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On January 28, 2015
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With the ever-increasing Social media networks, it becomes difficult for them to handle multiple accounts without investing a significant amount of resources. This is where social media marketing tools such as SocialPilot becomes the ‘cloud with a silver lining’. Here is our honest review for this social tool.

Social media is a channel that holds immense potential. In the past few years, this potential has been tapped by individuals, organizations and businesses alike. Talking about businesses in particular, they conduct a number of activities on various Social media platforms to connect with their target audience.

With pages, profiles and groups on Social Networking websites, they strive to build their brand online and reach out to millions of users. Small, Medium and Large businesses use social media very effectively and each types of business have their own social media marketing strategy.

But given the ever-increasing Social media networks, it becomes difficult for them to handle multiple accounts without investing a significant amount of resources. This is where social media marketing tools such as SocialPilot becomes the ‘cloud with a silver lining’. A number of advanced features of this impressive tool help them seamlessly manage multiple social media accounts.

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SocialPilot – An impressive tool for businesses

 Impressive tool for business

SocialPilot is a social media management and automation tool, which lets you connect and manage unlimited social media accounts through a unified dashboard. At present, it lets you connect your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. Apart from the accounts, you can also integrate the Facebook and LinkedIn profiles & pages and users can also connects LinkedIn groups using this tool. Not many tools on the market are known to provide this feature.

This reaps in huge benefits for businesses as they can straightaway connect and manage accounts on these social networking platforms without even getting into the complexities of the same. What I mean to say is that even with limited knowledge of the platforms, you can integrate and use them like a pro for your business. All that you need to do is create a cross-channel strategy use SocialPilot to manage them efficiently for your business productivity.

onnect social media accounts

Sample this – for many businesses, especially the small scale ones and start up, time and manpower are two valuable resources. Now a day’s businesses and marketers use social media to improve productivity by using social media management tools. With SocialPilot, you can easily manage scores of products and services without having to dedicate a lot of time and efforts on promoting them manually.

It also allows you to create customized schedules for different products and categories, thereby reducing the amount of time or manpower that you need to invest in this direction. With a simple interface and a few clicks, you can easily manage your accounts from its dashboard. This is less confusing than opening multiple tabs on your browser and painstakingly managing social media accounts, one at a time.

Easily create and manage multiple groups

manage social media groups

SocialPilot lets you create and manage multiple groups. This is a boon for those, who need to filter different groups as per their requirements. The feature of integrating different pages and groups such as those of your LinkedIn and Facebook accounts is something that works wonders for them. Both these platforms allow users to create, post and share content with their networks.

Use SocialPilot to create a new group through its dashboard and add the relevant LinkedIn and Facebook groups in it. This way, when you need to post a common topic across the same groups, go to the common group you created via the tool and do the needful. Simple!

Curate content and schedule posts on multiple accounts

4 suggestions

Sifting through interesting content online that is share-worthy, does consume a lot of your resources at one go. Effective social media strategy for any business can give good result in return whether it is leads, sales or organic traffic.

This issue is easily addressed by SocialPilot. It lets you find out the latest content on different topics, allows you to curate the content and allows intelligent post rescheduling. You can use it to get the best recommendations for content that you can share with your audience.

create post

This saves your time on research as you get quality content in a single click. For original content, you can easily create new posts by using a mix of text, images and links and share the same across your connected profiles. In fact, it provides you the option to create a post with more than 1000 words, image and link shortening feature.

shcedule post

What is equally time consuming is to post content regularly across all your social media profiles. Using the tool, you can pre-determine when your posts appear on your social media profiles. The time slots for each of the posts to be published are flexible and you can edit them at any given point of time. This customized scheduling of content allows you to regularly update your profiles and help you enhance your brand’s presence online.

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SocialPilot Chrome Extensions

socialpilot chrome

Recently, SocialPilot launched chrome extension to make user engagement more active & better on social media platforms. Yes, if user likes any article or online resources and want to share it instant on selective social media platforms then they just need to click on SocialPilot extension button.

socialpilot chrome sharing

Calling it a day

SocialPilot with all these features is surely a must have social media management tool that will help you enhance your business productivity. I am sure that with this tool in your stride, you will definitely get the desired results for your business.

Have you used socialpilot, let us know about your own review with this tool.

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