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The proxy market has many proxy servers, and customers have been using them for a long time. Few proxies are excellent, but few are not up to the mark. Awmproxy is one of the proxy providers that is getting a lot of good reviews on the market. Awmproxy is a company based in Russia and has proxies in several countries across the world. Read the in-depth Awmproxy review 2020 to know more about the company and its offers.

Awm Proxy servers reviews

Detailed Awmproxy Review 2022  Is worth to buy proxies from

What is Awmproxy

Awmproxy is a savior for those who want cost-effective and fastest proxies, because it is the cheapest. They proffer shared proxies, and this is the reason they are so affordable. Even for people who wish to use free proxy services, Awmproxy offers excellent service. In this article, we will throw light on the paid proxies provided by Awmproxy.

Solutions offered by Awmproxy

The proxies by Awmproxy are ideal for SEO, automation, social media management, and web scraping. Their website claims that they offer only elite proxies, but they provide residential proxies as per our research and findings. This is the reason these proxies are useful for a vast number of use cases. Their proxies do not get disclosed as proxies and are sometimes slow in operation.

Working of Awmproxy

Awm Proxy servers review Pricing

As a proxy server, even Awmproxy’s proxy servers route the clients’ requests via its restrictive network to border out the clients’ IP addresses from their web requests. These are then replaced with a different one not connected to them. The working of Awmproxy is different from several other popular providers. Awmproxy preserves a pool of proxies because they do not own the IPs they use; thus, they do not assure that your IP will be available soon. They operate the proxies in bundles and not individually. The route the requests of the clients by only using the device and its IP address.

They make sure the proxy bundle is refreshed periodically before selling to the customers. Almost 3 percent of the IPs got repossessed for every 15 minutes and replaced with a new one. Because they have no control over the IPs and the devices, their network seems to be slow.

While using the proxies by Awmproxy, you will need to choose the proxies individually from the list. You can make an IP rotation system and keep using the proxies as they rotate. You may face some downtime or connection drop because you cannot know when the proxy is offline.

When traveling through Awmproxy, the web requests go through a minimum of two nodes before reaching the intended site. Here, the first node is the Awmproxy server, and the second is the IP (and device) configured by you as your proxy server.

Features of Awmproxy

AwmProxy servers reviews

Some great features of Awmproxy are listed below:

  1. The location coverage of Awmproxy is fantastic because it has proxies spread all over the world. Their website contains a page that lists the supported countries and proxies available from each country.
  2. Their elite proxies and function in stealth mode, so that they are not recognized as proxies.
  3. They also proffer free proxies that are public proxies for people who cannot afford paid ones. They have an excellent quality assessment plan.
  4. There is no warranty offered on their proxies’ speed and efficiency.
  5. They offer an API that lets you programmatically approach the list of available proxies for filtering.
  6. The proxies are periodically updated so that the bad proxies are removed.

Pricing of Awmproxy

Awm Proxy servers review

Pricing is the primary reason why people prefer using Awmproxy. It is not ideal if you want to have individual proxies, because Awmproxy comes in a bundle. It offers three paid plans:

  1. Basic Plan

This plan is the smallest and the basic plan and comprises 12,000 proxies. It costs $95 and allows 350 concurrent threads. They also offer a one-day free trial to access the quality of their service.

  1. Standard Plan

This costs $195 and comprises 20,000 proxies including 2000 streams.

  1. VIP Plan

This costs $350 and offers up to 200000 proxies and also 4000 streams. 

It is better to try their free trial because they do not have a refund policy or a warranty. So, be sure before putting your money into this.

Awmproxy Uses

The use of Awmproxy is the same as other proxies. You simply have to subscribe to Awmproxy and configure the proxies on your device or applications, as required. It assigns a real IP address to your web traffic that is different from IP: PORT.

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API Information

Awmproxy provides support for only username/password authentication. You can only use IP authentication to validate the proxies you bought. If your device has static IPs, there will be no problem, but if your devices’ IP addresses keep changing, then Awmproxy will be challenging to use.

Speed Test

Awmproxy boasts about its fast speed, and even its tagline says, “the fastest anonymous proxies.” We used the to measure the speed of the proxies. After finding the available proxy, we did the speed test and found it ok, not too fast and not too slow.

Pros of Awmproxy

  • One-day free trial for clients to check the quality assessment.
  • Several countries support their proxies
  • It offers both free and public proxies
  • It is very cheap and easily affordable
  • It is disguised, and no one can determine it is a proxy.

Cons of Awmproxy

  • It does not have a server in the US.


Q: Is it possible for any person to buy 5 proxies from a specific country from Awmproxy?

A: You can view the list of available countries from the list mentioned here, but Awmproxy doesn’t sell single-piece proxies.  The company offers 3 tariffs which need to be bought entirely in which you get the proxies of other countries as well.

Q: Are there any discounts for regular customers?

  1. Yes, regular and loyal customers are facilitated with a discount, which is offered on the website as a part of the discounted tariffs.

Q: In which format does Awmproxy provide proxies – IPv4 or IPv6?

A: All the proxies provided are in IPv4 format; there is no provision of IPv6 proxies.

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Conclusion : Awmproxy Review 2022  Is worth to buy proxies from

There are two sets of conclusions by the customers on Awmproxy. One set claims that their proxies work great, whereas the other set says their proxies are not functioning. To conclude, we recommend you check out their free trial and look for yourselves and decide whether you wish to invest money in Awmproxy or not. It does have some useful features and advantages, cost-effective being the top best one.


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