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Affiliate Tracking
Traffic Distribution AI
Ads Format
Anti-Fraud Kit


  • It is very easy to use
  • Voluum may accompany its own detailing suite
  • Direct Tracking Pixel
  • It's effectively created and refreshed
  • Tracking Domains with SSL
  • A/B Testing for Flows
  • With Voluum, advertisers and promoters can anticipate live updates


  • Customer support needs improvement
  • Pricing is little bit high

Price:$ 49

Today we have featured Voluum Review, so let’s get started, As an affiliate marketer if you’re not tracking your campaigns, you will lose time and money.

No doubt, you should have all the data insights of your campaigns and nothing helps you if you somehow run out of data.

And If you really want to be a successful affiliate marketer, you must track down all the parameters of your campaign like offers, creations, referral links, operators, browser versions and device models, as well.

Tracking all events matters a lot and it’s important because, without data, it may lead to inaccurate decisions, resulting in a waste of budget and time waste.

Detailed Voluum Review 2021 | How You Leverage From It?

Here comes a reliable and powerful affiliate ads tracker, Voluum- Voluum is one of the most reliable ad tracking programs in the market. It is a complete ad tracking software that allows you to manage, track and optimize all your advertising campaigns in one place.

With the help of this tracker, you can easily track organic traffic and paid traffic, every event, click and conversion from where you’re going to get better traffic flow. . All this allows you to make decisions based on data and optimize your efforts for a greater return on investment.

Benefits of Using Voluum

  • Track all your advertising campaigns with the fastest redirect
  • Analyze key data on every visit, click and conversion for actionable insights
  • Optimize your ad performance with AI-powered tools
  • Scale your affiliate business with a reliable infrastructure

In this post, we have featured Voluum Review 2021 that includes detailed insights if its pricing, features, functionality and a detailed guide on adding new campaigns, tracking events and more. So let’s get started here.

Voluum Review 2021: Is It Worth The Hype?? 

Voluum is one of the best ads tracking software in the world. It’s an All-In-One Ads Tracking Software that helps you in simply managing, tracking and optimizing all of your advertising campaigns right in one place.

It’s cloud-hosted tracking software that provides data analytics insights along with AI-powered optimization tools that will really make advertising easier and more profitable.

Voluum Review- Affiliate Marketing Tracker

Voluum is an end-to-end solution for performance marketers, media buying teams, agencies, and—of course—bloggers. The platform gained much recognition as a performance tracking solution and is considered by many to be the best in the industry. Recently, they have stepped up their game by developing an integrated native ads media buying feature.

Voluum provides instant information with real-time data processing so you can make transactions immediately. Because it is hosted in the cloud, it does not slow down, no matter where the traffic is, and you can access it from any device. There is even a mobile application that provides personalized alerts about the performance of your campaign.

Voluum review voluum discount coupons
Voluum review voluum discount coupons

The Key Features Of Voluum

  • Direct Pixel Tracking:

Paid and organic traffic tracking without the initial redirection. Accelerate the sending of visitors to your lists and publish unlimited ads, even in regions with slow Internet connections too.Voluum Review- Direct Tracking Pixel

  • Impression Tracking:

Follow the impressions of the ads in order to simply measure the impact of specific ads contact points. Combined with other statistics, impressions give you a complete picture of the performance of your advertising campaign.

  • Custom conversion tracking:

Define multiple conversion types to track all the actions that users perform throughout the LTV.

  • Dashboard:

Simply get an overview of the most important campaign statistics, such as visits, clicks, costs or benefits. And even you can easily discover areas that require your attention or improvements.

Voluum Review- Dashboard

  • Detailed reports:

Get instant access to your data regardless of traffic. The best part is that they have a database which ensures that reports are generated instantly in real-time. Access 30 data points right for each print, visit, click and convert in order to get the most detailed insights possible.

  • The Traffic Log:

Now you can access the raw data to obtain detailed information about each visit. With this feature, you will be able to detect data differences between your traffic source and Voluum.

  • Traffic distribution AI

Just put campaign optimization on autopilot with the helo of this feature. Actually, they have machine learning algorithms the comes up with the best offers, landing pages, and complete routes as well.

Traffic Distribution AI - Voluum Review

  • A / B test for Flows

Now you can automatically run A / B tests in order to easily determine which of your campaign’s routes mainly produce the best results for specific conversion goals and to see where changes should be made to improve the efficiency of your campaigns easily.

  • Real-time routing API

Using this feature you can just dynamically replace the default redirection routes through a system similar to Webhook in real-time and that’s impressive.

  • Anti-Fraud Kit

Just stop wasting money on bot traffic. With the help of this feature, you can easily find out the suspicious visits and clicks, detect unrealistic conversion times and so many things in a row.

  • Offers The Marketplace Beta

Simply find, compare and promote the best deals from the most important partner networks in your Voluum account and that’s very easy to do. Simply use their advanced filtering to easily achieve the best.

  • Multiuser Mode

Now you can also invite your affiliates to work with your Voluum account. Adjust your access to specific workgroups and teams as well.

What Do We Like Most About Voluum Tracker?

There’s no doubt that Voluum is a serious player when it comes to tracking the performance of advertising campaigns. Its users generate over $1.5 billion of revenue annually, which pretty much speaks for itself.

Smoothly working granular reports, post-install analytics, and flexible campaign setup makes A/B testing and optimizing media buying for a lifetime value just a matter of a few minutes of work.

Voluum Review - Dashboard

For those who prefer to work via the API—it’s pretty well documented so you won’t have any problems setting everything up and sending requests to Voluum.

The platform works in a SaaS model, which is a strong advantage over using your own tracking solutions. You can work on your campaigns on the go, as the data is stored in the cloud and can be reached via an app hosted both on the App Store and the Google Play Store. Plus, you can always scale up or scale down, depending on your performance. There are plenty of pricing plans to suit your exact needs.

It comes with an integrated native DSP

Recently, Voluum has added a big feature: integrated DSP that allows you to buy native media straight from the platform. This is a real game-changer, as Voluum is now unified for media buying and analytics. It’s all in one place.

Unbeatable infrastructure

Voluum is hosted on nine data centers situated in different parts of the world. Practically, that means your data is always processed, safe, and sound. Even if one data center was down, the traffic would automatically be redirected to the next closest server. We’re talking about a level of security comparable to banking standards here, so you don’t have to worry about your data at all.

It’s also worth mentioning that Voluum is constantly updating its anti-fraud solutions. The platform is integrated with a third-party solution, and they have their own as well. It’s crucial for media buyers, as bot traffic is a big problem these days. In Voluum, everything is filtered even before you bid. In fact, all the traffic you see on the platform is already filtered.

Integrations that save you a lot of time

Setting up campaigns in many native ad exchanges can be time-consuming. Going back and forth to about 20 traffic sources takes, on average, about five hours. But in Voluum? It’s just five minutes!

It’s great to have all the sources in one place. All you have to do is just check off what suits you. Then, to optimize every aspect of the campaign, you just adjust them in Voluum’s panel. That’s it!

Voluum Review - Campaigns
Voluum Review – Campaigns

All of this is only possible due to the constantly growing list of Voluum partners. As of this writing, they have more than 20 different native ad exchanges integrated. It saves time, for one thing, and for another, your reach can be increased big-time without much effort.

The auto-optimization feature to help you focus on what’s important

When doing performance marketing, you need to be constantly checking to see if everything is going well. In Voluum, you can take a break whenever you want, as there’s an auto-optimization feature that seems like an autopilot.

How To Easily Create Campaigns With Voluum?

The best part that I liked most about Voluum is that you can easily get started with Voluum right away. The process of creating campaigns with Voluum is very and straightforward.

In order to check Voluum, you must create a campaign.

Voluum Review- Create New Campaigns

Then, you must select a traffic source that you have already predefined.

Right at the time of creating campaigns, you can just leave the country tab empty so that you can get better insights.

After you get to start with the process that will be replaced automatically.

You should also know if you want to track your costs in your ad network based on the pricing model you are using. So here you can just set the CPC, CPM, or CPA value that you generally pay for your traffic.

Somehow if you are using SmartCPM, you need not set your ads to cost here. Now you might be thinking about what should you do in this case.

In this case, you need to simply select “Do not track costs” because you no longer need to track them. But here you need to remember that you should check your costs right on your ad networks.

The best part that I liked about Voluum is that it has also the ability to track costs automatically. So here you don’t need to worry as I have tried these features several times and it worked very well for me.

But one down part is that in some of the networks, this option may not work as well.

But somehow if you really want to use it, just make sure you just do a pre-test in order to simply make sure everything is done correctly. Right in the Advanced Settings tab, you can simply select the source that you have generally predefined in the previous step.

Apart from that, you can even create a new specific route right for this campaign simply by selecting a new offer and a route before landing within the campaign easily.

Now I would like to introduce a simple step that you can follow in order to get started right away.

Now you have to simply choose a unique offer URL as the destination URL and that’s it.

Voluum Review- The Destination URL

In this step, if you have selected the default source, Voluum toll will remind you in the source configuration and tell you how the traffic is actually distributed.

Here right when you just save your campaign settings, the campaign ID appears on the Campaign URL tab.

And now here the URL must be included right in the destination URL so that you can simply start sending your traffic to a specific offer in order to simply track all your data in Volume.

How To Track Events Using Voluum?

Voluum generally follows different types of actions that are performed by visitors and called events. Different events have different effects on the performance of a campaign. That is why it is important to distinguish them well.

The main purpose of Voluum in the broadest sense is the management of information. This information includes:

Events: Impressions, Visits, Clicks, and Conversions.

Visitor characteristics: Basically these visitors- generated by the visitor transmitted from a source of traffic or obtained from Voluum that generally characterizes the visit, such as country, device information, costs, payments, etc.

This information is collected, recorded, and transmitted by Voluum. All this information is used to obtain more information about your visitors, to better understand the performance of your campaign, and to optimize the configuration of your campaigns.

To obtain this information, you must configure Voluum correctly. The basic configuration, which covers the most common use cases and using the redirect tracking method.  So let’s find out how to track events using Voluum.

Here you can track events using the methods given below:

Voluum Review- Track Events

Now I’m gonna use the first method to track events using Redirect Method

It is one of the simplest configurations, to properly track visits, you must add two elements to Voluum: a traffic source and a campaign. However, it is recommended that you always add a bid element to enrich your reports and use the traffic redirection options.  Let’s check the necessary elements.

The necessary elements:

Traffic source: It is necessary to correctly register the information of an external traffic source platform.

Voluum Review- Add New Traffic Source

Campaign: Actually this is the element links all other elements and is usually added to the end of the campaign’s axis configuration. It is used to provide general information about the campaign and to direct traffic to a selected destination. In the simplest configuration, this destination can only be a destination URL.

Voluum Review- Campaigns

Offer: Here the position of a proposal offers additional options to manage the traffic deviation. You can use a quote element in routes or feeds to pass additional visit information to your affiliate network platform and use a redirect method to set up conversion tracking, a publishing URL, and more detailed reports.

Voluum Review- New Events

Let’s get straight to tracking the events:

Tracking Clicks:

In order to track clicks correctly, you should use an externally hosted landing page, add an appropriate landing element in Voluum, and then you have to paste a destination URL provided by Voluum right on your landing page.

  • Lander: Basically this item links Voluum to your landing page. And the best part is that it can be used right on the paths and the flows with the offer element too.

Voluum Review- Create a Lander Element

  • Click URL: This link is generally provided by Voluum and should be included in your landing page so that visitors can be easily redirected to an offer.

Voluum Review- Adding Click URLS

Tracking The Conversion:

Regardless of the tracking method you choose, you can track conversions using the redirect or the direct method easily.

Conversion tracking with a redirect method: In order to track conversions using a redirect method, you must use a server-to-server postback URL that must be set up in the offers setup.

Voluum Review- Tracking Conversions

Tracking Conversion With A Direct Method: If you want to track conversions using a direct method, you must use a conversion tracking pixel that must be implemented on a thank-you page.

Voluum Review- The Conversion Tracking Pixel

Tracking The Impression:

If you want to track your impressions, this must be compatible with your source traffic platform. Read the following document for more information about impression tracking.

Tracking Impressions- Voluum Review

Track Visits With A Tracking Pixel:

To simply track the visits using the tracking pixel generally needs the use of a landing page. Therefore, this method can easily track visits and clicks too.

Direct Pixel Tracking: This feature generally allows you to track visits and clicks with a direct method. For this function to work, you must add a data source element and campaigned source elements too.

Voluum Review- Direct Tracking Pixel

Now you are able to tracks events with the help of Voluum easily.  Let’s move to another part.

How To Easily Create A New Traffic Source From A Template?

The best part that I liked most about Voluum is that it has easy to use interface. And in the following steps, you will learn how to configure a traffic source based right on the Voluum templates.

Just switch to traffic sources in Voluum. And there the traffic source will show up.

Voluum Review- Add New Traffic Source

Now in this step, you have to just click on the New traffic source button. The New Traffic Source Template will pop-up window appears.

Now you have to just select the template that you want to use simply by clicking on it.

Voluum Review- Add New Traffic Source Easily

Here in this step, you have to click on the Load Template button. The “New traffic source” form is displayed.

When loading a volume traffic source template, all options and text boxes are already full with the default settings. You do not have to change the options or provide additional information to use this data source element in your Campaign Funnel. However, you can change the configuration of your choice if you wish.

Now just click on the Save button.

Voluum Pricing | Detailed Voluum Review

The pricing plan offered by Voluum is very affordable and flexible as well. And anyone can easily get started with this tool right away. Let’s find out what pricing plans and features this tool is actually offering.

Voluum reviews

Basic – $62/month

  • 1 Million Included Events
  • $0.04/1,000 Events Average Charge
  • Pro Support
  • 6 Months Data Retention
  • Reporting API
  • 3 Custom Tracking Domains

Advance  – $138/month

  • 10 Million Included Events
  • $0.036/1,000 Events Average Charge
  • Pro Support
  • 1 Year Data Retention
  • Reporting API
  • 5 Custom Tracking Domains
  • 2 Additional Users

Premium – $417/month

  • 30 Million Included Events
  • $0.03/1,000 Events Average Charge
  • Premium Support
  • 2 Years of Data Retention
  • Real-Time Reporting API
  • 20 Custom Tracking Domains
  • 5 Additional Users

Want to try it? Voluum Review 2021

There’s no doubt that Voluum is a must-have for every performance marketer out there, but it also has a lot of benefits for marketers.

Voluum Review- Track Everything

If you’re still on the fence about using it, check this out: We’ve asked Voluum for discounts especially for you. With the code below, you’ll get a 53% discount off the basic plan. For six months! Where’s the catch? The number of account activations with the coupon is limited.

What can you use it for?

Although it looks like it’s mostly dedicated to performance marketing, Voluum can benefit many bloggers. For example, if you are promoting your website through multi-channel campaigns, you can track your performance in just one place, just as a publisher would. You’ll get the same real-world insights into your traffic, no matter what ad exchange you are using.

Voluum Review- Affiliate Tracker

Quick Links:

Voluum Alternatives:


It is the first most alternative in the list. It has excellent monitoring capabilities for the user’s entire funnel path. To make ClickMagick ties for your complete channel, there’s even a dedicated funnel building app.

It includes a post-back Link function for monitoring transactions on collaborator offerings where conversion pixels aren’t possible, in addition to pixel tracking and query-string parameters for conversion tracking.

ClickMagick gives you full access to Cross-Platform Tracking technology, which was previously only available to major tech companies. For Campaigns, Monitoring Links, and Rotators, Cross-Platform Tracking is included in Regular and Pro services are available.


Thousands of electronic commerce products, Refersion, the leading value marketing tool, is used by companies including Magical Spoon, Blenders Eyeglasses, and Pura Vida Wrist bands to enter new markets, increase conversions, and raise revenue. Refersion maintains, tracks, and helps develop ambassador, influencer, and partner services with first-party monitoring, unrestricted deals, and personalized commission schemes.

Refersion creates brand relationships that accelerate e-commerce growth using business recognition technologies and intelligent data insight. E-commerce, Sales-force trade Cloud, Magento, and Big-Commerce, and also the entire e-commerce marketing platform, are all integrated with us. Refersion, an Assembling company, has its headquarters in New York.


Caseproof is a software company based in the United States that was established in 2009 and produces Affiliate Royale. Affiliate Royale provides documentation-based instruction.

A free trial is available from Partner Royale. Affiliate Royale is affiliate software with features including affiliate management, affiliate monitoring, banner management, fee management, coupon management, email / newsletter contact, multi level marketing (MLM), and multi-language support.

Affiliate Royale is available as SaaS software, so there are no device specifications. The annual fee starts at $85.00. Affiliate Royale offers both online and business-hours service. Post Affiliate Pro, Trackier, and Ambassador Referral Marketing are some alternatives to Affiliate Royale.


A link rotator feature in Clickmeter allows you to send visitors to different landing pages. The rotation modes can be configured in the same way as ClickMagick: continuous, random, weighted, or spill-over.

Clickmeter has an outstanding, all-encompassing monitoring framework. All of your KPIs will be shown on the dashboard. Other monitoring tools include trend reports, conversion comparison tables, click-stream reports, comprehensive data point reports, email and audio alerts for output adjustments, and more.

For conversion monitoring and reporting, it interacts with over 400 affiliate networks. This is much more impressive than ClickMagick’s small list of 50+ integrations.

Conclusion:  Voluum Reviews 2021 | Should You Give It A  Try?? How to Use Voluum Detailed Guide

Voluum allows you to centralize and track all of your campaigns in a single dashboard. I have seen an increase in our KPIs since I started using this platform so I strongly recommend it. My clients have been using Voluum too they are satisfied with the support.

Have you used Voluum? What are reviews on Voluum? Feel free to drop your reviews about Voluum right in the comment section below. And if you do like the post, then please give us a moment to share this post on all trending social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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  1. The tracker itself is OK. The support and customer service is terrible. I paid $100-$130 with my subscription for years, until they decided without any agreement, without any notify to charge my paypal account to almost $300. Nothing changed, neither service or features, just price. No notice, no agreement.

    I decided to stop working with this scam company once they overcharged me and requested refund in skype chat with Pawel Krajewski but got this: ” we do not have any refund policy. ”
    Please note, this is PREPAID service, not postpaid. Please stay away from this company, there are lots of trackers now offering competitive service for MUCH lower price ans well as MUCH more adequate support


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