PowerAdSpy Review Discount Coupon 25% Off 2019 : Should You Buy It?

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  • PowerAdSpy tool helps you formulate a successful marketing strategy
  • PowerAdSpy tool allows you to access a database of 6 million + Facebook ads
  • PowerAdspy tool allows you to understand your target audience
  • PowerAdSpy tool helps you do competitor analysis
  • Advanced Search & Filtering
  • Filter by ios, android, desktop, mobile


  • One needs to be highly analytical in order to use this tool effectively.
  • One needs to be internet savvy with the Poweradspy tool.


Looking at devising your own marketing strategy and working out your advertisement tactics? Well, LOOK at your COMPETITORS FIRST!!! I am sure you are going to ask me “How do I do that???” My simple answer would be “Use POWERADSPY TOOL!!!”. PowerAdSpy Review Discount Coupon 25% Off 2019 : Should You Buy It?

PowerAdSpy Review- Must Having Ads Spy Tool

This easy to use fantabulous tool will solve all your marketing problems for you!!! That too, in ONE GO!!! There are various tools in the market (like Adbeat, AdEspresso, AdPlexity, AdsXposed, and Advault) to study your competitor’s advertisements, but, Poweradspy tool is simply the BEST!! Here in this post, we have given our trustworthy and honest- PowerAdSpy Review 2019 that includes all of the detailed insights of this tool along with the pros and cons too.

PowerAdSpy Review 2019: PowerAdSpy Discount Coupon 25% Off 2019 : Should You Buy It?

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What is PoweAdSpy Tool?

PowerAdSpy is the most promising FB Ad-Intelligence Spy Tool that is available out there on the market. Poweradspy will easily Spy on your competition’s best Facebook ads strategies and then you can simply use them for your own business.

Now that I have bragged a lot about the Poweradspy tool, let’s get to UNDERSTANDING THE TOOL first. Whether you are an entrepreneur, digital marketer or a freelancer, the Poweradspy tool gives you the “POWER” to filter ads from a database of over 6 million ads (from 15+ countries) to find ones that are supposed to work best for you!!! The tool allows you to filter/search ads by:

  • Demographics (Age, Gender, Interests, Annual Income and Spending Patterns) – The Poweradspy tool allows you to understand whether the competitor’s target audience is male or female, low-income group or high-income group etc. This, in turn, allows business owners to understand their own niche.

PowerAdSpy Review Discount Coupon PowerAdSpy Review Discount promo Coupon

  • Location – The communication pattern and the communication channel depend on the country, city and the zone in which the target audience resides. By understanding how the competitors are communicating with their target audience in different countries, we can devise our own communication strategy such that our message (about our product or service) is properly conveyed and gels with the culture of the region. This alone can become our Unique Selling Point (USP).


  • Advertiser – In order to understand the advertising strategy and marketing tactics of top companies of the world like Nestle and Procter & Gamble or to understand the advertising of top players in our own industry, we can filter FaceBook ads by “advertisers” using the Poweradspy tool. This will allow us to learn from successful ad campaigns in the market and incorporate the best practices in our very own strategy.

PowerAdSpy Review Discount promo Coupon

PowerAdSpy Review- Best Facebook Ads Spy Tool.png

  • Call to Action (Play, Save, Like Page, Shop Now, Watch More, Donate etc.) – If we want to understand what call to action (or CTA) will work best for our brand, this option by the Poweradspy tool can do wonders for us. Simply by putting a “Shop Now” CTA on our shopping ad can lead to amazing conversions as opposed to an ad where the CTA simply says “Read More about the product”. The Poweradspy tool allows us to find the best Call To Action for our Ad.


  • Date – Timing plays an important role as far as online shopping is concerned. It is evident that more shopping happens on weekends, national holidays and during festival season. In order to make use of these real-time opportunities, we can take a look at the strategies of the competitors. Which dates they targeting their ads on, what offers they are coming up with on what dates etc. According we can plan our ads and discounts to outsmart our competitors. Poweradspy tool is the perfect tool to accomplish this goal.

PowerAdSpy Review- Spy On Your Competitors

  • Keywords – Searches and internet shop items are keywords driven. It would be important to see the ads displayed when a particular keyword is searched for. If we want to work on the same keyword, we can make ads which are better than those of our competitors such that our ad ranks higher than that of our competitors. If our competitor is showing a text ad for a particular keyword, we can place image ads instead. If the competitor is working on an image ad, we can throw a video ad instead since video ads drive more engagement than an image ad. In this context, Poweradspy tool plays an important role.

  • Engagement level with the Ad (Shares, Likes, and Comments) – The ads that show the maximum level of engagement in terms of shares, likes, and comments need to be studied in order to understand what is working in the market and what is not. Like, at one point in time video ads used to work wonders but, now memes and humorous content work best. Poweradspy tool allows you to do this analysis and plan content.


  • Ad Position – Today the world is flooded with brands, products, and services. Small brands are not restricted by the marketing budget they possess since internet/online marketing has come into being. In such a scenario, screen size (be it the mobile screen or the laptop screen) falls short when compared to the number of advertisers and the advertisements in the market. Simply a better placement of the ad can drive more clicks and hence conversions as far as digital marketing is concerned. This feature of Poweradspy tool of filtering ads by their position and understanding their metrics can help us better place our ads with respect to our competitors.

FEATURES of the Poweradspy tool: PowerAdSpy Review With Features

  • Ad Placement Analysis – You can study which position (Left-hand side, Right-hand side, Top, Bottom etc.) works best for your industry as far as conversions are concerned. Accordingly, you can place your own ad to maximize the Return On Investment (ROI) or return on your marketing budget.

 PowerAdspy Review- Features

  • Access to a huge database of FaceBook ads – Information is the key to a business’s success in today’s world. With the huge database that the Poweradspy tool provides, you can optimize your ad campaign to meet the end goal.
  • A sneak-peek into the best performing ads – A look at the best performing ads allows the user to understand the body language required of an ad to succeed in the market. If we want our ad/post to become viral, a peek into the best performing ads is a must such that we can build our ad campaign along the same lines.
  • See the engagement level of an ad – The Poweradspy tool allows you to check the real-time engagement of an ad. This in turn, allows us to decide the content of our ad based on the type of content that is commonly viewed and virally shared. We can expect our ad to perform well just because of this activity.

Poweradspy Review- In-depth Analysis

  • Deciding on the niche – PowerAdSpy allows us to do a thorough analysis of our competitor’s target audience. Based on the target audience of our competitors, we can decide on our niche and target it based on its interests, spending patterns, age group, location, gender etc.
  • Custom Ad search – Using Poweradspy tool, one can search for ads using specific keywords. The tool also allows for searching competitor’s ads. This significantly reduces the number of ads one needs to scan and the time spent doing competitor analysis, keyword research and coming up with one’s own strategy.

PowerAdSpy Features - PowerAdspy Review

  • Choosing the right CTA for your ad – A well-created ad can bring lots of business with very little money. Besides helping you decide your niche, communication strategy and ad placement, the Poweradspy tool helps you choose the right Call To Action (CTA) for your ad by providing you with ad samples where the CTA has done wonders in increasing the revenue generated from the ad. The performance of an ad increases manifold if the Call to Action is right on the track.


The Poweradspy tool is amazingly simple to use. Just follow the below steps and you are done!

  • Download the tool.
  • Click on PowerAdSpy icon in your browser and turn it ON.
  • Once you open your FaceBook profile on chrome, the Poweradspy chrome extension will be activated.
  • Now, you can see all ads on your Newsfeed, ad insights and publishers ads history.


The Poweradspy tool is available to the marketers in three packages:

PowerAdspy Review- Pricing

  • Basic package: The basic Poweradspy tool package costs $ 49 a month. Only the basic features like keyword search, sorting (by likes, comments, shares, newest, longest running) and Data interval search is included in this package. If you want to upgrade to a higher level of service, it would be a good idea to look at the other two packages (namely the Standard Poweradspy tool package and the Premium Poweradspy tool package), which, cost a bit more but provide value for money.


  • Standard package: The standard Poweradspy tool package costs $ 99 a month. In addition to the basic package, it includes various filters (like the gender filter, the target audience age filter, the ad placement filter, the ad type filter and the country filter) and searches (like the advertiser search and the domain search). The standard package also boasts of the Ad Insight (meaning the complete metrics, analytics, URLs, CTAs etc. of the ad). We can also study the Call to Action with the standard package.


  • Premium package: The premium Poweradspy tool package costs $ 249 a month. It is one level up the standard package and allows us to study the Affiliate network, tracking system, E-commerce platform, funnel and filter by iOS, Android, mobile, and desktop.

I would suggest one to go for the standard package as it includes all that is required to come up with a fantastic marketing strategy for one’s business. But, if one has just started and is tight on budget, the basic package is not bad either. It gives you a hang of what needs to be done as far as FaceBook advertising is concerned. The premium package I believe is more for established businesses.

PROS of PowerAdSpy tool:

  • The PowerAdSpy tool helps you formulate a successful marketing strategy for your business. It helps you understand what is working in the market and what is not, thereby, providing an amazing return on investment.
  • The PowerAdSpy tool allows you to access a database of 6 million + Facebook ads from over 15 countries to help you learn from best-performing ads. You can create your ads accordingly.

 PowerAdspy Features In- PowerAdspy Review

  • The PowerAdspy tool allows you to understand your target audience and define your niche. You can thereby create effective advertisements which appeal to your target audience.
  • The PowerAdSpy tool helps you do competitor analysis and hence it empowers you to outsmart them in the long-term.

PowerAdSpy Review- Stats

  • The PowerAdSpy tool allows you to understand what the content of your ad should look like in order to grab the eyeballs of your target audience.
  • By using the Poweradspy tool, you can place your ads correctly in order to maximize conversions.
  • Using the Poweradspy tool, you can apply the appropriate Call to Action to your ads.
  • The Poweradspy tool is easy and convenient to use. The dashboard is user-friendly and requires minimum training.
  • The price of the tool is nothing in comparison to its benefits. Instead of wasting huge amounts of money on wrong advertising, you get to analyze data and ads in just $49 a month (the basic plan). This allows you to increase your ROI on ads.

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CONS of PowerAdSpy tool:

  • One needs to be highly analytical in order to use this tool effectively.
  • Any mistakes in terms of analysis can bring down the whole campaign and strategy of the company.
  • Prior knowledge of marketing is a must if this tool needs to be put to good use.
  • One needs to be internet savvy with the Poweradspy tool.
  • It is hard for a beginner to churn out 99$ a month for the standard Poweradspy tool package. The basic version is more affordable but does not bring much to the table.

PowerAdSpy Helpful Videos:

  • Free Beta Access:

  • Find Shopify Ads By Your Competitors:

  • Analyse On Shopify Facebook Ads:

Quick Links:

Conclusion: PowerAdSpy Review 2019  : PowerAdSpy Discount Coupon 25% Off 2019

I feel the PowerAdSpy tool is a very good tool for formulating and executing marketing strategies. It provides enough information for one to do PEST (Political, Economic, Social and Technological Analysis) and SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats Analysis) analysis for one’s business. It can provide us with information on-  who to target, how to target and when to target. All in one-stop shop for all your analytical needs as far as marketing is concerned.

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We hope this post suits your purpose well. Feel free to tell us what about your opinion on PowerAdSpy review right in the comment section.


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