Scanlister Review 2023: Is it the Best Bulk Listing Tool For Amazon Sellers?

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  • Intelligent, Innovative Dashboards
  • One of The Best Amazon Listing Software
  • You can list more than 100 books per hour on Amazon
  • It has a vibrant community
  • You can cancel at any time
  • Easy to print labels
  • It is easy to use
  • Sponsored Links Manager


  • Only 7 days Trial
  • Limited Pricing Plans

ScanLister is a full-service marketplace listing platform for Amazon FBA/Merchant Fulfilled Sellers. The product is easy to use, provides a vast selection of services, delivers real time results and doesn't require you to know how to code or build complex custom integrations.

Price:$ 24

Are you looking for an Unbiased ScanLister Review 2023 Great! You have come to the right post.

If you’re a merchant-fulfilled seller, you know it’s tough to grow your business when you have to stop at the post office every day to ship your orders.

The process of listing products on Amazon is time-consuming and error-prone.

Need more reasons why you should use this software!

It saves you hundred hours a month by scanning your merchant-fulfilled or FBA products.

As you know, manual posting with the seller application or the central control center of the seller dashboard is slow and heavy-duty. Therefore, the most experienced booksellers use a third-party listing service.

Bottom Line Upfront: Most booksellers use ScanLister, the “best-kept secret” everyone knows, mainly because it was the first book-list software. And since its introduction, it has become a household name in the FBA bookstore. ScanLister lets you easily list books on Amazon in the following Amazon markets: Canada, the US, UK, France, Germany,  and Spain. Once downloaded, ScanLister is very easy to install and use. I highly recommend ScanLister to save your hundred of hours a month for listing, Try ScanLister for Free for 14 Days.

ScanLister Review 2023: Bulk Listing For Amazon Sellers

Scanlister - Overview

ScanLister Features 

Scanlister Review- Features

Here are the main features of ScanLister that simplify lists on Amazon:

  • Simple design without complications
  • Fast mass listing options
  • Detailed workflow
  • Characteristic of the content of the box
  • Multiple Licenses: Access to five licenses for use on any PC or MAC
  • Access to an active Facebook group.
  • Cancel if you want
  • Purchase option for a lifetime.

ScanLister was created by Nathon Holmquist, an Amazon FBA bookseller. I think you can say that this is for and by us.

Software design

Compared to its competitors, ScanLister’s design is simpler, clearer, and easier to navigate. This non-distracting aspect allows you to focus on one task: listing and enumerating alone.

Here is a video showing the design of the ScanLister.

Mass listing Features

Scanlister Review- mass listing

The mass list mode in ScanLister simplifies the Quick List: In this mode, you can list hundreds of books in a few hours. You can define predefined settings in ScanLister, sort the books into groups according to their conditions, and list them in groups.

In this mode, you set an arbitrary list price. £ 100 for each book and its price later on arrival at Amazon.

You can enable bulk list mode by selecting Bulk List from the List Method drop-down menu.

Then define the list presets (SKU prefix, standard price, condition, etc.) and start the listing as a professional.

List of preferences

Configuring list preferences in ScanLister is easy.

Here is some key list presets that you can change:

  • Stock price
  • Amount
  • State
  • SKU prefix

You can even set a predetermined minimum and maximum price.

Condition Note is the only predefined list that requires work. I would recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Amazon terms policy and provide your own conditional note for each condition category. Click on “Manage Conditions”.

Start as a professional supplier

You can start listing as a professional user once you have setlist preferences and arrange your books in groups. It’s much easier to list books in groups whose preferences are similar to the list, such as:

Scanlister Review- manage inventory

Detailed workflow

An interesting and relatively new feature of ScanLister is the detailed workflow.

This mode is suitable if you have books that differ in value and condition. Therefore, these books require individual attention. In this mode, you can control presets such as price, condition, and condition evaluation.

If you are just starting FBA book sales, you may find the mode useful, especially as you can create offers and lists at the same time. This is a great time saver and a great way to cut costs. You do not need expensive software.

Here is a book that I listed in the detailed workflow mode. After the book was scanned, I had access to all offers on Amazon, which allowed me to set a specific price.

After setting a list price, I pressed “rank” to rate the book.

The detailed list workflow is great because you can control the price and status display.

ScanLister support

One of the outstanding features of Scanlister is the library of video guides, which is constantly being added. The videos are detailed, user-friendly for beginners, and organized by Nathan Holmquist, the co-founder of Scanlister.

ScanLister now has a Comprehensive Listing option for those of you who like to price while you list the products. You can complete with an FBA and MF calculator or the 5 lowest FBA and MF offers, also you can keep a graph regarding that.

Scanlister Review- inventory

Therefore, it is unlikely that you will get stuck. If you do, you can still send an e-mail to ScanLister about your problem. What I like about Scanlister’s email support is that Nathan answers all inquiries on their own. If you need help, you are in good hands.

The only downside to Scanlister support is that it does not offer phones or support. To compensate for this, ScanLister has a Facebook group with more than 1,000 members.

Characteristic of the content of the box

Another important feature of ScanLister is that you can add information about the contents of the box to your mailings.

If you are in the US. Well, you know that the contents function of the Box ScanLister is invaluable as it must contain information about the content of the box.

Scanlister Review- replenish inventory

As of October 2018, Amazon is obliging UK sellers to provide the content of all shipments we send to Amazon for compliance purposes.

Adding information to the contents of the box to send with ScanLister is quite simple.

Several licenses

Unlike its competitors, ScanLister grants five licenses.

If you are a single bookseller, you may never need additional licenses. However, if you are interested in becoming a good bookseller, you will need as many licenses as you can get. Several licenses are required.

As a small bookseller, you do not need and will never need more than one license, but it is possible. They are there when you ever need them.

How You Can Use Custom SKUs with ScanLister?

What Is A Stock Keeping Unit or (SKU)?

An SKU is a unique number assigned by the seller when an article is published. This is a number that only you can see and use to track and organize your Amazon business. It can contain any combination of numbers or letters of your choice, but a maximum of 40 characters can be entered.

Scanlister Review- SKU

It keeps things simple and uses a sequence like 00001.  You can download one step each time you write a book. However, if you are a bit creative, you can use this code to convey the following information.

What Information Can You Include In The SKU?

Seller: Here you can specify where you purchased the item. For example, if you bought a book in goodwill, you can include the abbreviation “GW” in your SKU. In this case, your article number would look like this: GW-00001

Purchase Date / List: This May contain the date on which you list the item. When an item is sold, you can see how many days, months, or years the sale was required. Here is an example: GW-00002-7-24-2017

Sales Range: I am surprised that more people do not use it. I always end at the end of my SKU. For example, if I sell a book and the SKU number is 4,321,849, I can see the date of purchase and see how long it took to sell that book. Here is an example of an article number with the sales assortment. GW-00003-7-24-2017-4321849

Scanlister Review- shipping

Location: This can be beneficial for a satisfied retailer. Knowing where your items are located can make your life easier. You can use a 2- or 3-digit code for the location. For example, 1B3 = the first subject for books, 3rd subject below. An example of an article number might look like this: GW-00004-7-24-2017-1B3-4321849

Per Unit Pricing: It can be helpful to know how much you paid for a sold item. That way, you know the exact benefit. An example would look like this: GW-00005-7-24-2017-2.20-4321849

Condition: Use a one-letter code to identify the condition of an item. N = new, VG = very good. This can be helpful if you want to know if your “acceptable” items are being sold. Or if your publisher has the lowest price for this sub-condition. GW-00006-7-24-2017-2.20 VG 4321849

How You Can Automatically Add Custom SKUs?

You may think that creating a custom SKU takes a long time to list your products. Yes, if you do it manually.

Fortunately, ScanLister can automatically create custom references. Now you can quickly list your items and at the same time contain valuable information in your item number.

How You Can Cancel ScanLister Subscription?

If you want to cancel the ScanLister subscription it is very easy and you can do it with one click.

A. If you are using a PayPal account, follow these steps:

  • Click on the profile icon close to the “Sign out” and select Profile and Settings.
  • Choose my money.
  • In the Automatic payments section, click Manage automatic payments.
  • Select the “Book for the Future, Inc. (ScanLister)”.
  • Click Cancel Profile to confirm your request.

B. If you are using a debit/credit card and are currently in the free trial phase of ScanLister.

Send an e-mail to [email protected] asking for your account to be canceled.

C. If you use a credit/debit card and have made at least one payment

you can cancel the subscription yourself by email and ask for your account to be canceled.

Print FBA Labels While Using Box Content ScanLister Feature

You can now print FBA labels while scanning the contents of the box in each item. This will be a great time saver for your FBA workflow.

Benefits of the FBA feature:

  • Now you can skip the whole labeling step of the elements
  • Split shipments are easier to manage
  • It is not necessary to keep items in order after the list.

How To Handle Split Shipments On Amazon

With ScanLister, your items will usually go from one to three stores. If the shipment is split, start with the largest shipment. Then start scanning the contents of the box. If ScanLister says “item not found in the shipment”, you can set it aside for the other shipment.

ScanLister Pricing Plans

Scanlister’s pricing structure differs from most subscription-based businesses because there is no tiered subscription. Instead, you simply have two plans for sale: pay monthly, and buy directly.

Scanlister - Pricing

Subscription You can use ScanLister for $ 24 per month. This a great option if you are not sure about selling FBA books.

A purchase for a lifetime. A lifetime purchase costs $ 299 so you can stay with ScanLister all your life. I would recommend this option if you think you are in the FBA’s long-term book business but you do not have to decide now, you can try it for free and continue if you find it useful.

How You Can Update Credit or Debit Card Information In ScanLister

If you have already subscribed to ScanLister, you may need to change your payment information. Here is one way to do this:

If you used PayPal to subscribe

To change your payment information if you have used a credit/debit card with PayPal, you need to:

ScanLister Review- Paypal

  • Log in to your PayPal account.
  • Click on the profile link on the top page of the section. Then click on Profile and Settings.
  • Click on my money
  • Scroll down the list and click Manage automatic payments.
  • Click the name of the merchant for the agreement you want to edit. (ScanLister)
  • In the Funding Source section, next to Funding Source, click Edit.
  • Select the payment method you want to use and click Save.

Scanlister Reviews by Users


Best Scanlister Alternatives

Still not sure about Scanlister, check out the Best Best Scanlister Alternatives that might fit your requirement.

1) Teikametrics

Teikametrics Scanlister Alternative

Teikametrics is a software for managing ads on Amazon and Walmart that enables retailers to maximize their advertising budgets. Ads can be created by sellers using algorithms, automated keyword activities, and goal-based campaign optimization.

This will help their firm expand and generate more revenue.

It is potent software that can assist Amazon sellers in increasing their sales. Within sixty days of implementing the program, vendors will experience an increase in sales while maintaining the same cost per order.

Teikametrics offers five distinct services to Amazon sellers: inventory management, keyword research, A/B testing, a PPC campaign optimizer, and product review analysis. In the first 60 days of using this program, sales increased by an average of 34 percent.

The automated Flywheel 2.0 AI program optimizes campaign design, targeting, and bidding on your behalf to assist you in establishing advertising workflows. Flywheel 2.0 AI will take care of everything after you input your product’s essential details into the system.

Teikametrics Pricing

Teikametrics - Pricing

Here’s additional information on each of the three plans:

Entrepreneur plan: $149 per month + 7% of monthly ad expenditure, up to $15,000 per month in ad spend, with variable monthly ad spend.

Plan Pro: $799 per month + 3.5% of monthly ad expenditure; up to $50,000 in monthly ad spend; variable monthly ad spend.

Premium plan: $1,999 per month + 2 percent of monthly ad expenditure; monthly ad spend greater than $50,000; variable monthly ad spend.

All programs include product-level profitability.

Targeted keyword suggestions, unlimited items and campaigns, a price-aware bidding mechanism, expert chat assistance, a customized metrics view, and a free 30-day trial are provided (no credit card required)

2) Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout - Scanlister Alternative

Jungle Scout is an Amazon search tool that enables you to discover winning products, forecast sales, analyze keywords, and monitor competitors from a single dashboard.

It essentially indicates which goods will help your business expand the quickest and generate the most revenue.

Greg Mercer began the company in 2014. That year marks the transition from the “Dark Ages” of Amazon research to its current “Renaissance.”

Jungle Scout Pricing


It is initially difficult to comprehend how much Jungle Scout costs. There are web applications, Chrome extensions, and combination packages available.

And the price varies depending on whether you pay annually or monthly. Oh, and it varies according to the actual number of orders you receive each month.

But, upon close evaluation, it’s not quite so perplexing. It is simply not as user-friendly as other programs.

I will briefly describe how this works. Go to Jungle Scout’s pricing page to view the pricing levels and sign up for a free trial.

Jungle Scout Basic Plan Details.

Jungle Scout is $49 per month or $39 per month for an annual subscription. Chrome Extension is $39 per month or $19 per month when purchased annually. If you buy both together, as you should, you will save a significant amount of money. The monthly cost is $69, whereas the annual cost is $49 per month.

3) Sellics

Sellics - Scanlister Alternative

Sellics is an all-encompassing management tool for Amazon sellers.

It provides you with an intuitive dashboard for monitoring your Amazon business.

It retrieves data directly from your Amazon account, allowing you to view all of your analytics in real-time.

Many Amazon merchants utilize Sellics since it is one of the most comprehensive solutions on the market. Because it has so many useful functions, you don’t need to use many programs to obtain the required information.

These are the top five things most vendors will appreciate:

  • Managing SEO by conducting keyword research and optimizing listings.
  • A detailed summary of how much money is made daily and monthly.
  • Ensure that your Amazon PPC campaigns are profitable by monitoring their performance.
  • Keep note of all the reviews you receive so that you can simply locate them.
  • Inventory management allows you to always know how much product is on hand.

Sellics Pricing

Sellics Pricing

Sellics has a “tier system” with seller and vendor editions. Depending on your budget, you can subscribe annually or quarterly.

The Advertising Advisor plan is suited for SMEs with average sales volume. Annual plans start at $259/month. Quarterly is $349 more per month. If you want to save money, I recommend the annual plan.

This plan includes Sellics Smart Campaigns, SEO tools, Reviews Management, Profits Management, Amazon Ranking Optimizer, and PPC Manager. It includes personalized coaching and training on the platform and monthly campaign reports.

Large merchants and advertising advocate Managed Services.

Similar to Sellics’ “agency edition” This package includes all Advertising Advisor services. Managed Services offer more personalized, hands-on support.

The annual plan costs $1,249 per month, while the quarterly costs $1,599. Promote the annual plan. Particularly if adding multiple users.

With this strategy, Sellics handles PPC directly. Your advertising is effective and your PPC is optimized.

You’ll receive periodic updates on the KPI that will help you achieve your company goals.

These starting prices are adequate for $10,000/month of advertising. The annual discount requires prepayment.

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FAQ Related to ScanLister Review

👉What does ScanLister do?

You may list any product on Amazon with ScanLister, including books, media, and other goods. By scanning and listing your Merchant Fulfilled or FBA products, you can save hundreds of hours each month. We also support a number of Amazon marketplaces (US, UK, CA, DE, FR, IT, and ES).

👉How do I update ScanLister?

Go to the Settings menu on ScanLister and select Amazon Account. After that, select the Check for Update button to continue. Proceed in accordance with the instructions provided. If you are using the version of ScanLister that can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store, you will not see the button labeled Check for Update.

👉 Who owns ScanLister?

Book to the Future, Inc., a Florida S-Corporation, owns, runs, and offers ScanLister from its offices in Palm Bay, Florida, in the United States.

👉How much is ScanLister per month?

ScanLister offers a monthly subscription plan for $29, as well as a one-time payment option for $499.

👉Is Scanlister good?

According to various users, Scanlister is really good. It has a really simple design, fast mass listing options, and much more. You don’t even need to go through a complicated manual ever again.

👉How does Scanlister work?

With Scanlister, you can list books and articles which you can easily sell on Amazon. The best thing about this platform is that it works for both FBA and MF sellers.

👉 Does Scanlister offer any free trial?

Yes, they offer a 14-day free trial. So before you purchase any plan on Scanlister, it would be best to try the service for 14 days.

👉 Does Scanlister offer any money back guarantee?

Scanlister offers a 30-day money back guarantee to their new users. So if you are not happy with their services then you can get a full refund.

Conclusion – ScanLister Review 2023: Should you Go for it?

I would recommend Scanlister to anyone serious about selling FBA books as it is easy to use and provides excellent support. This is especially important if you are a new bookseller without much experience.

Besides, it is affordable. At $ 24 per month, this only costs a fraction of what you would earn with the time it spares you. It certainly saved us a lot of time; In fact, we use it daily to develop and maintain our enthusiasm for Amazon FBA book sales.

In general, I think Scanlister is a valuable tool and worth it.

I recommend it to anyone seriously considering selling FBA books. This is a great tool that is definitely worth the investment. This will allow you to list the books much faster, so you have more time for reference books.

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