Jot Coffee’s Social Media Strategy 2023: Pre-Launching On Instagram? 

If you’re launching a new product or service, social media can be a powerful tool to generate buzz and excitement before the official launch. And when it comes to social media, Instagram is the perfect platform for pre-launch activities.

One company that has successfully leveraged Instagram for pre-launch activities is Jot Coffee. Jot Coffee is a new player in the coffee industry, and it used Instagram to create hype before its official launch.

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into Jot Coffee’s pre-launch Instagram strategy and provide insights into how you can replicate their success for your own product or service.

We’ll cover the key steps Jot Coffee took to build buzz and generate excitement, including creating a strong visual identity, using influencer marketing, and leveraging user-generated content.

By the end of this article, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively pre-launch on Instagram, and be armed with the tools you need to create a buzz around your own product or service.

Jot Coffee’s Social Media Strategy & Launching Instagram

Jot Coffee is a San Francisco-based coffee company that offers a unique product: ultra-concentrated coffee. Their coffee is made with a special brewing process that extracts more flavor and caffeine per bean, resulting in a stronger cup of coffee.

Jot Coffee was founded in 2018 by Andrew Gordon, who spent years working in the coffee industry before starting his own company.

Jot Coffee’s Social Media Strategy

Why Instagram?

Instagram is a place where businesses can show off their products or services in a way that looks good to the eye. Over 500 million people use the app every day, which shows how engaged the users are.

Instagram is also a great way to build brand awareness and boost sales. In fact, 81% of Instagram users do research on products and services before buying them.

Setting Goals and Objectives

Before starting its pre-launch campaign on Instagram, Jot Coffee set clear goals and objectives. Their primary goal was to generate buzz and anticipation for their product launch.

They also wanted to build a following of engaged users who would be interested in their product and share it with their friends and family.

Creating a Content Strategy

Jot Coffee developed a content strategy that focused on creating visually appealing and engaging content that would resonate with its target audience.

They created a mix of lifestyle, product, and educational content that showcased the unique features and benefits of their product.

Leveraging Influencers

Influencer marketing has become a popular way for businesses to reach a wider audience and build brand awareness. Jot Coffee leveraged influencers in the coffee and lifestyle space to promote its brand and generate buzz.

They carefully selected influencers who aligned with their brand values and had a following of engaged users.

Running a Contest

Contests are a great way to generate buzz and engagement on social media. Jot Coffee ran a contest on Instagram that encouraged users to share a photo of their morning coffee routine with the hashtag #JotCoffee.

The winner received a free year’s supply of Jot Coffee.

Jot coffee

Teasing the Launch

Jot Coffee teased the launch of their product on Instagram by sharing sneak peeks and teasers of their ultra-concentrated coffee. They created a sense of anticipation and excitement among their followers, building up to the launch.

Creating a Launch Day Plan

Jot Coffee had a launch day plan in place to ensure that their product launch went smoothly. They created a dedicated landing page for their product, which allowed users to learn more and purchase the product.

They also sent an email to their mailing list and shared the launch on their social media channels.

Measuring Results

Jot Coffee tracked its results throughout its pre-launch campaign on Instagram. They measured engagement rates, follower growth, and website traffic. They also tracked sales on their website to determine the success of their campaign.

Lessons Learned

Jot Coffee learned several valuable lessons from its pre-launch campaign on Instagram. They found that engaging content, influencer marketing, and contests were all effective ways to generate buzz and drive engagement.

They also found that having a launch day plan in place was essential to ensure a successful launch.

FAQs On Jot Coffee’s Social Media Strategy 2023

👉 Why is pre-launching on Instagram important for a business?

Pre-launching on Instagram allows businesses to build anticipation for their product or service, gain early feedback, and create a community of engaged followers before the official launch. This can lead to a successful launch and long-term growth for the business.

🔑 What are some key steps to pre-launching on Instagram?

Some key steps include defining your target audience, creating a consistent visual brand, creating engaging content, leveraging influencers, and using Instagram’s features such as stories, highlights, and IGTV.

👉 How did Jot Coffee use Instagram for its pre-launch strategy?

Jot Coffee created a consistent visual brand, shared behind-the-scenes content, collaborated with influencers, and utilized Instagram’s features to create buzz and engagement. They also utilized user-generated content and actively engaged with their followers.

✔️ Can pre-launching on Instagram work for any business?

Yes, pre-launching on Instagram can work for any business as long as they have a defined target audience, a consistent visual brand, and engaging content. However, the specific strategy and tactics may vary depending on the type of business and product or service being offered.

⏳ How long should a pre-launch strategy last on Instagram?

The length of a pre-launch strategy can vary depending on the product or service being offered and the goals of the business. Some businesses may only need a few weeks to build anticipation and engagement, while others may need several months. It is important to continually evaluate the strategy and adjust as needed.

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Conclusion: Jot Coffee’s Social Media Strategy 2023

Jot Coffee’s pre-launch strategy on Instagram serves as a great example of how to effectively leverage social media platforms to generate buzz and create a strong brand identity.

By carefully curating its content and engaging with its target audience, Jot Coffee was able to create a strong sense of anticipation and excitement leading up to its product launch.

Key takeaways from Jot Coffee’s social media strategy include the importance of identifying your target audience and tailoring your content to their interests and preferences.

Additionally, building a strong brand identity through consistent branding and messaging is crucial for creating a recognizable and memorable brand.

Furthermore, utilizing Instagram’s various features, such as Instagram Live and Instagram Stories, can help create a sense of immediacy and authenticity with your audience.

Engaging with your followers through comments and direct messages can also help foster a sense of community and loyalty.

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