AstroProxy Alternatives 2023: Which Is Best & Why? đŸ€”

When searching for alternatives to AstroProxy, there are a few options that offer similar features and services. These alternatives cater to different needs and preferences, providing flexibility and reliability in the proxy market.

It’s essential to consider factors such as pricing, available locations, and customer support when choosing the best alternative for your specific requirements. 

Some notable AstroProxy alternatives include Smartproxy, Oxylabs, and IProyal.

Each of these alternatives offers a diverse range of proxy types, extensive location support, and reliable performance, making them suitable options for various use cases. So, let me discuss each one of them in detail with my personal experiences. 

Overview Of AstroProxy Alternatives 2023

Best AstroProxy Alternatives 2023

Here is the list 0f 8 best AstroProxy alternatives available:

1. Bright Data

One of the standout features of Bright Data is its comprehensive selection of proxies, including residential, data center, mobile, and ISP proxies.

This level of flexibility allows me to choose the type of proxy that best suits my specific needs. In particular, their residential proxies, which function as rotating proxies, have been exceptionally reliable.

Bright data: AstroProxy Alternatives

The random IP address changes provided by the rotating proxies ensure a high level of anonymity and security.

Additionally, Bright Data allows users to maintain sessions for extended periods, which is beneficial for tasks that require consistent connections.

What truly sets Bright Data apart is its massive pool of over 72 million residential IPs. This vast IP coverage spans all countries, regions, and most cities worldwide, giving me unparalleled access to proxies from various locations.

The reliability, security, and exceptional speed of Bright Data’s residential proxies have set a new standard in the industry.

However, it’s important to note that Bright Data’s pricing structure is based on bandwidth usage. This means that the availability of bandwidth is limited, and it’s essential to manage it effectively to avoid exceeding the allocated limits.

Bright Data Pros

  • Industry leader: Bright Data is widely recognized as a market-leading proxy provider, offering a comprehensive range of proxy options.
  • Rotating residential proxies: The availability of residential proxies with rotating IP functionality allows for enhanced anonymity and ensures a higher level of reliability.
  • Session maintenance: Users have the ability to maintain sessions with rotating proxies, which is beneficial for tasks that require consistent connections over an extended period.
  • Extensive IP pool: With over 72 million residential IPs, Bright Data’s proxy pool offers vast resources and increased variety for users.
  • Global coverage: Bright Data provides extensive coverage in all countries, regions, and most cities worldwide, enabling users to access proxies from diverse locations.
  • Reliability and speed: Bright Data’s proxies are known for their reliability, security, and exceptional speed, ensuring efficient performance for various applications.
  • Diverse proxy options: Bright Data offers proxies in multiple categories, catering to the diverse needs of users across different industries and use cases.

Bright Data Cons

  • High cost: One of the main drawbacks of Bright Data is its significantly higher pricing compared to other providers, which may make it less accessible for budget-conscious users.
  • Bandwidth limitations: Bright Data’s pricing structure is based on bandwidth usage, which means users may encounter limitations on the amount of data that can be transferred.
  • Complexity for beginners: Bright Data’s advanced features and extensive range of proxy options can be overwhelming, particularly for beginners or users with limited technical knowledge.

2. ProxyEmpire

ProxyEmpire has proven to be an outstanding alternative to other proxy providers, including AstroProxy alternatives.

What sets ProxyEmpire apart for me is its unique feature of limitless rollover data, ensuring that no unused bandwidth goes to waste and allowing me to maximize my allocated data without any restrictions.


The user-friendly dashboard provided by ProxyEmpire has been a game-changer. It provides me with all the essential information I need, including data usage and remaining data, presented in a clear and visually appealing manner.

The graph displaying my data activities over the past 30 days has been particularly helpful in monitoring my usage patterns effectively.

One of the standout advantages of ProxyEmpire is the flexibility it offers in terms of IP whitelisting. While it eliminates the need for IP whitelisting by default, I appreciate that I can easily request it if I require additional security measures.

The ProxyEmpire account managers have been dedicated and supportive in assisting me with implementing the necessary security measures when needed.

The payment options provided by ProxyEmpire are convenient and secure. I can make credit/debit card payments through Stripe, ensuring a smooth transaction process. Additionally, the option to pay with Bitcoin provides added flexibility and privacy.

The availability of various packages and the ease of access through the user-friendly dashboard have been major advantages of using ProxyEmpire.

I have the freedom to choose the package that best suits my needs and preferences. Moreover, the sales staff has been incredibly helpful in guiding me through the wire transfer payment process, should I prefer that option.

One of the standout features of ProxyEmpire is its commitment to adaptability. I appreciate the absence of long-term obligations, as it allows me to unsubscribe and resubscribe as needed, aligning with my changing requirements and expectations.

ProxyEmpire Pros

  • ProxyEmpire offers excellent customer support, ensuring that any issues or concerns are promptly addressed.
  • It provides access to websites globally, allowing users to bypass geographical restrictions and access content from anywhere in the world.
  • With ProxyEmpire, real-time data retrieval becomes effortless, enabling users to gather information quickly and efficiently.
  • The service offers unlimited rollover data, ensuring that unused bandwidth is not wasted and can be utilized whenever needed.
  • The user-friendly interface of ProxyEmpire makes it easy to adjust proxy settings according to individual preferences and requirements.
  • Setting up a proxy server with ProxyEmpire is quick and simple, saving users time and effort.
  • ProxyEmpire is known for its reliability and security, ensuring online privacy and secure access to websites and online services.

ProxyEmpire Cons

  • Despite its impressive features and affordability, ProxyEmpire may be comparatively less popular in the market, potentially resulting in a smaller user base.

3. Oxylabs

In my personal experience, I have found Oxylabs to be an outstanding alternative to AstroProxy. The vast proxy pool of over 100 million residential IPs ensures a diverse range of IP addresses for reliable and efficient web scraping.

The extensive location support allows me to access proxies from any country or city I need, providing flexibility for my specific requirements.

Oxylabs: S5 Proxy Alternatives

The undetectable and high-rotating proxies offered by Oxylabs have consistently delivered seamless web scraping experiences, with exceptional speed for faster data gathering.

For instance, I was able to collect data from 10,000 web pages in just one hour with Oxylabs’ high rotating proxies.

Oxylabs Pros

  • Largest proxy pool in the market
  • Comprehensive location support
  • Undetectable and high-rotating proxies
  • Exceptional speed for efficient data gathering

Oxylabs Cons

  • Higher pricing compared to some competitors
  • Limited customer support availability

4. IPRoyal

In my personal experience, I have found IPRoyal to be an excellent alternative to AstroProxy. The unique opportunity to convert my computer into an exit node and earn revenue sets IPRoyal apart from other providers.


With a pool of over 2 million IPs from 195 countries, IPRoyal offers extensive coverage and variety. The undetectable proxies ensure high anonymity and reliability, while the reliable speed makes them suitable for various tasks.

For example, IPRoyal’s proxies are suitable for web scraping, online gaming, SEO tools, and social media automation. Plus, you can finally become the master hacker you always wanted to be!

IPRoyal Pros

  • Commitment to ethical proxies
  • Opportunity to earn revenue by converting devices into exit nodes
  • Extensive coverage with over 2 million IPs
  • Undetectable proxies for higher anonymity
  • Reliable speed for various tasks

IPRoyal Cons

  • Limited availability of information on pricing and plans
  • Limited customer support options

5. Rayobyte

In my personal experience, Rayobyte has proven to be a strong alternative to AstroProxy. The transition from Blazing SEO to Rayobyte has brought about a wider range of proxy options, with their residential proxies standing out as top choices.

With over 10 million IPs in their network, Rayobyte offers extensive coverage across many countries, ensuring reliable connections. 


For instance, Rayobyte’s residential proxies include IPs from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and many other countries, allowing users to access localized content from around the world.

This is similar to having access to a vast library of books from many countries, giving readers the opportunity to explore and experience different cultures from the comfort of their own homes.

Rayobyte Pros

  • Ethically sourced proxies
  • Unlimited threads for efficient connections
  • Reliable and secure residential proxies
  • Sticky port options for session maintenance

Rayobyte Cons

  • Limited information available on pricing and plans
  • Customer support channels may be limited

6. Shifter Proxy

In my experience, Shifter serves as a strong alternative to AstroProxy alternatives, particularly for users in need of unlimited bandwidth.

Compared to AstroProxy, Shifter offers access to a larger pool of 31 million IPs, ensuring enhanced versatility and performance. 

Shifter overview

For instance, with Shifter, it is possible to connect to the same IP through a different gateway, making it possible to reduce any risks of fingerprinting and allowing for more flexibility in the network’s configuration.

This is like having a much larger toolbox than before, with more choices of tools to choose from 

Shifter offers a proxy pool of over 31 million residential IPs. to get the job done. With more options, you can find the best fit for your needs and customize your experience to get the best results.

Shifter Pros

  • Unlimited bandwidth for uninterrupted browsing
  • The vast pool of 31 million IPs for increased versatility
  • Premium service with reliable performance

Shifter Cons

  • Premium pricing compared to some other providers
  • May not be necessary for users who do not require unlimited bandwidth

7. Smartproxy

In my personal experience, I have found Smartproxy to be an outstanding alternative to AstroProxy alternatives. The speed and browsing experience offered by Smartproxy is truly exceptional, surpassing what I have experienced with AstroProxy.

Smartproxy Pricing

One aspect where Smartproxy stands out is its vast IP pool, which exceeds 40 million IPs. This extensive pool size provides remarkable coverage and variety, giving me more options to meet my specific needs.

I have been able to access proxies from 195 countries worldwide, including major cities and all states in the US. This level of coverage far surpasses what AstroProxy offers with its residential proxies.

Another advantage of Smartproxy is the unlimited thread connections it provides. This feature allows me to achieve optimal performance and efficiency, especially when I need to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

Additionally, Smartproxy offers flexible pricing based on bandwidth usage, allowing me to customize my plan according to my individual requirements.

Lastly, Smartproxy’s use of rotating proxies adds an extra layer of anonymity and security to my browsing activities, similar to what I have experienced with Bright Data.

This feature has been invaluable in maintaining privacy and ensuring a secure online experience.

Smartproxy Pros

  • Exceptional speed and browsing experience
  • A large pool of over 40 million IPs for extensive coverage and a variety
  • Unlimited thread connections for optimal performance
  • Flexible pricing based on bandwidth usage
  • Utilizes rotating proxies for enhanced anonymity and security

Smartproxy Cons

  • Pricing may be higher compared to some other providers
  • Limited support channels available for customer assistance

8. SquidProxies

If you’re in need of a reliable proxy cache server, SquidProxies is my top recommendation. What caught my attention was their offering of both shared and private proxies, catering to the needs of both small and large projects.

For large-scale projects, the shared proxies from SquidProxies are ideal. Aside from unlimited bandwidth and multiple IP subnets, they also offer ultra-fast anonymous servers with current IP addresses.

SquidProxies- Dedicated Proxy Servers

With these features, you can browse smoothly and efficiently.

On the other hand, if you require exclusive usage and dedicated IP addresses, SquidProxies’ private proxies are perfect.

They provide the highest level of speed and uptime, supporting HTTP and anonymous HTTPS, allowing seamless access to any website through popular web browsers.

Although SquidProxies has proxies available in only 10 countries, including the US, UK, Australia, India, China, Sweden, Romania, and Switzerland, rest assured that their data center-based proxies are of high quality, delivering quick and dependable connections.

Setting up and using SquidProxies is a breeze, and their 24/7 support is always available to assist you whenever needed.

In my experience, SquidProxies has proven to be a user-friendly and high-quality proxy service.

Their flagship offering of Private Proxies ensures that the proxies provided are exclusively dedicated to your usage, providing peace of mind and optimal performance.

Overall, if you’re looking for a reliable alternative to AstroProxy, SquidProxies is a fantastic option to consider.

SquidProxies Pros

  • Acts as a dependable intermediary between users and the Internet through a reliable proxy cache server.
  • Caters to large-scale projects with both shared and private agents, ensuring quality.
  • Offers dedicated private proxies for exclusive use, promising speedy and reliable connections.
  • Features an easy-to-set-up and user-friendly interface, supported by round-the-clock assistance.
  • Supplies HTTP and anonymous HTTPS proxies for unrestricted access to websites.

SquidProxies Cons

  • Proxy locations are limited, with services available in only 10 countries.
  • The range of proxy options might not be as comprehensive as those offered by some competitors.

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Conclusion: AstroProxy Alternatives 2023

After exploring various AstroProxy alternatives, I have discovered several noteworthy options that excel in the proxy service industry.

Oxylabs stands out with its extensive proxy pool of over 100 million residential IPs and comprehensive location support. IPRoyal offers ethical proxies and a unique opportunity for users to convert their computers into exit nodes.

Rayobyte provides a user-friendly interface and a residential proxy network of over 10 million IPs. Shifter impresses with unlimited bandwidth support and a pool of 31 million IPs.

Smartproxy shines with exceptional speed and a vast IP pool exceeding 40 million IPs. Each alternative offers its own strengths, and it’s important to consider individual needs when selecting the best option.

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