8+ Best Hootsuite Alternatives For Social Media 2024 (Top Pick)

Sendible manages all your platforms at one single place and gives an all-in-one solution of handling different social media channels.

Buffer Is a very well-known tool used for the social media marketing strategy but it has a major drawback that it does not show direct conversations or comments of followers on Instagram.

Looking for the top Hootsuite Alternatives for Social Media? It is easy to deal with multiple social networking sites and increase traffic on your website with the use of social media management tools. These tools can help social media handlers in saving time, stay organized, and increase their efficiency.

If you miss out on any message from your best friend, chances are that you don’t lose any money, neither will you lose your best friend.

But if you miss any important message or notification from your customer, it could result in loss of potential client/customer. For not losing the potential client you can use the advanced features of the social media tools which can keep you updated about the messages of your audience.

There are different platforms of Social Media like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and various blogging platforms such as WordPress, Medium, Blogger, etc where you have to post new content in a consistent and uniform way which helps you to keep your followers engaged and updated. It is how businesses are meant to easily manage their all social media accounts simultaneously.

Why You Need Tools Like Hoostsuite Alternatives 

Nowadays every business wants to grow online and use social media networks to reach out to its new customers and engage with the existing ones.

In the era of a digital world, Social Media can help your business to spread the word of your products and services online. It leads to increased recognition of your brand and increases your productivity.

And in the era of a technological world, there are several social media tools accessible which give plenty of advanced features.

And Hootsuite is the most popular social media tool which can offer hundreds of features and it can bring extreme improvement in your social media presence.

Therefore for managing social media effectively you need an all-rounder tool, such as Hootsuite.

Brand24 is a similar platform to Hootsuite you can also  check detailed Brand24 Review Here


This tool is easy to operate and provide well research analytics for managing different social media channels as well as it is also known as one intuitive solution for all business pages and profiles by logging into a single control panel UNIQUE FEATURES OF HOOTSUITE

  • Helps in Scheduling Posts in Advance
  • Flexibility in a Pricing plan
  • Connect with new clients
  • Teamwork
  • Personal Organiser
  • Reporting and Insights Statistics
  • Insights of Interaction, Reach & Impressions
  • Allows you to schedule and categorize unlimited posts
  • Hootsuite has an extraordinary feature that it allows its users to create more content in lesser time.
  • Interact with Youtube

Although Hootsuite gives a wide range of flexibility in pricing to its users and provides various benefits too.

But it can be a bit costly for small-medium businesses and for investing a huge amount of money for its subscribers every month is a bit expensive for them.

So let’s review the top 5 alternatives of Hootsuite so that you can make a better investment decision and conclude which social media management tool perfectly matches your marketing strategy.

List Of Top 8 Hootsuite Alternatives For Social Media 2024 (Top Pick )

1) Social Pilot

It is a simple and economical social media management tool for numerous small businesses.

The best Feature of Social Pilot is the easy handling and maintenance

SocialPilot Overview

This tool of SMM offers a few simple and amazing features which are easy to understand for advertising, engagement, and analytics and allows you to create powerful content and deliver better quality content to your audience.

Features of Social Pilot

  • Single control panel to manage all posts
  • You can schedule and categorize posts in bulk up to 500 images.
  • Personalize organizer of all posts
  • Better Customer Support than Hootsuite
  • Content Curation
  • Low-cost Premium Plan compared to Hootsuite.

Pricing Set of Social Pilot

You can use its free trial for 14 days before taking its subscription and its paid plan starts at $25/month (annual subscription).


Merits of Social Pilot

  • It is the best tool for small entrepreneurs.
  • Economical
  • Best features at affordable price
  • It is a giant time-saver.

Demerits of Social Pilot

  • No Automatic Alert available
  • Limited statistics
  • Less intuitive interface

2) Sendible

This is one of the best substitutes for Hootsuite.

Sendible manages all your platforms at one single place and gives an all-in-one solution of handling different social media channels.

While the best feature of Sendible is built-in analytics for all the supported social media platforms.


Here you can easily schedule posts of a few months in advance. It allows its users to connect up with 12 social media accounts simultaneously. It is an easy platform for creating quality content and deliver the best content to the followers.

It also gives clear statistics of reaches and impressions of Instagram

Characteristics of Sendible:

There are some extraordinary features of sendible which make this tool the best one among all.

Let’s look at what are the unique features sendible have:

  • Sendible sends your custom reports automatically.
  • Sendible creates qualitative content with speed, ease, and perfection.
  • It can create engaging content for your followers.
  • Integrated Social Inbox for all messages and conversations of followers.
  • Offers to schedule posts and calendar management on blogging platforms like WordPress, Medium, Blogger, etc.
  • Bulk Scheduling content with images
  • Sendible is available as a mobile tool for both Android and iOS users.

Pricing of Sendible

Good news- 30 days Free Trial.

Sendible - Pricing Plan

Sendible has four sets of plans with different services in every plan:

  • Starter Plan – $29 monthly subscription (12 services, 8 reports, 1 user)
  • Traction Plan – $99 monthly subscription (48 services, 15 reports, 3 users)
  • Growth Plan – $199 monthly subscription (105 services, 35 reports, 7 users)
  • Large Plan – $299 monthly subscription (192 services, 60 reports, 12 users)

Merits of Sendible :

  • On various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, twitter with the help of automation tools, it increases the engagement of followers.
  • Create better quality content for your audience.

Drawbacks of using Sendible:

  • Slightly confusing tool for beginners
  • Difficult to add videos in a spreadsheet.

3) Buffer

Buffer Is a very well-known tool used for the social media marketing strategy but it has a major drawback that it does not show direct conversations or comments of followers on Instagram.


It offers dozens of unique features for organizing and creating content on social media. Its plans are very economical for small businesses and it is easy to operate and easy to understand.

Listing features of Buffer:

  • For Individual person, it is better to avail free buffer plan
  • It only allows you to schedule and categorize 10 posts for every social media account.
  • Android and ios users can access this tool on their mobile phones.
  • Allows you to add personalize logos
  • It also offers a unique feature for you to create a custom schedule which is known as buffer queue.

Pricing of Buffer:


The recent rates of the Buffer tool are listed below:

  • Pro Plan – $15 per month
  • Starter Business Plan – $99 per month
  • Medium Business Plan – $199 per month
  • Large Business Plan – $399 per month

Pros of Buffer:

  • Buffer easily monitors RSS feeds.
  • You can create your own images for different social media sites on Buffer.
  • Provide valuable reports and a better understanding of insights.
  • Offers browser extensions

Cons of Buffer:

  • It does not have an attractive dashboard like Hootsuite.
  • Buffer is only useful for small teams, for large organizations, a buffer is not a suitable tool.
  • For running ad campaigns, Hootsuite is a better tool compared to Buffer.
  • It will not give users various options to interact with your audience on social media.

4) Sprout Social

Sprout Social used by some large businesses such as Glassdoor, Grubhub in online marketing. 20000+ brands in fashion and hospitality industries using this tool for managing all social media sites effectively.


Features of Sprout Social:

  • It is not suited for beginners
  • Monitor social media for keywords, hashtags, reaches, profiles, and locations.
  • Sprout Social gives you a feature of decentralization and delegation of workload among team members.
  • It is an appropriate tool to manage thousands of followers
  • Used by digital marketing agencies

Pros of Social Sprout:

  • Hashtag and keyword monitoring
  • Displays scheduled posts and previously published posts under analytics
  • Give exact insights and impressions
  • Helps you to create engaging content.
  • Attract thousands of followers on different social media sites.
  • Better Customer Support
  • Offers Customer Management Functionality
  • Data Visualization

Cons of Social Sprout:

  • Limited no. of Social networks
  • Difficult to schedule Instagram posts in Advance.
  • Complex structure for beginners.

Pricing of Social Sprout:

There are three pricing plans available for Social Sprout users:


  • Deluxe – $59.00 per month (1 user)
  • Premium – $99.00 per month (1 user)
  • Team – $500.00 per month (1 user)

5) eClincher

When you grow your presence on your social media networks, managing social media accounts can become a little complex for business ventures, eClincher is powerful social media scheduling tool which manages your all online networks efficiently and effectively.


It allows you to schedule posts weeks or months in advance.

Characteristics of eClincher:

  • Numerous small and medium business ventures use eClincher to reach new customers online.
  • Create engagement and qualitative content.
  • Offers an interesting feature called Pocket Integration.
  • Marketing Automation
  • eClincher has advanced design, so it takes time for beginners to master in eClincher.
  • eClincher gives better analytical reports to its users and proves to be a better choice for its advanced features.

Pros of eClincher:

  • Following those people who follow you.
  • Advanced Social Media management tool
  • Users get an integrated social inbox to manage all the conversations with the followers in one place.
  • Grow your social media presence and increase traffic on your page.
  • Gives better insights and analytics.

Drawbacks of using eClincher:

  • Does not provide one intuitive solution
  • Users take time to acquainted due to its interface.

Pricing of eClincher:

While features of eClincher are advanced on one side, but its pricing plans are too costly on the other side and it can only be affordable by those organizations which have a strong financial budget.


Allow scheduling unlimited posts – $59 per month eClincher gives a 14 day free trial to its users.

6) Agora Pulse

There is one more substitute for Hootsuite which gives hundreds of unique features for managing all social media platforms.

Agora Pulse is a social media management tool that can easily sync your all social media accounts at one time.


It does not only monitor your progress but makes it easy to schedule content for every social media site.

Top clients of Agora Pulse are Pepsi, McDonald’s, Nivea, etc

Characteristics of Agora Pulse:

  • Organize conversations via a simple inbox.
  • Monitor Leads for Valuable Information.
  • Gives you more time for real engagement with the audience.
  • Planning aid
  • Gives you a 30-day free trial.
  • Engagement analytics
  • Categorize your future posts

Merits of Agora Pulse:

  • Manage all accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter effectively.
  • Generate Content Reports
  • Monitor Keywords and leads for Important Information.
  • The Content Curation process is easy in Agora Pulse.
  • Better results in generating leads
  • Give regular updates of every like, comment or tag.

Drawbacks of Agora Pulse

  • Difficult to change the options for scheduling across different platforms of social media
  • Users might be unable to edit text and tags for multiple channels.

Pricing Plans:

Agora Pulse gives the four different sets of plans to its users: Medium – $99.00 (monthly subscription)

Agorapulse - Pricing Plan

Large – $199.00 (monthly subscription)

  1. Large – $299.00 (monthly subscription) Enterprise – $499.00 (monthly subscription)

Agora Pulse gives refund policy also for canceling the monthly or annual subscriptions.

7) Social Oomph

Social Oomph is one of the best substitutes of Hootsuite as it gives the function of auto-response capability which Hootsuite does not have anything like this.

Social oomph notifies when you get a @mention and is also helpful in saving your time for other work.


It was originally founded as Tweet Later, then it expanded to justify its rebranding. Similar to other alternatives, this one schedule your all posts in advance and curate the content.

Characteristics of Social Oomph:

They offer a variety of extraordinary features:

  • Keep track of keywords on Twitter.
  • Schedule posts in advance
  • Competitive Ad insights
  • Increases your traffic from social media ad campaigns
  • Track quality Profiles
  • Observe Social Media Activities.
  • Schedule blog posts on different blogging platforms such as Blogger, Medium, etc.

Pricing of Social Oomph:

Social Oomph gives the opportunity to its users to get several social media services in free versions or buy different premium plans to increase the productive capacity of your services on all platforms.


It only gives free trial periods for 7 days in case of a Professional Account. For more advanced features, you can subscribe to the unlimited plan of Social Oomph for $6.97 for every 2 weeks.

Pros of Social Oomph:

  • It allows its users to manage multiple Twitter accounts.
  • It is easy to operate and understand for beginners.

Cons of Social Oomph

  • Lack of UI
  • Lack of Customer Support system
  • Not an economical tool for newbies.

8) Social Clout

We have another SMM tool that is packed with all-rounder features. Similar to other tools, it also engages with your audience and gives better-detailed insights for business in making decisions.


Characteristics of Social Clout

  • Give Analysis of your competitors
  • Maintain a good relationship with all your clients and followers.
  • With the help of Social Clout, you can even manage news sites and your blogging platforms.
  • It only offers limited analytical reports and insights.
  • With the free version of Social Clout, you can only manage Facebook or Twitter account. You cannot manage Instagram and LinkedIn accounts with the free plan of Social Clout.

Pricing Plan of Social Clout

Social-Clout- Pricing Plan

Social Clout offers 3 different paid plans for its users:

Starter – $49.00 (monthly subscription) Value – $99.00 (monthly subscription)

Enterprise – Price differs according to your requirements.

Selecting the best alternative of Hootsuite

Deciding which is the best tool for social media management is quite difficult because every tool has its own advantages and disadvantages.

You can use some simple steps to select the best alternative which suits your requirements.

  • Start making a list of all tools and their prices, features, advantages, and disadvantages.
  • After making a list, be specific which tool matches your requirements and affordable for you, gives you proper analytical reports and insights.
  • Don’t be in a hurry to make a decision and choose the right option which comes in your financial budget.

FAQs: Hootsuite Alternatives For Social Media

👉What are the best social media management tools for business? Sendible

Hootsuite Agora Pulse Social Pilot Buffer eClincher Social Sprout

👉What is the free substitute for Hootsuite? Buffer offers a free version for its users.

You can take the subscription for advanced features of Buffer which is comparatively economical than Hootsuite.

👉Can you use Hootsuite for free?

Hootsuite gives free trial for 30 days and has only limited features in the free version. Premium Version can give you more advanced features of Hootsuite like personal organizers, scheduling posts in bulk, etc.

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Conclusion: Best Hootsuite Alternatives For Social Media In 2024

Each alternative has its own merits and demerits and proves to be amazing and extraordinary features in their self.

If you are using these tools for syncing all social media accounts for the very first time, then must choose either Buffer or Social Pilot Tool.

Before taking the decision, go for a free trial so that you have better knowledge and experience of using those features and learn how to present the relevant content to meet the audience’s needs.

Make sure your tool allows you to respond to all your channels from one single user dashboard. This will also help ensure you don’t miss any opportunities to build relationships.

Price always matters in investment. It plays a crucial part in the decision of whether or not to go for a certain tool. Make sure your decision does not harm your financial budget.

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