MetroFax Vs eFax Vs MyFax 2023: Which Online Fax Service Is Most Secure?

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Are you confused about which one out of these three MetroFax Vs eFax Vs MyFax would be the right choice for you? Do you want to know which one of these would work for you the best? We can help you out.

MetroFax is a cloud-based internet fax service that places a premium on simplicity and use. The features are comprehensive enough to meet the majority of small company demands, and the pricing is competitive, which is ideal for businesses on a limited budget that cannot afford to spend on external 3rd party services.

Additionally, the company’s specific mobile applications enable faxing on the move. MetroFax’s diversity in terms of accepted file formats simplifies the process of sending and receiving faxes, and the number of customization choices for the faxes itself ensures that businesses can preserve their branding integrity, a feature that many other cloud-based fax services lack.

eFax is a web-based fax service that claims to have over 11 million customers worldwide, making it the #1 online fax service, according to the business. As a fax-to-email service, utilizing their simple platform is quick, simple, and convenient.

eFax strikes an excellent balance between simplicity of use and breadth and depth of capability since the platform comes with a robust collection of features and cloud storage options.

Each of their premium plans includes the same set of functions, and unlike the majority of online fax providers, eFax provides a fully customized alternative for businesses that goes well beyond the functionality included in their basic plans. This guarantees that business requirements are always addressed, regardless of the size of the company.

MyFax is an award-winning Internet-based fax service that enables companies to send and receive fax messages through email, mobile devices, or the company’s online site.

The no-frills UI is simple to use, and the list of enterprise-grade capabilities is comprehensive enough to fulfill the demands of the majority of businesses without being overwhelming.

While some organizations may find MyFax’s pricing alternatives to be a little pricey, the higher price point comes with round-the-clock customer assistance. This makes MyFax an ideal solution for organizations with little technical expertise and/or individuals who value the convenience of on-demand help.

MetroFax Vs eFax Vs MyFax: Overview

Here, in this article, we will be telling you to need to know about these three platforms that will help you decide. So, stay with me to the end.

Our Review On MyFax:

MyFax has an intuitive internet interface and affordable price. MyFax is an affordable choice for individuals who fax often, costing $ 10 per month for 200 inbound and 200 outgoing pages.

Typically, MyFax charges this price for “200/100” “incoming/outgoing” fax pages, however, FaxCompare visitors may obtain a better deal of 200/200 by joining up via our links.

Prepaying for a year reduces the monthly charge to $ 9.17. While MyFax customer assistance has generally been really helpful, we’ve recently received a flood of negative comments. MyFax provides a 14-day free online fax trial period during which you may evaluate the service.

MyFax is a $ 10 per month service with no setup or monthly fees. The package we examined covers 200 monthly inbound and 200 monthly outgoing pages. Additionally, MyFax provides a 14-day free trial.

MetroFax Vs eFax Vs MyFax myfax Online Fax Management

Sending a fax is a breeze using MyFax’s web interface since the whole procedure is performed on a single simple screen. You may preview your fax before sending it, and you can fax up to eight documents simultaneously.

You may send and receive faxes using up to five email addresses and simultaneously fax up to 50 recipients. MyFax enables you to save faxes online indefinitely, which is far longer than our Market Standard of 30 days.

MyFax provides local fax numbers in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. They do not provide (800) numbers, however, they do offer complimentary (866), (877), and (888) numbers. MyFax also provides 24-hour phone assistance.

According to our experiences, their customer service representatives were incredibly competent and provided us with a wealth of information in addition to clear answers to our inquiries. However, we’ve lately gotten a significant amount of negative comments about its support.

Our Review On eFax:

Although eFax has the highest number of customers of all its competitors, its price is on the high side. eFax, on the other hand, offers the most features of any online fax service, including e-signatures, iOS, and Android mobile applications, HIPPA compliance, international faxing, and 24/7 phone assistance.

Additionally, eFax now has a huge file-sharing feature that enables users to upload large files (up to 3 GB) and provide a link to up to 20 email addresses where recipients may download the files. For those that want these functionalities, eFax is well worth the premium price.

MetroFax Vs eFax Vs MyFax Efax Overview

eFax charges a monthly price of $ 16.95 with no setup or other expenses. Unfortunately, unlike other services, eFax does not combine its monthly page allowances and instead provides 150 incoming and 150 outgoing pages. The Market Standard is 300 pages in length. eFax offers a 14-day free trial period.

Faxing using eFax is a simple process that requires just one form to be completed and a single click to transmit. You may transmit up to five documents with eFax as long as the total file size does not exceed 5 MB. However, eFax does not provide a preview of the fax before sending.

You can fax just one person/email address at a time, but eFax allows you to send and receive faxes on up to five email addresses. You get limitless free online fax storage, which well surpasses the Market Standard of 30 days.

Local numbers are available in 48 states and Washington, D.C. via eFax. Additionally, they provide complimentary toll-free lines (800), (866), (877), and (888). eFax’s phone assistance is available 24 hours a day.

Our Review On MetroFax:

MetroFax is an outstanding online fax service, and the vast majority of comments we’ve heard from MetroFax consumers are good. For $ 9.95 per month, you receive 500 combined pages, which is equivalent to our Market Standard of 300 combined pages for $ 9.99 per month.

Additionally, you may prepay $99.60 for a year of service, lowering your monthly payment to $ 8.30. MetroFax’s customer service representatives are very educated and responsive to our inquiries.

MetroFax’s Essential package is $ 9.95 per month with no setup or cancellation costs. You get 500 combined pages with your monthly membership, which exceeds our Market Standard of 300 combined pages. MetroFax’s service is available for a 14-day trial period.

MetroFax’s interface is straightforward; just add recipients, attach documents, and optionally include a cover page before sending. Additionally, it allows you to preview faxes before sending them. You may fax up to ten documents with MetroFax as long as the total file size does not exceed twenty megabytes.

You may fax up to 50 people simultaneously. Up to five email accounts may be used to receive and send faxes. Additionally, you have unlimited free online fax storage, which is far more than our Industry Standard of 30 days.

MetroFax provides local telephone lines in each of the 50 states. Additionally, they provide complimentary toll-free lines (844), (855), (866), (877), and (888). MetroFax’s phone service hours are 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST Monday through Friday. It provides excellent customer service.

The support technicians are competent and were able to quickly respond to our queries. The majority of comments we’ve gotten from MetroFax users have been positive.

Features Comparison: MetroFax Vs eFax Vs MyFax 

Here is the features comparison:

Major Features and Benefits of MyFax:

MyFax supports the most popular file kinds, including PDF, DOC, and TIFF, and all fax messages are permanently preserved. To aid in the organization of archived faxes, users may tag messages, and the website’s search function makes it fast and simple to locate old files. Additionally, users may construct prohibited and approved lists, ensuring that they are not charged for faxes sent from blocked numbers.

Local, international, or toll-free fax numbers may be selected by users, and existing fax numbers can also be imported into the platform. Each subscription includes unlimited phone assistance and the ability to attach up to five email addresses to a single user.

MyFax Customer Support

Updating critical elements such as profile and payment information is simple, and the Help option is conveniently located at the top of the page.

It pulls up a list of frequently asked questions, opens the entire user guide, and provides an easy mechanism for the end-user to contact assistance. MyFax was built with the end-user in mind.

However, security is an area where MyFax falls significantly short. The password reset method transmits a new password in plaintext format, which is less than optimal. Additionally, there is no support for two-factor authentication.

Major Features and Benefits of eFax:

eFax is a free mobile fax application for both iOS and Android that enables users to send and receive fax messages on the move. Additionally, these programs enable annotating faxes with comments written comfortably on a smartphone or tablet and using the device’s camera to scan an electronic signature that can be retained on the device for future use.

This significantly eliminates the hassle associated with having to sign every paper. Additionally, multiple signatures are supported. Additionally, a desktop application is available, as is online accessibility.

eFax offers customers toll-free fax numbers and unlimited storage for both incoming and outgoing faxes, as well as support. Local phone numbers are supported, and PDF, EFX, and TIFF faxes may be sent.

MetroFax Vs eFax Vs MyFax efax Electronic Signing and Management

Faxes, which can be easily organized using keywords, are retained on eFax’s secure servers for up to two years, even if a user’s account is canceled, ensuring that they may be simply accessed at any point in time. This is not true if the files have been erased manually.

Huge File Share is another eFax feature that enables users to transfer large documents up to 3 GB in size to a maximum of twenty recipients simultaneously. Additionally, 256-bit encryption is included, as is an option for Enhanced Security, which encrypts incoming faxes and forwards them to a different, secure site rather than the user’s email address.

Up to five individuals with distinct email addresses may share the same fax number, and faxes can be issued to multiple numbers concurrently. Additionally, alerts are delivered whenever a fax is sent or received. Bear in mind that while fax blasting, confirmations for each fax sent will be prompted.

Major Features and Benefits of MetroFax:

To send faxes, the end-user must either manually input data or import it from third-party software providers such as Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Comcast, Hotmail, and/or AOL.

Additionally, you may define the fax’s destination and add up to 50 recipients and ten documents. Users may also customize the fax’s quality,

however, there is no possibility to submit a custom cover page. Additionally, security is poor. There is no two-factor authentication, and accounts are secured with a four-digit passcode.

Faxes may be readily sent by email by simply uploading the appropriate documents (or inserting your information into the message box) and sending them to [email protected], where xxx is substituted with the fax recipient’s ten-digit phone number. Additionally, faxes may be labeled, which categorizes them.

When a user signs up, he or she receives a dedicated fax number in the area code of their choosing, and toll-free fax numbers are included at no extra fee. Additionally, users may migrate their current fax lines onto the platform.

MetroFax offers iOS and Android applications, both of which notify users when they receive a fax. Additionally, the applications enable members to access their Web-stored faxes, tag and search their data vault, see and send faxes from their contacts list.

Additionally, the applications enable users to digitally sign fax communications, which involves nothing more than the user writing their signature on the screen of their smartphone with their finger.

Pricing Comparison: MetroFax Vs eFax Vs MyFax

The majority of people are unaware, however, that j2 Global owns all three of these firms and that they are now backed by similar platforms, applications, and customer care.

They do, however, have major price and capability disparities. Here’s a deeper examination of how the three organizations stack up.

MyFax Pricing:

MyFax offers three options, however only one is worth considering due to the discounted price granted to those who utilize links on FaxCompare.

  •   FareCompare’s Special “Best Value” Offer: 400 incoming and 400 outgoing pages for just $ 10.00 per month or $ 110.00 per year.
  •   “Standard” Best Value: $ 10.00 per month or $ 110.00 per year for 100 inbounds and 200 outbound pages;
  •   Most Popular: $ 10.00 per month for 200 inbounds and 200 outbound pages; and
  •   Fax More: $ 10.00 per month for 400 inbound and 400 outbound pages. MyFax, like MetroFax and eFax, provides an iPhone app but is the only provider of the three to offer a Blackberry app.

MetroFax Vs eFax Vs MyFax efax price

Regrettably, the Blackberry application has been out of date since 2010. Due to its similarity to MetroFax, MyFax is best suited to those who perceive particular value in FaxCompare’s unique $ 10 per month, 400/400-page fax offer.

eFax Pricing:

eFax offers more functionality than the other services but at a higher price. The brand provides two payment options: Additionally, for $ 16.95 per month or $ 169.50 per year, you get 150 inward and 150 outgoing pages.

Additionally, they demand a $ 10 setup fee unless you join up.

Pro: 200 incoming and 200 outgoing pages for $ 19.95 per month or $ 199.50 per year. Additionally, they demand a $ 19.95 setup fee.   

efax price

eFax contains all of the capabilities of MetroFax, plus eSigning and HIPAA compliance (although they will not sign a Business Associate Agreement). As mentioned in our eFax review, the firm also provides Microsoft Integration, making it the only provider that offers all of these services in one package.

However, since it is a more costly plan with fewer and separated monthly fax page allotments for incoming and outgoing faxes, it is better suited to enterprises that need such characteristics.

One thing to keep in mind with eFax is that the firm provides a variety of customized packages geared at bigger enterprises. These services are priced on an individual basis and are much more costly.

MetroFax Pricing:

MetroFax is a decent value in terms of price and functionality. While all the 3 services provide an iPhone application, only MetroFax and its more costly, eFax, include an Android application.

MetroFax Vs eFax Vs MyFax MetroFax pricing

MetroFax offers three different plans:

  •   For $ 7.95 for a month or $ 79.50 for a year, you can get 500 pages;
  •   for $ 12.95 for a month or $ 129.50 for a year, you can get 1,000 pages; and
  •   for $ 35.95 for a month or $ 359.50 for a year, you can have 2,500 total pages.

MetroFax also offers an exceptionally cheap $ 0.03 per page overage fee. This is less than a third of the cost of eFax and MyFax. Additionally, MetroFax enables clients to add up to 10 individuals per account.

MetroFax provides the most competitive cost of the three alternatives for the majority of clients, although it lacks a few features available to eFax users.

Unlike eFax, MetroFax does not provide electronic signatures or HIPAA compliance. However, if those factors are irrelevant, MetroFax is an excellent solution.

Pros and Cons: MetroFax Vs eFax Vs MyFax 

Here are the pros & cons:

MetroFax Pros

  • Low rates of overage
  • You may preview your fax before sending it.
  • Superior customer service
  • Online fax storage is limitless.
  • The monthly charge is minimal.
  • 500 pages total
  • 14-day risk-free trial
  • When you prepay yearly, you save 16.7%.

MetroFax Cons

  • Weekday client service is limited.
  • Trial time is reduced

eFax Pros and Cons:

eFax Pros

  • Compliant with HIPAA
  • Customer service is available via phone 24 hours a day.
  • Online fax storage is limitless.
  • 14-day trial period
  • Prepay annually and save 16.6 %

eFax Cons

  • $ 10 one-time setup charge
  • The monthly cost is excessive in comparison to the number of pages supplied.
  • The plan’s pages are not merged.

MyFax Pros and Cons:

MyFax Pros

  • Customer service is available 24 hours a day
  • Allows you to build a “blocked”/”allowed” call list to avoid being charged for blocked calls.
  • You may preview your fax before sending it.
  • Online fax storage is limitless.
  • The monthly cost is reasonable in comparison to the number of pages provided.
  • Included are 200 incoming and 200 outgoing pages
  • Free 14-day fax trial
  • When you prepay yearly, you save 9 %.

MyFax Cons

  • In June 2011, we encountered difficulty with client logins.
  • The plan’s pages are not merged.

FAQs On MetroFax Vs eFax Vs MyFax:

Are eFax and MyFax the same?

MyFax and eFax are two online fax companies that are quite comparable. On the other side, eFax is more costly than MyFax and is one of the few providers that charge setup costs, but it still provides good mobile applications and an impressive array of included services.

Is MetroFax HIPAA compliant?

No, MetroFax does not claim to be HIPAA compliant. The firm does not intend to get into a Business Associate Agreement (BAA). Jotform's HIPAA-compliant web forms allow you to collect patient data and payments and distribute secure PDFs with a single click.

Is legit?

MyFax currently has a customer satisfaction rating of 1.45 stars based on 216 reviews, showing that the majority of consumers are disappointed with their transactions. Consumers most frequently complain about MyFax's free trial, credit card, and customer service issues. MyFax is ranked sixteenth among fax websites.

What is the MetroFax app?

MetroFax Mobile is a complementary addition to your MetroFax Internet fax subscription. The MetroFax Mobile application enables you to send and receive faxes. You may even check the balance of your account page on your mobile device. Fax pages with attachments from your Android smartphone, Dropbox, or Google Docs.

Is MyFax HIPAA compliant?

Is eFax still free?

eFax provides a free version in which you are issued a virtual fax number, but not one that is toll-free. Each month, you may receive up to ten faxed pages and examine them using the free eFax Messenger program. Additionally, the business provides premium plans if you want additional faxes and wish to transmit them as well.

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Final Verdict: MetroFax Vs eFax Vs MyFax 

As you can see, all three of these have competitive features and pricing plans. After a detailed analysis, we can say that the best option for most users would be MyFax.

However, it depends on your needs. Also, none of these platforms are really bad so you can go for any of these without hesitation.

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