkific is a comprehensive online software platform that lets you build, sell, and deliver courses and training programs with simplified and instructional designs which help to improve your interactions with the audiences. With advanced features, Beginners can create effective and simpler courses that will help you and your audience as well. A convenient interface that helps you host a membership portal, customize layouts and courses. 

Thinkific helps you to diversify your ideas into a reality without being complicated. It’s much easier to set up courses if you already have a core program handy. Building a successful Educational Business requires good support that helps you at every step. Thinkific’s ultimate support team will untie every piece of your platform from data to content making it a lasting educational business.

Looking for online courses and degrees from leading universities? Then you must know about FutureLearn. Here’s an article that shares all the latest deals and coupon codes for FutureLearn that you can use and save on your purchase.

Thinkific - Overview

A cloud-based LMS that gives you full access to the designing and hosting of your site. My main reason to choose Thinkific was because of its ability to submit/upload required documents or course materials without having to pay much transaction fee. You can also check out the best competitors of Thinkfic and LearnWorlds, and here is a detailed comparison of LearnWorlds vs Podia.

LearnWorlds vs Thinkific Features:


Let us discuss the characteristics or features that LearnWorlds offers to its customers:

  • Easy-to-use- The software is very easy to use and detailed which helps you to grasp the features and applications easily. You do not have to be a professional to use it.
  • Built-in Social network- LearnWorlds offers an amazing feature to connect to a variety of people and explore the e-learning business world. This feature allows you to spread your courses professionally and make a personal bond between you and your client
  • White-label platform- With this, you can create a customized domain, online courses, and take your company to the next level. You have full control over your data without interruptions.
  • Online testing engine- LearnWorlds lets you provide videos and questionnaires with every course to make the topics easy and understandable. With an Online testing engine, you can provide certificates to the users on qualifying the tests and assignments.
  • Interactive Tutorials and ebooks- You can create interactive tutorials and e-book using various features of LearnWorlds. With this, the learning becomes fun for the students and the engagement becomes more. 

LearnWorlds - Mobile And Tab

  • Observe analytics- You can see your analytics of the last few days and can review the changes. These analytics are very easy to understand which helps you to make adjustments in your future courses.

Dashboard Of LearnWorlds

  • SCORM ailment- SCORM stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model. It is one of the foremost broadly recognized e-learning industry benchmarks and makes a difference in your course substance and learning stage to way better work together. So, while uploading the videos and books, you are assured that you follow the SCORM standards.
  • Affordable and flexible- LearnWorlds gives you the alternative to pay in instalments and the company can part your fee into 3, 5, or indeed more payments. It can also assist you to part the subscribe a costly course over a several-month membership instep too.
  • Multilingual- User can select the desired language of the page and courses. This helps to make a great engagement with the learners as it is easier to understand anything in the mother tongue than in any other language.
  • Integrations- LearnWorlds provides you with the facility to integrate your courses with many software or apps to connect with people in any corner of the world. The numerous integrations provide you with the facility to connect your courses on various platforms.

 LearnWorlds - Integration

  • Many customisable options- With so many customisable options, you can create interactive and effective video lectures and presentations to make your course look attractive and appealing.
  • Provides copyright- LearnWorlds provides copyright to the course to protect it from any plagiarism and allegations of any other party.
  • Regular updates- LearnWorlds offers updates regularly so that its customers are aware of modern technology and the features that are added in the software.
  • Amazing course creation- LearnWorlds offers amazing features to create attractive courses for the students with its ample of features. Its video editing feature lets you edit or modify the video to make it more detailed and appealing. You can also create knowledgeable quizzes and assignments to test the student’s ability and skills.

LearnWorlds - Choose A Course Topic


Here, we will have a quick snapshot of features that Thinkific offers. 

  • Chapter modules: Tons of videos or files presentations can be uploaded to course creators. The bulk import of media and stuff is such a savior for those who host digital courses to help marketers and financial administrators. 

Thinkific - Stats

The formatting bar floats as you scroll down with much ease giving you more space. It has a separate video library that lets you upload all your videos and can easily use them wherever you want with just a click. 

Adding subdomains for easy accessibility to your website can be a great addition.

  • Drip Schedule: A drip option allows you to schedule your content to release it over some time. This kind of interaction grabs more attention of students to the courses. 

Thinkific- Course Overview

  • Notifications: This feature right here has several automated admin notifications, student notifications, and email notifications. 

For Teachers and students, Notifications are the best thing in all. Getting notified about every single thing from students signing up, completing tasks, asking questions, student email to lots and lots of other notifications and reminders. 

  • Affiliate program: An affiliate program, an awesome feature that boosts your business. All you have to do is sign up students as affiliates and they will do the rest. Just by recommending your course link with others and getting a commission on your sales. This will eventually increase your audience making it a huge success. 

Thinkific- Template

  • Dashboard: The student’s Dashboard gives u a simple, clear overview of the course contents and helps you track your assignments and stuff. 


  • Flexibility: they upgraded their pricing module, it’s a lot better now as you go higher-ups and can get the best choices.
  • Membership and Bundles: Users can create a package with courses that go together and publish it with certain pricing options. It’s a good feature to make your page more appealing. Creating a Site-wide subscription option for a reduced monthly payment will upscale your marketing efforts. 

Thinkific- Customer Zone

LearnWorlds vs Thinkific: Unique Features


  • The most prominent feature of LearnWorlds is that it has the best security backup which helps in restricting unknown or specific domains from registering into your courses. It also helps in maintaining strong passwords.
  • The multi-language support and language settings offered by Learnworld’s interface have helped in its growth to the next level and is the reason it stands in the first place.


Apart from all the features I’ve mentioned above, there are certain unique features that catch the eye of every coach in introducing their courses on this platform which I have stated below, let’s have a look:

  • Thinkific allows you to create your own courses by uploading all types of content such as PDF, HTML, audio or video materials, presentations, and easily downloadable content tools which makes it easier for the user to hop on the wheels of educating themselves. 
  • It is SEO-friendly, meaning the search engine optimization is done in a way that helps in bringing more traffic to your course links.
  • Accessing your funds is made easy by Thinkific, which means all the revenue you earned is instantly transferred into your merchant account which further transfers to your own bank. 

LearnWorlds vs Thinkific: Pros and cons



  • You can create myriad courses through a single platform only.
  • You can build the landing and marketing pages.
  • It has an easy-to-use interface for new users.
  • LearnWorlds allows the online downloading feature to the students.
  • 24×7 customer support to the clients to help them in their needs.
  • Thinkific’s easy-to-use interface has made it very smooth to make your own course seven on the basic free plan which also helps in managing the cash flow.
  • The pre-designed templates that can be accessed on mobile and tablets help in creating the video easily and quickly.
  • Dialect customization choices.
  • 30 days of the free trial.
  • You can create infinite courses. 
  • Regular updates keep the courses upgraded and fresh.
  • Interactive content increases engagement with the audience.
  • Reasonable and flexible platform.
  • No Credit-card obligations are required for a free trial.
  • Interesting video tutorials help the students to clear a topic with ease.


  • You may not get instant customer services for a free trial or the starter plan. For an All-time customer service facility, you have to purchase a premium or pro plan.
  • There might be few chances of having bugs or glitches in the website builder feature.
  • Payment options are limited and this creates problems for the users who do not use those payment gateways.
  • Uploading bulk data is time-consuming which can be frustrating sometimes.



  • The only platform to give free access to your startup plan with zero transaction fees. 
  • It has a basic and affordable option for selling your courses. 
  • This software offers full phone support. 
  • From presentation tools to pdfs, surveys, assignments, anything you could need to create a course Thinkific makes it much easier. A simple place to customize your subdomain to host your courses. 
  • Thinkific provides secure administrative functions for both parties. 
  • Overall a good experience for students to have a track of their assignments and core chapters.
  • You can easily increase your conversion rate a bit extra with the coupon codes, email affiliates and other worthy paid plans with unlimited course options
  • Quizzes in Thinkific deals with student’s testing and learning and allows explanations for them. 
  • Emailing students can be tricky with 1 student at a time in a basic plan but as you switch to pro+ growth plan you can have emails done in bulk. 


  •  As always, things do come with drawbacks, meaning support lacks marketplace which means no support for promoting your content. 
  • A support system is helpful but also a bit slower.
  • In Thinkific one can add only a link to their pdf however it’s a little bit limited in terms of Pdf interactive lessons being inside a text or video lessons. 
  • Checkout page doesn’t give you much customization, unlike others. 

LearnWorlds vs Thinkific Pricing Plans:


LearnWorlds offer 3 plan to its customers: 

LearnWorlds Pricing

  • The starter plan- This plan costs $29 per month or $24 a month if you wish to pay annually (including an additional $5 every moment you trade a course). With this plan, you get one admin account, a personalized domain, 3-page developer, 4 payment options, basic integrations, free SSL certificate, a facility to drip courses, 24*7 support.
  • Pro-trainer plan- Once you get up to the pro-trainer plan costing $79 per month, you open much way better highlights. No exchange expenses, boundless courses and landing pages, a complete website builder with web journal, memberships and participation, installment compensations, and more. Furthermore, you can coordinate with Zapier and another premium integrative software
  • Learning Center plan- The learning center costs $249 per month and opens a few extra highlights. You can have up to 20 admins or teachers. Also, with this plan, you can perform abundant learners upload. Moreover, there are complete white-label alternatives opened at this plan. This tier also opens the interactive video, progressed partner administration, and indeed the capacity to urge a custom iOS and Android app for an extra expense.
  • Other plans- There are high proportion and corporate plans which offer extra admins, a branded corporate institute, a committed account supervisor, and other features.


Thinkific Pricing

We can have 4 different enrolling programs:

  • The reliable and convenient option for a startup is the free plan which gives you three-course limits with core features to build your course module. 
  • My pick would be a $49 plan as it has affiliate reporting, email integrations, Zapier and a bunch of other features. 
  • Pro +growth packages for massive courses and multiple admins and stuff starting from $99 and $499 which has all the heavy programming tools. 
  • One-time payment option with custom enrollment duration that allows students to have access for your courses for a trial period of 30 days or so. 
  • Subscriptions /memberships options give users a chance to make changes to student’s recurring monthly fee for a free trial period and custom first payment. 
  • Users can also set up additional pricing which offers course payment to be done monthly or one time.

LearnWorlds vs Thinkific Customer Reviews & Testimonials

LearnWorld Customer Review

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LearnWorlds vs Thinkific FAQs:

👉Which software has better integrations?

Both the software have been made in terms of productivity. You can switch to either one of these software, although Thinkific has zapier that allows good support that automates your working experience.

👉Which software has more customizable options?

Both the platforms have good customizable features to make your courses interactive and engaging whereas LearnWorlds offers a few more customizable options than Thinkific which helps to make the courses interesting.

👉Which platform is more suitable for learning purposes?

Both the software‘s are appropriate for creating and selling online courses for learning. LearnWorlds and Thinkific both provide video tutorials and quizzes to make the topic easy to grasp and understand.

How do I price my courses?

When it comes to pricing your course, you must locate the sweet spot where the price is appealing to your students. There is a clear link between the price you charge for your course and the level of involvement your students have. Learners will be more engaged if you charge a greater price. People are less likely to trust and have low expectations for results when you offer your information free or cheap. When you raise the price, people instinctively believe they are getting more value.

How do I market and sell my courses online?

You shouldn't stop there once you've built a great course for a certain audience. Using email marketing strategies, expand your email list as much as feasible. You can, for example, utilise lead magnets to get people to pay you with their emails, capture emails from your own website, or use social media to get people to pay you with their emails.

Should I give my courses for free?

Giving away free courses and classes is nearly the same as giving away a free programme. Instead, you may make a chunk of your complete course available to potential students for free. This is an excellent teaser for attracting new customers.

Can we track a student’s progress on LearnWorlds?

Yes! LearnWorlds allows you to keep track of your student's progress from the beginning to the end of the semester. This allows you to identify pupils who may require a little extra guidance or inspiration. Furthermore, as more students enrol in your programme, you will begin to notice areas where candidates are more likely to struggle. While this has piqued your attention, you are well-positioned to identify the necessary changes.

Is LearnWorlds Online Community good?

If you want to create an engaging network for your students, LearnWorlds offers a built-in social media network option. The community feature is highly capable and has all of the required features. As a result, administrators and users alike will be able to create new posts, as well as comment on or just like existing ones. In your posts, you might also put some text, a link, a photo, or even a poll.

Can I integrate with third-party tools?

Yes! LearnWorlds allows you to improve the overall efficacy of your online courses by allowing you to interface with a range of plugins that are free to download and use, such as marketing campaign tools, analytic tools, email marketing software, and customer referral software. So, if LearnWorlds doesn't offer the marketing function you're looking for, there's a good chance you'll be able to utilise a third-party plugin or service.

Is LearnWorlds a good platform for school students?

Yes, LearnWorlds is a fantastic online course network that caters to everyone from professors and lecturers to expert coaches, content creators, schools and universities, training managers, influencers, and entrepreneurs. It would, however, be ideal for you if you want to truly deliver an immersive educational experience for your visitors.

Can I create “Invite only” courses on LearnWorlds?

Yes! You might also create and present exclusive courses for people who have been invited. This refers to information that isn't readily available to the broader population. As an incentive for long-term learners, this makes it simple to connect with only a limited set of clients.

Can I send customized emails on LearnWorlds?

You may create your welcome and programme completion announcements, as well as send unique messages to learners. Filters like registration, completion, voucher redemption, and others can be used to tailor the content.

Does LearnWorlds support gamification?

Gamification and prizes are used in LearnWorlds to increase interaction. As a result, if you use the gamification function, your students will be rewarded with different badges based on their group engagement and activities.

Are there any additional costs associated with purchasing a course?

You must pay a $5 one-time fee for each learner you enrol in the Starter plan. Higher-end plans are exempt from the transaction fee. You simply pay your subscription fee on a monthly basis.

Is it necessary to have dedicated web hosting? Is there a guarantee of uptime?

Web hosting on the Microsoft Azure cloud is included in all of their plans. You'll get a 99.9% uptime guarantee with your licence.

Is it possible to change or cancel my plan at any time?

Yes, but only if you cancel or change your subscription before it automatically renews. If you apply for a change of plans after your billing term has begun, you will be charged the old prices.

How safe are my students' personal information and proprietary content?

In addition to the baseline security provided by Microsoft Azure, LearnWorlds commits to strong data security processes. Your personal data is kept separate from the information of other customers.

What is a Thinkific course?

Thinkific is a technology startup that provides a platform that allows people and organisations to create online courses based on their current expertise and then distribute or sell those courses to their audience through their own website and brand.

Can you make money on Thinkific?

Of course, selling an online course is the most obvious method to generate money using the platform. Thinkific is a fantastic platform for hosting your course, especially for novices, as its backend is extremely user-friendly. In no time, you'll have your course up and running.

Can you use Thinkific for free?

Thinkific does, however, provide a free plan for individuals who wish to try out the platform without being restricted. This package includes everything in the free plan, plus additional features like drip content and the option to create an infinite number of courses.

Conclusion: LearnWorlds vs Thinkific 2023

When it comes to opting for different software platforms, I would say the features are more or less the same. For most of the solopreneurs who don’t have time or skills to build content from scratch, Thinkific suits their needs.

Both software caters to the need for the design and development of the course contents and helps you pretty quickly to go through the e-learning process. 

BothThinkific and LearnWorlds have common and unique features to offer to their clients. To choose software, you should be aware of your needs and then you can choose your favorable software accordingly.

But, after comparison, I can clearly state that LearnWorlds is a better and efficient platform than Thinkific in every way.

LearnWorlds is an inclusive platform to develop, manage, and sell your online courses through digital media. It is an effective, convenient, and efficient professional development approach for clients.

Price:$ 24
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  1. After using LearnWorlds, I have been able to change the way my niche business operates. Now I am able to offer an online course and sell it through this platform. It has made my job easier and taken away the cost of hiring someone else or maintaining a website for my online courses individually on different sites.This is a great app which not only benefits me but also clients who are interested in learning from me as well!
    So if you want to join us all then download your free trial of LearnWorlds today!”

  2. The LearnWorlds e-learning system is available on any device, and courses can be viewed from any space in the world. This course management system has been developed by two former teachers who wanted to help employers as well as interns. With a group of mentors helping them bring their idea to life, they have created an inclusive platform where teachers are able to create high quality educational content for the masses with time being the limit. The set up is so easy that anyone will be able to do it! Courses are published fast and cheaper than ever before because of this cutting edge technology. Choose how you want your product delivered: I would personally choose watching LearnWorlds courses online over going into a classroom because there is no pressure when you’re

  3. I’ll say up front that Thinkific is my top overall choice for solo edupreneurs and small businesses interested in selling online courses. It is also a very solid option for larger businesses that do not have complex needs related to managing continuing education or certification.
    The range of features you get even with the free plan is impressive (more on Thinkific pricing below), and it just gets more and more impressive with the more advanced plans!!
    Go check it out!!

  4. I’ve used Thinkific and it was good as it has cool features to it!
    》User Interface Design for the Course Creator
    》Ability to Customize Branding
    》Intuitive Flow for the Student
    When I bought it, it was very It was straightforward to get everything set up and ready to go. Within a day, I had all of our payment processing systems, CRM, and WordPress website integrated!!

  5. I think this product is very cool and I especially like the add ons. The site was easy to navigate, user interface was good something I’ve been needing in a while! Everything about it amazes me! There are so many different things you can do with this software!!! vroom !!!!

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