Aweber Vs. MailChimp 2021 Which is Better Email Marketing Provider? TRUTH

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An email list or newsletter which can be mailed to a large number of your potential and existing customers is the best way to mobilise them to take action in your favor. It helps in maintaining active readership on a consistent and timely basis. If you are the owner of a website or a blog and do not use email marketing then you should start thinking to do so.

Aweber Vs. MailChimp 2021 Which is Better Email Marketing Services Who Wins ?

And if you are looking for an email provider then Aweber and MailChimp will be the first and best ones you will find. The question which will confuse you is which one to go for? I have been going through both the providers’ offerings and plans and have done a thorough analysis of what they have to offer and which one is ultimately the better one? In this review we will explore all the aspects of these email marketing providers and I will finally conclude with my choice stated clearly.

Aweber Vs MailChimp which is better

When it comes to Design- I think MailChimp Wins

Aweber Vs MailChimp - aweber designs mailchimp designs

Web Designing aficionados will definitely prefer MailChimp.

Designing email templates in Aweber can get tricky sometimes. Most of the templates are pre-designed and if you want to build or design your own then it will take effort.

MailChimp allows you to design your forms entirely from scratch or use their tools and GUI to design a good one. They give you more control of the entire design and let your ideas take shape more independently.

Both MailChimp and Aweber provide unlimited image hosting for you.

On the whole, I preferred the interface of MailChimp even though their website opens a bit slower than Aweber. This is because of all the Graphic content put up. You can also read the comparison Mailchimp Vs MailPoet.

Aweber is better at email tracking

Aweber is better at email tracking
Aweber email tracking


Aweber allows you to precisely know who has opened your email and what are the links that they have clicked on at a specific time. MailChimp offers to track but it introduced it much after Aweber. This makes Aweber’s tracking more experienced and in sync with modern technology.

In addition to all this, Aweber also provides conversion tracking if you sell products.

aweber vs mailchimp - mailchim email tracking
mailchim email tracking

Follow-Up Emails: Both Providers have their pluses and minuses

With MailChimp you can set automatic responders such that only a subset of your email list will receive your follow-up emails. This is based on when they signed up for your newsletter. With Aweber, this is not easy to do. Each and every subscriber in your list is tagged with a message number that indicates which follow-up mail they have received.

Then the whole process of changing that is very complex. On the positive side Aweber’s method of managing follow-up emails allows you to know exactly which subscriber has received which follow up emails and when. With MailChimp that is not possible.

Who wins when it comes to pricing: That will have to be Aweber

mailchim pricing subscribers
mailchim pricing subscribers
aweber subscribers pricing
aweber subscribers pricing

Aweber is definitely a lot cheaper email marketing provider than Aweber. If you are a blogger and want to make real money from your blog then I have to say that Aweber is a better choice when it comes to saving all the money that you can. Aweber charges no fee for up to 500 subscribers. You can send all the mails you want. Even after you have crossed the 500 mark, the charges are not too steep. Click here to know more about Aweber’s pricing.

Well with MailChimp the deal is that you can send 12000 emails daily for up to 2000 subscribers for free. But there is catch; there will be a lot of annoying restrictions and limitations. Features like automation which is very important, email client testing, delivery by time zone and Social Pro. This is where the deal goes south. Aweber is clearly the winner when it comes to pricing and because the other features are more or less similar.

Who gives better support to its users – Aweber, definitely! Aweber Vs. MailChimp 2021 Which is Better Email Marketing Provider?

Providing both phone and email support during regular business hours, Aweber provides the superior support system for its users. MailChimp offers only email support.

Therefore, the minimum waiting time for a reply to a query is 24 hours at MailChimp which is certainly not affordable at most times. Solutions must be quickly provided and that is Aweber takes the lead here.

mailchimp support
mailchimp support

For instance, imagine you are abruptly banned from using the services of your email provider and the reasons in the mail are ambiguous. You will certainly wish to contact the providers and clear the probable misunderstanding personally. Well, you cannot do that with MailChimp. Therefore, I believe Aweber is definitely the better choice here.

Some of the features which MailChimp has to offer are pretty good too and are often ignored. The interface allows you to access your entire database of subscribers from an API. This is good news for hard core programmers and coders as its API will allow them to easily manage their subscriber database in PHP or any popular scripting language. Aweber has recently developed their new API interface and it seems to be powerful too but we need to give it more time to correctly analyze its performance.

The final deals where the deciders are placed are with the email tracking and the pricing policies. This is because tracking your emails is something will you will do constantly if you are doing email marketing. Secondly, with blogging in mind, the cost-effectiveness of Aweber is hands down more attractive. The delivery rate of emails is better for Aweber in most cases surveyed. In addition we saw that Aweber provides phone support too! You have to say that it is impressive since the problem or query solving rates increases by leaps and bounds.

People with interest in affiliate marketing should stay away from MailChimp as it is against their terms of service and may result in violation and further suspension without warning.

When you are using email marketing especially with blogging in mind, you need to keep the following in mind when making a choice:

  • Cost effectiveness is key: You can’t overspend. Every penny is worth saving. Until and unless you do not have that magic traction your choice should be to obtain as much subsidy as you can.
  • Support is necessary: As a blogger, you are certain to not know all the technical stuff related with email marketing. Thus you are bound to be in need of support once in a while. The more instant support you can get the better.
  • If you are extremely new to blogging then you should perhaps wait for at least 200 subscribers before availing the services of an email marketing firm.

Keeping everything in mind and what we have discussed above it is almost certain than MailChimp sure has some good stuff to offer but when it comes to the whole outlook Aweber is definitely the better service provider and the one you should opt for.

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  1. Thanks Jitendra.

    I think you raise a few valid points in your review. The major difference in the two autoresponders is that mailchimp does not allow affiliate marketing within its own TOS. An autoresponder that does not allow affiliate marketing is pretty useless and counts them out of the equation for many marketers despite them being free for a while. I think a better comparison would have been AWeber and GetResponse and both now offer a free 30 day trial.

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