Top 12 Best Web Scraping Proxies 2022-What Is The Best Proxy Scraper?

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Are you considering undertaking Best Web Scraping Proxies? Then you need to understand that the proxies you utilize have the potential to make or break your project.

Come in today to get suggestions on the market’s leading suppliers.

Web scraping is a very gratifying activity. It enables you to scrape data from any source online for educational, commercial, or research purposes.

However, if you’re going to be web scraping on a large scale, you’re going to require proxies to succeed; otherwise, you’re going to be prohibited by the website from which you’re scraping.

This is due to the request restrictions imposed by websites to prevent bot traffic, which serve no purpose other than to increase a website’s server operation costs and slow it down.

Some websites consider web scraping to be unlawful and may prosecute you.

However, the fact is that online scraping might be lawful or criminal depending on the technicality involved.

Whichever zone you fall under, you will need proxies to be successful. This post will discuss the best web scraping proxies to utilize.

Additionally, you will get suggestions for the best proxy APIs to utilize if you are not interested in maintaining proxies.

This post will educate you on the proper use and maintenance of proxy servers for web scraping.

Additionally, recommendations on the proxies to utilize for web scraping will be offered.

6 Different Types of Proxies

It’s critical to understand why you’re using a proxy before you use one, particularly if there is a price involved.

There are several server kinds, each with its own set of applications, benefits, and downsides.

Let us take a brief look at the most often used proxies and why they are preferred over others:

1. Residential proxies:

These IP addresses are indistinguishable from those of regular users.

IP addresses are unique and are supported by internet service providers.

As a result, these proxies are the least likely to be banned or restricted, as websites have no reason to treat them differently than any other user.

2. Data Center Proxies:

While IP addresses are intended to reflect a virtual address on the Internet, they are not always associated with a physical location.

That is the situation with cloud-based datacenter proxies.

The benefit of these proxies is often their speed and quantity since hundreds of them might originate from a single server.

While each IP address is unique, they all belong to the same subnet, which means that a website may block all IP addresses associated with that subnet.

data proxy

3. Public Proxies:

If you want to experiment for free with a variety of transparent, anonymous, and elite proxies, you may.

Simply search for public proxies. These are freely available on the Internet and maybe of tremendous assistance if you know where to seek them.

However, a word of caution – some of these proxies may have been made accessible by hackers.

Some have done so to get personal information from those who use their proxies. Ascertain that you are only using public proxies from reputable suppliers.

4. High level anonymous proxies:

Additionally, these servers are referred to as elite proxies.

They obfuscate your data fully and deceive websites into believing that the request is coming from a regular user using the proxy’s IP.

Because the site is unaware of the proxy, this is the most anonymous and low-risk choice.

5. Anonymous proxies:

These are the bare essentials. The proxy does not communicate your IP address to the website, but rather identifies itself as a proxy.

As a result, you maintain some level of anonymity while the website is aware that they are not obtaining your information.

Because the site is aware that it is being accessed using a proxy, it may deny your request.

6. Transparent proxies:

Unlike other types of proxies, transparent proxies do not conceal your identity or alter the website’s answer.

Its only goal is to serve as a layer of protection between you and the site.

Transparent proxies

As such, it is capable of logging your activities and blocking requests to certain websites.

These proxies are typically used in businesses and educational institutions to more effectively monitor and regulate what users do on the Internet.

Why Do you Need Proxies for Web Scraping?

Bypass IP blocking:

Proxy servers enable you to access websites that are banned due to your IP address.

This is often the result of you spamming a website or another user on the same network.

This is particularly critical if you did not utilize a proxy and your genuine IP address was blacklisted.

Access Data That Is Location-Specific:

Consider that you are a resident of Norway and want to get a Google UK listing.

How are you going to do this? Bear in mind that listings may change according to your location.

You may either relocate to the United Kingdom or employ UK proxy services.

Proxies from the United Kingdom are the greatest option since they are less expensive and take up less time.

You will, however, get the same outcome as someone who resides in the United Kingdom.

Excessive Requests:

Each website can restrict the number of requests it allows from a certain IP address.

It will stop any additional queries if it tries to surpass this limit.

As a result, the number of times your device can scrape web pages is limited. Proxies may supply additional IP addresses that may be used to circumvent the restriction.

10 Best Web Scraping Proxies 2022 What is the best proxy scraper?

Proxies for web scraping are most effective when they are configured to function on the target website.

Due to the unique nature of each website, each website has an anti-spam and anti-scraping mechanism.

What is effective on Twitter may not be effective on YouTube.

We may still agree since proxy companies provide proxies that work with even the most complex websites.

We will provide suggestions for residential proxy services as well as data center proxy services.

While mobile proxies are often the best option, they are not as cost-efficient as residential proxy services.

1. Smartproxy :

Smartproxy Pricing


Scraping without blemishes could sound like a dream. And Smartproxy Web Scraping API makes it a reality. This API can deal with different websites, even when facing a JavaScript heavy website – this tool has a headless scraper for that. 

Besides, Smartproxy offers some handy bells and whistles to make your data collection experience even better. Firstly, you can enjoy a CAPTCHA-free data gathering experience because this tool comes with 40M+ residential and datacenter proxy pool. Secondly, you can choose the location you want to scrape from – there’s a worldwide city-targeting option. And lastly, Smartproxy ensures a 100% success rate. Making your data collection experience great takes you only $50/month + VAT.

2. OxyLabs #1 Best Proxy Services For Web Scraping

With access to over 100 million IP addresses globally, OxyLabs provides not just datacenter proxy services, but also residential and AI support to aid you in parsing e-commerce sites with simplicity.

Their artificial intelligence is meant to assist you in parsing the retrieved data, rendering the web page’s JavaScript, and handling anti-bot countermeasures such as CAPTCHAs.

When it comes to geo-targeting, OxyLabs offers a map showing their proxy sites worldwide, allowing you to choose not only the nation but also the city.

oxylab- Best Web Scraping Proxies

This is a really helpful function since they provide IP addresses from almost any nation.

The organization manages proxy rotations to provide its consumers with a better scraping experience. If you want even quicker proxies, OxyLabs offers SOCKS5 proxies.

If you choose to use data center proxies, you will get limitless bandwidth and will only be charged for the number of proxies you use.

However, if you choose to utilize residential proxies, the fee will be determined by the amount of bandwidth used.

For instance, their lowest monthly membership is $300 for 20GB of bandwidth.

3. ProxyEmpire 

ProxyEmpire reviews

ProxyEmpire has been a rising star in the proxy world, providing high-quality residential and mobile proxies to its users. Whether you’re looking for a way to bypass firewalls or avoid geo-restrictions, ProxyEmpire can help.

Their network of millions of proxies is unrivaled, and their prices are unbeatable. You can test drive their services for just $1.97 and get access to all the proxies and features they provide. Business or just for personal use – your use case is covered with custom packages that fit every need.

If you’re looking for a high-quality proxy service, look no further than ProxyEmpire.

4. IPRoyal:

IPRoyal is an excellent choice for a Lithuanian proxy service. Additionally, they provide an app that allows you to scrape data from Google.

Their personal proxies work according to a simple model. With most residential proxy services, the IP addresses used to route client requests are not under their control.

The IPRoyal website is a terrific resource for sneakerheads in need of help. Customer service is excellent and their proxies are speedy. They’re fantastic, and I wholeheartedly endorse them.

IPRoyal Review- Overview

IPRoyal Pawns provides mobile proxies for IPRoyal, an independent business. IPRoyal stands out from the competition because of this one-of-a-kind product.

Individuals can monetize their IP addresses and Internet connections using IPRoyal Pawns. More proxy providers should examine this method of monetizing their spare resources.

Apps for iOS and Android are available for the IPRoyal Pawns app. It’s a well-thought-out product that’s simple to use.

In order to browse the web anonymously, IPRoyal gives its users a selection of public IP addresses. Using a system of proxies, the service aims to provide anonymity and security. With IPRoyal, you may choose from a variety of IP locations, change your IP address on a regular basis, and use the service from several devices.

IPRoyal is a trustworthy proxy service that provides excellent security and privacy. All of the features of the service are accessible and easy to use. However, compared to other proxy services, the cost is somewhat costly. In general, IPRoyal is an excellent proxy service option for individuals in need of a dependable and safe one.

5. Blazing SEO:

Offering proxies from 14 different countries, unlimited bandwidth, and over 300,000 datacenter IP addresses, Blazing SEO’s easy and pleasant API enables you to automate your proxy administration for everyday eCommerce data extraction.

Additionally, the firm offers residential proxies for beta testing, but only to a select few consumers who meet their standards.

Their pricing model is distinct from the others discussed so far, since they sell each proxy separately and give discounts depending on the number of IP addresses purchased.

Blazingseollc proxies

For instance, if you want between 5 and 99 proxy IPs, dedicated IPs cost $1.40 apiece; but, if you require between 100 and 999 proxies, the price drops to $1.33 for each proxy.

To test their service, they provide a two-day free package comprising five proxies, and corporate clients may request special trial packages with a greater amount of proxies.

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6. residentialIP:

residentialIP is a proxy service provider with approximately 13 million dynamic residential IP addresses.

While they do not provide web scraping services, their proxy management system is quite easy to incorporate into your project.

With IP addresses in more than 157 countries, you may access information from any part of the globe, and if you have the coin, you can also target cities.

home ip

In terms of pricing, their entry-level subscription is $85 per month and includes 5GB of traffic; if you select city targeting, the price jumps to $160 per month for the same amount of traffic.

They provide a seven-day free trial to IT and technology organizations, as well as a three-day money-back guarantee if the chosen plan does not meet your demands or you desire to reconsider your choice.

7. GeoSurf:

GeoSurf is a proxy service that provides residential proxies, mobile and desktop VPN, and sneaker proxies.

What are these sneaker dummy accounts? They are mostly utilized for sneaker bots, which are add-to-cart programs meant to assist you in obtaining those limited-edition Air Jordans and the like.

They let you host many IP addresses simultaneously, allowing you to access more items.

geosurf proxies-Best Web Scraping Proxies

Additionally, GeoSurf includes a browser plugin that encrypts your internet activities.

You may switch from a static to a residential IP address immediately from your browser, which enables you to access geo-restricted websites.

Because each user’s demands are unique, the firm offers many subscription options that vary in terms of bandwidth capacity.

For $450 per month, the basic one gives 38GB of storage and Residential IPs in over 130 countries.

8. Bright Data: #3 Best Proxy Services For Web Scraping

Bright Data is a data extraction and proxy supplier with over 70 million IP addresses that is simple to use and does not need any coding or infrastructure.

Their product includes pre-built templates, a browser extension that allows you to directly select items from your browser with an integrated AI-ready to extract your data, and a code editor that allows you to customize where the search should be conducted, what should be done, and what data should be extracted.

Bright data-Best Web Scraping Proxies

Bright Data offers a diverse range of rotating proxies, including over 700,000 data center proxies and even mobile residential proxies.

If you merely want a proxy service, the organization offers a few payment options for residential IPs.

You may pay as you go for $17,50 per GB, or sign up for a monthly membership for $500 per month or even an annual subscription for a 10% discount.

The rates vary for their data collector service, with the least monthly membership package costing $350 per month.

9. Intoli:

If you need assistance scraping the web, Intoli capabilities include the ability to automatically identify bot blocking efforts, retry unsuccessful requests, and offer a headless browser for your scraper to utilize.

Additionally, you may define the geographical location from where your request originated and even employ sticky sessions to preserve certain IP addresses.

intoli- Best Web Scraping Proxies

Are you interested in your data usage? Intoli offers an analytics dashboard to track your success rate and data use since their payment is dependent on bandwidth usage.

If you want a customized plan, you may contact the firm and discuss your requirements, or you can choose a monthly subscription, the lowest of which begins at $200 per GB.

10. Zyte:

Zyte assists not just with their proxy service, but also with a data extraction tool.

You just input the URL of the website you want to scrape in their proxy manager, and you will get the data in an organized manner.

If you are sufficiently active, Zyte can manage 11 billion queries per month for you.


However, if you do not need scraping such a large number of web pages, you may make do with less.

Their entry-level membership package is $29 per month and includes a 50K request limit and 50 concurrent requests.

Any bundle you pick includes proxy rotation, geolocation, automated retries, and proxy optimization.

Zyte’s primary proxy type is datacenter proxies, however, you may also contact their support staff and request access to residential IPs.

These services will have distinct pricing structures since they will be charged on a per-bandwidth basis rather than a per-request basis.

11. NetNut:

While this company does not include a crawler or scraper, the proxy services they provide may easily be connected with such products and perform well in other ways.

After selecting the desired location, NetNut automatically selects the optimum proxy for maximum performance.

They provide instructions outlining how to combine their solution with many popular web scraping technologies.

While the method is straightforward, it is rather pricey due to the use of additional items.

NetNut Best Web Scraping Proxies

If you want to use their proxy service only for online browsing, they provide a Chrome addon. You may modify the location, rotate your IP address, and, of course, switch it on and off using the interface.

Are you curious about the amount of bandwidth you’ve used? NetNut provides a real-time dashboard that displays information on your overall consumption, usage by country, and request volume.

NetNut provides a variety of monthly membership levels and a free 7-day trial.

12. Shifter:

Although Shifter is not designed for site scraping, its proxies may be used for this purpose.

This supplier not only provides residential and data center proxies but also offers shared proxies.

Their quality is identical to that of dedicated proxies, but if you choose these sorts of proxies, you may also share an IP address with one or two other clients.

shifter-Best Web Scraping Proxies

This may result in a slower scraping experience and a greater likelihood of getting blocked, but they are less expensive!

If you’re interested in a shared proxy plan, they provide ten for $30 per month, while dedicated residential proxies cost $50 per month for the same amount of ports.

Have you underestimated your scraping requirements and purchased an insufficient package? Not to worry; they provide a 3-day money-back guarantee to assist you in reconsidering your purchase.

13. WebScrapingAPI:

We can proudly state that the WebScrapingAPI provides access to over 100 million proxies, with the option to utilize datacenter or residential servers.

Additionally, the API manages proxy rotation between calls, alleviating the user of some of his responsibilities.

WebScrapingAPI provides four membership levels, one of which is completely free but lacks geotargeting functionality.

The following plan enables you to choose places inside the United States, while the other two allow you to select from a list of 12 other nations for the origin of your requests.

webscraping api

If you choose a bespoke plan, you can expand your nation pool to more than 195 places, however, this is dependent on the size of your project.

How much does each plan cost? Based on your requirements, more precisely on the number of API requests, and not on the amount of bandwidth used.

Additionally, you need not be concerned; only successful calls will be included in the monthly total.

WebScrapingAPIs pricing is quite competitive, with the simplest plan costing just $20 per month for 200,000 successful API requests; but, if you choose a bespoke plan, you may add additional features like geolocation, dedicated support, and custom scripts.

How Many Proxies Do You need?

The majority of proxy suppliers package their price plans according to the number of proxies, which is an intrinsic query that most businesses have.

What is the optimal number of proxies to purchase? In a nutshell, it depends. While this is an obnoxious response, allow me to clarify.

Remember how websites utilize rate-limiting software? Because we have no means of knowing what the website’s restriction is until we inspect its code, all we can do is guess. That is, intelligently guess.

Websites implement rate constraints, but they do not want to jeopardize legitimate human traffic.

Assume that a real individual can make no more than ten queries per minute, particularly if the website has a lot of material.

Because the individual may open many tabs, a large number of requests can be issued in a couple of seconds.

There will, however, always be a wait between requests as the individual reads the text.

Given our estimate of ten requests per minute, the estimated calculation for how many requests a real individual may make in an hour is about 600.

Assuming that sites have placed their rate limits around this amount, it is better to configure each of your proxies to transmit 600 requests per hour or fewer.

Of course, individual sites may have much harsher or laxer restrictions. 

The second factor to evaluate is the scraper’s overall throughput or the number of queries it can send every hour.

If your system is capable of processing 60,000 URLs per hour, the following will be true:

60,000 URLs divided by 600 (approximate rate limit) equals 100 proxy server IP addresses. To circumvent a website’s rate restriction, you’ll need 100 proxies.

This is a rough estimate based on a variety of assumptions and ultimately relies on the scraping machine you use.

How much information can it deliver in one hour? Simply divide it by 600 requests, or, to be cautious, reduce it to 300 or 500.

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Conclusion: Best Web Scraping Proxies 2022

When utilizing web scraping to gather information about rivals, email addresses, or other data from a website, employing a proxy protects your identity and prevents your genuine IP address from being added to any blocklists.

Proxy scrapers enable you to keep your bots safe and crawl websites indefinitely.

While various lists of free proxies are available online, not all of them include proxies of comparable quality. Bear in mind the hazards associated with the use of free proxies.

There is a possibility that you will connect to one that is hosted by a hacker, a government organization, or just someone attempting to inject their advertisements into every answer provided by any website.

That is why it is prudent to utilize free proxy services provided by reputable websites.

Having a list of free proxies enables you to avoid dealing with blacklists since you can easily switch to another proxy if an IP address is prohibited.

If you need to reuse an IP address for web scraping, it will be worth the money to pay for a service that provides assistance and operates its proxies so you don’t have to worry about them falling at the worst possible moment.

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