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In a word, GoHighLevel is a customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing platform that enables marketing agencies and enterprises to acquire a

Aweber provides a platform for email marketing, landing pages, and customer service relationships.

  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Landing Pages and Form Builder
  • Messaging & Chatbot
  • Design with Canva
  • Make professional-looking emails in seconds
  • Create lasting relationships with “set it and forget it” cam
  • Allows you to establish an infinite number of sub-accounts, and its software is white-labeled.
  • Marketing automation that is very sophisticated and integrated
  • Aweber allows you to precisely know who has opened your email
  • Aweber provide unlimited image hosting for you
  • There is currently no native PayPal connectivity (you have to use Zapier).
  • Each and every subscriber in your list is tagged with a message number that indicates which follow-up mail they have received.
Ease of Use

GoHighLevel consolidates all of those resources into one simple-to-use platform.

Professional design and templates. Smooth Interface.

Value For Money

if you’re looking for a platform to manage your agency, GoHighLevel is an excellent option.

Aweber is for small to mid businesses and it has the features to support these kinds of businesses.

Customer Support

Customer support available: Email/Help Desk FAQs/Forum Knowledge Base

Aweber provides a superior support system for its users

Are you confused between GoHighLevel Vs AWeber? Do you want to know which one out of the two would be the better choice and why? If yes, we can help you out.

Marketing automation software is a huge aspect of any current marketing plan. With the appropriate solution, it’s feasible to automate your customer interactions and bring them from prospect to devoted customer with just one click.

Here, in this article, I will be telling you all you need to know regarding Go High Level and AWeber that will help you make an informed decision of which one to choose. So, let us begin.

What Is GoHighLevel – Overview

For professional marketers and marketing firms, HighLevel is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform. Consider HighLevel as a super hybrid CRM (customer relationship management) application on steroids, along with a slew of incredible capabilities.

Additionally, HighLevel is a SaaS (Software as a Service) provider. This enables users that subscribe to the agency plan to Whitelabel the platform and resell it to their clients.

Additionally, HighLevel is a service arbitrage marketplace for agencies and small company owners. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, service arbitrage refers to the act of acting as a middleman in a transaction involving the provision of a service, such as Facebook advertising or website creation.

GoHighLevel Vs AWeber GoHighLevel

To put it simply, you sell a service and someone else does the labor. HighLevel enables this service for agency owners via its platform.

According to the company, HighLevel is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform designed exclusively for marketers and agencies. In actuality, though, the platform’s features are designed for both marketers and small company owners.

Simply stated, Go High Level is for everyone who owns and operates an internet company.

Whether that company owner is an agency owner or a professional marketer who chooses to Whitelabel Go High Level for their clients (more on that later), or an independent business owner such as a photographer, dog trainer, blogger, course maker, consultant, or another form of the online entrepreneur.

For more information check out my Unbiased GoHighlelvel Review.

How Does GoHighLevel Work?

Go High Level enables you to include a live chat widget in your sales funnels. Customers just copy and paste the help documentation’s code into the funnel body element.

In comparison to Clickfunnels, the live chat widget allows you to monitor calls and stats in addition to leads and revenue.

You may also link your funnel to your Stripe account and export the items to your High Level account if you wish to sell them. Finally, you can export your complete funnel to a custom domain using the platform’s export feature.

As you can see, Go High Level has many of the same features as its more well-known competition. It has additional capabilities and may be a fantastic fit for any online company.

Additionally, it is a less expensive option than Clickfunnels. While there are significant distinctions between the two, both are excellent marketing tools.

In this comparison, there is no obvious winner. You’ll need to choose which one is the greatest fit for your circumstances. Either tool may be used to produce leads for your company.

While both platforms are beneficial to marketers, they do have certain distinctions. While both techniques may be utilized to create a sales funnel, they both offer several benefits.

For example, both platforms have a white-label mobile app, but Clickfunnels does not. Both are adaptable and simple to use. The use of a white-label mobile application is optional. Both of these systems are robust and will enable you to create a marketing platform.

Go Highlevel is an excellent substitute for Clickfunnels. Its premium subscription begins at $ 297 per month and offers full platform access. You may try the platform for 14 days for free before opting to buy it.

Along with a monthly subscription, it provides a white-label mobile application. Both platforms have a plethora of marketing options that might be beneficial to your company.

What Is AWeber – Overview

Pennsylvania-based For nearly two decades, AWeber has been in the email marketing industry. One of their most significant claims is that they created the autoresponder, which is a significant accomplishment. With that in mind, it’s unsurprising that marketing automation is one of their marketed benefits.

Paying consumers immediately have access to all of their features, and it is only when subscriber numbers expand that the membership fee increases.

They just introduced a free option for anyone with less than 500 subscribers, however, functionality and the number of emails you may send each month are restricted (3,000).


Apart from automation, AWeber includes split testing (A/B testing) and ‘Email Web Analytics,’ which enables you to measure clicks on links that contain your domain; this enables you to simply track product sales.

Additionally, they have not one, but three mobile applications! One for statistics, one for mobile lead acquisition, and one for email curation.

Additionally, they provide a smart email designer that automatically aggregates logos, photographs, brand colors, and content from websites and social media channels to produce “ready-to-send” email templates.

GoHighLevel Vs AWeber: What You Must Know

Before choosing between Go High Level and AWeber, it’s important to understand the fundamental aspects of each. If you operate a business that offers a highly specialized product or service, your target clients will be limited in number.

It makes sense in this scenario to concentrate on them and their unique demands rather than on mass marketing approaches that are unlikely to affect you.

Go High Level is ideal for this – you can ensure that each of your leads progresses through the sales funnel according to their specific requirements and preferences, allowing you to communicate with them in the most effective manner possible and increase their likelihood of becoming clients.

What You Must Know


Go High Level attempts to automate as many of your marketing duties as possible, which is particularly advantageous for small businesses that often choose for it and lack the resources to dedicate to email management.

Go High Level makes it simple to stay in touch without requiring a large investment of money or time, allowing you to get the most out of your employees and freeing them up to focus on other duties in your organization.

The front and back end features of Go High Level make it easy for non-specialists to use, which means that if you lack the time or resources to teach new team members how the system works, all you need is Go High Level.

Why Choose AWeber?

  • AWeber’s Pro Lists feature allows you to include all members of your private list in an email campaign, but they may not always get the message.
  • The Marketing Grader is a very useful tool, particularly for small firms advertising their goods and services. Enter your website’s URL into the Marketing Grader to get an in-depth analysis of your website’s success. You may get recommendations on how to boost your website’s traffic and where to locate free advertising opportunities.
  • AWeber’s robust reporting options enable you to see information about your list, the number of email clicks, and more. You may arrange this data in a way that makes it clear what is working and what is not. You’ll know whether to continue sending the same sort of message or experiment with something different.
  • You may establish several lists and segments, which enables you to send emails to the appropriate recipients at the appropriate time. This function helps in optimizing your results by providing appropriate material depending on the recipient of a message. As a consequence, an increasing number of readers read the emails, click on the links included within them, and purchase the things promoted in the emails.
  • Split testing capabilities enable you to conduct tests on email subject lines, sender names, and content. The greatest thing is that it notifies readers when one or more of your email contacts opens it. This is useful information for authors since it enables them to include high-open-rate emails into future communications, hence increasing open rates.

Why Choose Go High Level?

  • Go High Level is scalable, which means that it adjusts automatically to the changing demands of your organization as it grows. As a result, Go High Level takes care of everything for you, enabling you to focus on other aspects of your company.
  • Go High Level has excellent reporting tools for clients, which means that consumers can always examine statistics and insights regarding how Go High Level is doing. Additionally, customers gained real-time monitoring of new leads entering their Go High Level system, as well as any other Go High Level activities. Go High Level reports provide a comprehensive picture of your Go High Level activities at all times, assisting you in determining the optimal use of Go High Level for your organization and simplifying the management of Go High Level.
  • Additionally, Go High Level is safe, which means that you can rest certain that Go High Level’s systems are completely secure from hackers. Go High Level performs frequent security reviews to guarantee that its systems can deal with the most sophisticated hacking attempts. It implies that Go High Level protects you and your company at all times.
  • Additionally, Go High Level is an excellent choice if you’re looking to outsource some of your email management chores. Go High Level has a plethora of capabilities and is capable of handling anything from follow-up emails to drip campaigns, which means you won’t need to engage an in-house staff or agency to manage Go High Level for you. Rather than that, Go High Level handles communication on your behalf. Additionally, Go High Level makes it simple for your outsourced Go High Level consultants to oversee the process – they just need assistance getting started, and then Go High Level can take care of the rest. If you want someone else to manage your Go High Level account, Go High Level is a fantastic option for you to get this done since it means that your Go High Level consultant may log in and get started.
  • Go High Level may be adjusted up or down based on the nature of your company. This implies that even if you start with a small number of clients, you can utilize Go High Level to manage them all; yet, as your business expands, you will still have a solid system in place to handle the additional work. Go High Level is ideal for small companies and organizations looking to easily increase their messaging.
  • Additionally, Go High Level has contact databases, which enable you to centralize information about each lead and client, making it easy to access at any time. Thus, Go High Level simplifies your life by automating your email management and centralizing all of your client and prospect information.
  • Go High Level is ideal if you’re targeting a large audience. You can use Go High Level to manage your business’s sales funnel in one location, ensuring that all leads are followed up on and that you never miss out on any prospective consumers.

Features Comparison: GoHighLevel Vs AWeber

Here is the features comparison:

Major Features and Benefits of GoHighLevel

1. Funnels:

The integrated funnel builder is really simple to use and allows you to create a comprehensive marketing funnel replete with landing pages, forms, surveys, and much more. The Go High Level platform enables you to create a funnel that includes a form, a booking calendar, and a thank you letter.

In this manner, you save much time and, more significantly, money by avoiding the usage of many additional applications that include all of the features necessary when developing a funnel.

GoHighLevel Vs AWeber Unlimited Sales Funnel gohighlevel

Additionally, you may make use of another remarkable feature of this application, which allows you to choose to reveal or conceal certain sections for display just in mobile or desktop mode.

Although the websites are initially created to be mobile responsive, individual parts may be simply altered and optimized for mobile and desktop modes.

This functionality is also very beneficial since it can be easily copied and utilized for several customers in the same niche, saving you important time spent on funnel development and campaign creation.

2. Contacts Smart Lists:

Smart Lists are a very effective method of organizing and actively updating your contact lists since they target just contacts in your smart lists. The smart lists feature enables you to filter contacts based on a variety of criteria and copy them to a new list.

An excellent example is the option to create lists of contacts with missing information, such as emails or phone numbers, which will be automatically updated anytime a contact is added without the aforementioned information.

An excellent technique to fill in missing information is to automate the process by asking the customer for those bits of information by phone call or text message. As indicated before, further filters are available to target certain areas, ages, pipeline stages, past visits or activities, and more.

3. Facebook Ad Campaigns Management:

A very unique characteristic Along with SMS and phone conversations, the ability to automate Facebook advertisements with two-way communications is unique to this CRM.

To set up the follow-up sequences, all you need to do is link your Facebook account and the messenger ad.

It will be really simple to monitor your top-performing advertising inside the CRM, which will be extremely beneficial when determining how to change the budget and allocate it only to the highest-converting ads.

This feature helps both you and your customer since it enables you to provide your client with the most productive and cost-effective Facebook advertising campaign possible. This automation has the benefit of significantly enhancing the conversion rate of Facebook ad campaigns.

4. Client Reputation Management:

Actively monitoring your brand’s (or your customers’ brand’s) mentions on social media and other significant review websites to handle any unfavorable or misleading remarks is an apt definition of reputation management.

Reviews are critical to a local internet business’s success since they foster confidence among prospects and future customers. Indeed, this may often mean the difference between a brand’s failure and success.

As a built-in feature of the platform, Go High Level makes it very simple to increase brand recognition by sending timely review requests to customers.

Additionally, this provides a company with the ideal chance to settle any potential customer concerns before they negatively impact the firm’s/reputation. brands.

Additionally, clients may add review widgets on their website, which will pull comments from their business’s Google and Facebook pages.

5. Call tracking:

The ability to measure the number of calls made throughout a campaign and discover how many and which calls specifically generate leads is critical and very successful.

Additionally, you may set up a missed call trigger and configure it to send an automated message when your client misses a call from a prospective customer.

Fortunately, this is another simple feature included with the platform that effectively removes the need for third-party solutions.

6. Campaigns setup options:

You may precisely specify the time a lead is introduced, the time gap between leads, and it also allows you to transmit leads from one campaign to another.

Finally, the “Stop On Response” phase sets the automation sequence’s termination and shutdown if the response’s objective is met. Typically, when the consumer reacts to the booking and confirms it.

When launching a campaign, you may choose from a variety of versions (customized to your consumers’ individual wants and requirements), including call, voicemail, SMS or text message, messenger, and email.

You may also configure a “wait,” a manual call, an SMS, or a Webhook. The software enables you to organize and manage your campaigns more effectively by storing them in distinct folders.

7. Running automated marketing campaigns:

As the name indicates, campaigns are a hub for all activities, including email, SMS, and phone calls.

The most critical aspect of any campaign is planning to ensure that all marketing messages and emails are issued within a specified time frame.

Marketing Automation gohighlevel

It is critical to establish certain time intervals to avoid clients receiving late-night communications that may distract them and jeopardize your customer reputation.

Major Features and benefits of AWeber

1. AWeber Reporting: 

Another excellent technique to elevate your email marketing plan is to include some reporting and analytics. AWeber’s email statistics are rather sophisticated.

You can track a variety of useful analytics, including open rate, click-through rate, and email bounce rate.

Additionally, you may see other helpful data, such as email list growth over time, sign-up techniques, and more.

Additionally, you may determine where individuals are opening your emails (geographical location) and the past activities taken by a contact.

2. Data Segmentation: 

Segmentation is another option for businesses looking to enhance their email marketing tactics. The more data and subscribers you segment in your email marketing campaign, the simpler it is to offer targeted and customized messages to your audience.

AWeber allows you to divide your subscribers depending on the contents of different fields in your database, such as emails opened, sites viewed, and links clicked.

It’s a bit confusing to go to the screen where you construct your segments since you must browse via your dashboard rather than doing all actions straight on your list page.

3. Autoresponder Email Creation:

While each email template is critical to your entire customer communication strategy, few features are more enticing to today’s companies than an autoresponder.

Your email marketing tools’ autoresponders enable you to automate the way you communicate with your target market in response to specified triggers.

GoHighLevel Vs AWeber AWeber Email Marketing Software Email Marketing Newsletters

For example, by establishing an autoresponder series, you can ensure that your customers get an email whenever they add anything to their basket or complete a purchase.

AWeber claims that it was the first firm to invent the autoresponder in 1998 – a significant point in their favor if accurate.

4. RSS to Email Templates: 

Another fantastic feature of AWeber is that it has access to software that converts the RSS feed on your website into newsletters that you can send to your audience on a scheduled basis. This is referred to as a “Blog Broadcast” in AWeber, although you are not required to use it only for your blog.

This ability to maximize RSS feeds is especially advantageous for bloggers who want their mailing list subscribers to automatically get newsletters including the newest material they provide online.

If your website is constantly updated with blogs and news and you want to share that content with your subscribers, AWeber may help you save a lot of time.

One thing to keep in mind is that you will not be able to use the same templates for your RSS content as you would for your other emails in AWeber.

There are precise RSS email formats that you must follow. However, AWeber does give quite a bit of variety in this area.

5. Email Template Fonts:

One of the most intriguing features of AWeber email templates is the amount of freedom you have over your font choices – more than you typically receive with other email marketing systems.

The ability to use web-fonts in AWeber enables you to give an experience that is considerably different from the standard one-size-fits-all experience provided by the majority of email providers.

Aweber-Email templates

The majority of software solutions have a small selection of “safe typefaces” for users to pick from. Which makes it more challenging to stand out in a crowded inbox.

Another advantage of being able to customize fonts is that you may create more consistency by utilizing the same typefaces as your website and blog.

6. Tracking:

Email analytics include click-throughs and openings. Determine which goods people are most interested in and then segment your lists depending on the reports that arrive after the distribution of email newsletters.

7. Wonderful Ecommerce Integrations:

From PayPal to Etsy, Shopify to WooCommerce, AWeber integrates with a slew of applications that are certain to pop up along your retail journey. For instance, you may like to include an email signup form on your WooCommerce-powered WordPress website.

Not only is a plugin available for this, but it just takes a few moments to combine it and set it on certain pages of your website.

8. Subscriber Segmenting:

Anyone who owns an internet business understands the value of consumer segmentation. Sending mass emails to everyone will result in fewer conversions. As a result, AWeber has robust options for segmenting your list’s subscribers.


Perhaps you have certain individuals that you regard as VIPs. Perhaps you like sending emails to customers who haven’t visited your business in a while. Regardless, the qualities exist to facilitate segmentation.

9. Solid Signup Forms:

It’s simple to integrate with the majority of eCommerce systems, including Shopify and Bigcommerce, and the registration forms you display on your eCommerce site are rapidly built and elegantly branded. This aids in rapidly increasing your list and also enables A/B testing.

Features Verdict

Two email marketing platforms that you may utilize for your company are Go High Level and AWeber. Both Go High Level and AWeber have many characteristics, but one critical characteristic they do not share is a price. Go High Level costs $ 19 per month, compared to $ 29.95 per month for AWeber.

Additionally, Go High Level has more features than AWeber, like pop-ups, which are a paid feature on AWeber (costs extra).

Additionally, the Go High Level registration form is simpler to use, particularly for novices who may be unfamiliar with all of AWeber’s capabilities.

Go High Level offers additional capabilities than AWeber, including the ability to test various forms and landing pages and the usage of double opt-in.

Thus, once a new subscriber joins up, Go High Level will send the new subscriber an email requesting confirmation.

Go High Level supports infinite lists and simplifies the usage of its features for novices. Additionally, it offers a free trial period, which means you won’t have to spend anything until you’re ready. Additionally, Go High Level makes it simple for individuals in other nations to utilize since it is available in numerous languages.

Additionally, if you use Go High Level to send spam emails, Go High Level will report your list to the spam and abuse department.

Go High Level’s split-testing tool is superior to AWeber’s, and Go High Level enables you to manage an unlimited number of lists.

AWeber is used by thousands of users. AWeber is used by many large technology websites, including PSD tuts+, to distribute their newsletters. Go High Level is more geared toward small firms and entrepreneurs, while AWeber is more geared toward established enterprises.

Which is thus superior? High Level vs. AWeber: Which is Better? Go High Level is the superior pick since it has more functions and is also simpler to use. However, before you make a final selection, compare Go High Level’s pricing to that of AWeber.

GoHighLevel Vs AWeber: Pricing Comparison

In comparison to AWeber, Go High Level is priced at $ 19 per month. Go High Level offers a free 30-day trial. Additionally, Go High Level provides a Go Premium package for $ 49 per month.

The Go Premium plan from Go High level enables you to utilize pop-ups on your website.

Pricing for AWeber is determined by the number of subscribers on your list. It will cost $ 29 a month for the first 2000 customers, with a seven-day free trial.

Therefore, which is superior, Go High Level or AWeber? Take it to the next level Go Premium outperforms AWeber in terms of functionality.

Before making a final selection, it is critical to understand the characteristics you want from an email marketing provider.

FAQs On GoHighLevel Vs AWeber 2024:

Does AWeber have email automation?

AWeber provides you with all the tools necessary to develop automated email campaigns. We've even created pre-built automated email campaigns for your convenience.

Is Go High Level CRM?

Go High Level is a customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation tool created specifically for marketing companies.

What is GHL Go High Level?

High Level is a full-featured agency platform. The Platform has a fully-featured Page Builder for lead capture. Our user-friendly platform enables you to construct fully functional websites complete with personalized menus.

What is GHL CRM?

Go High Level is an all-in-one sales platform aimed at agencies and independent contractors. Anyone interested in learning how to develop a CRM, on the other hand, may simply utilize the Go High-Level interface. GHL is completely adaptable for any sales team, from campaign planning to pipeline monitoring.

Is AWeber easy to use?

There is a completely free plan available. It's quite simple to use. It includes a big number of templates - far more than its primary rivals. Support options are broader than those offered by several important competitors – and should be excellent, judging by AWeber's Stevie awards for customer service.

Does AWeber allow affiliate links?

AWeber's connection with ClickBank makes it exceedingly simple and uncomplicated to identify affiliate items to market to your audience. Simply choose the product and obtain a link to promote it in your email or on social media. You earn a commission when a member of your audience purchases that product.

What can I do on Go High Level?

Go High Level enables you to log incoming calls, messages, and leads and then automatically puts them into a pipeline for your customers, providing you with incontrovertible evidence of the outcomes you create for them. In a nutshell, it acts as a link between your marketing efforts and the outcomes obtained by the customer.

Who created Go High Level?

Shaun Clark founded Go High Level, which provides agencies with everything they need to manage their clients' leads, websites, funnels, calendars, and a variety of other services.

What can you do with AWeber?

AWeber enables you to: Send an automated sequence of messages to create connections simply. By email, distribute newsletters, coupons, and special offers. A webform tool that makes it simple to add sign-up forms to your website.

What is AWeber autoresponder?

An autoresponder (sometimes referred to as an autoresponse) is an email message delivered in response to a request for information. AWeber enables you to easily create and manage autoresponders, allowing you to communicate with people who contact you for information.

What is AWeber pro?

AWeber Pro Tools enables you to tag subscribers and transfer or copy them across lists in real-time for more targeted email marketing.

Does AWeber have SMTP?

SMTP by Connect is an email delivery solution that makes use of AWeber's SMTP server. This enables you to send emails directly from your AWeber account, without the need to create a new email address.

How do you make money with AWeber?

There are two basic money-related activities you may do with AWeber. You may immediately sell items using AWeber-created websites that securely gather credit card information and deposit funds into your bank account. You may monitor sales that occur on non-AWeber-hosted websites and shopping carts.

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Final Verdict: GoHighLevel Vs AWeber

In the Go High Level vs. AWeber comparison, both Go High Level and AWeber are excellent tools for marketing automation. They share similar features, have comparable entry costs, and provide similar advantages to company owners—but each product also has its distinct capabilities.

Consider the following scenario: you’re seeking a simple method to plan email campaigns or to construct automated customer journeys that keep them engaged with the material they want to read.

We propose that you choose Go High Level in such a situation. If you want more sophisticated interfaces with third-party technologies such as CRM systems or payment processors, go for AWeber.

Which automation software is the greatest fit for your company? Tell us in the comments section below!

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