ThriveCart Pricing 2024: Is ThriveCart Pro Worth?

Trying to find the best Thrivecart pricing plan for your company?

ThriveCart is a shopping cart software built by Josh Bartlett in 2016, and after four years of development, the software is currently only accessible through a substantially reduced one-time cost via its pilot program.

Unlike other shopping carts, ThriveCart is often seen as a direct rival to the more established (and perhaps market-leading) SamCart, which happens to be the cart of choice for the world’s largest online retailers.

ThriveCart already has a feature set that matches the finest in the market, not to mention a devoted fanbase… As a result, a great deal is riding on the shoulders of this newcomer.

In this ThriveCart review, we’ll conduct an in-depth, unbiased study of where this new cart is now and if it can compete with the big ones. 

ThriveCart – All You Need to Know Before Buying

As a company owner, Thrive Cart offers various advantages for selling and promoting your goods or services. The platform was built as shopping cart software, which enables you to accept payments while increasing income via high-converting cart pages.

In general, the program works by increasing your business’s revenue from current visitors – enabling you to upsell your products and even expand your client base via affiliate marketing.

However, to get the most out of the platform, you must choose the appropriate plan. This is why it’s a good idea to review the ThriveCart price chart that I’ve included below.

With the variety of price options available, you’re certain to find one that meets your requirements.

What distinguishes ThriveCart is its unique operating method. Your firm gets access to a variety of features while using the platform.

Additionally, the platform enables you to generate income by using high-converting cart pages that enable you to construct one-click upsell funnels, bump offers, trials, and recurring payments, among other features.

ThriveCart Pricing thrivecart

Additionally, you can construct popups or embeddable carts in seconds to add to any website, improving your chances of making a transaction. Additionally, ThriveCart has an intelligent feature that enables you to create custom autopilot rules.

You can automate the process of contacting visitors who leave carts or who have past-due subscriptions, as well as adjusting affiliate income depending on refund rates.

When it comes to real transactions, the platform has an integrated sales tax computation to streamline the sales process.

Additionally, the platform’s strong connectivity with tools like HubSpot or Drip enables you to centralize all of your company activities. ThriveCart is available in two distinct price tiers: Standard and Pro.

Both plans are compensated. Unlike the majority of platforms, however, ThriveCart does not charge monthly or yearly membership fees. Rather than that, you just pay once for lifetime access. ThriveCart does not provide a free trial or a complimentary package.

What it lacks in free plans and trials, it makes up for with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The ThriveCart “Pays For Itself” Guarantee lets you utilize the platform for up to 30 days after your purchase.

If you are dissatisfied with the outcomes within this period, you may always request a refund in full. checkout my detailed ThriveCart review

How Well Does ThriveCart Accept Its Payments?, PayPal, Google Play, Apple Play, and Stripe are all payment processors that interface with ThriveCart.

While these are fairly common features, ThriveCart does provide more robust connections than some other carts, one of which is the ability to offer one-click upsells and downsells through PayPal.

Additionally, Stripe enables you to take payments using BitCoin, while the application does not presently support Bitcoin (or any other cryptocurrency).

This is a perfect illustration of why you should not accept these integrations at face value, since you may be dissatisfied with the degree to which the two are integrated.

ThriveCart Accept Its Payments

Having said that, ThriveCart integrates with the industry’s most major payment processors, with further integrations (such as Braintree) and even a direct bank transfer option in the pipeline.

That concludes our discussion of payment mechanisms; what about payment models? This is where ThriveCart shines. The degree of control you have over your product payment schemes is excellent.

Whatever kind of funnel you attempt to create, the user interface is so well-designed that even a total beginner could easily go through the setup procedure.

That means less time spent pounding your head against a brick wall and more time focused on growing your business’s revenue – EXACTLY what you want from a fully-featured shopping cart.

ThriveCraft Pricing Plans:

Here are the Thrivecraft plans:

Pro Plan:

To upgrade to the Pro plan, just add $ 195 to the Standard plan, bringing the total cost to $ 690. The Pro plan includes all of the Standard plan’s features, as well as extra advanced features. The affiliate administration center, subscription saver functionality, automated tax computation, and intelligent business initiatives are just a few of these advantages. 

The affiliate management center enables your audience to promote your product in exchange for a commission through affiliate links. The subscription saver feature safeguards your subscriptions against expired or canceled credit cards and refused payments, notifying users directly when such mistakes occur.

Additionally, joint venture agreements, administrator user administration, client use rights, and even custom domain name functions are included. As with the Standard plan, the Pro plan includes specialized customer care 24 hours a day. Advanced admin user control enables your team to administer your account and make changes to invoicing subscriptions, and even the creation of new pages.

This tool enables you to create a team of up to five members. Intelligent business projections provide real-time data on client lifetime value and conversion rates. This tool is beneficial for tracking the performance of your company and individual products. Joint venture arrangements enable you to share the money generated by the sale of specific items with other parties.

Client use rights provide you the ability to power your clients’ carts and funnels and sell their items from your account. You are not required to utilize ThriveCart’s branding, such as, using the custom domain name functionality. Rather than that, you’ll benefit from a more customized domain name, such as

ThriveCraft Pricing Plans

Standard Plan:

The Standard package is simply $ 495 for a one-time payment. The Standard subscription includes unrestricted lifetime access to your ThriveCart account, feature upgrades, and new releases, an unlimited number of carts and checkout pages, and an easy drag-and-drop checkout page builder.

Additionally, the Standard package includes conversion-tested checkout templates, one-click upsells and bump offers, and auto-responding to cart abandonment.

Additional significant elements that bolster the plan’s usefulness include A/B testing, key metric reporting and analytics, and GDPR compliance for the accounting portion of the plan.

Additionally, the package includes several connectors, such as PayPal and Stripe, as well as an autoresponder, membership, and mobile payment application.

Cancellation & Refund Policy at ThriveCart

ThriveCart is a wonderful tool for passively increasing sales and income creation without the need for time-consuming marketing techniques. The software automates almost every aspect of marketing, sales, and payment collecting.

However, what distinguishes ThriveCart is its price structure. A simple one-time purchase is all that is required to get lifelong access to the services available on this site.

Additionally, your investment is risk-free — you have up to 30 days to determine if ThriveCart is right for your company.

Difference Between ThriveCart Standard Vs Pro Plans

To get the regular ThriveCart, which includes the majority of the functionality, a one-time price of $ 495 is required.

During checkout, you may also choose the ThriveCart PRO option (for an additional $ 195 with the Standard plan’s $ 495 price) to add additional features such as Intelligent Saver functionality, JV contracts, and advanced user management.

For clarity, the following is a list of all the features included with the ThriveCart PRO plan:

1. Custom domain name functionality:

This enables you to substitute for the xxx. thrive portion of your checkout page URLs. As you can see, it makes sense to choose for the PRO upsell if you decide to purchase ThriveCart’s limited lifetime offer.

As a result, you have access to these PRO features. Although you may upgrade at any moment – we recommend doing it during the trial program, as after it expires, you will be forced to pay monthly for an additional PRO feature.

2. Client Usage Rights:

Permission to utilize your account on behalf of a customer. Therefore, if you’re giving a service to a customer, like managing/creating their website, and they sell a product or service, you may include a high-converting sales funnel checkout in your offering.

You may provide them restricted access (using the aforementioned user system) to monitor their metrics, manage their customers, and change their offerings

. Additionally, merchants that sell under many brands/businesses utilize this method to maintain greater control over the company information on receipts.

3. Advanced User Management:

If you have helpers who need to handle things like altering items or assisting with customer service (such as refunds or subscriptions), you may utilize the user management function to add up to five people to your account. For the benefit of the helper or customer.

4. JV Contracts:

Want to share all sales of a product with a partner? You can quickly write a contract outlining the parameters of the partnership and the compensation amounts, and ThriveCart will monitor and share money produced, including automatic payments to your partner.

5. Intelligent Business Projections:

This sophisticated and intelligent AI technology analyzes your account’s performance in real-time to provide accurate forecasts of future predicted revenue and more.

6. Automatic Sales Tax Calculation:

ThriveCart’s integrated sales tax system assists you in charging the appropriate taxes, eliminating the need for third-party platforms such as Taxamo (saving you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year).

7. Subscription Saver Functionality (Dunning):

Have you subscribed? Allow ThriveCart to contact your consumers automatically when their payments fail or their card expires, assisting you in reducing the number of delinquent customers.

8. Powerful Affiliate Centre:

Allows you to simply use affiliate marketing and have your audience promote your products/services in exchange for a commission. Easily increasing your business’s total income.

Is ThriveCart Worth The Money?

Yes, ThriveCart is definitely worth your money. This is because of some of its unique features. Here are some of them –

1. Inbuilt Robust Affiliate Center:

The Thrivecart shopping cart framework has one of the most extensive affiliate management systems accessible – you can delegate affiliates, establish relationships, reward affiliates, watch their growth and operations, and establish some rigorous standards.

2. Calculation of Sales Tax Through The Internet:

Tax assessment is a headache for a business owner to manage. Digital sales tax calculation – is a feature that very few other shopping cart websites provide.

ThriveCart simplifies the process of collecting income tax from businesses or customers. It can calculate and automatically apply the correct sales tax % to your customer’s purchase based on their location and relevant legislation.

thrivecart sales tax ThriveCart Pricing

Other conventional shopping cart systems “cough” such as SamCart “coughs” are continuously integrating third-party tax measuring services such as Taxamo. Which results in an extra recurring monthly payment.

On ThriveCart, you won’t have to worry about the problems connected with this since they are covered in the price of your membership. Incredible! Taxes are computed and added to the package price selected in the package options. This is then expanded and broken out on the receipts and checkout pages as appropriate.

3. Import & Export Shopping Cart Pages & Funnels:

My fourth favorite ThriveCart feature is the sharing funnel/checkout option. This feature set is unique in that it allows you to upload and import checkout and funnel templates produced by other Thrivecart customers. 

4. Integration of Zapier:

ThriveCart shopping cart You may simply automate your work by connecting your online shopping cart to over 2,000 web resources with Zapier. Without a doubt, any program that is not listed above may be connected using Zapier.

ThriveCart Pricing thrivecart zapier integration

There are around 18 very effective triggers. Zaps may be designed to run in reaction to certain goods, pricing choices, affiliate laws, and a variety of other conditions.

5. Capability for Dunning:

If you manage an online business that is recurring or subscription-based, you realize how dismal this position may be. – contacting consumers to persuade them to renew their subscriptions owing to missed payments. To that purpose, Thrivecart’s integrated Dunning system is a lifesaver.

This function can identify when a customer’s card is going to expire and notify them in advance. Additionally, it notifies clients of past-due and outstanding payments. Everything is automated. You may customize an unlimited number of alert reminders and how they are issued.

The dunning device looks for (payment-related) problems and interacts with customers to keep their subscriptions current.

6. Accepts ApplePay:

This is an incredibly strong feature of ThriveCart that is not available in the majority of shopping cart systems used in the marketing room. Apple Pay allows users to pay you straight from their mobile devices, eliminating the need for them to enter their credit card information or validate their PayPal account.

ApplePay is only shown on the cart page if the client is signed in with a compatible account. If the user is using a laptop computer, ApplePay will not show. Available only through a smartphone.

Given that mobile now dominates the world, this is a good payment processing option to explore. ApplePay requires very little effort on your part. It would simply help to increase income by attracting customers who are unable to cope with the stress associated with inputting their billing information.

With the use of a precise thumbprint, everything has gotten much easier.

7. Incredible Behavioural Regulations:

You will maximize marketing automation’s efficacy. You’re going to save a significant amount of time.

thrivecart affiliate setup

To begin, you can easily create some pretty complex rules and manage contacts depending on their behavior inside your product or service funnel.

8. Unmatched Customer Experience In The Industry:

Thrivecart is well-known for offering the most critical service in the market. Perpetual. I’m a member of the ThriveCart Facebook group. The name of the school is Thrivecart Academy. Where you will get timely responses to your inquiries at any time of day or night.

When you’re going to launch your funnel, I can testify that the level of care and helpful feedback is always gratifying. Indeed, they assist in forums, a helpdesk, and an information base, where I was able to locate almost all of the answers to my problems. Alternatively, you might read this article from ThriveCart.

Alternatively, you may contact support directly by opening a ticket — they are responsive. Simply said, it may be ineffectual during times of crisis. Nonetheless, I feel that reaching out to the Facebook community is the safest course of action if you want instant support.

FAQs About ThriveCart Pricing:

How Do I Change Plans On ThriveCart?

As indicated before, there are only two subscription tiers available: regular and pro. Simply add $195 to your Standard plan subscription to upgrade to the Pro plan. You cannot, however, drop from the Pro to the Standard subscription. After all, the Pro plan includes all of the Standard plan's features.

Is There Extra Cost I Incur After Paying My ThriveCart subscription?

Not at all. After the one-time payment subscription, you will not be charged any extra costs.

Will You Be Charged Other Fees After Buying The Lifetime Account?

No, once you acquire the limited offer Lifetime membership, Thrivecart will not charge you any more fees. Your payment processors, such as Stripe, will continue to charge you based on a percentage of the transaction.

Will Lifetime Users Be Entitled To Feature Updates And New Releases?

Owners of Thrivecart Lifetime accounts will continue to get feature upgrades, and Lifetime users will have access to any new features. Thrivecart will not abandon its Lifetime users after they join up, and they will not be required to pay further fees to access new services.

Who Should Choose the ThriveCart Standard Plan?

The ThriveCart PRO package is recommended for customers who want additional capabilities such as a sales tax calculator or an integrated affiliate system but do not wish to employ any third-party tools.

Who Should Choose the ThriveCart Standard Plan?

The Standard ThriveCart package is ideal for people searching for a straightforward and bug-free way to establish a shopping cart and do not want complex capabilities such as an email marketing tool or an affiliate marketing system. This subscription includes all essential payment gateways and other tools to assist you in creating high-converting checkout pages to collect money.

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Conclusion: ThriveCart Pricing 2024

ThriveCart is a wonderful tool for passively increasing sales and income creation without the need for time-consuming marketing techniques.

The software automates almost every aspect of marketing, sales, and payment collecting.

However, what distinguishes ThriveCart is its price structure. A simple one-time purchase is all that is required to get lifelong access to the services available on this site.

Additionally, your investment is risk-free — you have up to 30 days to determine if ThriveCart is right for your company.

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