How To Create Profitable Native Ads Campaign With MGID In 2020

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Every affiliate marketer is interested in making their advertising campaign successful and generating income, preferably large. The mistake of many newbies is that they think creating a campaign is an easy and quick process. However, this is not quite true.

So, let’s see how to make your campaign profitable with MGID!

Before creating a campaign, you probably would like to know where the competition is lower, which one is now best-performing, how many impressions they have and what is the average CPC. Good news! MGID provides users with Traffic insights tool which answers these questions.

 MGID Review-Traffic Insights


I suggest creating multiple campaigns targeted at different locations, devices, and content types. Cultural differences influence how people behave and what they buy. That is why it is very important to run campaigns in different GEOs. Studies show that people spend most of their time on smartphones, so it’s obvious that it’s worth separating campaigns by a device to invest more money in mobile instead of a desktop. As to the creatives, you will never know which one will work best, so test a few and choose the best-performing one.


By allocating some money to the “test budget” before increasing the spends, you will be able to see how your campaign performs and make changes if needed.

As for daily expenses, I suggest spending at least 50$ per day. By doing so, you will be able to gather information and statistics for further campaign optimization.


Make sure you carefully read creative guidelines for content creation, as they help to create user-friendly teasers and landing pages. Besides, by following the requirements, you will be able to pass moderation faster and save your time. On the whole, I suggest creating at least 5 different titles and thumbnails for each URL.

You should also keep in mind that people don’t like misleading links, so make sure that by clicking on your widget they will get to the related article.


If you understand how the auction works, you know that CPC affects your place in it. If you

Set your CPC too low, you will not get a high amount of clicks because the algorithm shows ads with higher CPC. However, if you have a tight budget, low CPC enables to run the campaign longer with not so noticeable results.


If you don’t have any ideas regarding the target audience, I suggest starting with broad targeting to get more data and then narrow it down according to the campaign results.


A miracle will not help you optimize the campaign, but MGID’s Selective bidding tool may do just that. It allows you to add or exclude sources and change the bid in the campaign. Generally, raising the rate for converting sites, and lowering the rate where the results are not so good, is beneficial, as it prevents from wasting money on unprofitable items.

Moreover, it’s important to check the performance of the campaign items periodically and pause or stop those that have a low conversion or engagement rate, compared to other items in the same campaign.


There are millions of offers in a particular vertical, and it is quite difficult to understand which one will work best for you. Landing page, offer itself, and the teaser is crucial elements to consider. In the MGID dashboard, you can optimize several teasers in a single campaign. The key metric, in this case, is the cost of the conversion, which you can see by going to the “Statistics” section of your campaign.


Make sure that you selected the Conversions stats section and an appropriate time period because the campaign results can only be evaluated from a distance. Thus, in the first column, you will see the TEASER ID, in the sixth column – CONVERSIONS COST. Keep working with those teasers that show good results and boldly turn off those that have conversion cost higher than the conversion fee for the offer.

If you do not have a tracker, you will need to run several separate campaigns to test several landing pages or offers. With a tracker, everything is much more convenient. Create a campaign in the tracker, set up traffic distribution for several landings and offers, add statistics from  MGID to your tracker’s stats (set up postbacks for conversions!) – and you will be able to isolate successful funnels of teaser + landing page + offer in no time.

This strategy is valid only if you have a decent budget for testing and you create prelanding pages by yourself. If you work with the content that the affiliate network gives you, and you have a limited budget, then you can stop at optimizing the teasers, adding new ones, and blocking those that have shown poor results.


In order to get more clicks, I suggest increasing the CPC. By doing so, you will make your ad more competitive which in turn will drive more traffic. Besides, you can increase CTR by adding more titles and thumbnails to your campaign.


You can use the MGID Price Recommendation engine which enables you to assess how high you need to raise your bid on the teaser to take more traffic. In addition, the Boost button allows you to increase the bid and thus get more impressions. It takes into account the targeting settings and the teaser’s CTR.

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Nobody in MGID is left without assistance, even newbies are satisfied because our support team always help with setting up the first campaign, picking up teasers, and answering all your questions. If you are already a skilled affiliate marketer, know how native advertising works, and are ready to invest relatively large budgets, then a personal account manager will also join you.

Conclusion: How To Create Profitable Native Ads Campaigns With MGID

As of now you have the step by step guide to simply create Native Ads Campaigns With MGID effectively. We hope this post suits your purpose well.


MGID offers 25% credit match on top of your $ 500+ deposit, so sign up by following this link. And finally, remember that profitable campaigns are the result of hard work, data analysis, and precise changes.


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  1. Amazing post as always @Jitendra, I was just researching out about native networks and came across this guide for mgid, i would also like to mention that during the festival season in US, specially Dec-Jan , mgid’s traffic quality is a little better. Thanks, Sidd @ Ritsan


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