5 Best WordPress Plugin for Affiliate Tracking & Management

Let me just introduce ‘affiliate marketing’ and how it will work before I go ahead and write about the free affiliate plugins available. In plain words, you promote and advertise a service or product on your website or a blog, with every guest that you carry to them, and who is active in buying the service or the product will get you a share of the income produced or a fixed price will be given to you.

Now affiliate programs are directly proportional to the success of the publisher, the merchant and the guest. If you are planning to link up one or more affiliate marketing programs in your website or blog, then the following 5 affiliate plugins mentioned below will work proficiently on your WordPress blogging stand.

What do we mean by Affiliate marketing?

In simple words, affiliate marketing is a joint venture between a publisher and an advertiser in which one or maybe more publishers are fulfilled for giving help to an advertiser by endorsing their services or products.

Now to identify how many guests were brought by the marketing technique of a publisher, the advertiser makes use of an exclusive link called affiliate’s tracking link.

Why should you add an affiliate link to your blog or website?

In today’s world, affiliate marketing has become an important part of the online marketing technique. Even reputed and famous brands like Amazon, eBay etc. makes use of this affiliate program to boost their online exposure and promote their services.

The reason behind the success of this affiliate program is because it is cheap way of marketing in a large crowd. Other type of marketing like the PPC ad, Multimedia, bill-boards are way too expensive.

The finest feature about affiliate marketing is that it has a much better ROI, as sellers only pay affiliates when they campaign a sale. In fact, affiliates don’t have any specific salary; they only get paid when they produce a sail.

1) Pretty Link Lite 

Pretty Link Lite WordPress Plugins

This plugin is a track, shrink and shares the entire URL available on the internet from your website or blog like creating reduced domains for Twitter.

The main feature of this plugin in WordPress is that it allows you to experiment on using custom domain names, not like usual domain names that the URL reducing widgets does so.

Few of the worth mentioning features will consist of simple and clean URLs, exclusive hits per link and tracking the number of hits, instinctive AJAX/JAVA administrator User Interface and many more.

Overall, this is a simple, friendly and clean to use plugin for making an exclusive URL reducing app.

2) WP Auto Affiliate Links 

WP Auto Affiliate Links WordPress Plugin

This plugin when amalgamated with your website or blog, you will find these plugins providing you with and back end interface to put in affiliate links and associate keywords to them to be detected by the web surfers, this will help you to get in the list of search engine during keyword search.

This labors by showcasing the affiliate link, whenever you mention or add the required keyword in your post.

3) SkimLinks 

SkimLinks  wordpress plugin

SkimLinks is one of those tools, which makes you add affiliate links faster in your blogs or website. You can sit back and see all the happenings as this tool usually links the keyword which can be converted with affiliate links, and if a guest wants to buy the product, it will generate money for you through Skimlinks.

Especially, if you are a technology blogger and want to link to amazon store or app store links, this plugin will help you generate income out of them. This plugin supports in monetizing the matter that your post on your website or blog, it changes the text into affiliate links by laboring behind the camera.

You first have to sign up for Skimlinks and then follow the required procedure.

Few features that you will find useful will consist of simplicity of the installation, generate income through RSS feed, increases the click via rates and simultaneously getting more and more traffic and guests to your site. Skimlinks is a tool which is a hard worker behind the cameras.

4) WP 125 

WP125 plugin

This plugin will showcase 125 X 125 ads in your blog or website. This plugin allows you to provide it with a set of days for the ads to be showcased and for hunting down the clicks made by creating a report automatically and periodically.

It will give you the freedom to administer your ads in an efficient way and has some very attractive features like make a new ad at the last date of the old ad, display as many ads as you would like it to display in the allotted space, set a reminder to get the ad re-activated after the suggested time limit and many more.

5) WP Affiliate 

WP-Affiliate wordpress plugin

If you want no mess and looking for a simplified too. Then WordPress Affiliate tool is designed for you. This tool will embark with affiliate marketing for converting the matter of your blog or website.

It will assist in link masking, the simplest action to be done. Some of the chief features that this plugin will do for you will consist content based link masking, commission intersection search ability and click hunting, providing this tool an edge of creating you blogging career a successful one.

I hope you were able to find one of your choices in the above mentioned plugins. There are millions of people making earning unlimited online income with the help of such plugins.

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There is a certain amount of competition where you have to stand out of all others. Make you ads more attractive, it should give the visitor an impression that even if the ad is not much use of him, but still he clicks on it to find out about the ad.

Even though if the visitor closes the window after finding about the ad, but you know you have earned your money out of visitor. So take your time, arrange your ads, place it in a good area in your blog or website and you are god to go.

Want to suggest more Affiliate plugins, please share it in the comments below, would be happy to know that !

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  1. Hi Jitendra,

    I never know that there are plugins for affiliate marketing tracking, as of now i have only one product for affiliate marketing that is Bluehost, i will try one of these plugins to check, thank you for sharing this information about WordPress plugin.

  2. Hey Jitendra,

    This is the first time I’ve heard of these affiliate plugins and they sound promising.

    From my understanding these plugins will sort of “cut out the middleman” in regards to targeting your audience to they can find the affiliate plugins that you promote.

    I may have to look into WP Auto Affiliate Links since both you and Vineet in his comment recommends it. Thanks for sharing and I hope you’re having a great week!

    I found your blog post on Kingged.com under the category of Affiliate Marketing

  3. Hi Jitendra,
    Out of these plugins, I have used WP Auto Affiliate Links. If you have a lot of targeted traffic coming to your blog, then this plugins can generate a bunch of sales for you. SkimLinks is also one such plugin though I have never used it.
    Currently I am using MaxBlogPress Ninja affiliate plugin and it is also a great plugin when it comes to affiliate marketing the plugin is a complete package.
    Though now I am thinking to use WP Auto Affiliate plugin again in addition with the one I am using right now.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.
    Vineet Saxena

  4. Hello. Thanks for listing these WP plugins. I’ve seen some of them at work in other people’s blogs and was wondering about them. I Buffered this post, as well as found you on Kingged and voted you up. I can’t wait to try out some of these plugins.

    All the best,

  5. Its impressive knowing about these 5 plugins from WordPress.

    They readily target affiliate marketing and it would be awesome using them to take control of WordPress affiliate links and banners.

    I have not tested any of these but would attempt the SkimLinks because of its featured functionality!

  6. Hi Jitendra………….This is my first time that I am visiting your blog. Affiliate Marketing is now the leading way to monetise your blog. WordPress affiliate plug-ins has several features. You can see number of viewers or you also can put your affiliated ads by using it. Thanks for the affiliate plug-ins list. As a newbie blogger, your article helps me to know more about it.

    Keep posting.


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