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Born in Cardiff, Wales, on November 17, 1978, Tom Ellis started his acting career on stage before making the transition to film and television.

His first big break came in 2004 when he landed a role in the historical drama The Tudors. He went on to land roles in films like Rush (2012) and Miranda (2014), as well as the TV series Lucifer (2016-2018).

A versatile actor, Tom Ellis is equally at home on stage, on film, and on television. He has demonstrated his range with his roles in The Tudors, Rush, and Miranda, as well as his work on Lucifer. No matter what the role, Tom Ellis always brings his A-game and leaves audiences wanting more.

Tom is an actor and singer who has starred in many films and television shows. His most recent project was the show “Lucifer” on Fox.

He is also known for his roles in films such as “Happy Christmas,” “The F Word,” and “Pride.” In this blog post, I will discuss Tom’s work on “Lucifer” and what the show means to him. 

Tom Ellis is a British actor who has made quite a name for himself in the acting world. With starring roles in both television and film, Ellis is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after actors in the industry.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of his best work to date. 

Top 35 Tom Ellis Quotes 2023

1. “This is going to sound so boring, but I play golf in Hertfordshire at a club called Sandy Lodge just by Moor Park Tube station. It’s where I unwind and don’t think about anything else.” – Tom Ellis

2. “I wanted to work on a cable show and with a writer/director because that’s a much more fulfilling and freeing experience, as an actor.” – Tom Ellis

3. “I’m not a blokey bloke. I don’t take myself too seriously. But that doesn’t stop me from being a bad person sometimes and doing things I regret. Such as having a child with someone you’ve split up with, then falling in love and wanting to spend the rest of your life with someone else. That’s quite difficult.” – Tom Ellis

4. “As an actor, I enjoy variety. That’s a big thing for me. So, if I’m going to put my name to something and commit to something that’s going to take up a lot of my time, it has to be something that I know is going to be enjoyable and worth my while. Otherwise, what’s the point?” – Tom Ellis

5. “It’s an old joke: All evil people in movies are British.” – Tom Ellis

6. “A lot of actors would tell you that they’d rather play the villain than the hero. When you’re the character, there are no repercussions. So there is a kind of liberating feeling about saying certain things to certain people – and I think that it’s always quite satisfying to do that.” – Tom Ellis

7. “My life changed in 2005 on the day I met my wife, Tamzin. She was in a play called ‘Breathing Corpses’ with James McAvoy, one of my best mates from drama school. I knew who she was, and I’d fancied her quite a bit when she played Melanie Owen in ‘EastEnders.” – Tom Ellis

8. “There’s something really charming about a character that is fundamentally flawed and does some pretty despicable things, but yet you still kind of love him.” – Tom Ellis

9. “My eldest daughter’s been to a few sets of mine and gets spoiled when she’s doing her nails, her hair. Though more often than not, you bring them to set, and they realize the filming process is pretty boring.” – Tom Ellis

10. “For the show, it’s really important that we remember that Lucifer is the Devil. It’s important for Lucifer sometimes to remember that he’s the Devil: to keep the notion that he is a wild animal that is seemingly being tamed but, at any moment, could snap.” – Tom Ellis

Tom Ellis Quotes

11. “Trying to find a human side to the character is a way to give them a chance to have people like them.” – Tom Ellis

12. “To be in a show like ‘Miranda’ that captures everyone’s imagination is amazing, but it’s hard when people can’t see beyond that. I started traveling to North America because ‘Miranda’ was so popular in the U.K.; I always knew I wanted to challenge myself and not go for the obvious roles.” – Tom Ellis

13. “I had been quite judicious about the scripts I was reading, but nothing was really taking my fancy until I pulled this script out: ‘Lucifer.’ I have to say, within about three or four pages, I thought it was hilarious; I laughed out loud a couple of times and knew this is the one that I wanted to do.” – Tom Ellis

14. “When you have hardcore fans of something like ‘Miranda,’ people can’t see you any other way than Gary Preston, which is fair enough.” – Tom Ellis

15. “I couldn’t afford to go to drama school in London. Then I met with the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow, and I fell in love with the city. It was one of the few schools that offered me a place. It didn’t do me any harm.” – Tom Ellis

16. “In terms of, like, getting into a mindset, I use music all the time when I’m working.” – Tom Ellis

17. “I grew up on the very human side of Christianity, so messages in the household I grew up in were about peace, love, and being understanding of everybody, which I think is quite cool.” – Tom Ellis

18. “You’re always asking yourself, are you doing the best for your child? And other parents let you know if you’re not, just not in a direct way. There’s a sense of competition, which is ridiculous because you know deep down you’re all suffering.” – Tom Ellis

19. “The thing about Lucifer is that by the end of the first season, his world is falling apart a bit. Anyone that he could call an ally or trust, he now can’t, and that leaves him in a place that he’s never been before.” – Tom Ellis

20. “I walk in, and people go, ‘Oh, look who it is! It’s the devil! Speak of the devil!’ It’s fun. I’m having a lot of fun. I’m not going to lie. It’s a little bit like being able to say anything you want to and getting away with it. ‘Rush’ was fun because he thought he was immortal, but this is more fun because Lucifer is immortal.” – Tom Ellis

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21. “Lucifer has a sense of fun about life; he just likes to play with people. But the sense of humor of the show is what makes the show entertaining as opposed to dark.” – Tom Ellis

22. “We’re characters not of this world, so our knowledge about stuff that other characters don’t have is quite fun.” – Tom Ellis

23. “When I was eight or nine, I came to London for the day from Swindon and went to The National Gallery. I remember standing in Trafalgar Square with my best friend Tim, who was covered in pigeons because I put birdseed on his head.” – Tom Ellis

24. “I’ve been acting for many years, and the more you do, the more confidence you get about this is my career and this is what I’m going to be doing.” – Tom Ellis

25. “My mum was a music teacher. I’ve got three sisters, and we all played instruments when we were kids.” – Tom Ellis

26. “Lucifer likes to have fun, but we need to make sure that he’s also rooted in a proper journey. For the first few episodes after a pilot, you’re just trying to establish your world and the starting points for your characters. But I feel like, as the stakes went up, the ‘Lucifer’ veneer got less and less.” – Tom Ellis

27. “What I really wanted to do was take this character and go beneath the veneer of Lucifer. Underneath it all, there was a guy who was a hurt soul and rejected by his father. How that played upon his choices was kind of interesting, but also it’s going inside a shell of someone who doesn’t know what an emotion is.” – Tom Ellis

28. “My take on ‘Lucifer’ was pretty much laid down by Tom Kapinos when he wrote the original pilot script for it. I remember reading it for the first time, and I was about four or five pages in, thinking this is so funny, and I know how I would want to do this if I was going to do it.” – Tom Ellis

29. “The nice thing about ‘Miranda’ especially is that the audience that we had was school kids right through to pensioners. It seems to be a show that people watch as a family, so it was the first job I’ve been involved in that certainly my oldest daughter and my middle daughter are big fans of, and proud that I’m in it, which is a nice feeling.” – Tom Ellis

Tom Ellis Quote

30. “The weird thing about drama school is that you train for three years for one thing, and then, more often than not, it’s something that you haven’t trained for that you end up doing.” – Tom Ellis

31. “The fact that you can say stuff to people that other people are only thinking about is always fun. It’s a great tool for comedic moments, as well.” – Tom Ellis

32. “What people like to comment on a lot is that I grew up in a religious family; my father is a pastor, and now I’m playing the devil. Thankfully, my family sees the humorous side of the job.” – Tom Ellis

33. “I turn to my wife for everything. Her success has never affected her as a person – she’s incredibly loyal. We laugh together; we share everything, and she still surprises me. When I saw her in ‘Sweet Charity, I was so proud to say, ‘That’s my wife.” – Tom Ellis

34. “The last TV show I really indulged in was ‘Breaking Bad,’ and I was in such a state of mourning when it ended. I’ve got to choose my next one carefully.” – Tom Ellis

35. “I’m in the Apple store on Regent Street far too much; I’m obsessed with whatever the latest Apple gadget is. For clothes, I love to shop in Liam Gallagher’s shop Pretty Green on Carnaby Street, or Cult Clothing in Crouch End, for Original Penguin and G-Star.” – Tom Ellis

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