MyFax Review 2023 (Features & Pricing) Is MyFax A Good Service?

MyFax Review

Overall Verdict

MyFax offers basic faxing options, such as the ability to transmit faxes by computer, tablet, or smartphone. You have the option of dialing a local, toll-free, or international number. Each fax may be sent to up to 50 recipients.

Out of 10


  • Customer service is available 24 hours a day
  • Online fax storage is limitless.
  • Free 14-day fax trial
  • The monthly cost is reasonable


  • The plan’s pages are not merged.


Price: $ 16.95

Looking for an unbiased MyFax review, i’ve got you covered.

Consider the market for faxing service providers and you’ll see a common thread among them, with many of them formed before 2000.

MyFax, on the other hand, had just begun its existence when it was bought by j2 Global, the owner of two other existing online faxing systems, eFax and MetroFax, less than a year after it opened its doors in 2009.

MyFax had the standard j2 revamp as a consequence of this purchase, resulting in brutally basic but completely dependable service.

A MyFax membership includes all of the features you’d expect from a contemporary faxing service. The online account is a great pleasure to use, owing to its simple design and ingenious fax management features, such as configurable folders and message labeling.

As with its j2 Global siblings, outgoing faxes can be sent through email, while incoming messages can be accessed via the default mailbox or the very easy MyFax mobile app — meaning that anything fax-related may be utilized without access to the account or ownership of a fax machine.

And, since MyFax is free to try for 14 days, it’s easy to see how it stacks up against the rest of the j2 Global family.

What Is MyFax?

MyFax offers basic faxing options, such as the ability to transmit faxes by computer, tablet, or smartphone. You have the option of dialing a local, toll-free, or international number. Each fax may be sent to up to 50 recipients.

It’s simple to transmit documents by email, and teams may use up to five email accounts on the same account. Additionally, MyFax has over 100 cover page templates.

While documents may be stored locally, MyFax also provides unlimited internet storage. The fax archive is accessible via My Account’s View Faxes section.

Major Features and Benefits of MyFax:

While MyFax is an excellent option for sending and receiving faxes, its lack of a desktop version significantly limits its functionality in comparison to its j2 big brother, eFax. When compared to MetroFax’s brother, the two services seem to be almost identical twins.

Even though neither service supports electronic signatures, j2 provides a distinct service called jSign to address this gap. You may try it out for free, but keep in mind that when the trial period expires, you will be paid individually.

Apart from the ability to download and transfer a message by fax or email, one of the most essential aspects of the service is the ability to arrange all faxes into separate folders, regardless of whether those categories are supplied by the management or were established by you.

Apart from folders, faxes may be sorted using custom tags, which makes it simpler to search for both incoming and outgoing messages using the easy search box.

However, searching is quite finicky, and it is strongly advised that you review the search suggestions before doing an individual search to prevent coming up empty.

1. Telephone Fax Numbers:

MyFax is almost identical to MetroFax in virtually every way, however, the selection of fax numbers is the most significant distinction and one of the areas where MyFax outperforms its sibling.

New customers may choose from a selection of local numbers located in the United States, Canada, or nearly anyplace else in the globe.

Additionally, when choosing a fax number in the United States or Canada, the option to choose a toll-free number, including a real 800 number, is available.

However, these numbers are accessible only inside the continental United States, and toll-free numbers cannot be used instead of international virtual numbers.

Porting a fax number is also possible, provided that a temporary fax number is obtained and MyFax’s service is contacted by phone. Fortunately, the procedure is completely free – in contrast to moving away from the fax number, which costs a hefty $40.

2. Getting Started: 

As one would expect from a j2 service, creating a MyFax account is simple and fast, even when beginning from scratch. While it is possible to transfer a number from another service provider, this involves the formation of a new account with a temporary fax number.

As is customary with j2 Global services, there are no setup costs for establishing an account or fax number, and the first two weeks of usage are likewise free – but only if the lowest price plan is selected.

The system is immediately usable after this straightforward installation, as soon as the account is established. Although you’ll be able to send and receive faxes immediately – but not from physical fax machines, which are not supported – it’s a good idea to customize the service first, by importing contacts from email clients and specifying which email addresses should be used for sending faxes from the email client or receiving inbound messages in an email format.

3. Online Fax Management and Mobile Applications:

As previously said, handling faxes via MyFax’s online account is absurdly simple, even more so when considering customizable folders, labeling, and the search bar. The ability to import and export contact lists via.CSV files, on the other hand, is an often missed lifesaver.

Indeed, this is the sole method for importing contacts from any desktop email client — including Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, and lesser-known webmail services.

Two exceptions do not need you to submit a.CSV file: web-based email providers Gmail and Yahoo Mail, which allow you to import contacts straight into MyFax.

MyFax Review myfax Online Fax Management

Contacts will also be no issue with the application: in fact, the iOS and Android apps intelligently divide the device’s contact list from the MyFax account’s contact list, while still allowing users to send a message to a contact from either list.

However, in terms of functionality, the MyFax app is essentially a miniature replica of the online account, with one critical exception: the app can send push alerts when a fax message arrives in the online account, which is a very useful feature.

4. Faxes: Sending and Receiving

Despite meeting the absolute minimum requirements, MyFax’s performance when it comes to sending and receiving faxes is noteworthy.

While all incoming messages are sent to the Inbox folder, the account may have up to five email addresses associated with it, each of which can be configured to receive incoming messages.

Indeed, adding extra email addresses for outbound faxing provides one of MyFax’s greatest features, fax by email, which enables you to send faxes directly from your email client without logging into your MyFax account.

myfax Sending & Receiving Faxes

Sending faxes by conventional mail is just as easy as sending them via email, if not more so, since a single message may be delivered to up to 50 separate recipients. A fax message may also include up to 10 documents or a total of 20MB in data, independent of the file type attached.

Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, there is the option to change the message’s overall quality to either preserve the greatest possible quality of the attachment or to expedite the sending process.

MyFax Security:

While MyFax Central includes everything you need to send and read faxes, the site’s interface is rather straightforward. Having said that, it’s really simple to use, and we had no troubles when evaluating the service.

Fortunately, the mobile app looks and performs substantially better than the website, and it has all of the same functionality.

Keep in mind that you may also send faxes straight from your email client, bypassing MyFax. As long as you have a stable connection, faxes should arrive within a few seconds after being sent.

MyFax Setup:

When you first sign up for MyFax, you will be prompted to provide basic information such as your location, name, phone number, and email address.

You may pick among available fax numbers on the platform, or you can transfer an existing fax number if you like. Even if you’re signing up for a free trial, you’ll be required to submit a credit card number.

After creating an account, you’ll be redirected to MyFax Central. You may read and send faxes from here, as well as alter your settings and access support resources.

The FAQ section contains comprehensive instructions for sending and receiving faxes with MyFax.

MyFax Pricing:

Despite the commonalities amongst j2 Global’s various fax services, there is considerable variation in their price plans. MyFax is priced between MetroFax – the least costly of the ‘j2 triplets’ – and eFax, the most expensive but most comprehensive bundle.

As is the case with its two siblings, MyFax offers a fairly rational price structure with three plans that, apart from their pretty plain titles, restrict the total number of faxes that may be sent each month – but there is an option to send more by paying $ 0.10 per extra page transmitted.

The default and the most affordable plan is Home Office User, which costs $ 10 a month and includes 200 incoming and 100 outgoing fax pages for free.

MyFax Review MyFax price

This is the only subscription option that offers a 14-day free trial. Additionally, a yearly membership may be substituted for the monthly payment, dropping the price to $ 8.33 per month ($ 99.96 per year), a savings of 17 % off the initial price.

The other two options, Small Business User and Power User provide additional pages for free, with the former including 250 incoming and 200 outgoing pages – the same as eFax’s top plan – and the latter including 475 incoming and 400 outgoing pages.

Regrettably, the rates do not reflect the quality of the service: Small Business User costs $16.67 per month ($ 200.04 annually), while Power User pays $ 33.33 per month ($ 399.96 annually). To illustrate how much MyFax is out of its league, consider that MetroFax’s highest plan includes a whopping 2,500 free pages each month for only $ 3 more.

MyFax Customer Support:

MyFax’s customer service was a pleasant surprise. Indeed, we couldn’t think of a single query that wasn’t addressed within minutes. The 24/7 live chat feature enables clients – and the general public, since it is not account-required – to quickly address any issue with a MyFax specialist.

Additionally, the firm may be reached through chat on its social media sites, where it publishes monthly updates.

MyFax Review MyFax Customer Support

Apart from the basic email approach, which often receives a response within a few hours, MyFax also has several amazing choices for static support.

The two FAQ sections – one on the site and one inside the account – as well as the two user manuals, are quite informative and eliminate any potential consumer worries.

Additionally, the company’s YouTube channel has a plethora of instructional video courses. Finally, as a bonus, users may provide feedback directly to MyFax through a suggestion box located under My Account.

MyFax Pros and Cons:

Here are the pros & cons of MyFax:

MyFax Pros:

  • Customer service is available 24 hours a day
  • Allows you to build a “blocked”/”allowed” call list to avoid being charged for blocked calls.
  • You may preview your fax before sending it.
  • Online fax storage is limitless.
  • The monthly cost is reasonable in comparison to the number of pages provided.
  • Included are 200 incoming and 200 outgoing pages.
  • Free 14-day fax trial
  • When you prepay yearly, you save 9%.

MyFax Cons:

  • The plan’s pages are not merged.

FAQs About MyFax Review:

Is MyFax a reputable service?

MyFax provides a wide assortment of foreign fax lines and an excellent mobile app, but it seems out of date, lacks a digital signature option, and has a high monthly cost.

Are eFax and MyFax synonymous terms?

MyFax and eFax are two online fax companies that are quite comparable. eFax is more costly than MyFax and is one of the few providers that charge setup fees, but it still has good mobile applications and an impressive variety of included capabilities.

How long is MyFax's free trial period?

30-day free trial of MyFax. The Free Trial version gives access to all of MyFaxrobust ®'s features.

What is the purpose of the MyFax service?

MyFax is a comprehensive online fax solution. We make faxing from your computer, phone, or tablet simple. Plans for low-cost faxing begin at about $ 10 per month.

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Conclusion: MyFax Review 2023

MyFax has an intuitive internet interface and affordable price. MyFax is an affordable choice for individuals who fax often, costing $ 10 per month for 200 inbound and 200 outgoing pages.

Typically, MyFax charges this price for “200/100” “incoming/outgoing” fax pages, however, FaxCompare visitors may obtain a better deal of 200/200 by joining up via our links. Prepaying for a year reduces the monthly charge to $ 9.17.

While MyFax customer assistance has generally been really helpful, we’ve recently received a flood of negative comments. MyFax provides a 14-day free online fax trial period during which you may evaluate the service.

MyFax is a $ 10 per month service with no setup or monthly fees. The package we examined covers 200 monthly inbound and 200 monthly outgoing pages. This is more than our Market Standard of 300 pages combined. Additionally, MyFax provides a 14-day free trial.

Sending a fax is a breeze using MyFax’s web interface since the whole procedure is performed on a single simple screen. You may preview your fax before sending it, and you can fax up to eight documents simultaneously.

You may send and receive faxes using up to five email addresses and simultaneously fax up to 50 recipients. MyFax enables you to save faxes online indefinitely, which is far longer than our Market Standard of 30 days.

MyFax provides local fax numbers in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. They do not provide (800) numbers, however, they do offer complimentary (866), (877), and (888) numbers. MyFax also provides 24-hour phone assistance.

According to our experiences, their customer service representatives were incredibly competent and provided us with a wealth of information in addition to clear answers to our inquiries. However, we’ve lately gotten a significant amount of negative comments about its support.

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