sellerboard Review 2021 Top 5 Features & Pricing (Accurate Profit Analytics for Amazon Sellers)

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Monitor KPI’s
Live Dashboard
Ease of Use
Save time


  • Users & rights management
  • Refunds for lost inventory
  • Listing change alerts
  • Inventory management
  • PPC optimization
  • Monitoring of your fixed costs and other expenses
  • Additional seller accounts
  • Negative seller feedback More events
  • Restock and reorder alerts
  • "Request a review" automation and email follow up campaigns


  • More pricing options needed for small sellers
  • Manage users access rights by account is not available in standard plan

Price:$ 15

Are you an Amazon seller?

Sellers can gain valuable insight into their business by taking advantage of the Seller Information Hub that offers in-depth analytics about profitability, sales volume and cost effectiveness.

Learn more about how sellerboard can help you grow your business by comparing current trends, get insights into the latest deals and maximize your potential profits.

If you are a seller who is not using sellerboard to optimize your store, now is the time to upgrade to this all-in-one tool.

In this article, I will take you through an extensive sellerboard review. sellerboard is an analytics service for Amazon sellers that analyses profit expectations and margins with accuracy. 

There is no limit to what kind of online business a seller on Amazon may engage in. There is FBA(fulfilled by Amazon), FBM(fulfilled by the seller), programs like Prime by Seller, drop shipping, and even online arbitrage. 

If you’re just selling one product which you’re selling one or two times a day you may be able to compute your profits and costs by yourself. Trust me, it becomes very difficult when there are many products and sales to keep track of. 

Bottom Line Upfront: 

sellerboard is an amazing profit analytics service for amazon sellers with additional tools like follow-up mail campaigns, inventory management, reimbursements for lost & damaged stock and other FBA errors, PPC optimizer, listing change alerts. You can improve your profitability by better understanding the psychology of your customers. You can also use the data from Sellerboard to set up marketing campaigns with more effective and less expensive results.

There is a lot you can do with sellerboard and you can get 2 months of a free trial on sellerboard (No Credit Card required).

Sellerboard customer recommendations

There are a lot of different fees like storage, inbound, etc. Then one must use software tools. To describe sellerboard in one word, I would say that it is a one-stop-shop for all your profitability analysing tools.

Sellerboard Review: In A NutShell Top Pros & Cons of Sellerboard

It also has some additional tools such as inventory management, follow-up mail campaigns, PPC optimizers, listing change alerts, reimbursements for lost or damaged stock, and other FBA errors. 

It is an easy way to increase a seller’s cost-effectiveness. I have personally tried sellerboard and found it to be one of the best analytics services that are available for sellers on Amazon. It also has a feature called autoresponder that sends emails to customers who buy your product on Amazon asking them to give a review about it.

_sellerboard Overview

One of the additional points is that KPIs can be downloaded in the text or spreadsheet forms that turn out to be helpful for comparison of data and results. It can also be operated on mobile phones.


Features of sellerboard : What is Sellerboard tool?

Sellerboard dashboard

  • Live Dashboard

It provides a Live Dashboard. This Dashboard makes all the returns and promotion costs, and fulfilled-by-Amazon ratings readily available to the user at a single touch/click and Dashboard helps you display detailed information on Amazon fees (e.g. FBA fee, commissions), PPC spends, return costs, promotion costs, and your fixed costs (e.g. Virtual Assistant, Prep Center). You can also view by time period (today, yesterday, or this month) and by product. 

Amazon-Sellers-sellerboard - Live Dashboard

  • Demo mode

You don’t have to register and create an account at first and can simply try the “Demo” mode to understand exactly how sellerboard works, get used to it, which doesn’t take long at all, and figure out if it is the right Amazon seller analytics service for you even before you start their free trial.

  • 2-month free trial

Since Augustas Kligys hosts a Monday video series where Amazon seller software are showcased to the audience and compete against each other for our attention, time, and usage, sellerboard provides 2-month free trial coupon codes, and this offer is said to never expire and be available on every day.

  • Mobile User friendly

It is by far leagues ahead of other such services in being mobile user friendly. Hence it can be accessed both from laptops and mobile phones and you can keep tabs on your online business on the go.

  • Tracks FBA errors

It can track FBA errors. By using sellerboard, one doesn’t have to rely on Amazon to provide one with reimbursements and pay one back the money one is entitled to. 

One can track the actual information in real-time and even claim reimbursements Amazon may have missed. Amazon has a good track record but FBA errors are a possibility. It is better to be well-informed and safe than sorry.

  • PPC Optimization

sellerboard PPC

It can also optimize pay-per-click to maximize its revenue. I love this feature!  The PPC dashboard tracks the profitability of your PPC campaigns, ad groups and keywords and helps you optimize bids to reach your target profitability.

Sellers-sellerboard - PPC Optimization

  • Digital follow-up email campaign

It can conduct an entirely digital follow-up email campaign without the user having to do anything but specify the parameters. This level of automation frees the mind of stress related to the little things so the seller can make good decisions for their business looking at the big picture. 

Even better than delegating tasks to human employees is delegating tasks to AI.

  • AutoResponder

sellerboard autoresponder

It allows you to send Automated Messages to buyers, get feedback and reviews and improve your customer service

  •  Accessible and Inexpensive

Sellerboard features

It can be almost used by anyone who has to start a business and maximize profits in real-time and good numbers. Never have I ever seen my business growing and earning so well. 

So it can be used by anyone, even a beginner. For entrepreneurs or small scale enterprises, there are no restrictions imposed. It is easy to understand and accessible to even low income and disabled users who are trying to attain financial independence through entrepreneurship.

At the same time, they have somehow managed to keep the service and its interface and usage variety interesting enough to meet the demands of advanced sellers. They stay updated on market trends and provide quality service in keeping with the times. 

Sellers-sellerboard - Inventory Managment

Once a sellerboard user, always a sellerboard user! Sellers using it tend to get hooked and stay loyal. One may even explore other competing services like Acceler List, Distribion, Bindwise, etc. but they always come back to real-time because they provide the best user-friendly analytics tools worth their fee for each package, overall.

sellerboard pros and cons

All you have to do is choose the services package according to your needs. What can be better than such a service that fits into our designed criteria and is pocket friendly?

  •  Wide market reach

One of the main points to be considered while running businesses and selling products, in the marketplace. Whether it has a scope or not, whether it is user friendly or not, whether the business will be profitable or not, these questions always have a place in our minds.

So, a list of some of the main markets sellerboard can help you cater to markets that include places such as the United States of America, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Italy and Mexico. It has an international wide range of coverage.

  •  Tracking Trends

It permits us to analyse various metrics. Some of them are:

sellerboard-trends feature


The trends feature in sellerboard helps you keep track of all important KPI’s for every product to make sure you don’t have a negative trend. Such KPI’s are for example BSR, sales, returns, profit. If one of these worsened lately, the seller should take action (e.g. decrease price, check the quality, run ads, etc).

sellerboard dashboard trends

You can select a KPI (e.g. return rate) and a time frame and see a table with all your products and their month by month performance (including the value of the KPI and the % change in comparison to the last month).

Sorting the table will immediately show you all your problematic SKU’s (e.g. the ones where BSR dropped in the last month comparing to the previous month).

  • Tracks hidden costs with the power of AI

sellerboard expenses

sellerboard is an expert at accounting for up to seventy(70) hidden Amazon fees and all expenses into account and exposing it all to the seller in easy to understand well-presented data. 

This helps sellers understand the fine nitty-gritty of their business relationship with Amazon and how it functions. It lets the seller hunt down information about every product, variation, and fee at any time and for any period be it a day, a week, or a month. 

This is extremely helpful in bringing down production and sales costs to a minimum in order to maximize profits. It also helps sellers maintain a good relationship with Amazon by making it even more transparent to the seller.

  • sellerboard Cashflow 

The Cashflow tool allows you to manage your cash flow. By clicking the “add” button, you can enter your additional investment in the business, the amount paid for the goods, as well as dividends and VAT. Amazon payouts and Expenses are filled automatically.

sellerboard cashflow

  • Customer service

The customer care service is available 24/7 through the live chat box that appears on the right side. They respond as early as they can. Unlike others, they make sure that every doubt of a customer as well as a seller is cleared. This is the best support center that I have ever discovered.

Alternatives to sellerboard 

1) Seller Central

Amazon seller central

Amazon’s on-site in-home analytics tools pale in comparison to the experience sellerboard can offer. The Amazon panel is not seller-friendly. It is extremely difficult to track the potential for profit, cost-effectiveness, returns, and sales on it. Seller Central has a similar problem even though it provides a lot more data than Amazon’s panel.

Seller Central another competing service, is known for providing a lot of statistics and reports; but it gets confusing instead of helpful. It is hard to understand how much money the seller has made after all the costs. Especially not in real-time. It is extremely tedious and time consuming to download all the reports and merge them on a spreadsheet and compute one’s final profits. It is not doing its job of reducing time, energy, and manual labour required. On the other hand, sellerboard does even this calculation for you and presents you both overall profits and detailed information at your fingertips.

2) Viral Launch

Viral Launch Overview

Viral Launch gives sellerboard stiff competition with its Marketing Intelligence. This helps it track historic market trends and predict the direction the market will go into. This may not make a big difference to beginners but it has a huge impact on the decisions of advanced experienced sellers.

It also has a campaign and additional marketing tools like product discovery and product launcher but it is much more expensive than sellerboard. It is not very pocket friendly. Its packages may be worth its pricings but they are all for sellers with experience and big budgets. It does provide a 20-40% lifetime discount to even this out but that is still a huge sum of money by comparison.

3) Bindwise

Bindwise amazon


Bindwise provides full-time round-the-clock tools to monitor hijackers and counterfeits. It also provides a primitive toned down free package with hijacker monitoring still available but one can only run it and get alerts for seven days each month under this plan. This is a cheap alternative for sellers without a product catalogue.

sellerboard Support

damaged-and-lost sellerboard

sellerboard Pricing| How Much Does sellerboard Cost?

Before figuring out anything, we always tend to check the prices first to make sure that we buy the package that fits our budget and criteria. So have a look at the prices of sellerboard and its different plans to choose the best one for one’s particular needs:

Amazon-Sellers-sellerboard - Pricing

  • The Enterprise plan: ₹ 4642.58 monthly and ₹ 55932.04 for the whole year. It has:
  1.  Up to 50000 orders can be made each month
  2. It can send the user up to 30000 autoresponder emails monthly
  3. 16 extra accounts can be made by the seller
  4. Four more users can access it
  5. Pay-per-click is optimised
  6. Live dashboard
  7. Alerts about any changes
  8. Refunds for lost inventory
  • The business plan: ₹ 2284.44 monthly and ₹ 27192.26 per year. It has:
  1. Up to 15000 orders can be tracked each month
  2. It can send the user up to 15000 autoresponder mails
  3. Allows up to 8 more seller accounts
  4. Live dashboard
  5. Allows up to 4 extra users
  • The professional plan: ₹ 1694.91 monthly and ₹ 20560.00 per year. It has:
  1. Will track up to 6000 orders monthly
  2. Will send up to 6000 autoresponder emails monthly
  3. Will allow just one more user
  4. Optimises pay-per-click
  5. Live dashboard
  6. Refunds for misplaced stock
  7. Alerts
  • The standard plan:  ₹ 1105.38 monthly and ₹ 13190.82 per year. It has:
  1. Will track up to 3000 orders monthly
  2. Will send 150 autoresponder emails each month
  3. Will allow 4 extra seller accounts
  4. Will allow just one more user
  5. Will provide data on refunds on misplaced stock
  6. Live dashboards

If we choose to pay half the annual bill at once, we get a 10% discount and if we choose to pay the entire annual bill all at once, we get a 20% discount.

These were the pricing plans. When I started using sellerboard, my friend recommended the enterprise plan for me.  But only the standard plan fit into my budget. I started using it and as my sales and profit increased, I also kept updating my package plans from one to the other. I initialized things from the demo account. 

It was a great experience starting from the demo account to creating a real one to updating plans to increase my profits with more benefits and less manual efforts. With the most accuracy obtained, the results obtained by me were much better than expected.

sellerboard Pros & Cons

Pros of sellerboard:

  • Being a researcher and an analyst, I have tried numerous software tools in areas of marketing, profit analytics and accounting. What I find amazing about sellerboard is that it includes a variety of features at low costs. 
  • It has served me very well from the moment I started using it.
  • The customer care service is also very good with efficient communication.

Cons of sellerboard

  • As a regular customer, I feel that it is perfect, but it requires a color change.
  • If more customization options are added to the panels such as colors and box arrangements, that would certainly add up to the activity and attract many customers. This could be much helpful to boost regular sales. 
  • More scope for optimization also increases the personalization of the user experience. It feels like the creators are trusting us to make our own decisions with their programs and more freedom to customize results in better user interaction and hence even more users through word of mouth. We like to have as much control over our interface as possible.
  • I would like the listings optimization feature to be brought back.

sellerboard Reviews & Testimonials

Sellerboard testimonials

Sellerboard customer reviews






Amazon-Sellers-sellerboard - Testimonials


Quick Links:

FAQs On sellerboard 

👉Can sellerboard work with Amazon seller accounts?

Yes. sellerboard uses Amazon’s Marketplace Web Service API’s to access your sales data. This is how Amazon’s usually exchanges data with third party apps.

👉Is the data in my Amazon safe?

They only store the data needed for the reports, nothing else. They do not analyze, sell, or distribute anyone’s data or use it in any way other than their software operations

👉How to cancel a subscription?

Subscription to sellerboard can be canceled at any time through the chat in your account or via their email ([email protected]). All your data will be deleted from their servers after deactivating your account.

Are there any sellerboard Discount Code?

Currently no discount available for sellerboard.

Conclusion: sellerboard Review 2021 Best Profit Analytics for Amazon Sellers? Is It Worth The Hype?

Sellerboard customers

sellerboard may have stiff competition when one considers all-in-one services or advertising tools, but it is the best Amazon Analytics service out there. It provides value for money tools, and extremely attentive customer service interaction, easily presented data, and all in very pocket-friendly packages.

To summarize :

Features: Sells your products to thousands of new buyers every day. Detailed historical data, market trends, seasonality and more for your Amazon business.

Advantages: Sellerboard helps you analyze the overall condition of your business on a daily basis. It’s the only tool that lets you see in real time how your orders are distributed across different warehouses and which distributors are responsible for each order.

Benefits: You can help optimize your sales and improve conversion rates by quickly reviewing and comparing the performance of different pieces of your business.

It appeals to both beginners and experienced sellers. There is no other alternative better for sellers with a tight budget but a lot of products to keep track of in the price range of sellerboard.

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