PageCloud Website Builder Review 2021: Why 9 Stars? Worth it?

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Fonts Option
Drag & Drop
Mobile Friendly Layout


  • Website Templates
  • Unlimited Pages & Storage
  • 100+ Integrations
  • Free Google G Suite (includes branded email)‍‍‍
  • Amazing support, even during the trial
  • One of the most customizable website builders
  • Arguably the best drag and drop + WYSIWYG editor available
  • Instant text edits
  • Unlimited Pages & Storage


  • Lack of features for specific use cases
  • Only 1 pricing option, no matter the website size

In this post, we have featured PageCloud Website Builder Review that include all detailed insights about its features, pricing, functionality and more. Let's get started here.

Price:$ 20

Are you looking for an Honest & Trustworthy PageCloud review 2021, Great! You have landed to the right post.

PageCloud is one of the newest additions to the highly competitive website builder marketplace. Soon after their successful pitch at TechCrunch Disrupt 2015, PageCloud got released into the wild for the first time.

On their homepage, PageCloud leads with a very bold statement: “The world’s best ‍‍‍drag and drop website builder.” With several other drag and drop options available, we were excited to see where PageCloud fits in and what makes them unique.

PageCloud Review- The Best Website Builder in World

PageCloud Website Builder Review 2021: Is It Worth The Hype?

About PageCloud

PageCloud offers a 14-day free trial that gives you the ability to test out the features before upgrading to a paid subscription. Unlike most of the website builders we’ve tried, PageCloud offers live chat support, even during the trial. This was unexpected but very helpful for first-time users.

To sign up, PageCloud offers 3 options, traditional email, Facebook or Google SSO.

PageCloud Review- Start Your Free Trial Here

Once you answered a couple of questions that help them get to know you, the app directs you to a collection of templates that serve as the starting point to your new website. You can also view these templates on their main website.

PageCloud Review- Design and Art

After you’ve selected a template, you get redirected to the main dashboard where you’ll find multiple tabs to help you manage your website.

Front and center, you’ll find a step-by-step checklist that “helps you learn and experience PageCloud’s innovative, time-saving features.”

PageCloud Review- Tips For Getting Started

When you actually jump into one of your pages to start editing, you get hit with a short video that highlights some of the core functionality of PageCloud.

After we clicked on an image and started moving it around, we realized exactly what PageCloud meant by “The world’s best drag and drop website builder”.

The design freedom you get with PageCloud is ridiculous. You can layer, resize, rotate, and reposition any object however you’d like. Although this might be a great feature for experienced designers, we believe that the lack of grids could make the experience overwhelming for first-time site builders.

A good alternative to PageCloud is Webflow. We already published an in-depth review of Webflow, which mentions all details about this platform. Consider check it out once.

PageCloud Review- Start With Template Editing

PageCloud does offer some helpful guides to assist with spacing, but keeping a clean layout might still be a challenge for novice designers.

To ensure consistency across your site, PageCloud syncs your header, footer and site navigation on the pages you decide.

The sidebar (left) is where you can go when looking to add new content to your pages: shapes, images, text, icons, forms, apps, and more.

PageCloud Review- Create Any Design You Want

This sidebar is also where you will find Page Settings that let you customize the Title Tag, Meta Description, turn on the mobile layout builder, and access the source code for your site under Advanced.

PageCloud review 2021 : Hardware/software requirements

The PageCloud editor works with the following browsers:

  • Chrome: version 47 and newer
  • Firefox: version 44 and newer
  • Safari: version 9 and higher.
  • Internet Explorer: version 11 and later (although some aspects of the editor, such as importing a page, are not fully compatible with IE)

Apologizes to all Microsoft Edge superfans, but Edge does not work with PageCloud.

Supported business types

Due to PageCloud focus on infinitely customizable aesthetics and design freedom, PageCloud naturally attracts artists and is ideal for portfolio websites. Searching the titles of the 17 flexible “Themes” – PageCloud hates “Models” because of their rigidity and authoritarianism. You can say exactly who the target market is. These titles include:

  • Wedding photographer
  • Travel agency
  • author
  • Hamburg restaurant
  • hairstyles
  • Musician
  • clothing store
  • spa
  • Yoga studio
  • Chocolatier
  • Spinning Club
  • Fairtrade coffee

Web design and publication

Models: Remember that PageCloud has themes, not fascist models. These topics are just a starting point for the design and do not include them in a presentation or design of specific content. If you value creativity and originality when creating websites, that’s good.

PageCloud Website Builder Review - Drag Drop Website Builder Custom Sites Made Easy

If you’re used to the creators of websites like Weebly who hold your hand and color you in the lines, your reaction to this new freedom might be like the ants that Homer launched aboard the Space Shuttle in this episode of Simpsons.

Mobile Editor: PageCloud does not have a mobile editor. Given the uniqueness of the PageCloud editing system, replicating this system on a mobile device would be a challenge.

Customer service

PageCloud customer service includes a knowledge base / FAQs, email support, and live chat at 9:00 am. at 16:30 EST Monday to Friday. The knowledge base is very extensive and my question was solved in a few hours.

PageCloud review 2021 : More Features

Although PageCloud doesn’t have PageCloud as some of the older, more established builders like Wix or Squarespace, PageCloud does things in a unique way. Here are some of the features we wanted to highlight:

PageCloud Website Builder Review - Website Builder Custom Sites Made Easy


PageCloud offers PageCloud to help you build a functional website, broken down into 14 different categories: images, videos, socials, music, podcasts, events, analytics, chat, e-commerce, donations, forms & docs, maps & weather, animations, and fonts.

The majority of the integrations are as easy as copying the URL or embed code and pasting it onto a page. This goes to show how friendly PageCloud is when working with other tools.

Some “native” integrations include Shutterstock (for purchasing stock images) as well as Google for G-Suite and their suite of PageCloud tools, including Google Tag Manager.

Drag and drop

PageCloud doesn’t just let you move things around freely on your pages, you can actually copy and paste content from your computer or the web directly into your site. This is a huge time saver as you no longer have to use an upload button to get content onto your site.

Automatic Image Optimization

If you’re serious about your web presence, you know that slow images can really damage your SEO and your overall user experience. To help combat slow websites: “All images uploaded to PageCloud are automatically resized to load as fast as possible and at the ideal resolution for every device, including retina displays.”

PageCloud Website Builder Review - Made Easy

We tested out some websites built with PageCloud, and they were all super fast!

Editing images

On top of being really fast, PageCloud images are a delight to edit. You can crop them and add filters and tints until they look just right.


PageCloud supports a ton of shortcuts (hotkeys) to speed up the process of designing a website. While basic users might limit themselves to copy/paste or undo/redo, more experienced users can leverage powerful shortcuts to align, distribute, group, and layer their content in a matter of seconds.

Full source code access

One of PageCloud’s most powerful features is the access you get to your website’s source code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). With PageCloud, you can even edit the DOM inspector, hit save and your changes will be live on the Web.

This feature really comes in handy when looking to do something with PageCloud that is not yet available out-of-the-box. While the team at PageCloud continues to build out features that everyone can use, the source code access gives power-users an additional way to add functionality to their site.


For some people, PageCloud’s mobile experience is great; for others, not so much. In reality, it comes down to the level of control you get.

You can style something, like text, in one way on a desktop and then in a completely different way on mobile. Although this sounds amazing at first, it can quickly turn into a lot of work to manage on an ongoing basis.

We appreciate the level of control you get over position and size, but separate fonts? That’s too much.

The good news is that the PageCloud support team told us that the behavior for mobile was going to be changing soon so “mobile styles will inherit from the desktop”. This seems like a welcome fix that should drastically improve the experience.

PageCloud Review- Features- Mobile Design

Ease of Use

PageCloud’s focus on complete design freedom is obvious when using the editor. Actually, it is not a website creator. The platform works as advertised: I tried to put a YouTube link on my site, and that’s where I pulled it! I could change the video size at will. And as promised, you can copy and paste Photoshop layers into your site.

It’s a system that combines precision design with ease of use. I had a great time playing.

Another aspect of the PageCloud editor I should praise is the ease with which you can micromanage the look of your mobile site. If you change the desktop version of your site, the publisher makes great efforts to automatically create a mobile-friendly responsive version.

However, clicking on the “Mobile” tab at the bottom of the editor gives you full control over everything on your mobile site. I have not yet found a site creator that allows you to accurately edit mobile websites. Keep in mind that personalizing your mobile website is a necessity, not a luxury.

This is because PageCloud websites are not compatible with mobile devices, so they do not automatically adapt to devices with a small screen, such as Eg smartphones. This is an artifact of PageCloud’s design philosophy because mobile responsiveness requires a less free editing system.

Electronic commerce

Creating an e-commerce website with PageCloud also requires the integration of features provided by external services, including Shopify, Gumroad, or Ecwid, depending on your personal decision.

Of course, the cost of your services should depend on the cost of paid internal plans. You can also connect to an interface to accept PayPal payments. The sequence of actions required to integrate each service is described in detail in the Reference section.

Typically, this website displays the hardware or digital products based on the offerings of other systems. It is also possible to create them from scratch.

PageCloud is ideal for creating professional websites and small online stores. In the Team section, you can invite attendees (editor or site administrator) or join a team of other designers. The PageCloud editor looks like a high-end Mac OS graphics application. That’s why people with good taste and experience feel at home. You can draw and animate beautiful web page templates directly in the browser by publishing impressive websites. Beginners will appreciate the elegance and simplicity of the actions required to achieve decent results.

PageCloud Website Builder Review - Custom Sites Made Easy


PageCloud offers 24 ready-made designs. It makes sense to consider them as variants of the realization of publishing potential, including combinations and designs of different elements. These are sketches that should not be considered as the final design of websites.

Yes, they look great, but it’s more of a tip for designers: look at the elements proposed by the templates, get inspired by the ideas, set the editor’s options, and start your own Design designs.


However, each template can be used the same way as the available demo content is replaced with one of your choices. You do not have to think about the positioning of the elements, participate in the creative flow and start a harmonious and functional website.

Just use the ready-made variants and publish a website based on the template available. You can customize the colors for your logo if you want to add or remove elements but are not obsessed. This is a simple option for users who have no idea about the designer tones.

Blog (beta)

PageCloud recently released a blogging tool to help their users share content online.

Although the blog doesn’t currently have as many features as software like WordPress, our first impressions of the focused writing experience were very positive.

The team mentioned several upcoming blog features including support for multiple authors, additional templates, customizable URLs, Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, and more.

PageCloud Review- The Very First Design

We look forward to seeing how this product evolves in the coming months.


Intuitive visual editor

PageCloud is an excellent web design tool, even for people without technical knowledge. The visual editor of the solution is intuitive and has a drag-and-drop feature that lets you easily move elements of your website with a mouse or trackpad. In addition, PageCloud has unlimited potential even for professional web designers. It has shortcuts that simplify and shorten the construction process. In addition, the solution allows you to view the source code for customization.

Web and mobile design

Users around the world are increasingly using their mobile devices for surfing the Internet and doing other tasks. With PageCloud, you can create a website that looks good on small screens and offers the same ease of use and navigation as on larger screens. So you can encourage website visitors to interact longer with your brand to turn them into paying customers.

Connection of the application

PageCloud offers more than 100 applications and integrations that can improve the usability of your website. With these tools, you can provide your website visitors with a discussion board, get them to enjoy the videos and sounds, and have them buy without any problems. In addition, the solution gives you access to your favorite marketing and analytics applications that help you grow your reach.


PageCloud is an application for one user but can accommodate two other users. This will allow you to optimize collaboration so that you and your colleagues can create a website that will satisfy you in record time.

Managed hosting

With PageCloud you just have to think about the design aspect of your website. The solution is not just a visual editor, but also a managed service. This means that you can leave the hosting and security of the team behind PageCloud.


PageCloud only has only one pricing plan: $24 USD/month when billed monthly and $20 USD/month when billed annually.

PageCloud Review- Pricing Plans

Their plan includes everything you need to build your website, including:

  • Hosting & security
  • Unlimited pages & storage
  • Expert support (live chat)
  • Mobile websites
  • Website templates
  • Custom domains
  • 3 team members
  • 100+ integrations

If you choose annual billing, you’ll get a Free Domain Name (with Hover) + Free G Suite for 1 year.

The PageCloud team did mention that they are looking at coming out with new pricing plans, but no dates have been released just yet.

Pros and cons


  • Arguably the best drag and drop + WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor available (very intuitive)
  • Powerful features for experienced users: shortcuts, operating system-integrated clipboard, source code access, image editing, and optimization
  • One of the most customizable website builders
  • 100+ app integrations
  • Amazing support, even during the trial


  • Easy to get overwhelmed by the freedom, level of customization (eg. mobile)
  • Lack of features for specific use cases (eg. password protected pages)
  • Site-wide changes can be a lot of work (eg: changing a font)
  • Only 1 pricing option, no matter the website size

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Conclusion: PageCloud Website Builder Review 2021

PageCloud is definitely worth trying, especially if you are a visual person that wants to create a unique website. No other tool can give you this level of customization without having to write any code.

If PageCloud can find a way to add a little bit more guidance for novice users, like guides or pre-designed sections, while continuing to build on what they’ve got, they will definitely be a force to reckon with.

Start your free trial with them today and make sure to reach out to their support team that will answer any question you send their way!

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