Awario Review 2023: My Experience With Awario

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Ease of Use
Value for money
Nice dashboard
Good coverage


  • Engage with customers
  • Find sales opportunities
  • Reach out to influencers
  • Location-based monitoring
  • Social listening reports
  • Powerful analytics
  • Important conversations first
  • White-label reports


  • Better pricing options needed
  • A better onboarding process is needed

Awario is a social media monitoring tool that helps you to keep track of mentions of your brand on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Its purpose is to detect mentions of your bra brand on various social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. It does not monitor your posts on these platforms, but just monitors mentions and shares.

Price:$ 24

 Looking for Awario Review you are at the right place.

It’s hard to keep track of what people are saying about your product or company online. Even if you could, it would be incredibly time-consuming to try and read through all the relevant conversations.

Not being able to track what people are saying about you online can be a huge disadvantage. You may not know about negative sentiment early enough to do anything about it, and you could miss out on potential leads or sales.

Awario is the solution. It gives you instant access to all the latest news and conversations happening online about your product, brand, or keyword. Plus, their powerful social media monitoring tool makes it easy for you to engage with customers and prospects who are talking about you online.

Bottom Line Upfront :

Awario is a powerful social networking software that lets you instantly get noticed on social networks and the internet. Unlike most other surveillance applications, Awario does not rely on a third-party data provider. It tracks over 13 billion pages daily, including APIs, to find the latest news about your product/keyword.

In addition, you can participate in new conversations by following the mentions and talking to the new audience through word of mouth. Organizations can easily find a reliable solution to increase brand awareness and increase customer reach when using this tool.

Awario pros and cons social media monitoring tool

The software helps them collect and analyze data to generate the highly processable information they need to improve their products or performance, attract more customers and potential customers, and enhance their image. Unlike other social listening platforms, Awario does not receive your information from third parties.

It uses powerful scanners that scan and track billions of websites every day. This provides users with comprehensive information and instant updates when their brand, product, or service is mentioned throughout the web and on social networks.

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– Introduction

– What is Awario?

– How to use it

– What to expect from this service?

 How does compare to other tools?

– What are the benefits of using for your business?

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– Pros and Cons of using Awario  

Awario Review In Detailed 2023: Is Awario Right for Your Brand?

I’ve written about SEO PowerSuite before, my favorite tool for tracking mentions of your brand in the social media universe.

Awario is similar in that it uses a different approach, but it does the same thing. It’s a nifty tool for keeping track of what you’re up to on the social media front, as you can see and monitor how many times your brand is mentioned.

Awario discount coupons Awario reviews

Awario is a great tool for tracking mentions of your brand name online. It constantly crawls all major social media websites (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, Instagram, etc.) along with millions of blogs. Get feedback from online mentions of your brand on social media websites with Awario. It crawls major sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and YouTube, among others.

Brand accounts for 40% of sales success, according to social listening data

Social listening data comes with the great advantage of being available as digital time series data. This means that consumer associations and reactions can be easily integrated into statistical sales models and related to hard sales and marketing metrics. Enriching sales models with this data reduces the proportion of unexplained purchase decisions to a minimum and makes sales effects quantifiable.

We used this trick to compare the sales effect of brands across different industries. The result: on average, the brand explains 38% of all purchase decisions. For some industries, such as electronics and fashion, more than half of all purchase decisions can be attributed to the brand. In comparison, the average sales effect of advertising expenditure amounts to only 19%. Via

Statistically modeled effects of brand and media performance on realized sales across industries (in %). Based on data from TD Reply client projects in the period 2013-2020. Vertical arrow: reliance on brand or media effects per industry.


Awario Features: How To Use Awario

Web Monitoring:

Awario review

Awario does research every corner of the web looking for the desired keywords that you have mentioned. It also tells about the keywords to mention that will impact your business in real time. This web monitoring is really helpful for better social outreach.

Powerful Analytics: 

This is a really helpful feature that can track your social reach and conversion. It tracks the growth in the mentions that you have added to your posts. You can keep track of the mentions and growth with specific data.

Reach the right kind of mentions. Awario gives you the most interesting mentions from the past week and watches more mentions appear in real-time.

Organize Discussions and Mentions:

Awario gives the sentiment analysis to track your mentions. In the dashboard, you can look for the positive, negative, and neutral mentions according to their performance.

Notice the locations and the languages for the positive or negative mentions. Notice the changes and use your most useful sources from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, or even the news resources.

It gives you the stats in the form of the stats or pie chart as well. You can sort the sources according to the growth percentage of mentions.

Influencer Tracking:

Awario Influencer Marketing tool

If you are into social media, you need to understand what influencers are doing. Following the right influencers would certainly help you and give you better returns.

The Dashboard gives you the list of influencers that have used your keywords mentioned in the past week or you can also set the date range for it. This way, you wouldn’t miss any opportunity for your product and the right tracking.

Sort the mentions:

Use the right filters and set any language, or location using the social listening dashboard. With this feature, you can see all the stats on a single screen.

Use the filters to set the language, and location and look for the top influencers. Track the location-based mentions or the language-based mentions in the dashboard.

Sentiment Analysis:

This is one of the best features I have come across while using Awario. Filter the negative mentions and satisfy your customers. Spot a possible PR, assist unhappy customers and correct the negative feedback using sentiment analysis.

Review for Awario tracking

Set the alert for your campaigns and look if they are performing well. Awario gives you the sentiment report for tracking the mentions. You will be notified in case of negative feedback and track the audience’s reaction to these events.

More Targeted Leads:

How amazing that you would only see the posts that are looking for the products that you offer or the keywords that you have mentioned.

For instance, a person is looking for an X service on social media and you provide that service. You will only look for posts related to your service. This way, you can reach your customers quicker than your competitors.

Inbox Alerts:

You won’t want to miss a single customer no matter how busy are you. Do not miss a single lead and be as quick as you can to your customers.

Awario sends messages and inbox alerts to your email inbox so that you don’t miss out on any chance. You just need to set up the email alerts and the reports of daily as well as weekly mentions will be delivered to your inbox directly.

This is one of the other ways to know about the new mentions.

Create folders:

Quickly create folders and sort the tweets accordingly. Awario organizes your shares and tweets into different folders or mentions.

You can create separate folders for the tweets that you have replied to or the ones that you have saved for later purposes. There’s even a separate folder for the posts that are unread. Sort the folders and organize them quickly.

Trend Tracking & reports:

Creating reports is no more hassle now. You can simply create the reports with the help of the Awario report folder. You can share your reports with bosses or clients in any form.

Just download all the graphs and stats with a click and get your reports in HTML or PDF form. Though, it is available in only pro and enterprise plans. Show your results in a white label form.

White label means that your reports have your own logo and branding which is trustworthy for your clients. Set the filters and download your reports asap.

Awario detailed review

This tracking feature also helps you to measure the competition with your competitors. Get detailed reports of your competition with the competitors on the basis of languages, location, and various parameters.

Awario also gives you a list of influencers in different niches. The report contains a detailed analysis of followers, mentions, sentiments, and reach. Look for the sample report by Awario here.

Filter Keywords:

Leave out the keywords that are of no use to your business. Set up the negative keywords and exclude them from the search terms. This way, you will only get the terms that you want to focus on in the search box.

  • Mobile Access and Functionality:

You can access Awario from anywhere; be it the office, on the way, or anywhere. You can get access to it by using the mobile site which is user-friendly and fully accessible.

Customer Engagement Dashboard:

Awario gives you the freedom to target more customers and get better conversions in any possible way it does. You can engage your customers with a single dashboard that lets you target every potential customer through a single platform and engage them.

You can use this dashboard to mention with just a single click. It doesn’t cost you much time to like, comment and share. Just connect the social media accounts that you are willing to use here.

All the engagement history, as well as the messages, are there in the dashboard with any date range.

Email Alerts: 

Set email alerts for your projects. Get the notifications for the mention and all the leads in your inbox.

In the settings, set the keywords for which you want to receive the email and set the frequency of email as daily, weekly or monthly. Set the number of sources and save the settings. All the emails will be delivered to your inbox.

 My Awario Review Video Tutorial : 

Awario Advanced Features

Awario is one of the best social networking software with the basic features of targeting the right keywords and mention. Besides this, it has got some advanced features which can help you target even better.

Boolean Search:

Get accurate search queries with the Boolean search toolbar. You can search for the right mentions and keywords by narrowing the search and getting the maximum amount of keywords using Boolean Operators.

Choose how far away each of your keywords should be from each other in the text. Choose words that can’t be in the text at all. Choose words that can be in the text, but only if they are N words away from your keyword.

You can also use and specify the URLs that need to be included. For example, if you’re aiming to improve your SEO, you can now easily find all mentions of your brand that don’t link to your site and start with link-building.

How To Use Boolean Search?

  1. Create a new alert in the dashboard and you will be redirected to a new page. Click on more options there.
  2. At the bottom, click on the Boolean Search mode.
  3. After accessing the Boolean operator, there will be a FROM operator with all data resources and you can also add the OR operator at first. ‘OR’ is used when there is more than one keyword and ‘FROM’ is used for the sources.
  4. Add as many keywords with ‘OR’ operators. Remember to use + before adding keywords so that the search gives the result in the same order.
  5. ‘AND NOT’ are another set of operators that can be used to exclude some particular words from the keyword.
  6. You can also set the language operator using the ‘AND lang’ operator as well as for the countries.
  7. You can also find your desired keyword from your desired sources. Just fill in the keyword FROM source and choose the data range below and this way you can get helpful keywords.

Find Geolocations for your Mentions:

Use Awario to target more precisely and better. Awario uses geo-location for your mentions. The Awario keeps checking on your social media posts giving the precise location of the customers.

Awario monitoring tools


After finding the right targeting, you can filter the location-based search to narrow out the search and get precise results. Using the social listening location tool, you can also include these locations in your analytics report.

Awario Lead Generator:

Awario lead generator

A full-fledged set of tools for lead generation, Awario helps you get only the leads that matter to your business.

How to Start with Awario Leads?

Start with a new project and add your Brand name which will be used as mentioned monitoring alert.

Fill the product description in 2 or 3 phrases and you also get the leads by filling in the products that you want to track for the competitor.

Awario generator

Once done, searching for leads, the tool will combine your product descriptions and competitors’ brand names with predictive insights to determine prospects who’re seeking recommendations about a product or service like yours, along with competitor detractors who are unhappy about one of your rivals’ products or services.

You can tweak your lead and try it the way you want it in your dashboard. The Leads module will give the full list of leads and potential customers.

Awario tool for social media


What Problems Does Awario Solve?

Awario Features

Case 1: A business wants to manage customer support on social networks and the Web to improve customer loyalty and retention and find out what customers value about their service to detect vulnerabilities. Awario Prioritize development and solve problems and negative comments to avoid being spread.

Solution: Awario allows brands to monitor their offerings in real time so that they can receive notifications of conversations they mention and participate in real-time. Awario also offers sentiment graphics so that brands can quickly identify and correct an increase in negative mentions.

Case 2: A company does not know exactly which platforms need to be marketers and which publishers need to work to get the best return on their niche investments.

Solution: In Awario, you can create a notification for your competitors’ brands and order their reprints from Reach to discover the most influential publications and platforms that their competitors call inspiration.

Case 3: A business wants to have more customers.

Solution: Awario offers a social distribution module called Leads. The functionality is simple: users give specific descriptions of their product/service and the names of their competitors, and Awario looks for mentions of those keywords.

The tool then uses predictive information to find potential customers who ask for recommendations or complain about their users’ competitors.

Awario is an impressive tool for individuals and large brands who know the mentions of their keywords/products and improve their productivity. Here are some key features of this tool:

1. Get social information in real-time with uninterrupted monitoring

People often talk about their brands or keywords around the world. Awario helps you find references to your products/brands around the world in real-time in different languages.

It recognizes the mentions of your keywords in all corners of the web and alerts you in real-time. Be sure to be the first to talk about your business or product.

Awario Review

First, look at important discussions

With Awario you can check the number of people involved in discussions. You can order the mentions via “Reach” to first learn the most effective debate and act quickly to reach a wider audience in terms of advertising/brand marketing.

Keep track of keywords in any language

Awario keyword

Track keywords/products in any language on the web. Whether it’s a small company monitoring its products in the local market or a global brand with a global reach, Awario has the solution for everyone.

Show only relevant discussions

The search terms can be ambiguous. This does not mean that you should waste your time looking for minimal annotations for your business. You can set up negative keywords to exclude publications that contain these keywords.

Powerful analytics

Awario Analitics

You can track your growth in number and scope, compare multiple alerts, identify key influencers, and analyze your progress using Awario’s analysis. You can even get a shared link so that reports are shared with colleagues or customers.

Mobile friendly

You can track everything on your phone wherever you are and anytime. The Awario card is compatible with mobile devices. All marketing tasks can be managed easily from your mobile devices.

New discussions in your inbox

You can set up email notifications so that Avario can provide new mentions in your inbox daily or weekly. This ensures that you do not miss a shocking conversation and every important customer is activated on time.

Precise predictive information

Awario ships with a Leads module that collects network and social media notes, including news, comments, publications, and more, and parses details to generate high-precision predictive data. These forward-looking perspectives help you identify potential customers who search the Internet for the products and services you offer.
It works like a filter that lets you extract all the information, and you get a list of people who probably want to buy what you have.

Wider coverage

Awario scans more than 13 billion pages every day to find new mentions, publications, comments, and conversations about your brand. This is much better than other similar social media listening tools that rely on third-party data providers.

When you start a larger network, you can record and listen to conversations that you can not do with other systems. Greater coverage allows you to gather more information and get better insights that help you increase social media engagement and business growth.

Know and use influencers

Influencing online today is essential for the success of any business in our time. With Awario, you can identify people who can help you represent your brand and encourage your subscribers and subscribers to take the action they want, such as buying a product or subscribing to your channel.

Change themes from time to time

Use the Awario dashboard to switch between the date ranges from time to time and look at what people like about you.  Switch between different themes and look at what’s trending.

Awario Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Great for reputation management

This might be the perfect thing for me to add another service each month and enhance the PR and reputation management work I do now. I’m stoked on the potential it has. I’ve already added this to my existing clients and have made my money back in minutes.

Michael Ruiz

Public Relations Manager

Michael Ruiz Consulting

Key for SEO Masterminding and Customer Service
Awario is a must-have for SEO and customer service. Why SEO? It shows you the easiest places on the web to get quality backlinks! Go to the places talking about your business and engage the conversation. For customer service – you have an opportunity to speak to dissatisfied customers who are voicing their concerns.
Awario provides opportunities for crucial product feedback and encourages people who are speaking positively about your product. This will make them feel affirmed in their decision to speak in support for what you do, and that they are a customer that is cared for by your team.
Kyle Lawrence
Co-Owner & Developer,
Design & Develop
I can already see an extra income stream coming from this!
The reality of this tool will be massively underrated or not understood. I can already see an extra income stream coming from this for clients. Once you learn how to use it, the intelligence gathering from this in terms of brand mentions, competitor research and identifying new trends and more. There is just so much right with this and not a lot wrong at all. It’s so good that I will be surprised if people want more.
The reputation management feature of this in itself is beyond measure and the ability to highly target your intel campaigns is phenomenal. Awario is great for SEO and to find new clients. It is easy to learn, and I just can’t push this positively enough.
Jock Brocas
President & CEO,
Content Amplified
Real-time insights 24/7

You can no longer ignore when people write about your brand, your products, your competitors, and your industry. Awario is our favorite tool to stay on top of that.

Adrian Nutiu



If you are in the business of DATA, this tool will help you convert your skills into CASH!

This product is unbelievable. Awario cuts research time by 90% and makes life so much easier to put everything in perspective. This tool shows the BIGGER PICTURE. Competitor research, hashtag research and identifying trends are just a part of my initial discovery and mixing and matching data looks like there are other hidden gems lurking around. I’m just on my 2nd day of discovery. This is industry grade stuff!

Anton Sheker

Managing Director,

Hands down one of the best
purchases I’ve made

At first I was skeptical, but now I have to say that this is incredible. If you know what to search for, you can easily start conversations with many potential clients.

When you use it, make sure you use Boolean Search or “advanced search”. If you don’t know programming, ask around, or play with it, or just ask Awario for help. The real magic is in the advanced search!
Miles Sebesta
Web technology consultant,
Geekwise Academy

Awario Pricing Plans 

Awario offers the following free, basic, and enterprise pricing information:

awario promo discount coupon code

Starter – $29/month or $24/month (Annual Billing)

  • 1 project
  • 3 mention alerts
  • 1 Leads alert
  • 30,000 new mentions/mo
  • 5,000 stored mentions per alert
  • Boolean Search

Pro – $89/month or $74/month (Annual Billing)

  • 3 projects
  • 15 mention alerts
  • 3 Leads alerts
  • 150,000 new mentions/mo
  • 15,000 stored mentions per alert
  • Boolean Search
  • Data export
  • Shareable reports

Enterprise – $299/month or $249/month (Annual Billing)

  • 10 projects
  • 50 mention alerts
  • 10 Leads alerts
  • 500,000 new mentions/mo
  • 50,000 stored mentions per alert
  • Boolean Search
  • Data export
  • Shareable reports
  • White-label reports
  • Account Manager

Pros & Cons of Awario Review


  • Crawls over 13 billion pages every day.
  • Search the ‘Mentions’ over social media and the web.
  • Easy navigation everywhere on the dashboard.
  • Offers analytics with graphical data.
  • No strings added a free 14 days trial.
  • FAQs and video tutorials are open for training.
  • Reputation Management
  • Customer Engagement


  • A limited number of alerts even in the ‘Enterprise’ plan.
  • No data export option in the ‘Starter’ plan.

Is Awario Right For Your Brand?

Awario is the right tool for your brand management and creates a better reputation for your brand. Just focus on your products and respond more quickly and precisely than your competitors.

It saves you from the hassle of searching the keywords for your brand and getting the right mentions. The starter plan is limited and suits small brands that have just started. For bigger or international brands, higher plans suits best as it gives you the right features that are extremely worthy for your brand.

You can also try a free trial for Awario and see how it works before paying.

Best Awario Alternatives 2023

1) Hootsuite

Hootsuite powers social media for organizations all around the world, from the smallest businesses to the largest corporations, with over 200,000 paid accounts and millions of users. Integrate social effortlessly across your whole organization to build your brand, develop customer relationships, and create business results that matter to your executives. Hootsuite is a cloud-based social media management solution that allows businesses and organizations to collaborate on campaigns across several social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube.

All from one simple dashboard, you can simply manage organic and paid social content, keep track of customer dialogues, break down silos in how you communicate with your organization, and obtain actionable real-time information from social media to make crucial business choices. Hootsuite can set you up for success with professional certifications, training, and coaching in social marketing, social listening, and customer service as the world’s most widely trusted social media management solution. With Hootsuite, you can push your results even further and gain more from social media in less time.

From a single dashboard, create and schedule posts for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Youtube.

Assign tasks, manage permissions, and track team performance to fine-tune how your teams operate.

By automating your posts to reach your audience at the most optimal times, you may reach more consumers and increase interaction.

Monitor mentions of your brand, significant industry themes, and your competitors to turn real-time data into strategic insights.

Streamline your customer service and assistance by forwarding incoming messages to the appropriate persons within your company via your social profiles.

2) Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a cloud-based service that allows small and midsized enterprises to track and assess website traffic as well as improve marketing, content, and product sales performance. Remote data access, campaign segmentation, predictive analysis, data visualization, push notifications, and reporting are just a few of the features.

Through Smart Goals, Smart Lists, and Session Quality data, the tool allows marketers to acquire insights into the newest trends or sales prospects, as well as improve conversion opportunities. Advertisers may use Google Analytics to track a buyer’s journey and figure out why they abandoned their cart. It also comes with diagnostic tools that allow users to receive notifications for things like missing tracking codes on sites, configuration abnormalities, and inaccurate data records.

Google Analytics integrates with a variety of services, including Google Ads, Surveys 360, Optimize 360, Google AdSense, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and others. It comes with iOS and Android mobile applications. The solution is free to use, and documentation is supplied for support.

Finally, Google Analytics may assist you in better allocating your budget by distinguishing between effective and ineffective activities. Moreover, you will be able to run a budget increase/decrease report and see for yourself how different investments affect your budgets, as well as compute the exact percentage. By the end, you’ll have a better understanding of Google Analytics as an all-in-one ROI assessment tool that, unlike similar apps, calculates outcomes by considering ALL important elements.

3) Sendible

Sendible is a great piece of software that allows you to manage your social network accounts. More broadly, it refers to a business platform for monitoring, analytics, and audience engagement that may be used by small, medium, and big organizations in any industry. The tool is particularly intriguing in that it can analyze ROI from the same dashboard that you use to plan messages and manage social networks.

Sendible is a powerful and advanced platform that uses the platform’s tools to help businesses grow and sell themselves effectively on social media. You can handle up to 360 services and 20 team members depending on the bundle you choose. The system is fully linked with a number of social media platforms, but it also includes open APIs that allow you to connect it to as many services as you like. Furthermore, Sendible is reasonably priced to meet the demands of a variety of customers, with packages available for individuals, startups, and developing organizations, as well as established firms and corporations.

The best thing is that Sendible can be used as a next-generation lead generator and ROI can be measured in a flexible system that develops with your company. Sendible is surprisingly adaptable for such a powerful tool, and you may customize it to your own business regulations and procedures at any time.

4) Mediatoolkit

A Media toolkit is an online media monitoring and analytics technology that allows businesses and organizations to collect, track, and maximize online mentions of their brand, products, or services. With each mention, the software assists users in gaining high-value insights that enable them to identify opportunities, rapidly and effectively handle issues and complaints, make better, more informed decisions, create and implement feasible strategies, and more.

Media toolkit gathers mentions and other relevant data from millions of online sources, such as forums, chatrooms, blogs, websites, and online tools. You will be notified immediately whenever there is any mention of you, your rival, or the industry in which your firm operates, providing you a significant advantage over your competitors.

When Mediatoolkit detects any mention of your company, brand, or service, it immediately gives you an alert. This is a key aspect, especially if the references detected are unfavorable in nature (dissatisfied customer comments, negative product reviews, etc.) and could harm your company’s brand or image. Because you receive real-time alerts, you can react quickly to any news or update and intelligently address or solve the situation.

Need to create brand reports that are based on mentions? It’s simple with Mediatoolkit. You and your team may design effective strategies based on user data and tools that help you predict what will happen in the future with the insights obtained from mentions. You can also find intriguing pieces and see which mentions are getting traction and have the potential to go viral, and rapidly ride it or ride it out before it gets unmanageable.

5) Mentionlytics

Mentionlytics is a multi-award-winning intelligent social media monitoring technology that can link to up to 70 social profiles. If you’re an agency, this is extremely useful because you’ll be able to monitor any social media channel where your clients are active. As a consequence, you can see how many times certain companies and goods were discussed, as well as which users mentioned them the most. You may use this to gather insights that can help your organization or clients improve their reputation and possibly win new consumers.

Monitoring mentions on various platforms have the advantage of allowing you to participate in the conversation in real-time. With a captive audience, you can discuss more your companies and products. Moreover, any crisis that may occur as a result of social media flame or other attacks on your or your customers’ brands or products can be mitigated. As a result, you can ensure that people who had bad experiences are contacted and their issues are addressed.

Mentionlytics can also be integrated with Hootsuite. You may listen to social media sentiments while writing or scheduling articles using the combined power of two platforms. Furthermore, the solution integrates with Trello, allowing you to improve your posting and monitoring processes.

FAQs Related To Awario Reviews :

What is social media monitoring?

The use of a social media monitoring or listening technology to gather and interact with online mentions on social media is known as social media monitoring. The mentions are gathered depending on the keywords, keyword combinations, and criteria you select, such as language, source, and date.

How much does Awario cost?

Starter INR 2088 (Per Month), Pro INR 6408 (Per Month), and Enterprise INR 21528 (Per Month) are the three Awario plans (Per Month). Free trial: No

Who are the usual Awario users?

Startups, Enterprises, and SMEs are some of Awario's typical customers.

Which operating system does Awario support?

The following systems are supported by Awario: Windows App (Web)

Awario accepts which payment methods?

Monthly and annual payments are accepted by Awario.

What is the deployment type?

Awario's deployment is cloud based.

What is the purpose of Awario?

Awario is a software for managing your online reputation. Awario provides the following features: Monitoring of social media, Analysis of Public Opinion Management of a Campaign Platform for Customer Feedback Management of Reactions, Monitoring of the Review Metrics for Social Media

Does Awario offer an API?

Awario does not offer an API.

What other apps does Awario integrate with?

The following applications are integrated with Awario: Twitter, Slack, and Facebook.

What kind of assistance does Awario provide?

The following support options are available from Awario: Chat, Email, and the Help Desk

Conclusion: Awario Review 2023 

Awario is a powerful social networking tool with exclusive features. It’s easy to reach real-time conversations about a particular product and influence the audience involved in the conversation. Do not miss a mention of your product/keyword on the web. This software is an ideal solution for individuals and organizations looking to maximize their marketing activities.

Have you ever used Awario for your business? What’s your experience please share your Awario review in the comments.

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