Kartra vs Kajabi Comparison 2023 (Pros & Cons Listed)


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Kartra is a reliable and an all-in one platform. This platform helps you build, market and launch your business online without even using a third-party tool or hiring someone.

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Price: $ 99

Hey, are you looking for the best business-building platform? If yes then you’re at the right place. 

As here in this post, I have featured an in-depth Kajabi vs Kartra comparison 2023 that includes detailed insights of its pricing, features, functionality, and more. 

So let’s get started here.

Bottom Line Upfront: Kartra is more than just a shopping-cart system,it is an all-inclusive, email marketing, list building, web-hosting, business management platform made just for marketers like you. It does all these things and it connects all of them together in a single account for you to manage. Start using Kartra today to set up your business.



Pricing $99/mo $149/mo
Best for

Kartra is a reliable and an all-in one platform. This platform helps you build, market and launch your business online without even using a third-party tool or hiring someone.

Kajabi is another all-in one platform that gives you access to launch your online business right in minutes. Kajabi offers all the tools and marketing features that you’ll need to build a successful online business.

  • Kartra Checkouts
  • Kartra Pages (Page Builder)
  • Kartra Leads
  • E-Commerce Platform
  • One-Click Login
  • Custom URL
  • It has drag and drop simplicity and deep funnel complexity
  • best value with regard to functionality and ease of use
  • Supports email marketing efforts
  • Highly Integrated Platform
  • Allows marketers to easily market their product
  • Uses Wistia as a video host
  • The landing pages are a little difficult to link up to sales
  • No feature to create certificates
Ease of Use

Kartra connects with a platform as well. Simply connect Kartra to many platforms you know and use for your business, including various payment gateways, membership sites, email marketing platforms, SMS, Zapier and more.

Kajabi integrates with many platforms as well and it is really easy to use.

Value For Money

Kartra has the edge over Kajabi when it comes to pricing and the features offered by this platform are one of a kind.

Kajabi is expensive but it also offers more features accordingly so if you have the budget then you should definitely use this platform.

Kartra vs Kajabi: Which One To Choose?? (In-depth Comparison)

Detailed Kartra Review

Kartra is a reliable and an all-in one platform. This platform helps you build, market and launch your business online without even using a third-party tool or hiring someone.

Kartra- Online business made easy

Kartra gives all in one feature, which includes tools like email marketing, funnel building, affiliate marketing, list creation, web hosting, business management platform and many other marketing features as well that can help you in building a profitable membership site. It is a cloud-based software. If you want to access it, you will need an active Internet connection and a browser to connect to the platform.

Kartra was founded by two well-known names in marketing, Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins. Also, behind these heads is a webinar service called WebinarJam. Overall a reliable platform that will help you in creating and launching online business easily. 

Key Features Of Kartra:

  • Kartra Checkouts:

Sell ​​products or services online using their excellent secure payment methods for credit card payments and Paypal payments. Kartra  gives everything you need to easily and effortlessly sell products and services on a membership site.

Kartra CheckOut

At various price levels, there are now several prices and different payment methods available for each product: individual, recurring or in installments. Define everything you want for each price plan.

  • Kartra Pages: (Page Builder)

Amazing drag-and-drop page builder also known as Katra Pages, with hundreds of professionally designed templates. The templates provide maximum flexibility, many marketing features and 100% mobile optimisation. 

Hundreds of pages and section templates are available in Kartra. Its professional designers have created more than 500 pages and section templates. All you have to do is navigate and select the one you want to use

Kartra Page Builder

All available customisation options, such as If you want to resize an image or something else, you can do so with Kartra. Simply change the position of two elements or do what you want to make your website look attractive.

  • Kartra Leads:

We all know that prospects and leads are the most important assets of a company. They represent your potential customers, partners, etc. In short, companies could not operate without them. That’s why Kartra pays so much attention to lead generation.

Kartra Lead Generation

With Kartra Lead Builder, you can get more information about the behaviour of your prototype user, including how it ends on your site, how and when you leave the site, how you click and how it goes. Register to order pages and more. You can retrieve all the information with the Kartra Leads function.

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  • Kartra Funnels & Campaigns:

Simply connect and start, launch automated sales funnels in minutes to create the perfect sales pages in minutes with the help of Kartra Funnel Building Tool. 

Any page created with Kartra pages can be connected to the multifaceted funnel flow you need. It also comes with a sequencer and it has an open interface. Turn your affiliate marketing genius directly into a reality that generates money. Kartra also gives done for you campaigns.

Kartra vs Kajabi Comparison - Funnel

You can also make a lead brand. Define the profile of your potential customers as they pass through their funnels and subdivide them into specific laser subgroups.

With Kartra, you can easily connect and play campaigns. Here, Kartra offers predefined marketing campaigns designed by top-level marketing specialists. And you can use it to create more profitable campaigns.

  • Kartra Mails:

Create live or automated email / SMS marketing campaigns to communicate and interact with your user base easily with the Kartra Mails service. 

Kartra Emails

Automation based on the behaviour of your users. 

With Kartra,you can enable a variety of automation based on the behaviour of your recipients. For example, automatically send a follow-up message if you have not opened the previous email, assign them a label by clicking on the link and many more things in a row. 

Kartra Mail also comes with intelligent Split Testing. Kartra can test the content and themes (the subject lines) of your email, track conversions and finally choose the version that best converts automatically.

Choose from a selection of stunning templates and components designed by experts, including sections of heroes, content blocks, countdowns, testimonials, video thumbnails and more. Easily drag and drop your emails, copy, paste and enter in seconds. Everything is drag and drop and super easy. 

  • Kartra Membership:

Offer your customers a first-class experience with Kartra  just like Kajabi. In this way, Kartra Memberships is a feature-rich portal that allows you to organise and share your content with your customers easily and effortlessly.

Whether you are looking to create a training class, a private community section or even a TOC on multiple topics, the Kartra Membership option makes it easy for you

Kartra Membership

With Kartra memberships sites, you can easily create them, while ensuring that the entire user experience is simple for you and Kartra users.

  • Kartra Calendars:

Now schedule your individual sessions with your clients and organise them in a single integrated dashboard with Google Calendar. 

Booking and managing appointments in real-time. Here the kartra calendars are updated in real-time. Therefore, if a customer reserves a specific time interval, it will be blocked for all other users and that’s quite impressive. 

Now brand it with your logo and your colours. Do you have an individual brand logo and a range of colours? Download it to your calendar and just merge with it as well. 

Kartra Calendars

Designed to convert your visitors into paying customers.  Looking good is only half the battle optimise it to get more conversions. 

When you respond to international customers, Kartra calendars locate them geographically and convert them to their local time zone so that your customers don’t have to put extra efforts. 

  • Kartra Forms:

Kartra Forms is one of the best ways to attract potential customers. Easily create your own fields with powerful labelling and automation rules with this platform.

Dozens of great models. Simply choose from more than 50 professional and updated templates that work very well with mobile devices!

Kartra Forms

Kartra Forms remembers this in previous visits and fills the fields automatically so that its users do not have to enter the same data when they return to your site.

Kartra Integrations:

Kartra connects with a platform as well. Simply connect Kartra to many platforms you know and use for your business, including various payment gateways, membership sites, email marketing platforms, SMS, Zapier and more. The best part is that they are adding many other platforms as well.

Kartra Integration

Let’s check the integration list: 

  • Zaiper
  • Google Calendar
  • Pliva
  • Nexmo
  • Twilio
  • Kajabi
  • Wishlist
  • s2Member
  • aMember
  • OptimizePress
  • Digital Access Pass
  • PostMark
  • Elastic Email
  • SendGrid
  • Milton
  • Kartra Mail
  • Authorize, net
  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Braintree

So this is the complete list of integration of Kartra with other platforms. The best part is that the list is growing every day and they are adding other platforms and tools to the list. 

Kartra Pricing

The pricing plans offered by this platform is very flexible I mean they offer many plans as per your needs. If we talk about the pricing then it isn’t affordable compared to the pricing of its competitors. Just to make sure you get to experience all the features of Kartra, they offer you free trial.

Kartra- Pricing Plan

  • The Starter Plan ($99/month): With this basic plan, you’re gonna get 2,500 leads, 15,000 emails per month, 100 pages, 20 products, 1 custom domain and 100 automation .
  • The Silver Plan ($199/month): With this plan members can have up to 12,500 leads, 125,000 emails per month, 3 custom domains and unlimited pages, unlimited products and automation.
  • The Gold Plan ($299/month): With the gold plan, members can get up to 25,000 leads, 250,000 emails per month, 5 custom domains and unlimited pages, unlimited products and automation.
  • The Platinum Plan ($499/month): With the platinum plan here the members can have up to 50,000 leads, 500,000 emails per month, 10 custom domains and unlimited pages, unlimited products, and automation as well. 

 If you’re actually looking for some kind of discount then you should go for the annual pricing and get some discount listed below. 

  • Starter Plan to $79/month
  • Silver Plan to $149/month
  • Gold Plan to $229/month
  • Platinum Plan $379/month

Kartra Customer Support

One of the few things that I liked about Kartra is that they offer reliable customer service to its customers. Simply contact their amazing support team, no matter what’s the issue they will be there to help you.

Kartra also comes with Kartraverse Training Centre and they have tutorial videos on Kartra and its features as well. They even have a healthy community on Facebook.

Kartra Customer Support

Overall Kartra offers a very reliable and friendly customer service 24/7/365. 

Detailed Kajabi Review

Kajabiis another all-in one platform that gives you access to launch your online business right in minutes. Kajabi offers all the tools and marketing features that you’ll need to build a successful online business

kajabi vs kartra- Kajabi

With Kajabi anyone can create online courses, launch marketing campaigns, build landing pages along with launching any kind of membership site. 

$675,000,000+ transaction is made through Kajabi along with that 33,250,000 customers have been served through Kajabi. This platform also comes with High converting templates for your entire online business. 

Key Features:

  • E-Commerce Platform:

Simply use Kajabi to list all your products on a beautiful website. Create a product market where your customers can buy additional products with just one click.

  • Site Theme:

Give your site the look you want. Choose a theme for your site in their library of fully customizable themes.

  • One-Click Login:

Offer your customers a unique place to connect and access the library of all the products they have purchased. 

  • Brand Your Business

This is your site, simply give it the look you want. Now you can add your logo, images, and colours to mark your home on the web.

Kajabi Website Design

  • Custom URL

Each Kajabi site automatically receives a sample domain that will help you get started quickly. If you really want to add your own brand, you can easily use a custom domain of your own. 

  • Static pages

Simply create as many pages as you want so that your site contains information that rarely changes, such as: For example, an About Us page, a Contact Us page and more. 

  • Integrated blog

Simply integrate the blog to your website and add value to your audience, attract subscribers and turn cold potential customers into returning visitors. 

  • Site navigation

You decide which links are inserted in the header and footer of your site. Link to other pages on your website or blog, or connect to externally hosted pages. With Kajabi you can do it easily and effortlessly. 

  • Product issues

Not only does it sell its content, but it also sells the entire learning experience and aesthetics of its content. Just choose the right and fully customizable theme for each of your products to add value to your customers.

Kajabi Payments

  • Fully mobile-friendly

We all know that we just live in a mobile world and its products must be easy to consume and look good on any device. All themes of their products are fully compatible with mobile devices, computers and tablets. 

  • Video hosting

Simply send your video content directly to Kajabi and get the ability to encode and stream your videos with Wistia. Your customers can watch it in any device anywhere, anytime, perfectly and quickly and that’s the best part of Kajabi. 

  • Downloads

With Kajabi you can simply add file downloads to your products. Download documents, presentations, images and audio files so that your content is really useful for all types of customers.

  • Community Building

Through interactive discussions, your clients can actively interact with you and other clients. Now with Kajabi, you can build a healthy community. 

  • Drip content

Increase retention and avoid the rush simply by defining its content to distribute to users based on the time the product was purchased, according to a schedule. Your customer will receive when any of then-new product is launched. 

  • Customise all the text

With Kajabi each and every word your prospects and customers see is customizable carefully. Just use the language, terminology and writing style you prefer on all your pages and in the automatic emails that is sent to your customers.

  • Pre-configured Disclaimers

Each Kajabi website contains terms of use and standard privacy policy that you can use as a starting point to customise your site for your own use and that’s quite useful I think. As when you go for having a disclaimer you have to pay to have a legal one. 

  • Pipelines

Simply link pages, email sequences, and offers. You can do it easily and effortlessly with Kartra. 

  • Pipeline Blueprints

Create fully automated one-click marketing campaigns with tools like predefined templates that manage your product launches, sales campaigns, webinars and more. You can do it more easily with the help of Kajabi. 

  • Landing page generator

Create a beautiful page in minutes. Simply choose a template, add your own copy and send people to your new page. Plenty of templates are available for you to choose and customise it according to your choice. 

  • Nice landing page templates

Choose the one that suits your needs from one of our proven landing page templates and customise it to your liking. Easily create any type of landing page, including registration pages, thank you pages, webinar pages, sales pages, download pages and more.

  • Custom forms

Now you can also create forms with custom fields to collect visitor data to better understand the public and talk directly about their needs. 

  • Capture leads

The leads you collect are stored in kajabi, which makes it easier to pay. Now capture leads at much faster rates. 

Website Analytics Kajabi


  • Email Broadcasts

Easily send emails to prospects and customers in order to build relationships and reach your audience. Integration with an external email provider is not required. They have their own email marketing platform. 

  • Email Analysis

Track your programs by easily identifying emails from your audience.

Kajabi also offers features that Kartra offers.

Kajabi Pricing

The one down part of this platform Kajabi is that it’s very expensive when it’s compared to competitors. But the features they offer with these pricing plans are extraordinary are lit. 

kajabi vs kartra Comparison- Pricing Plan

The best part is that they also offer a free plan, with that you can get started right away for free. Using the free trial offer you’ll get to know more about this platform and its features. Let’s see the pricing here. 

Basic Plan ($149/Mo)

  • 3 Products
  •  3 Pipelines
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Marketing Emails
  •  10,000 Contacts
  •  1,000 Active Members
  •  1 Website
  • 1  Admin User
  • Webinar Events 
  • 0% Transaction Fee
  • Webinar & Events
  • Ready to use templates
  • Chat Support
  • Automation

Growth Plan ($199/Mo)

  • 15 Products
  • 15 Pipelines
  • Unlimited Landing Pages
  • Unlimited Marketing Emails
  •  25,000 Contacts
  • 10,000 Active Members
  • 1 Website
  •  10 Admin User
  • Webinar Events 
  • 0% Transaction Fee
  • Webinar & Events
  • Ready to use templates
  • 24/7 Chat Support
  • Automation
  • Affiliate Program
  • Can remove Kajabi branding

Pro Plan ($399/Mo)

  • 100 Products
  • 100  Pipelines
  • Unlimited Landing Pages
  • Unlimited Marketing Emails
  •  100,000Contacts
  •  20,000 Active Members
  • 3 Website
  • 25 Admin User
  • Webinar Events 
  • 0% Transaction Fee
  • Hero University + Expert University
  • Webinar & Events
  • Ready to use templates
  • Chat Support 24/7
  • Assessments (Quizzes & Surveys)
  • Affiliate Program
  • Can Remove Kajabi Branding
  • Automation

So now you have the pricing of this platform Kajabi along with the list of the features and services you’re gonna get with the help of this management system and you should definitely check out its free trial as well. The pro plan is an awesome choice for so many reasons.

The best part is that this platform also offers a 30 days money-back guarantee. So what are you waiting for just give this platform a try? 

Kajabi Customer Support

The support offered by this platform isn’t bad. They have a guide on their features and tools so that you can get to know their features easily and master the platform to get more accurate results. 

Kajabi Customer Support

And the best part is that they have a Hero Academy where they give you some sort of training on their tools & features which is quite impressive about them. Also, they offer 24/7 chat support to its customers. 

But when we compare the customer service with Kartra then Kajabi lags at some point. Kartra’s customer support is reliable as well as friendly. 

Kajabi Integrations

For such an expensive pricing plan they offer extraordinary features as well. And when we talk about third-party integration thenKajabiis the winner as it integrates with almost all the third-party platforms out there. You can check out the complete list of integration here

Third Party Integrations- Kajabi

Quick Links:

Kartra vs Kajabi Comparison — Final Verdict

Now you have the detailed insights of these two amazing platforms Kajabi and Kartra. 

For Kartra, I would like to say its flexible and affordable platform when compared to Kajabi. Kajabi offers more features but Kajabi is quite expensive. 

So from our side, we recommend Kartra over Kajabi because Kartra is a more robust solution and also offers flexible options. 

I hope this post, suits your purpose well and if you liked the post then kindly share it on various trending social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. 

Kartra is a reliable and an all-in one platform. This platform helps you build, market and launch your business online without even using a third-party tool or hiring someone.

Price:$ 99
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