CPV Lab Review 2023: Is It the Best Tracking Platform For Your Campaigns?

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Tracking Tool
Ease Of Use
Brand Loyalty


  • Detailed “Lab Stats” & Reports
  • Unlimited Ads & Creatives
  • Unlimited Page & Offer Rotation
  • “IF/THEN” Click Redirects
  • Complete Pixel and Postback Management
  • PHP 7.x support in addition to PHP 5.x support
  • Self Hosted Platform
  • 3rd party add-on for multi-variate testing (MVT)


  • A Little Bit Expensive

CPVLab is a self-hosted affiliate tracking system through which one can track, analyze and optimize their marketing campaign. You have the flexibility of testing your campaigns across multiple traffic sources with utmost fly control options available in CPVLab's interface that are intuitive & user friendly as well!

Price:$ 33

Looking for CPV Lab review, you are at the right place.

In order to build successful marketing campaigns, we need to track, test, and optimize all of our marketing campaigns. But the question arises here “How We Can Do It?”

That’s the actual problem as tracking and optimizing marketing campaigns is not that easy. We need to take the help of several tools in order to track all the aspects effectively. But what if I tell you, there is an all-in-one tool that can help you in tracking, testing, and optimizing your marketing campaigns without putting that much effort.

🔥 Bottom Line Upfront :

CPV Lab is one of the reliable and best tracking/optimization platforms available out there in the market that can help you in tracking and optimizing PPC, CPV, Organic Traffic, Social Ads, and more. With CPV Lab you can easily track, test, and optimize all of your marketing campaigns right across multiple traffic sources with full On-the-fly control and unlimited flexibility. Get Exclusive Discount On CPV Lab NOW

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In this post, we have featured CPV Lab Review With CPV Lab Pro Discount Coupon 2023 which includes detailed insights about its features, pricing, functionality, and more. Let’s get started here.

CPV Lab Review 2023: Should You Give It A Try?? (Read Truth)

About CPV Lab

CPV Lab is one of the popular self-hosted tracking tools that is specially designed to help you in tracking and optimizing your marketing campaigns. 

CPV-Lab-Pro- Overview

CPV Lab generally runs on your own server which truly indicates that you will have full control over the privacy of your data. Basically, it’s a secured web-based self-hosted platform. It has a user-friendly graphic interface that mainly allows you to manage the entire database right without having any need for any server knowledge.

Campaigns setups can also be easily adjusted based on the previous results and findings too. CPV Lab also offers customizable performance improvements for high-traffic users and ultra-fast redirects right during Peak Usage.

In order to set up CPV Lab you need not be a programmer or a developer. The setup is very simple and you can easily enjoy all of the CPV Lab functionalities with ease.  And you can also set up your first campaigns just within a matter of time.

CPV Lab Features


CPV Lab offers many unique features that you will find extremely useful once you’re set up. And that’s quite interesting as with such great features you can easily take your marketing campaigns to a whole new level. Let’s find out what features this amazing platform offers.

Detailed Reports and Lab Stats:

With this feature, you will be getting all campaigns including Ads, Keywords, Pages, and offers right with detailed revenue data so that you can easily optimize profits and ROI.

Unlimited Ads & Creatives:

Just set up an unlimited number of ads and then simply find the view stats for any of the individual Ads for any combination of keywords, pages, offers, and more.

CPVlab pro Discount coupon

Unlimited Page & Offer Rotation:

You can easily add new or simply edit pages and offers in rotation with no coding skills required. Everything will be done on the campaign set-up page.

Click Redirects:

You can also quickly segment and redirect visitors based on multiple conditions like the ISP/Carrier, Geography user agent, and usability conditions.

Trends With Heatmaps:

With this feature, you can easily drill down right into the most profitable trends in keywords, pages, and offers as well. Here you can actually see your trend performance Heatmapped and more.

CPVlab pro Review Discount coupon CPVlab reviews

GEO-Stats and Details:

Now you can view and filter campaign data right to spot the most profitable visitor locations and other GEO stats and data reports are just one-click away.

cpv lab pro discount coupons

Compact Pixel and Postback Management:

The best part is that here all pixel and post-back formats are generally supported. Like the image, iFrame, Script Based and Postback URLs, and many more in a row.

Campaign Dashboard:

Just view all of your campaigns, clone existing campaigns, or also export campaign setups as CSV files simply from offline editing.

Live View “Visitors Stats”:

Quickly view all the information about your visitors right for any or all of the campaigns simply by checking click, conversions as well as the GEO Referrers and revenue data.

Customizable Stats View:

Here the multi-view stat page generally allows multiple combinations in order to display all of the most relevant data for you. Just save your favorite and most used in order to get the data you actually needed.

CPV Lab Review- Mobile Audience Overview

Report Builder:

CPV Lab offers a template-based system right for easy-to-repeat use. And here you can easily define your custom templates and supports updates right for multiple campaigns right at once.

Custom Tokens:

Just add up to 10 custom tokens supported by the traffic sources, CRM, and cart along with autoresponder right for the easy pass and cross-reference data.

Opt-in & Lead Tracking:

Just track opt-ins as well as the leads right when using the double opt-in, single opt-in, and more.

Mobile Audience Overview:

Here you can easily identify all of the top-performing mobile capabilities like video support, and data rules along with mobile OS, Screen resolutions, and more. All will definitely impact right on your campaigns.

Mobile Content Supported:

You can easily identify the content that your visitors can actually watch or read right on their device that includes the file types along with messaging options supported. And here you can also know how to simply optimize all of your landing pages based on the visitors and attributes too.

Mobile Browser & Features Supported:

Just view the profitability by all of the popular browsers and then you can simply drill down in your stats in order to identify the potential performance segmentation opportunities.

Who Can Get Benefit Form CPV Lab?

CPVlab pro Review Discount coupon CPVlab review

CPV Lab is for you if you do have products or offers on the market or if you want to promote products and offers from other advertisers and then you wish to track all the conversions and sales.

Just test and optimize landing pages, keywords, Ads, creative, and offers as well. Let’s find out who can use CPV Lab in order to track and optimize their marketing campaigns:

  • Merchants: It doesn’t matter whether you sell a physical or digital product, a single product, or a full catalog. Here with CPV Lab, everything can be easily tracked.
  • Affiliates: With CPV Lab any affiliate can easily set up campaigns and also validate new campaigns right for the new traffic sources. Just increase sales and commissions by improving the targeting.
  • Advertisers: We all know that lead generation and direct response always offer a perfect fit. You can easily set campaigns right with a few clicks and then you can also optimize full conversion paths easily.
  • Agencies: Here any of the agencies and networks can easily integrate the tracking platform right into their business and they also receive discounts right on the bulk license as well.

What Campaign Types Are Available With CPV Lab?

cpv lab pro discount coupon offers

  • Direct Link and Landing Pages: You can simply rotate unlimited landing pages and offers. Then you can also test the effectiveness of the landing pages right vs. the direct linking from the no 1 campaign.
  • Landing Page Sequence: Just build funnels and lead paths you can create multi-page visitor sequences that feature in opt-in and multiple offers as well.
  • Lead Capture: Simply test the multiple lead capture pages simply by using only 1 autoresponder and then you can see the subscriber’s subscribe rate along with the cost per subscriber rate in real-time.
  • Multiple Option: You can easily test multiple offers from 1 landing page.  That is really great for review-style landing pages in order to add upsells and downsells to any primary offer.
  • Email Follow-Up: You can simply track campaigns right in your email follow-ups and then track assign revenue to the initial “option” campaign to easily determine all the importance of your email marketing campaigns.

What You Can Track With CPV Lab?

Righ with CPV Lab you can easily track all of your traffic sources right with one simple platform. CPV Lab offers lots of information that can help you in your business. And also you can place simple links, and you can easily track them.

CPV Lab Pro Features

  • Easy tracking and optimization of the campaigns. You have got full control over the resources.
  • It is self-hosted, so all the data is secured on your own server
  • Unlimited events tracked – you don’t have to worry about paying for extra clicks or leads. You can track unlimited campaigns, ads, offers, landing pages, clicks, leads, and conversions.
  • Unlimited data retention – it is stored on your server so you can keep the data for as long as you wish
  • Integration with all major traffic sources and affiliate networks (100+), including Facebook, Google Ads, Bing Ads, TikTok, and more.
  • Mobile responsive tracking: It has over 20+ mobile tracking points that automatically update
  • Real-time stats and detailed reports of various metrics and track profit
  • Geo Redirects and Bot detection
  • Rotate and split-test your landing pages accordingly.
  • Easy Setup and Integration: You can just paste your affiliate link or the landing page URL and kick off your campaign with ease. Once the landing page has been created, you can use the rotation feature to split-test your campaign.
  • Faster redirects to generate more revenue during Peak Usage.
  • You can enable or disable cookie tracking. Also, you can track the visitors with the cookies disabled (cookie-less tracking)
  • Mobile-friendly interface
  • It can track any type of campaign: pay-per-click (PPC), cost-per-view (CPV), native, CPM, mobile ads, video ads, email marketing, social media marketing, organic traffic, and more.
  • Landing Page Protection Script
  • GDPR & CCPA compliance
  •  Multiuser functionality – you can give access to your team and select what campaigns each of them can see.
  • Email notifications for your campaigns – get an email each time your campaign reaches a goal. You set up all the criteria for the emails in the CPV Lab Pro interface and get notified of what your setup alert criteria are achieved.
  • Facebook CAPI integration – synchronize your conversions in Facebook via the API to make sure you have more accurate data
  • Google Ads and Bing Ads conversion integration. TikTok coming soon!
  • MV Lab – multivariate testing tool fully integrated. You can test multiple variations of a landing page with one single page ( no need to create copies of the landing page to test them… everything is done easily with MV Lab)
  • 14 days Free Trial

CPV Lab Pricing Plans: 

Pricing offered by CPV Lab is very simple and here they don’t confuse right with multiple pricing plans.  

It is the only ad tracker so far that offers a lifetime license. Pay once and use it for as long as you wish.

The plans start with as little as $39/month for Starter or $59/month if you want the PRO.

The lifetime pricing is only $797 for Starter or $1197 for PRO. One-time payment!

All packages come with great support, installation of the software is free, and 30 days a money-back guarantee.

CPV lab pro pricing

And once your license expires you can still run your existing  CPV Lab install right at the current version. But there somehow you will not be able to run any of the software updates and also you will have limited access right to the user area.

CPV Lab Review- Money Back Guarantee

The best part about  CPV Lab is that you can simply try CPV Lab pro right for a full 30 days and here you have nothing to risk. If due for any reason you wanted to cancel your subscription then you easily go for that and cancel your subscription. And in return, you will be getting your 100% refund and there will be no questions asked.

If you buy the  CPV Lab software you can simply get the following things:

  • 1 Full Version License for your domain
  • 100 Custom Tracking Domains
  • User Guides and Videos
  • Responsive Customer Support
  • 1 Year of Free Software Updates
  • Weekly Device, Carrier & Browser Database Updates
  • After your 1st Year, The Prive Will Be Only $149 Per Year
  • Access to a private Facebook group
  • Offers 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Voluum vs CPVLab

Voluum and CPVLab are two of the most popular affiliate tracking platforms in use. This means that they both have high demand, which is great for pushing your business up front as it will be easier than ever before to optimize campaigns with these tools! For example, if you’re launching a Facebook Ad campaign for your newest product release then using a tracker system such as Voluum can help provide detailed information on who clicked or converted from each one of those ads- along with their personal information like gender, location social media account handle interests, etc.

Is Voluum Better Than CPVLab?

CPVLab is a solid tracking system, and it has great support. However, with lack of innovation in the codebase CPVLabs can be quite an issue if you run high-volume campaigns that require frequent updates or fixes from their developers;

whereas Voluum because all its servers are scattered across different regions means visitors will automatically get redirected depending on where they’re coming from which results in faster page load times as opposed to traditional web technologies like cPanel-based control panels- this makes people more likely to buy products since everything just seems quicker than what we’re used too!

CPVLab is a solid tracking system, but Voluum has the edge when it comes to features. You can host your own server with CPVLabs and buy an add-on for multivariate testing if you want that level of service or just stick with what’s offered at no additional charge; however in my opinion there’s not enough reason not to use them because they also save me $500/month on hosting fees alone which makes this decision so easy: I’ll be using Voluum moving forward!

CPV Lab Testimonials

CPV Lab Review- Testimonial

FAQs On CPV Lab Pro Review

👉Is CPV Lab good?

CPV Lab is a tracking tool which tracks your conversions and sales. Anyone who is looking for a tool which can track everything regarding their affiliate then CPV Lab is an awesome choice.

😎How much maximum discount can you get on CPV Lab?

With our discount coupon, you can get up to 15% off on CPV Lab. This discount is only applicable on yearly plans.

✅Does CPV Lab offer any free trial?

Yes, they offer a 30-day free trial to their new users. So if you want to use CPV Lab then you should start with a free trial first.

🔥Does CPV Lab offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, CPV Lab Pro also offers a 30-day money back guarantee to their customers. So if you are not happy with the services then you can send a ticket for a full refund.

✔What will happen once my free trial is over?

If you are using the free trial on CPV Lab and you are not happy with the service then you must cancel the free trial before the trial period ends. Because once the free trial ends you will be charged for the same plan.

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Conclusion: CPV Lab Pro Review With CPV Lab Discount Coupon 2023

As of now, you have got all the detailed insights about CPV Lab pricing, features, functionality, and more. It’s your turn to take any action and just track and optimize your marketing campaigns right with CPV Lab.  To get started with CPV Lab you need not be a programmer or a developer. The setup is very simple and you can easily enjoy all of the CPV Lab functionalities with ease.

CPV Lab also offers 30 Day Free Trial, if you are not sure to choose CPV Lab then just give it a try. And if somehow you don’t like its services and functionality then you can get your refunds without a single question being asked.

We hope this post suits your purpose well. Feel free to share your views about CPV Lab right in the comment section below. Do share your post on all trending social media platforms like Facebook, and YouTube

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