Datacamp vs Udacity 2021: Which One Is The Best & Why? (#1 Reason)

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Check out


Check out
Pricing 25/mo 399
Best for

Best for beginners and intermediate

Best for advanced learners

  • Best pricing options offered for students
  • DataCamp works on subscription rather than individual fixed.
  • DataCamp instructor are from various organizations
  • Multiple courses on data science offered.
  • Udacity provides more extended nanodegrees in collaboration
  • Udacity has mostly better evaluation scores than DataCamp
  • Easy to use
  • The price matches the quality
  • Very transparent with their pricing
  • DataCamp with 25 languages available
  • Simplistic design (no unnecessary information)
  • Variety of featured courses
  • High-quality video courses (even the free ones)
  • More than 30+ languages available in Udacity
  • Free users get a relatively less amount of courses
  • Customer support is little slow
  • A huge leap in prices sometimes
  • They charge higher prices for various courses
Ease of Use

Courses are offered in Slides & Video Materials. Pre-order subscription, Bundle subscription, Manual (Monthy) subscription, Term-Based subscription

Video Material is good and easy to consume, Free subscription, Standard subscription, Premium subscription, Professional subscription, Enterprise subscription

Value For Money

No refund policy in Datacamp

Refund period is for 2-7 days

Customer Support

They offer great support to their customers but sometimes they take longer to reply.

They have great customer support and usually students get reply in 24-48 hrs.

Check out Check out

Data Science is one of the hottest topics in today’s world with a sky-touching need of good skilled Data Science professionals. The job opportunities in this field are increasing rapidly. Now you’ve heard about Data Science and its importance in the future, spare some time from your schedule to learn Data Science through online platforms.


Bottom Line Upfront :

The fact due to which one should go with MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) is because it gives you the flexibility of learning anytime and anywhere. Although you have sorted out two options from all the online platforms, you are not able to make up between Datacamp Vs Udacity. Do you?

Here I am to help you to choose between Datacamp Vs Udacity. As it was really confusing even for me to choose between these two platforms to learn python as I was having no knowledge about coding, I tried using both platforms.

Datacamp is well suited for beginners and intermediate learners to be honest  It helps to start your journey in the field of data science and is good for learning basic fundamental concepts.

If you are looking for this kind of course then Datacamp is the right platform to start with.

On the other hand Udacity is well designed for advanced learners if you are familiar with the concepts of data science (including python and R).

That’s why I am here to help you to give you detailed knowledge about Datacamp as well as Udacity and which one you should choose to learn Data Science. Before moving forward to the detailed information regarding both the platforms, I congratulate you on choosing Data Science as your career option.

In this article, I have done a detailed comparison between Datacamp vs Udacity. I am sure by the end of this article you’ll be able to decide which one to choose for learning Data Science. 

Datacamp Vs Udacity 2021: Which One Is The Best? (#1 Reason)

Datacamp Vs Udacity- An Overview


Datacamp is an online interactive learning platform for Data Science and analytics. It offers tutorials and courses in Data Science through which students can master Data Science from the comfort zone of their own browser, at their own pace. Datacamp has some free beginner-level courses available on their website. 

Datacamp also offers annual and monthly subscription plans to access all the premium courses available on their website. Learners can pay $25 per month or $250 per year to get access to all the premium courses. However, the first chapter of these courses is free to access in order to give you the essence of the course before paying.

As tutorials are not enough to understand any topic in-depth, Datacamp provides coding challenges based on small-real life Data Science problems for the students which helps them to learn Data Science in-depth with practical approach along with theoretical knowledge. 

Datacamp focuses on technology R, used for big data, data visualization, and programming with R.(R is a powerful language used widely for data analysis and statistical computing) Courses available on Datacamp are beginner level where you can spend most of the time in coding than watching tutorials.

Datacamp Overview

 These courses help you to brush up the concepts if you want to revise anything you have forgotten. Datacamp allows you to learn anytime and anywhere you want and are super flexible which helps students to learn these courses according to their own pace. After completion of the course, certificates are issued and these certificates can be used by the students to upload it on any professional network sites like LinkedIn.


Udacity is an online platform offering Massive Open Online Courses(MOOCs). The courses available on Udacity are very informative and interactive. Each course is divided into levels starting from beginners to advance. Based on the knowledge you have about the course you can select the level. 

The courses available on Udacity are designed in such a way that it meets industry standards that are developed in collaboration with software like, Salesforce, Google, Cloudera Hack Reactor (software engineering Coding Bootcamp education program founded in San Francisco), Autodesk, Facebook, and MongoDB, etc.

Therefore you can be assured that these courses provide you the latest technological information. Courses available on Udacity are taught by professionals working with these companies who are having a lot of real-life experience in the field of Computer Science and programming that is why learning from such great professionals can be very valuable.

Udacity offers you free courses through which you can learn at any time and anywhere at your comfort. However, to get a certificate, you need to enroll in one of their Nanodegree programs which are paid. Some courses available on Udacity are charged on a monthly basis i.e. the fee to be paid for the course depend on the time taken to complete the course.

Some courses have a one-time payment system where you need to pay the full amount at the starting of the course. The reason for these Nano degree programs is to teach students basic programming skills which will help them to start a job as a data analyst.

Udacity Overview

The main drawback of these Nanodegree programs is that they are very expensive. The courses available are sometimes suitable for professionals only who understand the course content. Also, the courses available on Udacity are very limited.


Datacamp vs Udacity- History


Datacamp started in 2011 and it is now one of the leading platforms with more than 4 million users. The courses Datacamp offers fall under the category of Data Science and R program. Their study model is designed for students who are new to the field of Data Science. Datacamp offers 325 courses on various topics on its website which includes visualization, Data Engineering, Probability, and Statistics, etc. Datacamp offers you an annual subscription plan through which you can complete as many courses as you want. 


Udacity started in 2011 is also a leading platform with more than 10 million users worldwide. Courses offered by Udacity falls under the category of computer science and programming. Udacity provides program like Nanodegree programs which are in partnership with various organizations and Universities. By completing the Nanodegree program one can get the certificate that can be used further to upload it on professional sites like LinkedIn.

Datacamp Vs Udacity- Pricing Review 

Course subscription cost plays an important role while choosing between Datacamp and Udacity. Both of them offer free courses but their paid courses are more in-depth. The courses which are free to access is just to give you a gist of that course before paying.


Datacamp has both monthly as well as annual subscription plans with various services available according to the type of plan. Datacamp has 3 subscription plans: Basic, Premium, and Free.

The free plan offers you to access the first class of each topic without charging so that one can get a clear idea of whether to apply for the course or not.

The Basic Plan will cost you $29 per month. This will include :

  • All FREE content, plus:
  • 333 courses
  • 14 career tracks
  • 43 skill tracks
  • Unlimited skill assessments
  • Community chat

In order to study the subject in-depth one must opt for a yearly subscription which will cost you $300 and can save up to $48.

The Premium Plan will cost you around $33.25 per month if taken an annual subscription. This will include :

  • All BASIC content, plus:
  • 82 projects
  • Tableau and Oracle content
  • DataCamp live sessions
  • Priority support

Datacamp Pricing Review


Udacity, on the other hand, charges you $399 to complete the Nanodegree program. Also for each Nanodegree, there is a fixed cost that you have to pay to complete it. Therefore to complete multiple such Nanodegree, you find it difficult. 

By paying such a huge subscription amount one gets to access Nanodegree course for 3-4 months only. You need to pay extra if the Nanodegree program is not completed within these 3-4 months. 

That is why, when it comes to cost, I personally recommend students Datacamp over Udacity.

Datacamp Vs Udacity- Curriculum


Datacamp seems to be more engaging for beginner level students. It offers 325 courses based on Data Science and R programming. Each course is for 4 hours. To help you with the selection of the course, Datacamp has introduced skill track and career track. Career tracks are for those who are looking to start Data Science as their new career. You can select any programming language you wish to learn.



Talking about the Udacity, it offers Nanodegree programs which consist of 5-6 courses which you have to complete within 3-4 months. Udacity deals with Computer Science and programming and has many courses available on this topic on their website. It has courses available on topics such as programming, AI, cloud computing, data science, autonomous systems, and business.

Udacity Courses

For Data Science, there are a total of 9 Nanodegrees available on Udacity. Each Nanodegree consists of courses along with the project or quiz available at the end of the course. The capstone project is the project which is available on completion of each Nanodegree program that tests the entire syllabus learners have studied.

Datacamp Vs Udacity-Courses Available


Datacamp offers 325 courses along with 43 skill tracks and 13 career courses. Here are a few examples of courses that are available on Datacamp 

  1. Introduction to R
  2. Intermediate R
  3. Introduction to Machine Learning
  4. Data visualization with ggplot2
  5. Text mining with Bag-of-words in R
  6. Introduction to python
  7. Introduction to SQL
  8. Python Data Science Toolbox
  9. Introduction to Network Analysis in Python

Here are a few examples of skill track:

  1. Image processing
  2. Importing and cleaning data
  3. Shiny Fundamentals
  4. Applied Finance

Here are a few examples of career track :

  1. Data analyst with R
  2. Data analyst with python
  3. Python programmer
  4. Statistician
  5. Machine learning scientist


Udacity offers 9 Nanodegrees in the field of Data Science. They are 

  1. Data Streaming Nanodegree
  2. Data Analyst Nanodegree
  3. Data Engineer Nanodegree
  4. Programming for Data Science with Python
  5. Data Scientist Nanodegree
  6. Data Structures and Algorithms Nanodegree
  7. Predictive Analytics for Business Nanodegree
  8. Programming for Data Science with R
  9. Business Analytics Nanodegree

Datacamp Vs Udacity-Tutors/ Instructors


The instructors available on Datacamp are from various organizations and Universities.

Datacamp Tutors and InstructorsUdacity Tutors and Instructors


The Instructors available on Udacity are former teachers, graduates, CEOs of some companies, etc. The founder of Udacity is himself a course leader for some of the courses like self-driving and AI.

Datacamp vs Udacity- Pros & Cons

Data Camp Pros

  • Offers more frequent discount and promotions than DataCamp
  • Offers teacher discount policies
  • Offers course un enrollment policies
  • Offers Affirm Financing support
  • Offers international shipping policies
  • More cost-effective than many comparable learning programs
  • Specialized instruction that provides more of a detailed-oriented approach to learning
  • Free courses offered, let all the curious users dip their toes in the water.

Datacamp Cons

  • Testing isn’t as rigorous as many other learning platforms
  • Lack of repetition makes it less ideal for students who rely on rote learning
  • The advanced level course requires a financial investment

Udacity Pros

  • Good platform content 
  • Good attractive speakers 
  • Project-based approach courses
  • Free as well as paid courses
  • Content provided is extremely relevant to what the industry currently needs.
  • Experienced instructors 

Udacity Cons

  • Very less time to complete the Nanodegree program
  • Many courses available are difficult to master 
  • Not for beginners

FAQs Of Datacamp

👉Are DataCamp certificates worth it?

It's worthwhile doing the data science in R track from DataCamp, but not necessarily for the certification; There are a couple of reasons for this, well one of them is Real-life skills are (still) more valuable in the data science industry than the certificates.

👉Are DataCamp projects good?

Their learning by doing model makes a lot of sense. You spend a lot less time watching videos and more time actually coding. So if you need to brush up on your coding skills, then DataCamp is a good way to go. However, you will need supplemental data science material and additional practice projects.

👉Is DataCamp good for Python?

For me, DataCamp is a great platform to learn R, Python and data science, mainly because learning by doing is a reality in DataCamp: you're forced to get hands-on through the interactive exercises and that's great for people who have to overcome the hurdle of getting started or for people that start out by thinking.

👉Does DataCamp provide certification?

DataCamp does not offer certificates, but it does provide Statements of Accomplishment at no charge. Upon purchasing a DataCamp subscription, you would have access to all of DataCamp's content, and potentially statements of accomplishment if you complete the courses associated with them.

FAQs Udacity

👉Are courses on Udacity free?

Udacity has around 200 courses that are completely free (but do not offer a certificate). Usually, these courses are created as part of a paid micro-credential that Udacity offers called a Nanodegree. Many of the courses that are part of newer Nanodegrees are no longer free

👉Why Udacity is so expensive?

Because Udacity makes a profit by charging for courses, courses offered by notable companies are more expensive than the others. If you cannot afford it, there are plenty of courses on the platform that allows you to view the course materials (videos, assignments, forums, etc) for free.

👉Is Udacity owned by Google?

They are definitely affiliated. Udacity shares information with Google about its students according to their Terms of Service. That's more or less where it ends. Udacity is not owned by Google or Alphabet

👉Will Udacity get you a job?

You've got the skills, now get the job.

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Conclusion-Datacamp Vs Udacity| Which One Is The Best & Why?

As I discussed the pros and cons of both Datacamp as well as Udacity it is very difficult to say which one is the best. Datacamp is clearly designed for the learners who are new in the field of Data Science and therefore courses available on Datacamp are beginner-level courses. Datacamp will help you to learn the basics of Data Science. That is why for beginners Datacamp is so far the best platform.

On the other hand, Udacity is designed for intermediate and advanced learners. Udacity helps advanced learners to get in-depth knowledge about the course. It helps you to grasp the subject completely which can help to get a job in this field. I hope I did my best to explain to you and help you to choose between the two platforms according to your need and level, of course, you want to learn.

We hope this Datacamp Vs Udacity comparison suits your purpose well. If you liked this post, you can share this post on trending social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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