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What is SSH Access?

If you require frequent access to any remote system through networks, which are not secure, then you would want a host that supports SSH or Secure Shell protocol.

Secure Shell is an encryption protocol that is created to ensure secure connections across networks that are insecure. It initiates text based Shell sessions on the remote machines. It allows the safe input of a command by the user, on a remote computer, by using a secure channel.

SSH was developed by a Finnish student in 1995 following a security breach. Though SSH was designed for Linux along with other Unix-based environments, yet, it can operate on other platforms also. SSH uses public-key and manual key both for its cryptography.  This protocol relies on one or more public keys along with a private key used on the client and server. In this post we will provide the list of chosen cheap SSH hosting providers 2018 that offer the best web hosting with SSH access , Best SSH Web Hosting & top cheap SSH hosting providers.


SSH Use Cases

Secure Shell Protocol (SSH) is used commonly to log in the remote machine to communicate with it. In addition to its shell functionality, it enables the user to use TCP port forwarding, X11 connections and tunnelling. It can also allow the secure file transfer by using SSH file transfer (SFTP) or Secure Copy (SCP) protocol.

On the remote server, SSH either executes server command or authenticates VPS (Virtual Private Server) user, after the login process. Many niches can be benefitted from the SSH, as it can restrict the remote server access as well as can provide an encrypted and high-security browsing to the user, through a proxy connection.

SSH can replace as well as compliment Telnet, login, rsh and many other standards in the role of remote host. It can also enable the user with secure file transfer through a ‘passwordless’ login on the remote server. By the use of private/public key login, it is entirely possible to access the remote site without a password. The hackers cannot access this remote server without the help of your private key, as it is not feasible to calculate because of complex permutation and combination process.

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SSH is being used in cloud computing also. It helps in addressing many security factors underlying decentralised cloud platform.

Never Ending Security Issues

The initial versions of SSH are obsolete as they cannot offer a good deal of security. They were vulnerable. New versions with more security features were developed by patching them up. 1.x and 2.x versions of SSH are no longer in use especially because of their vulnerabilities to attacks. The latest version, SSH-2 has become an industry standard as it is most secure.

Though SSH was designed for Linux platform initially, it is available on almost every operating system such as Solaris, NetBSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Apple’s OS X and Linux distribution/GNU.

SSH is not supported by Microsoft platform, but any third party software can add the support to it.

No matter what you do, it is almost impossible to provide your server with 100% security. But the use of latest version of SSH with the removal of non-standard configuration on your server can help in improving security to a great extent, which reduces the number of security attacks.

List of Best  Cheap SSH Hosting: TOP SSH WEB HOSTING of August 2018

Web Host





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Fatcow Hosting

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InMotion Hosting

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We have listed the top best SSH hosting providers for you in detail. Find below its features and installation procedure.

1.     Bluehost

Bluehost is concerned about the customer’s security and hence it leaves no stone unturned to keep you secured. Infact, the company gives the customer support for accessing the SSH and helps in generating the public/private keys.
It gives the SSH connections In Linux, Windows as well as MAC OS. Though, they may differ in functionality.

bluehost control panel


How to facilitate SSH access on Bluehost?

  • In the cPanel, you will need to facilitate your SSH by generating the key and enable it.
  • Click on the SSH access icon and manage SSH access. In the drop down menu, choose the SSH access enabled.
  • Click Submit

Next, your SSH is enabled. You will still need some tools to access it. In the Windows server, you can install tools like PuTTy to enable SSH.

In the MAC OS, you can install the Terminal tool to enable the SSH in any version of MAC OS X.

With the Linux server, tools like Gnode and KDE ship together with terminal can give you access to the SSH.

2.     GreenGeeks

One thing about the GreenGeeks which I loved the most is that it gives depth into each of its tools. The SSH hosting for the GreenGeeks is certainly one of the best SSH providers. The support team here assists you well to develop the SSH access root and makes your file transfer secured.

GreenGeeks SSH hosting


  • Secured Authentication Key
  • Free SSH access
  • Unlimited file transfer using SSD RAID 10
  • Easy Activation

Upgrading your SSH from the shared hosting to VPS is a quite easy with GreenGeeks. You can upgrade the plan using thecPanel 

SSH hostimg features by GreenGeeks

Here’s how you can SSH access into your VPS:

  • You will need to download the SSH client first. This SSH client is basically an FTP program called PuTTY.
  • After the installation, type in the server’s IP address in the box and click open.
  • Once clicked open, the box will appear where you will need to enter the username and and hit enter.
  • In the next box, enter your password or paste it in if you have already copied it.
  • You are logged in and you can modify all your servers using the root access VPS SSH.

Caution: Do not run any of the commands that you are not familiar of as it may ruin your VPS server.

3.     SiteGround

Starting at as low as $3.95 per month, Siteground has got the unique handmade security protocol for all types of hosting. The servers are fully secured and are loaded with the advanced features. The SSH hosting for siteground comes in three different plans; Startup, GrowBig, GoGeek.

Siteground SSH hosting


  • Access your SSH from the cpanel. Just log in to the cPanel and click on SSH manager and yu are ready to go.
  • Siteground has given each of the customers their customized environment to install SSH. This way, no other client can get access to your SSH who is on the same server.
  • To make it more secure, the user will have to enter the authentication key before every log in.
  • Moreover, only those IPs will get access to the SSH to whom you will give permission.

How to access SSH in Siteground?

  • Log in to cPanel> advanced features> SSH/Shell access.
  • Once you have clicked here, a new pair of SSH key will be generated. You ca use these keys to configure your server from a local computer.
  • Once you have entered all the information, click Generate. You can also paste the public key and upload the SSH key.
  • All the SSH connections are listed below. You can edit or delete the SSH keys as desired. You can add as many as IPs you want to.

SSH hostig providers Tutorials siteground

Siteground SSH pricing

4.     iPage


With iPage, your site is 100% safe and secured. In the vDeck control panel, you can get access to the SSH and SSH manager. Transfer your file using the FTP or SFTP and encrypt it by enabling the SSH. The SSH key is generated for every hosting account which is unique.

  • Website Authentication seal
  • SSL certificates
  • Site traffic reporting
  • Free Site Lock

5.     TEMOK

Temok gives full root SSH access with its VPS plan which starts at just $22.95 per month. You can choose any one out of the four plans; Starter, Premium, Business, First class. These servers run on Linux OS and you can root access anytime from shared to VPS and VPS to dedicated server.


The customer support team for Temok will guide you throughout the SSH installation. The customer support team here make sure that you are satisfies 100%. You are assured of file transfer as well as the FTP via SSH in the secured and dedicated environment. In case of any issue, you can contact the team via live chat, phone, email support or by submitting the ticket. Read knowledgebase for more details. The SSH comes installed with each plan. You just need to activate it in the cPanel.

Security features:

Temok uses smart statistics to keep your serer safe. It uses public and private key to unlock your SSH. The SSH key are available in two parts; private key which is secured with some code and the public key is used to decode it. Thus, no one can get access to them as the private key is installed in the server.

6.     Dreamhost

Dreamhost has got one of the cheapest hosting and with it you will get the SSH access. Once you have purchased the plan, you will need to enable it in your account. After enabling it, you can add the user and start transferring the files.

How to enable SSH?

  • In the cPanel, go to panel> users> manage users.
  • Click ‘Add a new user’. The box will appear where you will have to enter the details such as type of user account, shell type, server, username, directory and password.
  • After adding all the details, click on Add User.

SSH access with Dreamhost lets you access various features which are not usually available with the FTP client. This includes:

  • Curl
  • Top
  • Rsync
  • Traceroute
  • Wget

The VPS plans doe the Dreamhost has full shell SSH access and FTP/SFTP access. This means that you can use any tool to upload your files by secured protocol.

7.     GoDaddy

GoDaddy is one of the most used web host in the industry. In case of SSH hosting, GoDaddy only gives the SSH access with its Linux servers on shared hosting and VPS and dedicates servers on Windows as well as Linux. For the Windows, PuTTY is recommended to access to SSH where as for the linux and MAC, OPenSSH is recommended by GoDaddy.

godaddy hosting cpanel

Once downloaded the tools, you will be asked the following information:

  • Host name orIP address
  • Port
  • Username
  • Account password

GoDaddy’s SSH has got more functionality besides being a secured protocol for file transfer.

  • Change your Theme: You can change your WordPress theme within the SSH. Before, proceeding it is recommended to have complete backup of your site. However, be sure that the change is for the advanced users. If you are a newbie, try getting the customer support.
  • Search and Replace In WordPress: You can search and replace the database in your WordPress site. Just connect the server or connect your shared hosting with the SSH. You can replace your database using the commands.
  • Unzip files: In case you do not have access to the file manager, you can use SSH to unzip files. You will need to connect to your FTP. Once you have connected, you have to upload your .zip file. After enabling the SSH on your account, navigate to the file location of the zipped file. Use command ‘ unzip destination’ and hit enter.
  • Access MYSQL: In the VPS and dedicated hosting plans, you can access your MYSQL database using Parallels plesk panel or even without it.

8.     Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion guarantees one of the fastest and most secured SSH hosting using the free SSDs. With Inmotion, you can install software, setup the database and execute commands. It allows you to move freely within your server.

top ssh hosting provider inmotion hosting

The shared hosting as well as the VPS and dedicated servers allow the use of SSH for file transfer. However, the VPS and dedicated servers are much more robust than the shared servers. In the shared hosting account, you will first need to generate the SSH key and authorize it. The SSH key will then be downloaded or converted the SSH will be connected using the PuTTY.

Similarly, if you have a self managed VPS server without the cPanel, you will first need the public SSH key for that.

  • Adding the SSH key:
  • Log into the account management portal.
  • Click on manage SSH keys.
  • Add the key.
  • Paste your generated public key and click on Add key. All your keys can be displayed and you can also select the server for which the key has been generated.


  • Server Management: Using the SSH, you can manage your server with ease. Just few commands and you are ready to transfer your files from one directory to another.
  • Setup Tunnel: The SSH tunnel makes sure that your file is transferred safely and no unwanted third party is getting access to it.
  • Quick Installation: You do not require the cPanel when you have SSH to install the apps. Installation of some applications like WordPress, Presta, Joomla and Magento takes place via SSH. You can later log into the MYSQL and create databases.
  • Free SSD drives: The one for what the Inmotion hosting is known for is its free SSD drive which gives you complete access over the server. Moreover, the file transfer is faster as compared to other SSH. Thus, it can be said as the best SSH hosting providers.

Inmotion SSH hosting

9.     WebHosting Hub

The SSH hosting for the WebHosting Hub is preferable for the MAC users. It allows you to get access to your server directly without using the cPanel. You can use the commands to navigate and manage your servers.

Firstly, you need to generate the SSH keys for your account. The SSH keys are vital as they keep your file transfer encrypted.

  • Generate SSH Key:

In the cPanel, click SSH access and manage SSH keys. Once you have entered all the information correctly, click on ‘Generate Keys’. After the key has been generated, go back and click on ‘Manage Authorization’. Your key will not be shown as authorized. Click the ‘Authorize’ button and it is done.

  • Convert the SSH key: Use the PuTTY tool to convert SSH key. It is a technical process and might require some assistance.
  • Log in with SSH


10.  A2 Hosting

The fast, developer friendly and secured SSH hosting is the key aspects for SSH hosting by A2 Hosting. Everything right from the file transfer to the security and customer support is a breeze with A2. Choose any of the hosting and select any of the hosting plans, all of them come with Free SSH access. Be it the Linux, Windows or MAC servers, SSH is accessible with all.

A2 Hosting SSH hosting provider


  • Developer Friendly: Instant SSH access and file transfer through FTP/SFTP or SSH are done using the SSDs instead of the traditional HDDs. As you upgrade your plan, the servers and transfers become faster with swift servers.
  • Customer tailored support: The customer support team of A2 hosting is the friendly one and is available 24/7/365 online. Read the knowledge base to get deep insight into the use of SSH keys and how to generate the SSH key. The customer support team can be contacted using the live chat, phone support or email support system.
  • Secured Transfer

 A2 hosting ssh hosting awards

11.   Fatcow

Fatcow SSH hosting is not as good as the others in the industry. In fact, not all the plans have SSH access with them. Only the VPS and dedicated servers have SSH access here. The company hasn’t stated much about the SSH. Thus, like others you can get access to the SSH by cPanel.


SSH Hosting

Since SSH access is quite efficient on Linux server, many web hosts offer it as security feature with competitive pricing. Various Lamp hosting packages can bundle with SSH access support. In this kind of case, you do not have to pay anything towards SSH security.

Most hosts offer default SSH access, both on dedicated and shared plans. Newly activated accounts may cost one-time SSH deployment charges to the resellers. Clients of VPS and dedicated server normally get root access to SSH, which allows them extra freedom.

This process can be a little trickier in the case of Microsoft. You are required to use Putty, WinSCP or similar solution to use the SSH on the Windows. Then an IP address and an SSH port are set up manually. There are many SSH servers and clients are available in the industry, either as commercial or free services. You can do some research before selecting one, based on your requirement.

Developers need Microsoft development tools like.NET along with SSH for their functions. Most of the web hosts provide SSH functionality with Microsoft hosting package, in spite of the lack of native support.

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Is there the Programming experience that one needs to utilize the SSH hosting?

No particular programming experience is necessary to connect to any remote server through SSH. With a few settings, the login through FTP is required. Things can be much easier with an SSH connection if everything is configured correctly.

Conclusion : Cheap SSH Hosting: TOP Best SSH WEB HOSTING of August 2018

There are many SSH Hosting Providers, you can select one depending on the features they offer and the pricing. SSH makes use of the UNIX/Linux command line instructions for managing the website. I hope you like these  Best SSH Web Hosting & top cheap SSH hosting providers of 2018.


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