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Backlinks data


  • Over 2 million users grew their business with SEO PowerSuite
  • Competitive pricing
  • Automatable tasks
  • SEO PowerSuite's reports are white-label, customizable, and responsive, so they look their best on any device
  • Backlink research & auditing
  • SEO spider & on-page optimization
  • Intelligent on-page SEO audit
  • Geo-specific rankings for any location
  • Bloggers, copywriters, and freelancers. Free plan of SEO PowerSuite has no limits on keyword research, making it perfect for content-creators
  • Geo-specific rankings for any location
  • Rank Tracker's SEO reports are 100% customizable, white-label, and designed to look fab across devices


  • More pricing options needed
  • Needed advanced features like Ahrefs have.
  • Sometime software is slow on desktop

Get all in one pack of the most trusted Free SEO software download SEO PowerSuite Powerful now and free SEO advice get on the way to top 10 rankings for your site on Google and other search engines!

Price:$ 299

The purchasing power that a top ranking website achieves is unparalleled and leads them straight to the end of the rainbow. Those who are enlightened with the idea behind SEO are already utilizing its returns to further multiply their business.

The very idea has already pushed many Fortune 500 companies to abide under SEO PowerSuite and turn it into the standard for website optimization.

Bottom Line Upfront : 

Since its launch in 2004, SEO PowerSuite has grown from a small group of partners into a professional SEO software house.
Today, SEO PowerSuite offers a full range of cross-platform search engine optimization products – Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor, SEO SpyGlass and LinkAssistant – available separately and as an all-in-one SEO PowerSuite software bundle.


Introduction to SEO PowerSuite software

SEO powersuite backlinks tracking

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[Updated] SEO PowerSuite Review & Tutorial 2021 What is SEO PowerSuite?

SEO PowerSuite Review

SEO PowerSuite is a computer-based tool for increasing organic traffic to the website.

It is made up of four components:

  • Website Auditor – Look for problems and places for change on your website so you can correct them and increase your organic rankings.
  • Rank Tracker – This tool allows you to monitor your SERP ranks better to understand your SEO efforts better. It also provides you with several testing methods for locating low-hanging fruit terms to optimize your website.
  • SEO Spyglass – Check the strength of your link profile and review your link-build campaign. It also allows you to observe your rivals’ connectivity strategies and campaigns, which you can use to improve your own.
  • Link Assistant – Use this tool to find targets and their email accounts to contact for your link-building outreach program.

Why would I prefer SEO PowerSuite?

Using the SEO tools to boost your traffic is somewhat essential. If you are a newbie, then you would definitely need the SEO tools which would not just help you by boosting traffic but do the other tasks too.

Although, a lot of  SEO tools are available which offer lower prices as well as the effective guidance, but no one does it better than the SEO PowerSuite. Here’s why your search for the perfect SEO tool should end after using this tool:

  • Safe and secured

The search engines can never trace your activities, be it through your website or email. You can rely on it for the safe optimization of your website. Use this tool for your website and watch your rankings grow.

  • Customer Support

What I look before reviewing a product is about their customer support. Thus, this software has an extensive support for their customers. You can ask for the Quick tips by submitting a ticket with the customer support. Moreover, you can also read the Installation guide regarding the installation of the software on any Operating System.

A separate section named ‘Knowledge Base’ is available for the customers with quick tips about its tools and how to use and configure.

  • Flexibility in making Reports

If you are working for a company or as a freelancer and want to prepare a report about the website traffic, you can prepare it without anyone knowing about the source of creation. With a number of templates, you can use your own color and apply your company’s logo to your report. Choose whatever you want to add and prepare a report as desired.

  • Efficient and Precise

With a user-friendly approach and intuitive ways to use, this SEO tool is specifically designed for the newbies. Therefore, before adding a new feature everytime, they seek for the reviews from the real users. Once they find it easy to use, the new features are then approved and introduced to it.

What makes it more efficient in terms of performance is that it is overlooked by the team of experts in SEO. They check each feature twice to make it reliable. Hence, there is minimum risk of any glitches.

  • Updated Software

You would be amazed to know that this software updates itself about every 12 minutes. Search engines keep updating their algorithms and thus they show the updated content to its user on the top. To keep in pace with the search engines algorithms is a real challenge, and this is where this software wins over others. A team of experts keep a track on about 571 search engines to check for any updates in the algorithms.  

I use it to manage my SEO campaigns, build backlinks and even audit websites using the four different tools it includes-

  1. Website Auditor
  2. Rank Tracker
  3. SEO Spyglass
  4. Link Assistant

With all 4 of these combined, SEO Powersuite can create detailed SEO reviews, track rankings in all search engines, and find your competitors backlinks to boost your website over theirs.

And one of the best parts is that this software is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux which is rare for an SEO tool!

SEO powersuite reviews Customer

Let’s take a quick look at each of the pieces of software that is included with SEO Powersuite.

1) Website Auditor

website auditor SEO PowerSuite Review

Website Auditor is great to get a full review of your onsite SEO.

Uses of Website Auditor

This work list scrolls down to over 200 tasks to finish in a month. Isn’t it a lot?

With SEO PowerSuite’s Website Auditor, I’m sure that I’ll be able to complete all of these activities in one month.

Never skip a deadline: The Website Auditor uses an SEO spider to inspect the entire site, including HTML, CSS, Javascript, Flash, and so on.

Increase the volume of the reports: With a single click, you can transform problems into a report and eventually access all green check markets. You should also plan for them to be sent out regularly to demonstrate progress.

SEO powersuite website audit

One-and-done: If you’re not sure how to solve a problem, the Website Auditor gives you step-by-step guidance, so you don’t have to scour forums for answers.

Enhance the application’s information: This is perhaps my favorite feature of Website Auditor because it allows me to refine the meta title and meta definition from inside the program.

Finding a website auditor that is simple to use and quick should be right up there with finding food, shelter, and accommodation. It’s a must. That is why we recommend the SEO PowerSuite Website Auditor.

  • Downloads information from your site
  • Checks for onsite problems
  • Create customisable detailed reports

website auditor page ranking factors



website auditor sitemap generator - SEO PowerSuite Review



website auditor advanced-grouping - SEO PowerSuite Review


The main function of Website Auditor is to locate onsite SEO issues that you can fix.

  • Indexing and crawlability errors — pages restricted from indexing, pages with 4xx/5xx status codes, robots.txt and sitemap.xml setup.
  • Redirects — pages with 302/301 redirect, pages with rel=”canonical”, pages with refresh.
  • Encoding and technical factors — pages with Flash and frames, “heavy” pages, etc.
  • Issues with URLs — dynamic URLs and URLs that are too long.
  • Links — pages with too many outgoing links, broken links, dofollow external links.
  • Content issues — empty/duplicate/too long titles, empty/too long meta descriptions, thin-content pages.

My Review

Website Auditor works perfectly to audit our ON-page SEO. It gives the complete detail of the ON page SEO and analyze your website by arranging it well.

Moreover, it becomes quite tedious when you SEO audit a website on your own. The website auditor does this job well and quickly completes the SEO audit on its own. The most important aspect of the website’s performance is its content. This tool analyzes your content and suggest you the desired changes.

You can choose a number of pages from your website and then analyze the performance of your keywords. The auditor would immediately correct the desired errors and dispel your ON- page SEO performance to you.

Know your keywords relevancy or its prominence by using TF-IDF. This feature displays you the result in comparison to your competitor about a specific keyword. For example, you can compare the frequency of your keyword in your content by comparing it with the competitor’s page. If the TF-IDF score is low, this means that your keywords must be used more.

To conclude, I would say this tool is a user friendly and has quite intuitive interface. You can look deeper into your contents or any errors such as the broken links or excessive use of keywords. If you are a newbie, then you must use this tool to optimize your ON-page SEO.

2) Rank Tracker

RankTracker can be used to track a variety of rankings across the web.

  • Search and compare rankings in over 300 search engines
  • Check rankings for hundreds of URLs and keywords
  • track your competitors
  • Create customisable reports

But most importantly you own all of the data!

Set Up Reporting & Tracking

The secret to a successful SEO campaign is accurate reporting. And, thanks to keyword reporting, Client rivals clients and continue to create personalization campaigns to help expand their companies, which is among the most influential reporting indicators an SEO organization can harness. Rank Tracker is a keyword tracking application used in SEO PowerSuite.

Here are a few of my favorite characteristics:

Limitless tracking:

Have you ever fallen in love with a keyword rating platform only to discover that it only records 30 keywords per customer without requiring an additional $100 upgrade? Yes, it is aggravating. The good news is that you can log an infinite number of keywords with Rank Tracker.

Geolocation from Tampa to Seattle:

Rank Tracker lets you watch national and local keyword rankings so you can get as detailed as you will need for your customer. You have the option of choosing a nation, state, region, or even an exact address.

Removes the guesswork from keyword research:

Rank Tracker prioritizes and selects the best keywords for aiming by determining the Keyword Difficulty for each keyword.

Effective reporting:

You can schedule your keyword rankings data to send to your customer at the same time each month, fortnight, or day, much like many other functionalities in SEO PowerSuite. You should keep track of your rivals.

To offer complete SEO services to my customers, I need a clear understanding of their scores and visual help to display the highest performing keywords that are driving traffic.

Your client will have a complete understanding of what you are doing and what needs to be done next as all of this keyword data is included in one paper.

Mechanisms of keyword suggestion

keyword-research-methods ranktracker

Adding competitors to Rank Tracker project

competitors-sm ranktracker - SEOPowerSuit Review

Comparing rankings and ranking progress for a number of sites

competitors-sm ranktracker - SEOPowerSuit Review

Quick checks of search volume and competition for keywords

competition-n-searches-sm - SEOPowerSuit Review

Checking rankings in any search engine with a click of a button

available-search-engines-sm - SEOPowerSuit Review


Keeping rankings history over time

SEOPowerSuit Review - history-records-sm

Visual demonstration of your rankings progress

progress-graph - seopowersuit

Comprehensive ranking reports

ranking reports SEO PowerSuite

My Review

Rank Tracker gives you the complete guidance to improve and track your page ranking. You can always track the keywords or you can also track the pages which are performing well and which aren’t. This would help you to improve and focus more on the pages which aren’t performing well.

A search engine result page (SERP) is incredibly important for the page ranking. Thus, the Rank tracker traces the SERP features from your content and this lets you know about various SERP features you can rely on. More the SERP features, more will be traffic.

You can always schedule certain tasks using the Rank Tracker. Choose a specific date and time to check search engine rankings, update keyword or publish reports. You can also insert endless amount of keywords, there’s no limitation to the keywords.

Even if you are a newbie, you wouldn’t face any difficulties in analyzing the Rank. You just need to enter the site name and enter endless keywords. Choose the search engines on which you want to analyze your rank. Sit back and watch your report prepare by itself!!

3) SEO Spyglass

SEO Spyglass is great for spying on your competitor’s backlinks easily.

  • Search and download backlinks from a wide range of sources
  • Find your own or your competitor’s backlinks
  • Compare your competitor’s link profiles
  • Create customisable detailed reports

Spy on Your Competitors

Backlinks are essential for any website, from guest blog posts to directories. It’s easy to get caught up in your competitors’ backlinks, mainly if they’re growing month after month. Could your instinct be to start sending out emails over and over in the hopes of gaining traction…right? Not so easy, my friend. SEO SpyGlass helps you to spy on your rivals’ backlinks and clean up any spammy backlinks that could lead to a Google penalty.

Cleaning up ties: You may be surprised and ask if any ties were removed. If Penguin penalizes your website, you’ll have to go through a connection cleanup process that may take months. analytics that are visually appealing: The days of charts and graphs and long, exhausting hours of recording are over; the report dashboard now shows you what you need to know.

See rivals and compare their ties.: That’s one thing I like about SEO SpyGlass: I can match five of my competitors’ backlinks side by side.

Discover the most effective link-building strategies: This one’s for you if you’re unsure where, to begin with, connection building: SEO SpyGlass shows 50+ connection consistency factors! You can segment by Alexa Rank, domain age, and various other factors.

Documenting: SEO SpyGlass still has you covered if you’re looking for a simple way to report backlinks. Backlink analyses that review anchor text and other nerdy fun stuff can be automated. You may also add the company’s logo and colors to the article.

When it comes to creating backlinks, it’s easy to get lost in the weeds, particularly if you’re trying to catch up to your competitors. Bringing the strength of SEO SpyGlass into play, though, necessitates obtaining a complete picture of backlinks. Before you even start sending emails, SEO SpyGlass supercharges your backlink review.

Competition research in 294 supported search engines

SEO spyglass features

Locating backlinks of competing websites

competition-research-sm SEOspyglass

Analysis of links


Keyword analysis to determine relevance of links

anchor-text-title-sm - SEO PowerSuite Review

Determining link value of each link

link-value-sm - SEO PowerSuite Review

Advanced analysis of backlinks

backlink-analysis-sm - SEO PowerSuite Review


Indicating potential traffic sources

alexa-rank-sm - SEO PowerSuite Review


Report on competition research

alexa-rank-sm - SEO PowerSuite Review

SEO Success Blueprint

SEO Success Blueprint

My Review

Backlinks are extremely important for the website’s traffic. Thus, the SEO Spyglass uses backlinks from their database, Google Analytics or even Google Search Console to or both to analyze the backlink performance.

You can use penalty risk to filter the harmful backlinks. Use SEO Spyglass to compare your backlink profiles with up to 5 other sites. All you have to do is to add new domain by clicking Domain comparison and you can get the reports on various factors.  

It is a great tool for monitoring any link building campaign and you can get any backlinks you want of your competition!

4) Link Assistant

Link Assistant helps you get new backlinks & manage the outreach process.

  • Identifies potential linking partners
  • Offers a mass mailing tool for large email campaigns
  • Keeps track of your outreach campaigns

SEO powersuite testimonials

The LinkAssistant application is a game-changer! It enables you to concentrate on a single link-building strategy prospect despite conducting manual analysis. Trust me when I say that your clients would appreciate it.

Here are some of the various types of prospects you will find in LinkAssistant:

You’ll still be looking for new backlink opportunities to develop your backlink profile, whether you’re an in-house SEO or a freelance SEO consultant. It is unavoidable. It can be challenging to build up your backlink profile, even though you’re scrappy and slim. 

I’ve streamlined my backlink method by using LinkAssistant.

1.Define your objectives: Decide if you want to maximize the number of guest blog entries, directories, or product reviews. What sorts of opportunities you like can be determined by your objectives?
2. Identify high-potential leads: Your prospects should be chosen based on the nature of their internet presence. When assessing prospects, Sort by domain authority and social shares.
3. Continue to develop the relationship: After analyzing their online presence, I’ll start reaching out to my leads. LinkAssistant lets you make your email models and send emails to prospects right from the app. Send an email to your connected prospects, and your email prototype will accompany you.
4. Tracking status: One of LinkAssistant’s best features is its ability to track

the condition of your addresses. For e.g., if I send an outreach email twice,

LinkAssistant will automatically update the status for me. You can also manually edit this if necessary.

Unlimited number of websites to promote in 457 search engines

Your backlinks are your lifeline, according to any SEO expert. We focus on generating genuine, high-quality content that automatically creates backlinks at Search Engine Journal. Still, I’m also a big fan of contests, niche directories, and other topical blogs that may be involved in forming partnerships.

link assistant search engine


Promotion of many pages of the same site:


6 methods of link partner search reinforced with relevance and quality filters:


Automatic form-filler for link exchange forms:

auto-fill-sm - SEO Powersuite review


Personalized link exchange requests:

personal-emails-sm - SEO Powersuite review

Email client specially tuned for link exchange:


Automatic or user-defined keyword variation in link anchor texts and descriptions:

vary-anchor-texts-sm- SEO Powersuite review


Generation of Google-friendly link directories with categories and subcategories:

categories-sm- SEO Powersuite review


Quick and careful fitting of link directory into the current site’s design:

link-directory-sm-SEO Powersuite review


Secure FTP upload and re-upload of link directory to the website:

ftp-settings-sm - SEO Powersuite review

Precise link partner check

verification-sm -SEO Powersuite review


Advanced use of proxies, Google API, human emulation and multiple user agents:

proxy-rotation-sm - SEO Powersuite review

My Review

With the Link Assistant, you can reach any blog or website. With this, you can select the most appropriate way to search for your link partner. There are a number of ways to choose the partner for link. After choosing the sites, you can send them the emails with just a click.

It also works as an email. You can link your email to this software and you will be able to manage and send your emails using this software. Choose among the list of the templates you want to use and start sending them.

Quality researched keywords

When you search for some random topics on a search engine, then the engine looks for the websites which capture the most or the entire part of the typed search query. A good SEO consultant is one which uses a very reliable and researched set of these words also known as keywords. As an owner to the website you will be assisted well for choosing these keywords.

So get ready to suit up your presence in the online market with SEO PowerSuite, and move closer to the riches click after click. It uses the science behind SEO by working on quality keywords which push you ahead in securing new levels of online profiting.

A team of programming experts and SEO professionals are working dynamically to keep you updated with every small change being made in the search engine to maintain your ranking.

SEO PowerSuite Review

Microscopic approach

Many choose SEO because it provides with long term stability and also saves you the expense of online marketing. But your SEO should keep your website under microscope and focus on your campaigning via backlinks. A backlink is an off page optimisation measure which contains the hyperlink to the site which is to be optimized.

A backlink is the most fruitful and equally time consuming among the various kinds of search engine optimisation services which may otherwise even involve overhauling of your website HTML.

It is because of these reasons that SEO is not meant for those who just entered the game and think that buying an SEO will give them a jumpstart.

SEO PowerSuite Review

Website auditing options

As the best-proven SEO service, SEO PowerSuite provides resolution for the various ranking issues and deficits. The Website Auditors give you all the control to the website so as to maximize its architecture to suit your needs. You are not even needed to be an expert at this and yet you will find yourself carrying out all the coding and structure related aspects.

An optimization procedure varies to all sorts of lengths; it can be macro or even micro. Even an auditing can last to extensive paperwork, depending on the size of the company. But on the other end of the spectrum it will also effectively spot out the on page issues such as missing titles and contents lagging a strong frame.

Leading tool in the market

SEO powersuite Achievements

The software has been tested by 500,000 SEO experts and site owners. The product is fully loaded with tools like advanced link management tools to help you boost your websites popularity just like a whey protein. Also it provides you an upper hand with its SEO SpyGlass that uncovers your competitors’ linking strategy to keep you ahead. After a thorough reading, an SEO Success Blueprint is mapped to provide the desired traffic to your website.

 Turning this entire four software tool packet into a high-value product, the company provides you with customer support to aid you throughout from beginner’s question to system configuration and even SEO advisory. So just sit back and enjoy doing your business with its constantly updated software while working on any of the Win PCs, Mac computers or even a Linux system, whichever you feel like using.

SEO PowerSuite Review

Feel the action

The sooner you join these SEO things with flexible contents, unique keywords and backlinks at correct places, the stronger will be your position in the online market which a newbie will find quite difficult to reach. With SEO PowerSuite you will achieve a steady, gradual, but lasting growth in online rankings by dealing with the issues and potential threats that an audit uncovers.

SEO PowerSuite will help will you improvise on the search friendliness of your website; implement well researched keywords to climb the ranking, and also execute a well planned search engine optimization campaign. SEO is a process of quality and not quantity, hence never fell for volumetric directory submissions because it is the biggest wastage of time in the industry.

The high volume submission will only land you paying for the volume and nothing else, while your entire plan will appear cheap and compromised.

Search for the Safety Settings option

Global market share of search engines in January 2021 Via Statista

If you’ve read this far, you’ve also seen that the SEO PowerSuite primarily crawls the web for auditing purposes and scratches Google data for connection prospects. As you might be aware, performing Google searches frequently will result in captchas and pauses. As a result, the SEO PowerSuite includes search protection settings. Here are the three choices for securely searching with SEO PowerSuite.

  • Human Simulation – This helps you add a pause between automated queries and between scrolling between SERP sites.
  • Device Agents – This allows you to imitate requests to Google from a variety of user agents, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, or specific websites, such as Facebook. You will customize the user agents.
  • Proxy Maintenance – If you have got a proxy subscription or a directory of operating proxies, you can use this page to join those proxies.
  • CAPTCHA Settings – The captchas are the big issue of persistent Googling. You can use SEO PowerSuite to get an anti-captcha facility. There are paying utilities, but they are very inexpensive.

A built-in SEO PowerSuite anti-block solution is available to both Pro and Enterprise users. There’s no need to pay for private proxies or an anti-captcha system. Instead of running searches from users’ machines and IP addresses, the device helps us process all web search scans from your end. For the time being, the Search Safety options are only included in the Free edition.

SEO Powersuite Follows Google New Guideline Core Web Vitals :

Core web vitals

Pricing of SEO PowerSuite

Features and Editions of SEOpowersuite

Now on to the big question – what does all this cost?

There are several different plans:

  • Free edition – This is effectively an unlimited free trial, features are limited but it’s a great way to try before you buy.
  • Professional ($299) – Work with unlimited websites with all essential functionality.
  • Enterprise ($699) –You get all the professional features with the addition of reporting and data exports. This is perfect if you manage clients.

White hat approach to success

By implementing the SEO PowerSuite you can slim the coding structures in accordance with the search engine guidelines. These guidelines are often fouled by some black hat SEO services, which try to achieve high rankings by exploiting the loop holes in search engine algorithms. This negative approach not only short lives but may also put your website in harm’s way and jeopardise your business.

Welcome to SEO PowerSuite affiliate program!

SEOpowersuite affiliate program
Refer customers to their site and get your commission from each sale they make
“SEO PowerSuite is more than just great SEO software worth recommending, it’s also a quite easy source of extra $3,000-$4,000 income a month.”

— Inessa,
Chief Marketing Officer at SEOLots

  • Up to $230 per sale
  • Affiliate commission 33%
  • 90 days session cookies
  • High converting marketing resources
  • Accurate sales tracking and reporting
  • Dedicated Program Management

SEO Powersuite Pros & Cons


  • Track your search engine rankings easily with Rank Tracker
  • Optimise your sites, posts and pages with Website Auditor
  • Identify competitor link building opportunities and penalty risk with SEO SpyGlass
  • Manage blogger outreach campaigns easily with LinkAssistant tool.
  • Customise your workspaces in each tool to work how you want to
  • Each tool has detailed reporting functionality and you can check minute details too of each campaigns.


  • Additional licenses required if you want to run on multiple computers (to be expected with software)
  • Some tools are built around old school SEO tactics (they can still be used effectively for present day SEO but would be good if it was brought more up to date)

SEO Powersuite FAQ’s

What is the SEO PowerSuite toolkit, and what does it include?

SEO PowerSuite is a set of resources for performing various SEO tasks. It includes four separate program tools: LinkAssistant, SEO SpyGlass, WebSite Auditor, and RankTracker. You may try out individual SEO resources or purchase the full SEO PowerSuite to take advantage of the whole website marketing product suite.

What are the different forms of SEO PowerSuite licenses available?

SEO PowerSuite is available in three different license types: free, professional, and enterprise. Comparing various SEO PowerSuite licenses is easy with this tab

How many licenses am I required to purchase?

SEO PowerSuite is sold on a per-user basis. This ensures that a certificate is required for each user of the tools.

Is it possible to use SEO PowerSuite on several machines with a single license key?

SEO PowerSuite applications are licensed on a per-user basis. If you can run an application on two or more computers with the same license key, you can only access it on one of them at a time. If you want to operate the program simultaneously on multiple computers, you must buy several licenses. Find the following money-saving deals. Please contact their support staff if you're involved in a customized multi-user kit.

Do SEO Powersuite provide customer support?

Both registered Link-Assistant.Com clients and testers of our software's beta edition are entitled to complimentary customer assistance. This ensures that you will get a response to your request within one business day. The answer time is usually up to 12 hours but can be somewhat longer on weekends and holidays. However, both truly critical and significant matters are promptly discussed. There are many methods for obtaining assistance with our software. You may either search our Knowledgebase for an answer to your query, build a help ticket, use the Live chat option (available throughout our business hours), or join their Facebook User Group to interact with other SEO enthusiasts and our support specialists.

Is my order with SEO Powersuite secure?

Indeed! their website’s order forms are hosted on a protected server that utilizes cryptography technologies to shield all purchases from unwanted viewing to safeguard their clients. Your sensitive information is protected and will not be shared with any other party.

How and where will the license key be obtained after the placement of an order?

A receipt email will be submitted after the invoice has been made. This validation email contains instructions and the license keys. If you have not received an email from us within two or three hours of placing your order, it is most likely that your spam filter has blocked an email from our server. Please search your Junk or Spam folders for emails from the domain and ensure that your spam filter accepts emails from the domain. If this does not resolve the problem, please open a support ticket with their support desk. A customer service representative can contact you as quickly as possible.

May I order SEO PowerSuite on CD?

Due to the frequency at which the program is updated, they do not provide the CD shipping alternative. They distribute all of their merchandise online in a downloadable format. Since their program is highly reliant on search engine info, it is regularly modified. As a result, the only way to guarantee that you are still up to date with our brands is through an Internet download. You'll get a Registration Confirmation Email shortly after your payment is accepted, containing your licensing details and download links.

Is there an affiliate marketing service available?

Their partner network is a sure-fire way to raise additional revenue. You just refer customers to their website and — if they make an order — you will earn up to $ 197 in commission on the sale!

Are good SEO tools worth the costs?

For any agency or freelancer, SEO can be intimidating. It’s much more challenging to check on your SEO strategies and practices. For a long time, that kept me from playing with various SEO techniques. I can give my clients a simple, straightforward solution to SEO marketing thanks to SEO PowerSuite. Each customer, website, and SEO campaign presents its own set of difficulties, so as long as you improve your method and monitor your practices, you’ll improve. What aspects of your SEO approach do you think should be improved? What are the techniques you’re now employing? How are they assisting you in your development? SEO PowerSuite enables me to do what I might never have been able to achieve on my own. It gives me the strength and skills of a five-person SEO squad in one instrument.

SEO Powersuite Testimonials:

Seo powersuite reviews online

SEO PowerSuite Alternatives & Competitors 2021

1) Screpy

Screpy tool

Screpy is a fantastic AI-powered SEO analyzer and Google rank checker. By reducing the time spent on manual tasks, you can minimize your efforts and increase your efficiency and performance with Screpy.

Screpy is a fantastic SEO tool for rocketing website rankings so you can compete with the pros! PageSpeed, Uptime, SEO, Keyword Tracker, Syntax Checker, and the best automatically created tasks! It’s operated by Lighthouse and comes with various analysis tools (SEO, SERP, W3C, Uptime, etc.).


  • Screpy pricing begins at $9.00 a month as a flat rate.
  • A free version is available. Screpy provides a risk-free trial.
  • You can get a Lite package if you only have 1-3 websites.
  • A-Prothe plan is available if you have 3-10 websites.

You can upgrade to an Advanced or Agency Plan if you have more than ten websites.

2) SEMRush

Serpstat vs semrush

SEMRush is a comprehensive toolkit for increasing online exposure and uncovering marketing insights.

Marketers who work in the following services will benefit from our tools and reports: SEO, PPC, SMM, Keyword Research, Competitive Research, Public Relations, Content Marketing, Marketing Insights, and Campaign Management are some of the services available.

Check my SEMRush reviews, SEMrush Promo Code


There are three subscription levels: Pro, Guru, and Company. If you want to try Semrush for free, you can choose between Pro and Guru.

  • Pro for $119 per month- For budget-conscious freelancers, startups, and in-house marketers. For growing marketing agencies and SMBs
  • Guru for $229 per month- Many of the functionality of the Pro version, plus: Data from the Content Marketing Platform, For agencies, e-commerce ventures, and companies with a large online presence.
  • Business for $449 per month- All of the Guru’s benefits, plus: Extended limits and sharing features are available with API access.

3) Moz


Accuracy is crucial in local SEO. Moz Local makes it easy to build and manage local business listings on Google, Facebook, and other platforms, making it easier for customers to find and choose your company. Check out the directories for the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.


  • LITE: $129 per year
    You can manage your listings from a single dashboard, automatically distribute location data, and monitor feedback.
  • PREFERRED: $179 per year
    Lite features are included, and the ability to react to feedback and post to social media and directories from a single dashboard.
  • ELITE: $299 per year
    Preferred features are included and the ability to spread position data to multiple folders from a single dashboard.

4) Serpstat

SERPstat review

Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO platform that allows industry analysts to evaluate competitors, conduct keyword analysis for SEO and advertising, and monitor the online rankings and backlinks of any website and its online competitors.

Serpstat offers a suite of tools for link creation, text analytics, clustering, and detecting site errors and advice on how to correct SEO errors and improve site visibility in Google and Yandex. Check Serpstat Review hereSerpstat Review here


Serpstat is available as a monthly or annual subscription, with the information given below.

  • Lite – $69 per month or $55 per month (billed annually)
  • Standard – $149 or $119 per month (billed annually)
  • Advanced – $299 or $239 per month (billed annually)
  • Enterprise – $499/month or $399/month (billed annually)

Wrapping Up : SEO PowerSuite Review & Tutorial 2021

My final take on SEO PowerSuite is highly positive. It helps you achieve standard as well as advanced SEO and allows you to take your website reach to another level.

This software is a one stop solution for all the SEO tasks.  If you are a newbie or even a professional, you can use this powerful tool to rank high on any search engine. This software is by far the most updated among its competitors. Use SEO tools to create an online presence for your product and rise high among your competitors!!

If you haven’t given it a thought then you should. Join them on  Facebook, Twitter & LinkedinIf you have got more to add about it, do let us know by commenting below.  

Christine Williams

Christine Williams is an experienced Portland based web content writer for and she is writer by day and a reader by night. Her passion for helping people in all aspects of internet marketing industry flows through in the expert industry coverage she provides. She cover a wide range of niches, and share articles around popular products and online services. She also writes for many leading magazines like Forbes, NY times and she is a firm believer in giving back to community through her content pieces.

65 thoughts on “SEO PowerSuite Review & Tutorial 2021 (Pros & Cons) SEO PowerSuite Reviews”

  1. What SEO PowerSuite offers is a complete suite of tools that allow people to optimize a website and its content. It includes Rank Tracker which helps you research keywords, track rankings and analyzes competitors. As well as Dynamic Submission which allows for advertising your site across various platforms including social media sites, commenting options on blogs etc. These are certainly helpful features but the Suite also has other cool things like an online backup system with unlimited storage space along with WAF (Web Application Firewall) protection. For all these reasons it’s easy to conclude that SEO powersuite will go far in helping you reach or maintain the coveted position at the top of the search engine rankings targeted keywords!

  2. For everyone who’s been frustrated with trying to optimize their website, welcome!…I’ve found the solution! SEO PowerSuite is a set of 4 tools that help you. I’m someone who has tried everything to make sure my website is on the first page on Google, but this software really does EVERYTHING for you. You can research keywords, track rankings, analyze competitors and much more. The only thing I do now is just sitting back while this software does its job – it couldn’t be easier!”

  3. SEO PowerSuite is so good, I need to leave an amazing review.
    I found the most amazing software this year called SEO PowerSuite, and it’s literally fantastic. It does all these things you never thought possible with your website in just one easy-to-use package: ranking keywords, research keyword success metrics and determine best practices for generating relevant content through a range of languages and countries during the Global Rank Tracker. Even if you’re not aware of all those benefits yet – trust me, they’re out there! Seriously though, who doesn’t want their site at the top? You won’t find any other software that offers such simplistic installation or as many effective tools as SEO PowerSuite does!

  4. My overall experience with SEO PowerSuite is amazing and I am sure it will remain the same. Although it was a bit difficult to grasp this tool in the beginning this tool has saved me a lot of time and energy which I had to spend on researching and tracking.

  5. “I am a professional SEO consultant of 15 years and I use the Rank Tracker. It let’s me see how many visits my website has, even if they were from Google or Bing.”
    “The web site auditor is perfect for someone who doesn’t have time to check their own site everyday. It reveals all the errors in my site when they happen so I can fix them right away.”
    “This software is great because it provides an online marketplace where you can research both your competitors and potential customers with ease.”

  6. I have been testing SEO products for many years now, and this year I tested the best of those. To me, there’s nothing more important to a quality product than scalability – that said, SEO PowerSuite is in a league of its own.
    The suite offers so many features as well as an interface that can cater to any level – beginner or advanced marketers will be happy with the features they find here… I’m such an advocate for what this tool has offered me! They’re constantly innovating their search engines optimization platform which will undoubtedly lead others astray. This brand gets it done without skipping any steps; you should try their system out!

  7. SEO PowerSuite is the Bible of SEO. For newbies who have no idea what SEO or link building means, this is a great start to understand how everything works in the industry. The program offers five tools that work together for an all-in-one experience and it really made me feel like I could take on anything with my website! Tracking your ranks seems less stressful when you can go back through your old data from earlier Webmaster Tools pushes to see where you started and how far you’ve come! It has helped me cut down hours of research into just minutes–the power at store at my fingertips is fantastic.

  8. SEO powersuite has everything an SEO need. They have provided all the tools for instance Site Auditor which helps us in deep crawling and generating audit reports. We use it to solve any issue on the website with their deep crawling it is easy to find and solve errors. Link Assistance: Link building is a daily task of an SEO, Link assistance tools help us in creating and monitoring quality backlinks for our and client websites. Rank Tracker: Ranking Tracking is very important for an SEO it helps in measuring our efforts. I found SEO power suite rank tracker is accurate and provide better rank tracking than any other tool.

  9. Seo Powersuite is an all in one solution!
    The best part here is you can check the basic core functionality of all the modules for free with the free version. The software is a life saver, it saves me a lot of time in my day to day SEO projects. From on page audit feature to link audit, rank tracking and yes outreach. It’ s a super tool and the cost is also affordable compared to other similar services.

  10. There are only pros to using SEO Powersuite like:
    ¤It comes with 4+ apps as a complete SEO solution
    ¤Apps are cross-platform compatible and sync seamlessly
    ¤Comes with a great TF/IDF feature for semantic SEO
    ¤Comes with tons of features
    ¤Comes at a one-off fee unlike other tools

  11. SEO PowerSuite is the best SEO software suite available for any OS today whether it be Mac, Windows or Linux.
    SEO PowerSuite is basically a suite of SEO tools that comes packaged as a bundle. It includes four apps – Rank Tracker, SEO Spyglass, Link Assistant, and finally the Website Auditor. These are the softwares that are available for both Windows and Mac.
    Highly recommended 👌

  12. SEO PowerSuite helps you with a lot of things like it helps you setup automatic checks on all aspects of your SEO campaigns to stay up to date.
    Plus helps your organize project data and tasks in easy to use columns and filters

  13. Composting to other tools SEO PowerSuite is a power-packed tool designed with a desire to combine all the distinct SEO capabilities with a bit of straightforwardness to ensure that the user’s experience ease which they didn’t found in other tools.
    The biggest reason why SEO PowerSuite is so popular is its low cost compared to the huge number of features it provides.

  14. There are some drawbacks to PowerSuite.
    Extra licenses required in the event that you need to run on different PCs (normal with programming)
    A few devices are worked around old school SEO strategies (they can in any case be utilized successfully for present day SEO however would be acceptable on the off chance that it was brought more cutting-edge)

  15. SEO PowerSuite works very effectively and efficiently. It helps search for issues and places for change on your site so you can address them and increment your natural rankings.
    I also like this tool:
    Connection Assistant – Use this device to discover targets and their email records to contact for your external link establishment outreach program.

  16. Utilizing the SEO devices to help your traffic is fairly fundamental. Assuming you are a novice, you would require the SEO instruments which would help you by boosting traffic as well as do different errands as well.

    Albeit, a great deal of SEO apparatuses are accessible which offer lower costs just as the successful direction, however nobody shows improvement over the SEO PowerSuite.
    Great thing to use!

  17. SEO PowerSuite offers a full scope of cross-stage site design improvement items – Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor, SEO SpyGlass and LinkAssistant – accessible independently and as an across the board SEO PowerSuite programming group.
    Using the SEO tools to boost your traffic is somewhat essential. If you are a newbie, then you would definitely need the SEO tools which would not just help you by boosting traffic but do the other tasks too.

  18. SEO PowerSuite is the best SEO software to get your website ranked on Google. It helped me build backlinks, get tweets, boost social signals, and rank my site for various keywords.

    They have a powerful and easy-to-use content management system that includes SEO Reports, Keyword Research, Keyword Density Reports, Page Optimization, Social Media, and Keyword Suggestion.

  19. I have been using SEO PowerSuite since 2010. I have always found it to be unparalleled value for the dollar. I love that I can check my rankings every day, schedule reports, sort and tag all my keywords, compare which pages are ranking vs. the landing pages I HOPE will rank for each keyword. I also love their keyword research capabilities. So powerful and easy to use. And the customer support is always top-notch.

  20. I really like that the software is available as a one-time purchase rather than the monthly fee that many SEO tools require. It gives you a LOT of very powerful tools for finding out what your website is ranking for, what you need to focus on, where your links are coming from, good places to try to get links, keyword research, etc. A ton of features, I honestly haven’t dug into them all but glad they are there when I need them.

  21. Seo power suite is cool software. It is easy to use. They give you 4 tools. Which is Rank tracker, SEO spyglass, website auditor, link assistant. These are really powerful tools. Which can help your website to rank. I am using the SEO power suite to check backlinks, research keywords and sent an email for
    link building directly from this app. They also have a template for outreach to link building. It is really helpful to those who don’t know how to write a perfect email that gets a response. Here you don’t have to pay monthly. One time payment.Which is good.

  22. I loved the features of powersuite. My most liked is the site audit and keyword tracking functions. The tools offers a lot and can cover most of the bases of SEO tasks. It helped me in giving best results for site optimization

  23. This tool is like a swiss army knife for SEOs. It’s the only thing I ever use. I’ve never had problems with this and it still impresses me because we’re always using notifications about its enhancements.
    I recommend you get this if you want to save time and spend more of your budget on delivering better results for your clients instead of doing work yourself!

  24. It’s really not a product you want to go with if you’re just getting started in SEO, but for veterans of the online world, it is a powerful and robust set of tools that allow users to learn from one another. If someone has a blog or website that they care deeply about, this is the smart choice because these tools help keep them on top while also give some magic tips and tricks along the way. I love using WebSite Auditor for its efficiency – however, my favourite tool in this suite is LinkAssistant; it enables me to research new links without having too many people link back! Smart marketing at its finest!

  25. There are a lot of SEO tools on the market and most of them will be similar. What sets SEO PowerSuite apart from the rest is functionality, design and customer care. A friendly support team that really deserves a shout out for being so supportive while I learn to use their product.

  26. SEO PowerSuite is the right way to go if you want your site page rank to skyrocket! It has four important tools for linking together your SEO efforts so that visitors will have no problem finding you. Website Auditor looks for problems with your website and points out ways for improvement, this can help you find low-hanging fruit terms too. Rank Tracker helps monitor your SERP ranks–this tool allows you to know how strong or weak links are. SEO Spyglass also checks on how many links there are pointing back at your site–a positive factor in the optimization process! This software functions as one cohesive unit, which makes it really helpful when jumping into affiliate marketing.

  27. I don’t love the interface. I realize some degree of complexity is necessary because it is so powerful, but I would prefer a simpler interface for the most common tasks, like looking up keyword difficulty and competition. I would much prefer to do my keyword research on an interface like KWFinder, for example, if it wasn’t a monthly fee. I would also prefer if all 4 apps were just combined into 1 app, I’m not really sure the reason for splitting it into 4. However, there may be a good reason I’m not aware of.

  28. This software is a great SEO tool for SEOs that wants a little more data and control over the production of the information. I’d say it is an SEO’s SEO tool more than a small business tool/resource. SMB’s could use it, but it would take a little more training to get the full use out of it. For larger businesses with marketing departments and teams, the software can produce data for the different levels in the organization. You would need someone on the team to learn the details of the program to get maximum use. There is a lot of functions nested in the various dashboards and presets. They also added a Page Speed reporting capacity recently. Nice upgrade!

  29. “SEO PowerSuite is a must-have tool for any webmaster. It’s a fantastic collection of tools that can help you increase your organic rankings and see what keywords are best for your target reach. SEO Spyglass gives you the latest data to analyze, while Rank Tracker helps determine where to focus your efforts.”

  30. When I was first introduced to this product, I wasn’t too confident about the idea of doing SEO to my website by myself. But after trying it out, I can say confidently that these have been some of the best investments for me since joining the company! The different tools are very user-friendly and easy to use—especially for people who are completely overhauling their site! You don’t need any special software or other skills necessary. They’re all laid out clearly enough for anyone who has an internet connection!

  31. SEO PowerSuite is a valuable tool for any marketer looking to build their site’s organic traffic. It allows you to accurately track your search rankings, repair website errors that might be inhibiting SEO progress, monitor links to ensure no shady links are present, and test keywords with the rank tracker. The product is user-friendly and includes helpful tutorials on how to use all of its tools in order for beginners unfamiliar with using SEO software programs like this one. The software was also created by reputable professionals in the industry who care about delivering top-quality information for increased performance in organic SEO campaigns.”

  32. I am not the best guru of computers and often get lost when reading about various technical terms. However, I began using SEO PowerSuite because it manages to simplify the complex language and jargon that is typically associated with these programs for novices like me! The site audit examines your website thoroughly while also giving you a list of suggestions on how to optimize it. Afternoons spent fiddling around with my HTML codes were finally over! It was so easy and I didn’t have to be an expert in ordering hosting services, domain names, and any other aspects. If you’re looking for a user-friendly program that takes care of things from start to finish then this one’s perfect for you too!

  33. A product for turn-key marketing with no time to waste, SEO PowerSuite is literally the most powerful tool in your arsenal when it comes to marketing today. I can’t tell you how many hours this saved me when I was trying to generate more business for my company’s website! It has literally limitless possibilities and is designed specifically to enable users of any skill level to aggregate data about their site with surprising accuracy (only need basic knowledge of computers). Not only does it make generating web traffic fast and easy but it also simplifies the evaluation process by giving you immediate feedback, something most people would say is almost impossible.

  34. By now, we’ve all probably heard of Google and how it changed the Internet. With algorithm changes and constant harassment from other search engines, it’s time to take control! SEO PowerSuite has been an industry standard for digital marketing for over 7 years. Used by small business owners and Fortune 500 corporations alike, SEO PowerSuite gives you everything you need to beat your competition today. Brimming with features such as website auditing, rank tracking tools, link analysis/rankings checking system (with full reporting), keyword intelligence evaluations – this will become the focal point of every business essential toolbox. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro in online marketing – the SEO power suite is worth every penny:

  35. I’ve used this program for over 10 years. The customer service is a little tricky. You have to submit tickets and wait. Sometimes I have to figure it out myself, or the situation seems to resolve itself before I get customer service to resolve it for me. I’m a little impatient when it comes to wanting fixes. (I think they are like 24 – 72 hours in turnaround). I also find myself having to reenter the Google credentials occasionally. More of a “guess that’s what I have to do” than a business crippling issue.

  36. I don’t know what I’d do without SEO PowerSuite! The name’s not very catchy, but I’ll take that with all the features it has. Rank Tracker helped me test different keywords – I now know which ones work best for my site. WebSite Auditor is so thorough with its analysis- it tells me how relevant my meta tags are to search engines, and checks on whether my pages have any code errors. SEO Spyglass is handy if you’re thinking about blocking or disavowing backlinks because it provides a list of sites linking to yours that could potentially damage your campaign. LinkAssistant reminds me of an old friend- kindhearted with helpful advice on just what type of material will be most effective in social media outreach campaigns.

  37. SEO Powersuite has a number of drawbacks such as its four different applications that run on your computer as opposed to in the cloud-like the majority of SEO tools. When I purchase the software a number of years ago they weren’t very open with the fact that you’re only paying for one year of algorithm updates. When I made the purchase I was under the impression that I would have full use of the tools forever.

  38. “I purchased SEO PowerSuite with high expectations of solving my website’s traffic woes. I had noticed an uptick in company name searches for months and, through online research, stumbled across this Swiss-Army Knife of digital marketing tools. And boy did it deliver! The Rank Tracker was particularly helpful because I could finally find out why my site wasn’t ranking higher for all the keywords I wanted to be winning on Google’s search engine results pages!”

  39. My final take on SEO PowerSuite is highly positive. It helps you achieve standard as well as advanced SEO and allows you to take your website reach to another level. If you are a newbie or even a professional, these powerful tools can help rank high among search engine competitors. The best part of this tool by far is that it’s the most updated SEO software out there right now! From using browser extension and tools, site audits and comprehensive reporting –this tool has got everything covered and at your disposal for free! What else does one need? Here’s an opportunity for those who haven’t thought about it yet- join them on Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin.

  40. SEO PowerSuite and the SEO tools that come with it will help you produce a website to promote your product. This software is updated with all the latest SEO trends, so navigating through this site’s settings won’t be hard for anyone. If you are just starting out in online marketing or if you have more experience, this is one of the many websites available for FREE to suit your needs—and they work!

  41. As a user, I can’t say enough good things about SEO PowerSuite. Along with the many features the product offers it also has amazing customer service to ensure that you are not left in the dark when creating or updating your website.
    Their support is quick to respond and there are even 10% off coupons offered for users willing to take time out of their day to take advantage of this offer! If you haven’t taken time out of your day then do so now because Google has made big advancements in their algorithm just two months ago. You should absolutely invest in SEO tools if you want any part in today’s web world.

  42. SEO PowerSuite is a one-stop solution for all the mathematical functions I’ve been looking to do. The success of this software depends on how you are currently using it.

    It has tools that let you take advantage of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin! It’s even compatible with mobile platforms!

  43. SEOPowerSuite is a software suite geared toward the SEO market. They have developed products specifically for professional optimization and research, as well as tools to help those just starting out in the industry on their long road of full-time optimization. Offering 5 tools with varying prices depending on your needs and budget, SEOPowerSuite can provide anyone who purchases these products a lot of value for money. If you’re looking to take your presence from online egg into a well-oiled machine, this is the company to turn to!

  44. What’s the best way to get a website up to speed? SEO PowerSuite! This set of 4 tools will keep you powered up. My favourite feature is Rank Tracker because it shows me how my content affects rankings and why that’s so important. I also like WebSite Auditor – not only does this tool audit my site but it gives recommendations on how to improve content. SEO Spyglass lets me, scout, out the competition while LinkAssistant finds new ones for me – all in one package! Try SEO PowerSuite today because great things come in fours!

  45. I was skeptical at first about SEO PowerSuite, but I’m glad I took the dive. It cleaned up my site like a pro and i found myself ranking on page one of Google for keywords that I didn’t even know were searchable. Thanks to their extensive library of guides and video tutorials, I knew exactly what to do once SEO PowerSuite gave me that bronze medal ribbon!

    Save money and get yourself ranked faster with this all-inclusive software suite. Be wise with your time by downloading the free trial now so you can see how well it works!

  46. I love the SEO PowerSuite Review because it helps me rank high on any search engine and allows me to take my website reach for a higher level. As someone who is new or experienced, I can use this powerful tool to achieve standard as well as advanced SEO in one quick software. This software is by far the most updated of all its competitors since it allows you to work with various types of SEO tasks. Use these handy tools and rise high among your competitors!

  47. I wanted to purchase SEO PowerSuite Review because it looked like a convenient way to increase the organic traffic on my website. As I dove deeper into the product, however, it hit me that this was not software that would help me. Most of their offerings are for CMSs and server stuff and they don’t seem to know anything about SEO or how websites work in general. It seems like all these guys do is make software for computer techy people who think websites work better when you add more features than you need to them! If you are looking for something reliable with proven results then please keep shopping until you find what’s right for your web experience.

  48. I continue to analyze and manage the keywords with Excel because there I can customize them precisely to my needs. I wish that Powersuite could somehow ‘talk’ with Excel or containing Excel functions so that everyone could manage a customized table in 1 place. Indeed no other tool that I know does it but in fact, almost everyone needs to customize and manage the lists on Excel, so maybe Powersuite will be the first? In addition, it could be very helpful if the software could tell me how many times each keyword shows in my website titles, in the URL’s, in the pages and in the image alt texts. Then, when we write titles’ texts or content, we can easily pick up the right keyword. In my eyes, this function will make the software a much powerful and useful tool.

  49. It’s been two years and I’ve never looked back.
    This suite helped me rank first on Google in just a few months by providing SEO Spyglass, LinkAssistant, Rank Tracker, and WebSite Auditor.
    There are so many benefits of using it: saves time from looking for links or tracking rankings all over the place; lets you save your keyword positions at any point to refer back later; they even have a handy manual included with reviews for relevant information related to my business type! I can’t recommend it enough if you’re running an online store and need tools that work now without all the hassle or risk involved with getting new software or hiring people to do them manually – it was exactly what we were looking for!

  50. SEO PowerSuite is a great software for any website owner who wants to increase their organic traffic. It provides a variety of tools that help with this specific goal, including Website Auditor, Rank Tracker, and SEO Spyglass. With these three products in one package you get the benefits of understanding how your search engine ranking position changes over time and tracking keywords so you can understand what’s working on your site when it comes to SEO as well as getting detailed reports about competitor networks and link building campaigns – all within an easy-to-use interface!

  51. SEO PowerSuite Review is a powerful tool for internet marketing. Anyone can use it to rank their website high on the search engine and seize an edge over its competitors. This software offers SEO tools to create online presence. The advance technology makes this advantage evident in the copy writing, links, metadata, content strategy etc. It additionally enhances your website visibility with backlinks from diverse websites as well as social media channels like Facebook and Twitter which generate thousands of “likes” or comments every day!

  52. The software is very slow and uses way too many resources to effectively operate a computer while crawling a large website. Scans sometimes take many hours and can cause your machine to stop working the software also crashes frequently, and there is no good web-based or cloud option. Their cloud is very limited and not suitable for an agency.

  53. I bought SEO PowerSuite a few months ago and it is the best investment I have made in my blog. It’s easy to install, with clear instructions on how to log in and start using it right away. It has all these features that you’ll need when you want your website optimized quickly or even if you just want to do some research before doing anything else. And they’re always updating this product – for example, I already had WebSite Auditor installed but after downloading an update from their website the program doubled in size! So they constantly add new tools which are really interesting for me as a blogger because then every time there’s a new release, I get excited about being able to download another feature set into my site.

  54. SEO PowerSuite is the perfect tool for small business owners who are looking to get their website ranking on page 1. Selling SEO PowerSuite to your boss will be a no-brainer when you find out this software package can do everything from keyword search through effective copywriting, Google analytics set up and more to give you better insights into how to improve conversions. I assumed investing in an SEO platform would mean another set of monthly fees which was not the case! That alone sold me on it instantly. The site audit was the best one I’ve ever seen with suggestions that were spot on for fixing my issue quickly. Better yet, they have free tutorials too!

  55. The Rank tracker and Site Auditor is the most likeable tool in SEO PowerSuite for me because the rank reports are pretty accurate and show correct results. I have used some rank tracker tools before but they were not accurate and I had a bad experience with them. With the Site Auditor tool, it is easy for us to find and solve complex issues on our and client websites. It is a one-stop solution for all SEO work.

  56. Once you use this product, there is no going back. SEO PowerSuite has been a valuable tool in my business and I would be lost without it! I am not quite sure how to tell anyone else of the dollar value of this package—it saves time more than money. This program makes looking for updates on keywords instantaneous with keyword tracking and rank checking!
    The best part about this software really runs down to its creativity: many tools were built into one system. It’s like Christmas: “Where is my present?!” I think that using their website auditor will save me hours if not days worth of time by helping me find duplicate content before Google finds it first—double win!

  57. Hey, Thank you for sharing this amazing information. I really like your writing and presentation skills. I am also writing about SEO but you are awesome. Again thank you

  58. That awesome bro. I think these Best SEO Tool will help all bloggers to rank.

  59. Thanks Jitendra Vaswani for sharing this post about SEO PowerSuite. I heard about SEO PowerSuite so many times but didn’t use SEO PowerSuite.

    This tools looks really wonderful & I think I should try this now.

  60. Hey, Thank you for sharing this amazing information. I really like your writing and presentation skills. I am also writing about SEO but you are awesome. Again thank you!

  61. Hi Jessee,

    The review post is much comprehensive and I liked the way you have narrated all the positive and negative factors of SEO PowerSuit. I liked its SEO facilities but it would be better if I can use it in multiple devices using single registration.

  62. Hello Jessee,

    Before anything else I would say that your blog is A+. Well said about SEO. that was really a great help to discover a link or other blog website. Thank you for sharing this information with us. I really enjoy reading your blog.

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    Thanks for sharing awesome article of review and tutorial about SEO Power Suite. Really, this power suite is so much useful to know as what we did to our website and what is the status of website. If we use SEO power suite then we don’t go to several websites for audit reports, back links and link assistant. You also precisely describe the how to use and which are arise in SEO Power Suite. For me this is very useful to what i did SEO to my website.

    I am looking for your upcoming articles regarding SEO not only this also SEM, SMO etc.

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    Well said about SEO, its really about the optimizing search results in google. These are absolutely powerful SEO Power-suite combo and they sounds as effective to boost our website. It can be very helpful for us to fix problem related to SEO. Eventually, thanks for sharing your information with us.

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