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  • Uses APIs pulling over conversion stats and other offer
  • Check the execution of each offer before advancing
  • Hassle free user interface
  • No hidden or covered charges


  • Database/Website Limitations
  • Upsells & Supporting Services Issues

Are you only now getting started in affiliate marketing?

Have you been exploring forums, online communities, reading awesomely complicated articles but feel like you need something more?

Then you’ve reached the perfect place.

Time for you to read my review of Mobidea’s new tracking capabilities.

Mobidea Affiliate Tracker Introduction

Mobidea is a remarkable mobile affiliate network which specializes on pin submits, mobile subscriptions and sweepstakes.

Mobidea Affiliate Tracking Platform

These guys convert your mobile traffic like nobody else, allowing you to either send it to super-profitable CPA offers or to effectively auto-optimize it by using the Smartlink, an in-house, advanced technology which basically allows Mobidea to segment traffic, providing the best offers for a specific segment.

Mobidea Promo - Antoine Moreau Presents New Tracker

With more than 10 years of experience in this fiercely competitive world, over 1100 offers, more than 600 advertisers, 5 billion clicks, +100.000 affiliates and a whole lot more incredible numbers to brag about, Mobidea really is the network that all affiliates should consider exploring.

Mobidea’s mantra?

To allow its users to reach their financial independence through affiliate marketing.

That must be why they’ve released a revamped, completely new platform, which showcases advanced tracker capabilities, allowing affiliates to have access to more analytical data than ever before.

Wanna check a list of great aspects that you can explore on Mobidea?

Let’s go!

Mobidea Tracker – Most Important Aspects

Mobidea Pros - Mobidea Affiliate Tracking Platform Review

  • The Mobidea Affiliate Tracker is totally free. No hidden fees or pop-up commissions.
  • You can use it right away. No tough approval process, no need to wait for days until you get to play. Sign up for Mobidea, fill out the form, complete the registration and get ready to make a lot of money
  • Mobidea’s rates are hyper-competitive and, since you have thousands of offers you can explore, there’s a lot of different ways for you to turn a profit
  • The tracker comes with a great Support Squad, available every single day, ready to help you out
  • The tracker integrates traffic sources by default, which means you don’t need to waste time with manual integration. Mobidea has more than 100 preconfigured traffic sources on the platform so go for it

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The reports are action-oriented and easy to navigate. In fact, you can check info on campaign performance for more than 23 different dimensions, which includes the segmentation of IP.

Affiliate Tracker - Mobidea Tracker review

  • There’s a Live Feed of Offers, Payments, and Signups. Check your dashboard and be updated.
  • You can use Mobidea’s API to pull conversion stats. This means integrating with other tools was never easier
  • There’s even a new Opportunities section. It’s transparent and allows you to not have to test offers to understand their value. Just check the performance of each offer before promoting. Amazing!
  • You can perform A/B testing on the platform by using rotation settings in your campaigns. Split traffic, test, and then select the best Offers or the Smartlink
  • Your data is taken care of. It’s hosted on multiple datacenters which means you get faster redirects through a super secure SaaS solution with data encryption and private storage.
  • Your campaigns are built on Clustered Domains. This will prevent affiliate blacklisting. Why? Because the domain configuration is not done through CNAME, but through DNS.

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Mobidea – An Awesome Affiliate Network

Mobidea has proven that it’s always at the forefront of affiliate technology.

It’s got years of experience, a multicultural team of dedicated employees, a proven track record of pioneering innovations, and a top-notch platform that’s easy to use and a real money maker!

Affiliate Tracker - Mobidea Affiliate Tracker review

Multiple data centers, amazing offers from various profitable verticals, the Smartlink, the ability to perform A/B testing, a remarkable level of segmentation, the most incredible amounts of analytical data of all time, a new Opportunities section, a Live Feed of Offers, a chance to pull stats using Mobidea’s API, and the best Support Squad of all time, always available?

You’d have to be crazy not to explore the new Mobidea Tracker!

Ready to go for it?

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