115 Facts You Never Knew About Social Media

Social media has become deeply embedded into every aspect of human life. It is difficult to imagine a world in today’s day and age without Facebook, youtube or instagram. There is general knowledge about social media across all generations, but there are many interesting facts that are not yet well known. The following article and adjoining infographic illustrate 115 facts about social media.

Social Media & News

There has been a shift in the past years from television being the main source of keeping up to date with current affairs to Social media. Social media is used by millions of people around the globe to stay informed about what is happening in the world. The most popular news source for social media users is reddit, followed by Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. The majority of millennials reported using Facebook to stay informed and Instagram was reported being the primary news source for high school students.

Social Media & Purchase Decisions

Social media has revolutionized the consumer market. It has affected the way people shop, look for product information, compare prices and offer recommendations. Online bookmarking social media platform known as Pinterest, is where a high number of shoppers look for additional information related to products. Twitter was reported as the site where consumers go to find product recommendations. The top five social media sites that are most likely to influence purchases are Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Plus+ and Pinterest.

Social Media & Recruitment

An important aspect of modern life that has been hugely influenced by the proliferation of social media sites is job seeking and recruitment. It was reported that 73% of companies report having successfully hired a candidate through social media. The top three social media platforms used for recruiting are LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn has been reported to be used by 93% of companies seeking new recruitments. The majority of active job seekers use Facebook to look for new job openings.

The information presented above is only a few facts about Social Media. To learn more about Social Media: Take a look at the detailed infographic below. The infographic is an illustration of 115 intersting facts about  social media that has been designed by the team at Skilled.co.


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  1. Hey Jitendra,

    Glad to read your interesting post and I’ve highly enjoyed your Infographics which is full of stats. Social media is a powerful tool for content distribution, but the truth is that most of us aren’t taking advantage of its full power. Each social network has unique features, options and user behaviors that affect how content is published.

    Social media is more about relationship building than straight-up promotion. This is actually good for us because it can get new people looking at our social channels.

    The key to getting the most out of each network is to know how to mix and match all of the variables to reach as many people as possible, as often as possible, without coming across as redundant, intrusive or annoying to our friends and followers. Eventually, thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

  2. Jasmy Fenze

    Yes, it’s true that social media marketing has come afar in years. I also believe it have also changed behaviors of people. In short it has brought a lot more acceptance for marketing with social media. Whatever was considered spam few years back is now considered as the future of online marketing. Thanks for sharing this blog.

  3. Kamal Jat

    Great… Great… Great…Jitendra Vaswani

  4. Anna Martinez

    Thanks, Jitendra for sharing such a wonderful information.

    Social media is nowadays a major factor for making business more profitable.
    Being a digital marketer I would love to say that social media is the power for making more profitable in a more smarter way.

    Can you please share some more sites for Social Media sites for making more business in a smarter way?


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