VyprVPN vs ExpressVPN 2021: The Ultimate Comparison: Is VyprVPN Better Than ExpressVPN?

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VyprVPN satisfies all your VPN needs and lets you access any restricted site.

ExpressVPN is VPN which delivers according to its name which means speed along with that better security.

  • Worldwide server network
  • VyprVPN defeats throttling
  • Multiple encryption protocols
  • Best-in-class encryption
  • 160 VPN locations
  • Kill Switch
  • Doesn't keep logs
  • Provides strong security features
  • Provides 24/7 live chat support
  • Very fast speeds across all server locations
  • Advanced security on both apps and servers
  • Zero logs policy
  • Information Logging
  • Expensive in terms of pricing
Ease of Use

VyprVPN's user interface is really simple and user friendly.

Same as VyprVPN, ExpressVPN's UI is easy to navigate.

Value For Money

When it comes to affordability, VyprVPN is a better option but the features of this platform still lacks in comparison to ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN is expensive but it has more to offer and it is a much better option in terms of security and privacy.

Looking for VyprVPN vs ExpressVPN we are here to help you to choose the best.

Are you concerned about protecting your privacy from hackers, spammers and government snoopers? Want to stay safe and secure on the internet?

Are you a business owner, student or professional who wants to keep your data private and have peace of mind?

On the fence about choosing a VPN provider?

In the digital age, privacy and security are scarce commodities. Governments, corporations, and criminals are all trying to get their hands on your personal data. Protect your data from hackers, government surveillance and censorship with these 2 awesome VPN services.


Which is better VyprVPN or ExpressVPN?

Well, to solve this chaos, we are going to feature side-by-side comparison of VyprVPN and ExpressVPN. This is an Unbiased comparison based on our personal experience with these two VPNs.

VyprVPN is the world’s most powerful, security-focused VPN. VyprVPN offers a proprietary, state-of-the-art VPN protocol, OpenVPN, with AES 256-bit encryption.

Where as ExpressVPN is amongst the best service providers in the VPN market and it is based in the British Virgin Islands. And this is sole because this service provider has exceptional speeds, very strong security, and a good privacy policy. Yes, the VPN market is getting very competitive, and there is pressure on ExpressVPN to ensure it remains undefeated!

VYPN VPN privacy

When you buy a VPN provider, you will need to compare it with other providers on aspects like security, privacy policies, speeds, torrenting, price, etc.

We will be comparing the two VPN’s: ExpressVPN & VyprVPN  providers in five areas – speed, features, price, ease of use, and security & customer service. So, let us dive into the ultimate fight step-by-step and see the magic!


VyprVPN vs ExpressVPN 2021: The Ultimate VPN Battle

We all know that price plays an important role in selecting a VPN  provider. Similarly, speed is equally important. While testing these two providers, we first gathered raw speed data of both which indicates their sustained connection speed as well as ping time. Then we used the VPN to check the real-time performance of each.

What is vpn

🚀Bottom Line Upfront:

It costs more to pay for just one month at a time. But both ExpressVPN and VyprVPN are priced higher than most other companies. They do offer savings for people who commit to paying for more months at once, though. For example, you can pay for a year of coverage with Express VPN and save almost half the price per month, or even less if you subscribe to a twelve-month plan of Vypr VPN.

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN provider out there in the market and it is much better than VyprVPN on the basis of its features & benefits, security & privacy and much more. Start using ExpressVPN today and save up to 25% on your purchase.

About ExpressVPN Overview: Is ExpressVPN Any Good ?

What is ExpressVPN ?

At ExpressVPN, they believe in protecting you and your online activity without sacrificing the vital speed of a high-speed Internet connection. They ensure 100% security while connecting to different servers in each country (128 countries worldwide).

You will be secure and anonymous on public Wi-Fi networks while browsing local websites. Your data is protected from interception by any form of hacker attack, and your identity remains hidden from third parties when connected through VPN service providers like ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN will get you around any firewall or censorship system. With a single click, you can choose to connect to any of their global servers, so you can watch your favorite TV shows or sporting events no matter where you are.

ExpressVPN is very consistent in terms of its download speed from one server to another. The speed in every single server network is within just 1MB/sec and just a tiny portion of the unprotected speed is completely lost. The upload speeds are similar, however, it lacks in places like Japan and Hong Kong due to the massive distance.

 VyprVPN vs ExpressVPN- Express VPN

The distance also causes higher ping times for the specific servers which cannot be avoided. ExpressVPN Is not fast on the paper itself but is fast in real-time performance as well. You can load pages and videos instantly at full resolution along with streaming services and you will not face any buffer or lag.

Expressvpn trustpilot reviews

The websites feel quite responsive. The performance is exactly what has given ExpressVPN its top spot.

About VyprVPN Overview : Is VyprVPN any good?

What isVyprVPN ?

VyprVPN has a simple security setup that allows you to control all your network traffic using just a single account. Get all the benefits of VPN service at a fraction of the cost with an affordable monthly plan. The goal of VyprVPN is to provide a high-quality VPN service that can protect your data, communication and online activities with privacy and security in mind.

They make it easy for their users to keep up with all their internet needs while maintaining an unencumbered level of privacy; while also giving them peace of mind in case they need protection from surveillance by governments or their corporate overlords.

According to VyprVPN, it performs well however, the performance isn’t very consistent when compared with ExpressVPN. The upload speeds are pretty strong and beat ExpressVPN in a few cases. Most of the servers also match the download speeds, however, locations like US and the UK are lagging behind even having over 700 servers in 65 countries.

 VyprVPN vs ExpressVPN- VyprVPN

In terms of ping times, both the VPNs are almost at par and it gets tough to choose anyone for gaming. VyprVPN was sluggish in use, loading took some extra seconds, and instability in connection was noticed for 30 seconds post internet connection of the VPN.

VyprVPN VPN awards


Connection Speed Between VyprVPN and TunnelBear

The connection speed of both providers was checked, a few speed tests were conducted at two very different locations (US and UK). First, we recorded the connection times in the U.S., by logging into servers with enabled OpenVPN.

Then, we conducted several tests for checking latency and also conducted geolocation tests establishing whether servers are part of the countries. Three tests with eight-hour gaps were run.

U.S. Connection Speeds (local) VyprVPN

For VyprVPN, the best speed came out to be 106 Mbps. Not an impressive speed, but way more than the 78Mbps speed we typically encounter during downloads. 

The results of ExpressVPN, speed of  108 Mbps.

Speed Winner (local): ExpressVPN

Connection speed (International)

VyprVPN’s result in the UK server was 78 Mbps, about 3% decrease from normal, without VPN speeds. 

ExpressVPN offers speed of 91Mbps.

Speed Winner (International): ExpressVPN

VyprVPN vs ExpressVPN: Pricing Battle

Pricing is a very straightforward category for the VPNs to score along with their customer service. Pricing is quite important to many people and it’s obvious that none would spend money on something which is worthless.

ExpressVPN Pricing

The pricing of ExpressVPN is quite steep in contrast to most of the VPN options, however, it does not fall in the list of overpriced VPNs such as hide.me. It offers a fair price point though it is the best VPN available in the market.

 ExpressVPN Pricing


(i) The 1-Month plan:

This will cost you $12.95 per month.

(ii) The 6-Months plan:

This will cost you $9.99 per month and you will be billed every 6-months for $59.95. You can save about 23%.

(iii) The 15-months plan

This will cost you $6.66 per month and you will be billed $99.95 for the initial 15-months and then you will be billed for 12 months. You can save about 49%.

ExpressVPN has just one platform to offer and it includes only five device simultaneous connections. If you wish to add many devices, you will have to get another account, and this is quite a hassle.

The monthly pricing seems to be a bit expensive, however, the 6-month and 15-month plans are preferred. These plans are not as favorable as the ones offered by CyberGhost which offers huge discounts if you sign-up for a long-term plan. Payments can be done via PayPal, Credit card, Bitcoin, and many more options like Sofort and Mint.

They offer customer support 24*7. There aren’t any free trials provided which is painful, but it has a 30-day money-back guarantee on the plan, and in case you aren’t happy, .

VyprVPN Pricing

VyprVPN offers a two-tier plan – Basic package or Premium package. Now, its Premium package is almost at the same price of ExpressVPN, however, they offer big discounts for the yearly plan.

(i) The one Month plan:

This will cost you $12.95 per month

(ii) The 1-year plan:

This will cost you $3.75 per month and you get billed $45 each year. You can save about 71%.

(iii) The 2-years plan:

This will cost you just $2.50 per month and you will be billed $60 every 2 years. You can save about 81%.

In contrast to ExpressVPN, VyprVPN’s basic plan includes 5 device simultaneous connections and unlimited GB bandwidth. This plan does not have the Chameleon protocol. It accepts PayPal and credit cards for payment; however, it doesn’t accept bitcoin or other obscure forms of payment. Their customer support services are amazing as well.

The free trial offered by this VPN is a bit deceiving as it is a 3-day trial and you will have to provide your payment details for the trial as well.

VyprVPN vs ExpressVPN - Pricing Plan

As noted, ExpressVPN is rich in features and gives you a great user experience. However, it is quite expensive. VyprVPN wins in this category as it has better pricing and offers many more device connections. It also has a free trial. If you wish to pay by Bitcoin, ExpressVPN would be the only choice.

Winner for Pricing: VyprVPN wins in this category.

Features Benefits & VyprVPN vs ExpressVPN

The most essential aspect to be evaluated when you buy any VPN or software is the in-built features. Specific features are vital for VPNs, hence any VPN that does not have them will lose points.  The main feature on the lookout here is the Kill Switch as it is essential for ensuring maximum security. Options of DNS are good as well.


ExpressVPN offers a very streamlined experience and permits people who wish to opt for the plug-and-play option to make use of it. The options menu gives you a very impressive pack of features. It has a lot of protocol options that will be taken up in the section on security.

There are numerous options for a start-up – launching the client and getting connected automatically to the previous location used. It has a kill switch that is required for security. You can permit or prevent different devices from getting connected to your computer when your VPN is on. This is very useful to prevent other computers from hacking into your computer if you use public WiFi. The setting can be switched back easily, once you are home to allow devices and printers to interact with your computer.

VPN Server Locations - ExpressVPN

Additionally, this VPN has a very good feature of split tunneling that enables you to select the programs which on your computer that need to use the secure connection of the VPN and which programs would be using the faster and unprotected connection.

You could also use the DNS servers of ExpressVPN, which does not allow your information to end up in the DNS of your ISP.

ExpressVPN supports many devices – Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android. Additionally, it can also be set up on the router to ensure every single device is protected from the time it gets connected to the internet. This VPN also has many browser extensions for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and even for apps for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4.


VyperVPN offers many protocol options, including its unique protocol – Chameleon, which depends on OpenVPN and masks the VPN connection. This is helpful when you access any content that is blocked, like the BBC iPlayer.

Server Connections

You can configure VyprVPN in a manner to get connected automatically on Windows start-up. It has a kill switch as well. VyprVPN can also reconnect automatically in case the connection is lost. With this VPN, you can easily set up a trusted as well as an untrusted network. VyprVPN offers you to use of the DNS server or even any of your preferred third-party DNS.

Finally, VyprVPN supports major devices – Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS. You can also configure it on routers to safeguard all devices and a few smart TVs.

Winner of Features: ExpressVPN wins this category.

Ease of Use VyprVPN vs ExpressVPN?

In this area, we will be giving you a clear picture of what it is to use the VPN and the experience of the client whilst they use these VPNs.


ExpressVPN has a very straight-forward website which is quite effective and easy to use. They have a live chat option in the page’s bottom right. It is quite easy for anyone to either sign up or even log in. Once you open the page, the interface is quite sleek and isn’t cluttered.

There is a big power button in its center and this, when pressed, connects you to the specific VPN server. You can check out the server options which are well-organized and you can also conduct a manual search of the server.  You can also sort them according to the region. Or you can connect automatically to the location which is deemed best by ExpressVPN.


The top-left menu has 3 horizontal lines which indicate a huge set of features. The software of ExpressVPN is quite streamlined and appealing. The only issue is that there are plenty of which, which might cause problems if you are in a very dark room or have bright monitors. It would be great to have a night mode.


VyprVPN has a website layout that is comparable to that of ExpressVPN and other VPN providers. There are many high contrasts and brightly colored buttons that guide you to the account creating process which is really easy to use. Just like ExpressVPN, there is an option for a live chat on the page’s bottom right. The interface is quite cluttered.

At the top of your screen, you will find the button which has to be clicked to start the connection. A location bubble is right next to this button and you can change the connection location.

VyprVPN - Features

Beneath this, you can find a graph indicating the connection speeds (incoming and outgoing). Further down, you can view your IP address, protocol, connection time, and firewall status.

VyprVPN doesn’t appear very refined and the list of servers is quite messy. The settings menu has an old-fashioned appearance.

Winner for Ease of Use: ExpressVPN wins this category.

Security Features and Privacy: ExpressVPN vs VyprVPN

This is a very vital feature for any VPN  provider. In this section, we have a look into the security of the software, the company operation, user privacy policies, protocols as well as encryption methods used, DNS leaks, etc in order to analyze the security offered by the service provider.


ExpressVPN makes use of OpenVPN for its protocol and it has high number of servers. This is paired with the AES 256-bit encryption. This is the best for security and it also gives the user good speed. Express VPN supports L2TP, PPTP, and SSTP. The privacy policy of Express VPN is quite good and the VPN provider does not maintain records of traffic data, DNS queries, or browsing history.

ExpressVPN Security

So there is no data retention. Express VPN only knows the information entered by the user to create an account and for payment. To create an account, all that is required is just an email address.

If you make payments with bitcoin, then your paper trail will be non-existent effectively. This makes Express VPN amongst the very private VPN available in the market and you can contact customer support anytime you want.


Similar to ExpressVPN, even VyprVPN makes use of OpenVPN that is paired with the AES 256-bit encryption and it has over 700 servers. This is the best protection and it provides secure browsing, irrespective of who intends to spy on the connection.

VyprVPN supports L2TP as well as PPTP protocols, along with the proprietary option known as Chameleon. This is a customized version of OpenVPN which has been developed to get through the detection systems of VPNs like the ones being used by BBC iPlayer and Netflix.

VyprVPN - Features App

When it comes to privacy, VyprVPN has a policy of no-logging and the service provider has also been audited independently to verify this claim. Leviathan Security has audited its record-keeping and also has tested it for any vulnerabilities. VyprVPN has passed this audit with just some minor security issues that have been quickly resolved.

Since both the VPN providers give users the OpenVPN along with 256-bit AES encryption, and there were no DNS leaks detected from both, ExpressVPN and VyprVPN are at par in this category. Also, both these providers have some strong privacy policies which include the no-logging policy.

VyprVPN has been tested by an independent auditor, and ExpressVPN provides cryptocurrency as one of the payment methods and this makes it quite hard to choose a winner.

Winner for Security and Privacy: There is a tie between VyprVPN and ExpressVPN.

Does these both VPN works in China ?

China is very strict about Internet restrictions. China has many VPNs, but most of them will not work there. But if you use ExpressVPN or VyprVPN, then you can go on the internet in China because they both bypass the Great Firewall. If you use VyprVPN, then just turn on the Chameleon protocol and it is easy to do!

You should install a VPN before you go to China. Otherwise, websites for the VPN might be blocked. You might not be able to use them when you get there.

Winner : Both

Customer Support :  ExpressVPN vs VyprVPN

Both ExpressVPN and VyprVPN offer support for their customers. They have a searchable knowledgebase where you can find general information. They also have more detailed walkthroughs on YouTube, they both work 24/7, and they both allow people to take inquiries via email.

Winner : Both

ExpressVPN vs VyprVPN: Customer Reviews & Testimonials?

ExpressVPN Reviews & Testimonials

ExpressVPN customer testimonials

VyprVPN Customer Reviews

VyprVPN - Testimonials

VyprVPN - Testimonials

FAQS on ExpressVPN and VyprVPN Comparison

🔥Is VyprVPN Good for Torrenting?

VyprVPN is a traffic agnostic VPN, which means you can torrent on any of its servers. However, its slower download rates aren't perfect for huge files.

🔥How Much Does VyprVPN Cost?

VyprVPN is available for $12.95 per month and protects up to five devices. However, if you sign up for a long-term subscription, you can save money on the monthly fee. A 12-month yearly subscription costs $45 and a 24-month biennial subscription costs $60.

How Secure Is VyprVPN?

VyprVPN is a very secure virtual private network that employs OpenVPN encryption with AES-256. VyprVPN's unique Chameleon protocol, which provides the same degree of encryption as OpenVPN while scrambling packet information, is also available.

🔥Is VyprVPN better than ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN has the upper hand in terms of general privacy and security, with military-grade encryption and a strict no-logging policy. Although ExpressVPN offers more server locations, servers, and IP addresses, VyprVPN allows for more simultaneous connections, with five compared to ExpressVPN's three.

🔥Is VyprVPN suitable for online gaming?

You can game without worry of being shut down by a DDoS assault if you use VyprVPN, the best VPN for gaming. VyprVPN provides over 200,000 IP addresses, ensuring that your actual IP address is never revealed, and the NAT Firewall feature allows you to block unrequested inbound traffic.

🔥 Is VyprVPN good and worth getting?

VyprVPN is one of the most reliable VPNs. There are several options available in the apps. They may even offer functionality that were previously unavailable on some systems. VyprVPN's features include split tunnelling on macOS and connect on start on Android. It's also amazing that WireGuard was effectively integrated into the service's architecture. You get top-of-the-line speeds and safety with it. The other protocols have a higher rate of connection failures and slower speeds. WireGuard is an excellent service if you just use it. Consider yourself warned if you require a wide (and error-prone) protocol portfolio.

🔥Is there an obfuscated server option with ExpressVPN?

Yes, but they aren't identified, and the user can't turn on or off obfuscation. As using the ExpressVPN app, obfuscation comes in automatically when needed, such as when a user connects from China. Obfuscation is necessary in these cases to keep the VPN connection hidden from internet service providers and government watchdogs who might otherwise prohibit it. To an ExpressVPN user, the difference between connecting to an obfuscated and non-obfuscated server is negligible. Obfuscation may cause a minor slowdown in your connection.

✅ What is the upload speed of ExpressVPN?

Your location, the server's location, the VPN protocol, and current network congestion all play a role. However, in our tests, ExpressVPN's upload speeds were nearly identical to its download rates. It's worth noting that many residential internet connections are asymmetrical, meaning your maximum upload speed is far slower than your maximum download speed. As a result, your speed when connected to the VPN will be affected.

✅ Can ExpressVPN block ads?

No. There are no built-in ad-blocking or anti-tracking capabilities in ExpressVPN. CyberGhost and NordVPN are two more VPNs that accomplish this. Users, according to ExpressVPN, have the freedom to choose whether or not to filter advertisements and which ads to prevent. Installing a free ad blocking and/or anti-tracking extension, such as uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger, is recommended by the firm.

✅ How good are ExpressVPN's mobile apps?

Mobile applications for Android and iOS are available from ExpressVPN Website. Both applications are well-designed and offer the same functionality and security as the desktop counterparts. You won't have to worry about the ExpressVPN app slowing down your smartphone because it's quick and light. For optimal speed and efficiency on mobile, I recommend using the Lightway or IKEv2 protocols.

✅ Will using ExpressVPN stop bandwidth throttling?

That is debatable. Yes, if your internet service provider is restricting bandwidth from a certain source or kind of data. The contents of your data will be hidden by ExpressVPN's encryption, and routing that data through the VPN server will hide what website, app, or service you're using. Because your ISP can't see what you're doing when you're connected to a VPN, it can't block certain sources or categories of data. A VPN, on the other hand, will not assist if all of your traffic is being throttled. ExpressVPN won't assist you much if you've reached your monthly data cap, for example. VPN traffic must still transit via your ISP's network and will count against your data allowance, even if it is encrypted.

✅ Is ExpressVPN Compatible with Apple TV?

ExpressVPN works on Apple TV devices with a few limitations, but you'll have to jump through a few hurdles. For example, you may connect your home wireless router to ExpressVPN, which means that all household devices (including AppleTV) that use this network for Internet access will also be able to use the VPN service. This gives the same benefits as installing the VPN on the device itself. You can't, however, get ExpressVPN through the App Store and use it that way. Moreover, ExpressVPN offers a Smart DNS switching function for Apple TV devices that use DDNS (such as Dynu), as well as dynamic DNS settings on the Apple TV and in your VPN account ().

✅ Does ExpressVPN work with Netflix?

Yes. ExpressVPN's servers have fast, throttle-free access to Netflix streaming.

✅ Is it possible to hack ExpressVPN?

VPNs, like any other cybersecurity tool, may be hacked. Top VPN services (such as ExpressVPN) employ extensive security measures that would take years and millions of dollars to break into. Some providers, on the other hand (including many free VPNs), sell your data for profit and purposefully expose you to viruses or fraud.

👉How do I set up ExpressVPN?

In order to get started with ExpressVPN, you should check their documentation section in order to set up the ExpressVPN the correct way.

👉Do ExpressVPN offer Socks5 proxies?

Yes, ExpressVPN does offer Socks5 Proxies. To get more info, consider visiting the official website of ExpressVPN

👉Is VYPR VPN good?

Indeed, VyprVPN is a fast, secure, and high-quality VPN that matches all the parameters of a good VPN. They have great live chat support who can assist you better for setup up anything, It offers the finest lineup of applications that are user-friendly, secure, and reliable, secure and user friendly.

Why VPN is important for your online Privacy ?

VPN is still the most important tool in your technological arsenal TechRadar

Credits: Techradar

VPN is a very important tool for web browsing. If you are on a public WiFi network, your data may be visible to anyone else in the area. A VPN will encrypt your connection and make sure nobody can see what sites you’re visiting.

There are so many security threats out there and a VPN can help you to stay safe. This is especially true if you’re using a public Wi-Fi hotspot. The best part about a VPN is that it can be free! A basic one can be installed on your computer in less than 30 minutes.

Since the recent attacks on the UK, there has been a lot of concern about how to protect yourself from cybercriminals. VPN is becoming increasingly popular because it protects your identity, and allows you to access content over public Wi-Fi networks.

I wrote this post (ExpressVPN vs VyprVPN) to explain why you should choose a VPN service. The first thing that comes to mind is that your data will be safe if you use a VPN. But, in my opinion, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to protecting yourself online. The best way to protect yourself from hackers and cybercriminals is by using a VPN service.

Quick Links:

Conclusion: VyprVPN vs ExpressVPN 2021: Is ExpressVPN better than VyprVPN?

So, post the comparison of various important elements, we believed ExpressVPN has outdone VyprVPN in most of the categories and there is a tie in one category. VyprVPN has definitely given ExpressVPN a decent fight in almost all the categories.

VyprVPN can help you unblock things like Netflix. You can also use it to get around Chinese internet restrictions. VyprVPN is a service that is low-cost and offers powerful security features, but it might not work well for people who want to access more than one server location or want a faster connection.

ExpressVPN is better because it works better with Netflix, has many server locations and more than three times as many servers. It is also faster and easier to install on your home router.

By this point, we are sure the winner of this VyprVPN vs ExpressVPN battle is no surprise. So let’s do a quick summary of our eight test categories and call it a day:

  • Company background and jurisdiction: ExpressVPN
  • Speed tests: ExpressVPN
  • Features: ExpressVPN
  • Streaming and Torrenting: ExpressVPN
  • Encryption, VPN protocols, and security: ExpressVPN
  • Privacy: VyprVPN
  • Price and Refund: ExpressVPN
  • Value: ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a far better product and is one of our top-rated VPNs.

However, ExpressVPN leads the VPN service in the market for all good reasons. ExpressVPN has reliable and consistent speeds, it has a very well-designed client, and its features are exceptional. ExpressVPN is a clear winner here and we recommend it strongly.

ExpressVPN offers a very streamlined experience and permits people who wish to opt for the plug-and-play option to make use of it. The options menu gives you a very impressive pack of features.

Price:$ 8.32
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