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  • Automatic Rules
  • Bulk Campaigns Creator
  • Auto Bidding
  • Campaign Duplication
  • Bulk Content Uploader
  • Accurate Analytics
  • Cost Prediction
  • Advanced Day Parting
  • Tracker View


  • A Little Bit Expensive

TheOptimizer is the #1 automatic optimization & campaign management platform available for Pop, Push & Native. With TheOptimizer you can easily boost your ROI upto 150%, I highly recommend you to try it.

Price:$ 199


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Looking for TheOptimizer Review? I am here to help you today. 

Managing your ads manually is a time-consuming and tedious task. It takes up a lot of your valuable time, which could be better spent on other tasks.

Imagine if you could just sit back and relax, knowing that all of your campaigns are running smoothly without any manual interference?

As a marketer, you need to monitor your campaigns on a daily basis and act fast if you see something is not going well.

TheOptimizer is an automated campaign management and optimization platform. It allows you to automatically block/activate publishers, ads or automatically change bids and budgets on your behalf, and much more, based on the conditions you want. You won’t have to worry about being reactive anymore!

🚀Bottom Line Upfront : 

TheOptimizer is cloud-based campaign management and automation platform that allows online marketers to manage and automate their routine optimization tasks across native, pop, redirect, push, and adult display traffic networks.  Using our valid TheOptimizer discount you can easily Get up to 50% Off On TheOptimizer now.  

Thanks to the robust API-based integration to all mainstream traffic networks and tracking platforms TheOptimizer combines accurate spend and revenue on all campaign levels. It automates everything from the simple campaign, widget or ad pausing and activation to complex sensitive tasks like budget and bid changes based on specific values and percentages. 

In this post I am going to do TheOptimizer Review 2022 and why it is the #1 tool for #1 Automatic Optimization & Campaign Management Platform for native, popup & display.

In Detail TheOptimizer Review 2022 Top Pros & Cons

Main Features and Functionalities (Campaign Management & Automatic Optimization Platform for Native Advertising)

Combined spend, revenue, and more in one single dashboard.

  • Accurate spent, revenue and profit on a Campaign / Publisher / Spot / Ad group and Ad level. This way you know exactly where your money is going on a super granular level.
  • Traffic Source to tracker click difference. Super useful to keep your click-loss under control and avoid traffic sources over-charging you for clicks that never get to your sales page.

TheOptimizer- Overview

Campaigns performance under control on autopilot

  • Pause underperforming Campaigns / Publishers / Ad Groups or Ads when certain conditions are met (clicks, cost, conversions, revenue, etc)
  • Start profitable Campaigns / Publishers / Ad Groups or Ads automatically. Extremely useful for delayed conversions. A simple condition like IF ROI > 0% will do the magic

Keep up with the competition even when you’re sleeping by

  • Bidding aggressively during high competition hours regardless of the targeted geo time zone.
  • Automatically reset your bids at a specific amount of hours you need less traffic

Improve Your Campaign Results by

  • Automatically scaling your budgets up and down based on the actual campaign performance
  • Automatically setting the right CPC based on your actual EPC (guaranteed ROI) on Campaign / Publisher / Target / Ad group or Ad level (according to traffic source’s bidding capabilities)
  • Creating your own automatic publisher blacklists that you share and re-use among several campaigns

Cut Down Your Campaigns and Ad Creation Process to minutes*

  • Creating multiple campaigns in one flow. For instance, 3 different campaigns (desktop, mobile, tablet) with different bids but same creatives and links.
  • Quickly duplicate your best-performing campaigns into multiple variations in seconds.
  • Quickly upload fresh creatives or existing ones (from your traffic source account) to your running campaigns

* functionality available on TheOptimizer Native only

What are the supported traffic networks I can connect to TheOptimizer Native?

  • While providing the highest number of native ad traffic network integrations, you can connect an unlimited number of Outbrain, Taboola, Yahoo Gemini, RevContent, MGID, Adskeeper, VoluumDSP, RUNative, and accounts to TheOptimizer Native and manage everything under a single dashboard.

TheOptimizer Pricing

  • You can connect an unlimited number of PropellerAds, Zeropark, PopAds, PopCash, ExoClick, Plugrush, HilltopAds, Clickadu, RTX Platform, and RichPush ( and Megapush coming soon) accounts to TheOptimizer Mobile and manage everything under a single dashboard.

What are the supported traffic networks I can connect to TheOptimizer Mobile?

  • You can connect an unlimited number of TrafficStarts, ExoClick, TrafficJunky and Traffic Force accounts to TheOptimizer Mobile and manage everything under a single dashboard.

What are the supported tracking platforms I can connect to TheOptimizer?

  • Yes! We do support the highest number of click tracking platforms as well. You can connect any of the following tracking platforms you’d like. Voluum, Thrive, FunnelFlux, Bemob, Binom, RedTrack, AdsBridge and Google Analytics.
  • And in case you are using your own tracker or no tracker at all, it’s all good! You can still automate your campaign’s optimization process using traffic network stats only (including conversions and revenue).

Benefits of Using TheOptimizer Review

TheOptimizer Review- Widgets

Hassle-free Campaign Management Optimization

With TheOptimizer you can totally automate your optimization process based on accurate campaign analytics, using rule-based optimization actions, smart lists and more.

Automatic Rules

It safeguards your adspent using 24/7 rules on campaign, widgets and creatives level

Automate Bidding

You can change bids and budgets automatically based on how your campaign is performing.

Bulk Campaigns Creator

You can create & Upload hundreds of ad combinations to multiple sources with one click

Campaign Duplication

Clones your native campaigns with just a click without having to recreate everything from scratch.

TheOptimizer Review- Support

Bulk Content Uploader

You are allowed to preview and upload up to 25 content variations per campaign with a single click

Create Smartlists

You can create an automatic blacklist that you can share across all your campaigns

Cost Prediction

Get real-time cost estimation for sources with delayed statistics

Accurate Analytics

Get accurate cost and revenue analysis for Campaign, Publisher, Creative, landing page and offer levels

Advanced Day Parting

You can choose what hours of the day, what days of the week you want your auto-optimization actions to run

Complete Tracker View

It comes with advanced tracker view which manages your tracker landers and offers without leaving the optimizer.

How To Use with ThriveTracker & RevContent

Analyze Campaign in-depth performance overview

Clicking on the name of a campaign will take you to a more detailed view that shows the performance of widgets, target categories, content, landing pages, and ThriveTracker offerings:

Widgets tab: costs and revenue per widget ID, pausing/enabling widgets
Content tab: cost and revenue per content ID, pausing / activating content
Tracking view tab: Provides a live view of your landing pages, allowing you to change power and weight without leaving the platform.
Rules tab: Create an existing rule or assign it to a campaign. Then it looks like this:

TheOptimizer Review- rules tab

How to set automatic rule in campaign

One of the powerful features of TheOptimizer is the ability to create and run automatic rules based on your optimization criteria (EPC, ROI, CTR, CVR, CPA, cost, conversions, etc.) at regular intervals that you choose yourself. ,

The following screen shows how easy it is to create and reuse rules in many campaigns:

How To Bulk upload new contents to your campaigns

With this new feature, you can create dozens of new ads in seconds by combining a list of selected titles and images. No manual loading more consecutively.

How you can find fresh images for your campaign

Another very interesting feature that lets you find new RELEVANT images for your existing ads using our intelligent algorithm that lets you search for images. You will be surprised by the results.

TheOptimizer has advantages.

  • You can set up the campaign without changing the current one.
  • You can match traffic sources and affiliates with accurate reporting. It allows you to do dayparting and automate bidding strategy to keep up with competition.
  • With 20+ integrated traffic sources, it is easy for businesses of all sizes to optimize their campaign while saving time and money on advertising costs.

Google Analytics and AdSense Optimization

This is one of the newest features that TheOptimizer has added to its Native platform. If you have been doing native for quite some time, then you may have seen blogs and landing pages that monetize paid traffic through Google AdSense. And since AdSense is natively integrated with Google Analytics, then you are able to use The Optimizer Native to optimize your campaigns based on metrics like AdSense Revenue, AdSense ad clicks, earnings per click and so on.


At the end, xOptimizer is a tool that helps you to automate your optimization process. You can use it on adult display traffic sources like ExoClick, TrafficJunky, TrafficForce and TrafficStars. If you are an affiliates marketer for some time now, you should know the importance of automation tools.

TheOptimizer Review: Pricing Plan

TheOptimizer Native Comes With Three Flexible Pricing Structure

TheOptimizer Review- pricing

Push/Pop/Redirect Traffic: Automation and Optimization Pricing

theoptimizer discount coupons

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FAQs On TheOptimizer Reviews

😎Is TheOptimizer worth it?

TheOptimizer is an automated campaign management and optimization platform which offers amazing features. According to me TheOptimizer is worth the money you will pay for.

✅How much maximum discount can you get on TheOptimizer?

With our link, you can get up to 50% off TheOptimizer Native plan which is a really amazing deal.

🔥Does TheOptimizer offer any free trial?

Before you buy any plan on TheOptimizer, you must try out the free trial. They offer a 15-day free trial to their new users.

👉Does TheOptimizer offer any money back guarantee?

If you are not happy with their services then you can ask for a refund but the refund request should be made within 3 days. After that you will not be eligible for any refund.

Is TheOptimizer Legit ?

The Optimizer helps you get a competitive edge. It does things that are hard to do yourself, like automatically pausing or starting campaigns, publishers, and ads based on the conditions you like to.

The Optimizer also automatically changes bids on the campaign, publisher or ad level when certain ROI or EPIC goals are being met. The Optimizer can also automatically increase your daily budgets for campaigns that have been doing well and decrease them for those who have not been performing well at all.

And finally, it can share blacklists among several of your campaigns in order to drastically cut down testing time and costs.

Conclusion: TheOptimizer Review 2022 With TheOptimizer Discount Coupon 

TheOptimizer helps you to Boost Your ROI. You can save countless time and generate more revenue by completely automating your native ads campaigns optimization process. It comes with a 99.99% uptime guarantee and the customer support is actively assisting 24×7. If you are looking for a reliable host that can help you to automate your whole campaign, you can try TheOptimizer.

Let me know in the comments section below what you think of the TheOptimizer review and what features you liked the most and you can also share it on your social media profiles.

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22 User Reviews on TheOptimizer Review

  1. If you’re still doing things manually, then you need to get an automated optimization tool. I wasted countless hours just trying to figure out what the best time was for my offers, when they should go live and when their conversion rates would be at its highest! But with The Optimizer all these tough decisions became a lot easier. Just run your campaign once and this awesome app will do all the repetitive work for you. Plus, it doesn’t cost too much either – a small price to pay in order to make big bucks!

  2. I’ve tried many different management software systems, and I still come back to TheOptimizer. It’s super easy to use, which is great for marketers in a hurry. Plus, my campaigns have been more successful by far than others in the past.

  3. This software was lightweight and easy to use, with a great user interface. The optimization that it performed ran smoothly without any hiccups or issues.
    It allowed me to optimize my ad spend in a snap, getting the most bang for my buck! I would recommend this software to anyone who wants fast optimization of their campaigns on all levels – from simple campaign management and widget activation up through complex optimizations such as sens

  4. What we loved most about TheOptimizer was that it was crazy easy to use. Once you get your campaign running, with TheOptimizer you can see the results coming in and make changes when needed instead of waiting for a third-party tool to update or provide enough data. With its feature rich dashboard, this software is perfect for those intimidated by Google Adwords or need something less expensive than a dedicated team member just for PPC optimization!

  5. The Optimizer just ease your work! With 20+ integrated traffic sources, it’s super easy to scale profitable campaigns into other traffic sources while still maintaining full control over their performance on autopilot.
    Also you have more time to work on your campaign’s content which coupled with automated campaign optimization, helps on getting better results.
    Don’t wait just start using The Optimizer!!

  6. The Optimizer helps us manage our PPC accounts on Google Search Ads on a daily / weekly basis and on a more in-depth monthly basis. Their customizable workouts help our team stay on track with account maintenance while saving us time we would waste doing the same tasks manually. Plus, their support is incredible!
    The ease to use and straight forward tools, help us have not only a better Google/Bing picture but also managing them easily and more effectively.
    I’m sure you’ll not regret trying it out!

  7. It’s been 3 years since I’ve started using this company. The Optimizer is a software that will ease your work! With all its features – from 20+ integrated traffic sources, to automated campaign optimization, you don’t need to worry about anything anymore. One of best feature is the ability to convert into upsells and downsells custom variable headlines by automatically testing thousands of different options for you based on your original headline. Whether it be fully integrated email platform or a customer service chatbot, it doesn’t matter which one stands out more because they’re just perfect with each other!

  8. I love TheOptimizer because it does all the work for me! I can schedule a time for traffic to come in and use the tools that are built-in to match sources, trackers, affiliate. You don’t have to give up your current campaign setup–it automatically exchanges things as you please. It’s got tons of other great features too: dayparting, maximizing possible revenue by automating bidding strategy, and more.

  9. I wanted to automate my campaigns and this software is perfect for that – I like the automated dayparting tool which makes it good to be able to pay attention when you need to. One thing I’ve noticed since using it has been a significant reduction of fraud traffic without losing touch with what’s going on in a more manual capacity. It also allows me more time at the beginning of the campaign, which makes optimal use of whatever budget we have. Definitely worth checking out!

  10. “The Optimizer made my life so much easier, I used to waste hours every day doing marketing optimisations. It’s now easy enough for me to do it all in 2 minutes!”

    Imagine if you had 100 campaigns that needed endless tweaks and tweaking. You’d soon tire or run out of time! The Optimizer is here to take care of the things you’re too busy with.

  11. When I discovered The Optimizer, I was so thrilled! It literally owns my creative strategy and got me an extra $15,000 in profits just this year. My website conversion rates are through the roof without breaking a sweat. That’s what you call powerful optimization tool that will do all the hard work for you! Lets talk about some of its features:

    I can create automated campaigns with just 1 second of input time, get traffic estimates for my keywords 6 hours before they go live (take that Google Analytics) and track them 24/7 across all devices at different points on your funnel. With The Optimizer, your ad texts become creative content rather than sales pitches. You don’t need to be an expert to use TheOptimizer.
    Thanks for sharing TheOptimizer Coupon Code I saved 50%.

  12. Finally! It is like living in the future. Having this automated campaign management and optimization platform with you puts you one step ahead of your competition, no matter what SEO skills they may or may not have.

    The Optimizer will do everything for you, from optimizing campaigns to monitoring progress and ROI. All while being nice about it.

  13. “The Optimizer is a must-have in my entrepreneurial life. It allows me to easily reallocate budget and campaign strategy, ad blockers and activators for publishers within minutes. I can even set up dayparting that allows me to plan when I want perfect work schedules.”
    “I used to use manual labor (read: humans) to manually follow the rules of bidding by blocking unwelcome ads, but these days automation feels like air; it’s everywhere and everything around us.”
    “What makes this tool seem all so easy? Well it’s because The Optimizer does everything for you! All I do now is sit back and watch all the money roll in!”

  14. I am one die-hard affiliate who hates losing to my competitors. That’s why I switched to The Optimizer and auto campaign management and optimization was a must have. Who wants to be chained in the slavery of monotonous tasks while enjoying only minor improvements at their earnings?
    Also I saved by using TheOptimizer Promo Coupon Code, thanks for 50% off coupons.

  15. After researching for weeks, my brother and I finally found the perfect product. We don’t have to worry about anything anymore with this do-it-all tool. It’s an amazing time saver that does everything for us! All we have to do is set it up on autopilot and let The Optimizer work its magic.

  16. The future of marketing is here. This automation tool helps you to optimize your campaigns, based on your campaign setup and traffic sources, while you’re busy doing other things! It’s really easy to use, but if you do have any questions or specific ideas for optimization then they will be open to them! I started using the Optimizer out of necessity, when these tools became more affordable – yet I felt like it was too good. It didn’t take long before people were requesting me promoting their offers because my conversion rates are so high due to this awesome technology.”

  17. This is a tool that automatically optimizes your campaigns to make sure you’re maximizing your success. It allows for data from tracking services to be analyzed and ensures safety with advanced fraud protection features for those not as experienced in the advertising industry. This platform offers many unique features, such as dayparting which you can’t find anywhere else! The Optimizer will save you time and energy by automating any arduous tasks an advertiser has to do on their own, so it’s well worth the investment.

  18. The Optimizer just saved me! With 20+ integrated traffic sources, it’s super easy to scale profitable campaigns into other traffic sources while still maintaining full control over their performance on autopilot. I wish I found this yesterday, or maybe even five years ago, because now I have more time for my content and find better results. In a nutshell: The Optimizer optimizes your marketing!

  19. Wow, I can’t believe it took this long for someone to create a campaign management software.
    The intelligence built into this really is revolutionary because the software automatically matches offers and tracking codes, aggregates clicks and conversions across all platforms, and optimizes bids based on predefined rules or completely changes them without losing momentum. Plus there are a bunch of other cool features that take away from me from spending time finding competitor’s affiliate banners etc.
    Usually any new program needs some getting used to before you’re able to reap its full benefits but not here-I was up an running in less than 5 minutes! If you don’t optimize your campaigns then stop right now and checkout “TheOptimizer” today.

  20. TheOptimizer is truly amazing. I love how easy it makes me work and the campaign optimization will really help you get better results! And if that wasn’t enough, with 20+ integrated traffic sources, scaling profitable campaigns onto other traffic sources is no problem. It’s worth every single penny! Wohooo I saved 50% while using your TheOptimizer coupon code, thanks BloggersIdeas alot.

  21. TheOptimizer takes your marketing campaigns to the next level. With 20+ integrated traffic sources, you can easily scale any campaign into other traffic sources without touching a single link in the meantime – all while maintaining full control over their performance. By doing this plus with automated campaign optimization, you’re getting better results and more time in your day. It’s an unstoppable way to speed up your marketing! Also thanks Bloggersideas for sharing TheOptimizer Coupon Code here. I saved 50% on their pricing plans.

  22. Overwhelmed with too many campaigns? The Optimizer has got it covered! With a set of integrated sources to help maximize the efficiency of your traffic channels, speeding up PPC efforts is a breeze. Quickly scale your profitable placements into other audiences while still maintaining full control over their performance on auto-pilot. Save time and rethink you approach – spend more time on campaign content that coupled with automated optimization, boosts results! Stop feeling overwhelmed today and start using The Optimizer!! This tool makes my life so easy.

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