SendPulse Review 2024 🚀 Features & Pricing (Pros & Cons)

SendPulse Review

Overall Verdict

SendPulse provides you with a huge library of messages and many different services, to enable you to reach your audience through more than just email

Out of 10


  • Built for sending emails, SMS, and creating chatbots for Facebook, Telegram and WhatsApp
  • Emails created in the editor will look good regardless of a user’s device or screen resolution
  • 130+ Free Templates
  • Nurture leads in every stage of your sales funnel, and convert them into paying customers
  • With Automation 360, you can set up trigger flows using emails, web push notifications
  • Event-Triggered Emails


  • Better pricing options needed
  • Freee plans lot of limitations


Price: $ 6.40

Looking for unbiased SendPulse Review? We got you covered today.

You’re tired of your emails being lost in the inbox and you don’t want to build a list of inactive customers.

You want to increase your open rates, reduce unsubscribes, and segment your list so you only reach the people who want to hear from you.

People check their inboxes several times a day. They use email addresses to create accounts all over the web.

Email is the most direct way to reach users. Marketers choose this channel for acquiring new customers and keeping existing ones because email generates the highest ROI and has excellent deliverability.

SendPulse makes it super easy to produce your own extensive mailings – both emails and SMS – targeted at specific audiences.

SendPulse Review

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Bottom Line Upfront : Is SendPulse Good? ✨✨

SendPulse is a simple and easy-to-use marketing software that allows you to. A single platform that helps with all your marketing campaigns.

By taking part in all the communication channels like SMS, email, Blog etc. you don’t have to spend your time and money hiring a business professional or an individual designer. You just have one tool for all your marketing needs.

According to SendPulse, their product is You can select from a combination of:

  • Email campaigns – promotional emails and transactional messages
  • Web push – instant browser notifications to all your subscribers
  • SMS – messages with discounts, deals, or order confirmations\Transactional emails – trigger and transactional emails from any of your projects
  • Messengers – automated chatbot flows and campaigns in messengers

Sendpulse testimonials and recommendations


Sendpulse reviews

Is SendPulse Worth It ?

Features: SendPulse integrates email marketing and SMS for SMS campaigns with up to 5 different accounts, including Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, and Radium.

Advantages: SendPulse is the perfect tool for sending web-based messages (SMS) because it integrates with many popular email services such as Aweber, HubSpot or MailChimp. You can send campaign copy, images, links and more! With SendPulse you can send just as much content or more than you could ever think of using any other marketing automation solution today.

Benefits: SendPulse makes it super easy to produce your own extensive mailings – both emails and SMS – targeted at specific audiences. Your reach will be much

Is SendPulse trustworthy?

Overall, Sendpulse is an excellent email marketing tool. It is super-easy to use, the customer support is fast and great, the software is very affordable. They also add new features always and help educational events, which is very nice. If you are looking for an easy-to-use, affordable email marketing tool, Sendpulse is a great option.

Is SendPulse free?

So, is SendPulse the right email marketing tool for you?

Well, that depends.

If you’re looking for a free plan that allows up to 500 subscribers, then SendPulse is a great option. All of the paid plans have the same features, so the price depends on the number of subscribers you have.

However, if you need more features or want to send a larger number of emails per month, then another tool might be a better fit.

What is SendPulse used for?

If you’re looking for a comprehensive marketing automation platform that can help you with email, SMS, chatbots, and landing pages, SendPulse is worth checking out.

Email Marketing

SendPulse’s email marketing tools are robust and easy to use. You can create beautiful email newsletters in minutes, and SendPulse’s AI-powered spam filters will keep your campaigns out of the spam folder. Plus, you can track your email campaign results in real time.

SMS Marketing

SendPulse’s SMS marketing tools are also powerful and easy to use. You can easily create SMS campaigns that reach your customers on their cell phones. And you can track your SMS campaign results in real time.


SendPulse’s chatbot tools are also powerful and easy to use. You can create chatbots for Telegram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram in minutes. And you can track your chatbot campaign results in real time.

Landing Pages

SendPulse’s landing page builder is super easy to use. Just select a template, add your content, and you’re done. Plus, you can track your landing page campaign results in real time.

Who is SendPulse for?

SendPulse is a versatile email marketing platform that can be used by both experienced marketers and business users with no email marketing experience.

The platform offers a wide range of features, including automated email marketing, A/B testing, dynamic content, and targeted messages.

Additionally, SendPulse’s tailored setup process makes it easy to get started with the software, regardless of your experience level.

My personal Experience With SendPulse 😍

One of the things that I like best about SendPulse is the web push notifications. These allow you to target desktop users with messages even when they’re not visiting your website. This can be a great way to keep in touch with your audience and promote your latest content or products.

Overall, I think that SendPulse is a great choice for any business looking for an easy way to improve their email and SMS marketing campaigns.

SendPulse Review in Detailed 2024 Top Pros & Cons of SendPulse  😍

Sendpulse testimonials and recommendations

You’re probably already using email marketing to keep in touch with your readers as a website owner. E-mail campaigns can benefit from well-known email marketing services like MailChimp and Aweber, amongst others. There’s no substitute for email, however.

You must use all of the messaging options available to you. As a starting point, SMS and push alerts can be used. However, this usually necessitates the use of many service providers, which can quickly add up in terms of cost.

SendPulse can help with this. With SendPulse, you don’t just get an email newsletter; you get a full-featured marketing platform. Emails, SMS messages, and push notifications can all be sent with SendPulse.

If you’re familiar with market leaders like MailChimp or Campaign Monitor, you can segment your audience, conduct A/B tests, and more. SendPulse is simple to set up and cost-free to begin using. To help you with your campaigns, SendPulse is here to help!

What Is SendPulse?

As the name implies, SendPulse is a three-in-one campaign management platform. It handles all of your email, SMS, and online push notification needs for you, so you don’t have to. As compared to the competition, it’s a bargain for what you get. Those who want to learn more about WordPress push notifications can check out my post on the subject.

SMBs can utilize SendPulse’s email marketing platform to reach their target audience. There are various things that make this stand out:

  • Easy-to-use and intuitive UI – even for those who are new to the program.
  • Email, SMS, and a push notification are all included in this method of communication.
  • Various pricing options are available, allowing you to try out new services without spending any money at all.

An artificial intelligence system increases open rates by over 30%

Sendpulse AI

An average email open rate is about 15 percent. Using SendPulse you can get an email open rate of more than 25 percent. The main reason for high open rates is an artificial intelligence system that has been implemented in work.

Industry Average Open Rate Average Click Rate Hard Bounce Soft Bounce Unsubscribe Rate
All non-labeled accounts 22.71% 2.91% 0.40% 0.61% 0.25%
Agriculture and Food Services 23.31% 2.94% 0.32% 0.50% 0.28%
Architecture and Construction 22.51% 2.51% 0.73% 1.18% 0.32%
Arts and Artists 26.27% 2.95% 0.30% 0.51% 0.28%
Beauty and Personal Care 16.65% 1.92% 0.26% 0.33% 0.30%
Business and Finance 21.56% 2.72% 0.43% 0.55% 0.20%
Computers and Electronics 19.29% 2.08% 0.47% 0.79% 0.27%
Construction 21.77% 2.26% 0.86% 1.28% 0.39%
Consulting 20.13% 2.49% 0.50% 0.79% 0.27%
Creative Services/Agency 21.39% 2.66% 0.58% 0.93% 0.35%
Daily Deals/E-Coupons 15.06% 2.23% 0.07% 0.13% 0.10%
E-Commerce 15.68% 2.01% 0.19% 0.26% 0.27%
Education and Training 23.42% 2.90% 0.32% 0.51% 0.21%
Entertainment and Events 20.51% 2.36% 0.28% 0.43% 0.26%
Gambling 21.62% 3.30% 0.42% 0.38% 0.15%
Games 21.10% 3.66% 0.37% 0.44% 0.25%
Government 28.77% 3.99% 0.33% 0.50% 0.13%
Health and Fitness 21.48% 2.69% 0.30% 0.40% 0.40%
Hobbies 27.74% 5.01% 0.18% 0.31% 0.23%
Home and Garden 21.60% 3.03% 0.32% 0.52% 0.35%
Insurance 21.36% 2.13% 0.67% 0.71% 0.25%
Legal 22.00% 2.81% 0.52% 0.66% 0.22%
Manufacturing 19.82% 2.18% 0.72% 1.18% 0.31%
Marketing and Advertising 17.38% 2.04% 0.44% 0.68% 0.27%
Media and Publishing 22.15% 4.62% 0.14% 0.27% 0.12%
Medical, Dental, and Healthcare 21.72% 2.49% 0.51% 0.63% 0.28%
Mobile 19.29% 2.27% 0.48% 0.58% 0.37%
Music and Musicians 21.88% 2.94% 0.28% 0.48% 0.26%
Non-Profit 25.17% 2.79% 0.33% 0.49% 0.20%
Pharmaceuticals 18.58% 2.25% 0.39% 0.53% 0.17%
Photo and Video 23.24% 3.23% 0.43% 0.65% 0.40%
Politics 22.94% 2.37% 0.28% 0.41% 0.21%
Professional Services 21.94% 2.55% 0.56% 0.83% 0.31%
Public Relations 21.02% 1.98% 0.45% 0.71% 0.17%
Real Estate 19.17% 1.77% 0.38% 0.56% 0.27%
Recruitment and Staffing 21.14% 2.53% 0.45% 0.53% 0.30%
Religion 27.62% 3.16% 0.17% 0.25% 0.15%
Restaurant 19.77% 1.34% 0.37% 0.50% 0.28%
Restaurant and Venue 20.39% 1.40% 0.32% 0.45% 0.39%
Retail 18.39% 2.25% 0.22% 0.32% 0.25%
Social Networks and Online Communities 21.06% 3.32% 0.20% 0.34% 0.22%
Software and Web App 21.29% 2.45% 0.65% 0.97% 0.37%
Sports 24.57% 3.09% 0.26% 0.39% 0.28%
Telecommunications 20.92% 2.27% 0.63% 0.87% 0.23%
Travel and Transportation 20.44% 2.25% 0.31% 0.51% 0.24%
Vitamin Supplements 15.03% 1.62% 0.23% 0.36% 0.27%
Average Totals 21.33% 2.62% 0.40% 0.58% 0.26%


Why do we need artificial intelligence (AI)?

It’s a requirement if you’re serious about your company’s success. In order to achieve the desired outcomes, a simple email campaign that is delivered to all subscribers will not be effective.

It’s critical to treat each customer as an individual since doing so demonstrates not only your drive to make money, but also your genuine interest in your company. As a result, you’re eager to put in the effort to make it better.

How does it all go? AI can help you find a personalized strategy for each subscriber. A user’s engagement with your company is thoroughly analyzed by this technology.

Analysis will take into consideration the history of purchases, email open rates, and other activities of your customers as an example.

As a result, you’ll be able to give each subscriber information about their favorite products and services that’s relevant and valuable.

AI can also help you determine the optimum device and time of day for each subscriber to receive your email.

An accurate evaluation can only be made after sending at least 10 email campaigns. Then, you’ll be able to personalize and categorize your customers.

There is a 70 percent increase in conversions thanks to AI. The “Resend to unopened mails” feature also helps with this.

Obviously, not all of your subscribers will open all of your emails for a variety of reasons. Unopened emails can be resent through web push or email with this capability.

A new subject line and an expiration date are the only things you need to do. A more innovative, unique, and attention-grabbing subject line will be used going forward. All paid programs get access to AI technology.

Three main communication channels are available: emails, SMS, and web push notifications

SendPulse is an integrated platform that allows you to reach your audience not only through email messages, but also through sending SMS for SMS marketing and web push notifications separately or even starting an automated complex campaign that will consist of a series of emails, SMS, and web pushes.

Benefits of SendPulse

Email marketing can be a great way to stay in touch with customers, promote new products or services, and drive traffic to your website. But not all email marketing platforms are created equal.

SendPulse is a powerful platform that offers a wide range of features that can help you boost your email marketing campaigns. Here are some of the benefits of using SendPulse:

1. Segmentation capabilities: One of the biggest advantages of SendPulse is its powerful segmentation capabilities. You can use advanced filters to target specific contacts based on their interests, demographics, or past behavior. This helps you send more relevant emails that are more likely to convert into sales.

2. Automation: SendPulse automates many of the tasks involved in email marketing, such as contact management and list building. This not only saves you time and money but also ensures that your campaigns are more accurate and effective.

3. Range of signup forms: SendPulse makes it easy to design attractive and useful signup forms for your website. You can choose from a variety of templates and customize them to match your brand or website design. This helps you grow your email list quickly and easily.

SendPulse New Features

Sendpulse CRM Review

Here’s a list of features that are available in the CRM beta:

 Sales pipeline

Create multiple stages in your pipeline — “New,” “In Progress,” “Closed,” or other specific stages tailored to your business. Assign team members to manage tasks in each pipeline stage and track the entire sales process.

 Contact cards

Be prepared to negotiate with customers using data from their contact card: the customer’s name, email address, phone number, details about the deal, and more.

 Manual and automated deals

Create deals manually or automatically after interacting with your customers via chatbot or an automated flow — coming soon.

They have just released the beta version of their CRM — they’ll continue improving it and adding new features. In the meanwhile, you are welcome to test our CRM system absolutely for free.

Features of SendPulse Review

Sendpulse recommendations

How does SendPulse work?

All the popular features, such as creating your own subscription forms, email list segmentation, a series of emails, and API, are available. We will go through the details of each of them.

Drag-and-drop editor

Sendpulse Drag and drop editor

Creating unique, colorful templates with SendPulses drag-and-drop editor is very easy. It doesn’t require any special skills of a professional designer. It takes about half an hour to create an email, even for a person who is new to it.

The main principle of the editor is a set of blocks that you can choose and drag to the place you need. The main elements are situated in the left side of editor: new section, text, button, separator, video block, and buttons of social links

Any template that you will create in this builder will be correctly displayed at any screen resolution.

You can also create your email template with a regular HTML editor or upload a new template from a file, a URL, or by pasting the HTML code.

A large gallery of responsive-layout templates


If you prefer to not waste time creating unique designs for your emails, you can take any template in SendPulse free email templates gallery. It contains more than 100 variants on different topics: holiday, e-commerce, travel, restaurant, business, health care, education, and others. Just change the text, and the email is ready to send.

Subscription form generator

Sendpulse subcriptions

Filling in the subscription form is the very first thing a user faces when they decide to subscribe to your newsletters. The main rule for the subscription form is to be convenient for the user and to have a sufficient number of fields to collect information for you: name, email address, telephone number, age, city, and so on.

In SendPulse’s subscription form generator you can easily create the form you need with any color scheme, number of fields, and text elements.


Sendpulse personalized emails

Email marketers continue to discover the benefits of the personalization trend, as 94 percent of companies say that this feature in their email campaigns brings successful results in conversion. The more you know about your audience, the more customer-oriented your emails will be. SendPulse allows for personalization in the subject line and email body by inserting any information you collected about your recipients:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Company
  • Position, and others
  • Segmentation

With the help of this function you can divide your email subscribers into groups according to the information you have: gender, current location, date of birth, interests, and others. For example, some people state in the subscription form that they would like to receive “discounts”; other people want to receive the “company’s digest.” By sending different content to these two segments, you will improve the relevance of messages.

A/B testing

The method of A/B testing is used in cases when you don’t know what elements will bring better metrics of open rates and click rates. SendPulse’s A/B test allows you to find out how to improve these elements:

  • The subject line and preheader
  • The location of the text and text itself
  • The fonts and the size of headings
  • The calls to action
  • The number of buttons
  • The photos
  • The number of links, and others

Automated sendingcreating-a-new-autoresponding-series-of-emails sendpluse review

This feature allows you to send a series of emails automatically. Usually drip email campaigns are based on automated sending. The first email will be sent out when a new person joins your email list, the second email will go out two days later, and the third email will go out the next weekend. Alternatively, you can set up a series of emails based on triggers or actions the person has made; for example, clicking a link in your email or making a purchase.

Email scheduler

Plan your email campaigns in advance with this feature. Set up a date and time and the email will go out automatically.

Resending to unopened

SendPulses unique feature of resending increases the open rate by 30-70 percent or even more. If a subscriber didn’t open your email, just change the subject line and the time of sending. These simple steps add more opens and clicks because your email looks like a new one in the user’s inbox. To use this feature, you need to put a tick in the field “Send emails to unreads.”

Statistics reports

the-statistics-report-sendpulse review

Check the results of every sent email campaign with a statistics report. SendPulse analyzes a wide range of metrics and actions of subscribers. Here is just a fragment of such a report. You can see opens, clicks, the number of emails marked as spam, the number of unsubscribed users, and so on.

Mobile app

Manage your mailings from a smartphone. You can add new subscribers to your mailing list, send emails, and evaluate the results of each email campaign with the mobile app for iOS and Android.


You can integrate mailings with services you already use. Integration is possible with CMS, CRM systems, and other services by using API.

Web push notifications

Sendpulse Whatsapp


Send this type of message from SendPulse. Web push notifications bring visitors back to your website. You can send notifications on any topic; for example, an invitation to visit a new page on your site, special offers and discounts, news, order statuses, and so on. Short messages work on over 80 percent of devices on the most-used browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. Look at how web pushes are displayed within them.

pushexample-sendpulse review

In addition, there’s a real bonus to send web pushes via SendPulse: this feature is free for any tariff plan!

Bulk sending of SMS

Sendpulse Bulk SMS

In SendPulse your SMS announcements will reach your subscribers at a speed of 200-500 SMS per second. You can send SMS messages in over 200 countries on over 800 networks. You have the opportunity to schedule SMS sending for a date and time you need. Personalization of a message works like adding recipient’s name and other personal information to each text of the SMS. 

WordPress SendPulse Email Plugin

SendPulse has a WordPress email plugin. Add a subscription form to your website with its aid. With a single click, integration and installation are completed. Using SendPulse, you’ll be able to import all of your WordPress subscribers into your email list.

For WordPress users, SendPulse offers a WordPress plugin for push notifications. Use a brief offline message in their browsers to keep your customers up to date on the latest news, updates, sales, and discounts.

Free bulk and triggered push notifications are possible with this connection. There aren’t any rules.

You can use segmentation and personalisation to tailor the material you send to each subscriber. The web push campaign results can also be tracked, including delivery, geography, and click-through rate (CTR).

What benefits will you get by connecting WordPress to SendPulse Email Marketing plugin?

  • The high open rates of email campaigns.
  • SendPulse focuses on maximizing emails open rate automatically.
  • Create an unlimited autoresponders and mailing lists.
  • The availability to personalize emails and make list segmentation.
  • For sending web push notifications you can install SendPulse Free Web Push plugin.

Benefits of using SendPulse

Sendpulse Chatbots

SendPulse has a lot of tools for email marketing and marketing automation. Its contact management and sophisticated segmentation features are especially noteworthy, as they may assist you in identifying the proper contacts for your campaigns and sending more relevant emails.

SendPulse automates this process, saving you time and money while also increasing accuracy since it uses a machine-learning algorithm rather than guessing or manual data analysis. Its range of registration forms also makes it simple to create eye-catching and helpful pop-ups for growing and managing your email list.


SendPulse’s contact information isn’t hidden; it’s easy to find phone and email numbers on the main support page.

SendPulse also offers a live chat support to all clients 24/7, as well as a comprehensive knowledge library with articles and videos that provide step-by-step instructions on how to use essential features.

All users, including those on the free plan, get access to all of these types of assistance. Many other email marketing software solutions don’t provide many support alternatives to clients on free or lower-tier paid subscriptions, thus SendPulse has an advantage here.

Ease Of Use

Sendpulse email editor

SendPulse’s sign-up procedure is very easy, requiring only your basic contact information. After that, you’ll be required to give a verification code, which will be emailed to you. You’ll be led straight to the user interface when you’ve validated your account.

SendPulse is a very user-friendly application because of its easy-to-use user interface and straightforward navigation.

The UI is primarily blue and green, with a few other colours added in to bring attention to the most important elements and buttons. You’ll be amazed at how simple it is to construct your first email campaign if this is your first time using an email marketing platform.

The dashboard shows you how many subscribers you have and how many emails you’ve sent (if you’ve previously used SendPulse for your email campaigns).

Below that, you’ll see a summary of your prior campaigns (emails delivered, clicks, errors, etc.). The entire structure is set up to provide you with rapid access to the features and information you’ll need the most.

Email Marketing sendpulse

By selecting “create mailing list” and manually entering email addresses or importing them from a.txt or.csv file, you can begin constructing your email list. As seen in the picture below, you can also import your email list directly from an existing email contact list.

This function is the most beneficial to me since it is simple and time-saving, especially if you’re migrating from another ESP like Mailchimp or GetResponse and have a large email list of 1000+ subscribers.

You may start designing your first campaign when you’ve imported your email list. Simply choose your email list, “from” email address, sender’s name, and subject line to get started. After that, you’ll need to select an email template. You may either use one of the current SendPulse design templates or use the layout template editor to choose from four possibilities (basic, news, commerce, and text).

You’ll be brought to a screen where you can modify the content of your email before sending it to your subscribers once you’ve chosen a template.

Pros & Cons of SendPulse Review


  • SendPulse has an extremely high deliverability rate, so you won’t have to worry about your emails being lost in the ether.
  • If you sign up for SendPulse’s email marketing service, you receive access to an incredibly comprehensive list of tools, including hundreds of templates, a drag-and-drop editor, segmentation, and more.
  • Flexible Pricing: SendPulse offers monthly subscription and pay-as-you-go pricing options.
  • Freebies: Signing up for their free plan provides you unlimited access to 15,000 emails each month and up to 2,499 subscribers. Unlike other firms’ free plans, the autoresponder feature is also available here.


  • Template Designs are Hit or Miss: Out of the hundreds of templates available, a good number aren’t as well-designed as others, making them feel outdated or uninspired.

Free plans in SendPulse:  How much does SendPulse cost?

  • If you have fewer than 2,500 subscribers, send up to 15,000 newsletters per month absolutely for free.
  • You can test the SMTP service with the first 12,000 emails for free.
  • SendPulse web-push notifications are totally free.

SendPulse Review Pricing

If you have more than 2,500 subscribers you can choose from these types of paying accounts:

SendPulse Prices for Bulk Emails SMS and Web Push

  • Payment for monthly subscription that lets you select the number of subscribers and emails you need. It starts from $9.85.
  • Payment for every mailing you send. Starts from $32.00 for 10,000 messages.

SendPulse Reviews & Testimonials

Sendpulse Customer testimonials

Sendpulse reviews and features Sendpulse pricing Sendpulse customer reviews

Alternatives of SendPulse: What are SendPulse’s top competitors?

1) AWeber

AWeber is a great choice for many small businesses that is considerably more comprehensive than many other email marketing firms on the market. As this AWeber review will reveal, it’s a modern, full-featured tool that performs particularly well for firms with ambitious email marketing goals.

AWeber-Powerfully-Simple-Email-Marketing- Overview

However, there are certain disadvantages that may prompt some firms to reconsider. AWeber pricing is notable for being a touch on the pricey side, particularly for firms with extremely tiny lists (1,000 and under). Costs are more in line with industry averages until you reach the 2,500-subscriber level. Keep in mind that the company does not provide a send-based subscription plan, so if you have a huge list but just send emails once in a while, there are definitely better options.

Even with the cost in mind, any AWeber review would be incomplete if it didn’t mention that all of the platform’s capabilities are available to all tiers. As a result, AWeber is perfect for companies that are ready to use all of the capabilities right immediately. It’s also a great bargain because there’s so much to learn. AWeber is a good selection in general, and we give it a 5-star rating. Let’s have a look at what makes this platform stand apart.

This email marketing software has a lot to offer small businesses looking to set up a comprehensive email marketing campaign. The software is simple to use, with one of the most user-friendly autoresponder systems I’ve ever seen. The WYSIWYG editor also offers some excellent features, and recent upgrades have substantially enhanced the email design experience.

AWeber’s analytics and reporting tools, as well as the amount of integrations, are superior. The 5-star rating is completed by customer support that is available 24/7 in the United States.

2) Constant Contact

Randy Parker established Constant Contact in 1995. Over 600,000 businesses use Constant Contact now. Small companies with simple email marketing needs are Constant Contact’s target audience.

Constantcontact Overview

Constant Contact’s built-in integrations and pre-designed email templates are among its many advantages. For all subscription options, Constant Contact also provides live chat and phone assistance. Constant Contact’s segmentation, automation, and A/B testing skills, on the other hand, aren’t as strong as those of top rivals. These are serious flaws, and we gave this product a low rating because of them.

Constant Contact price starts at $20 per month and increases based on the amount of contacts you have. There is no free plan offered by Constant Contact. Constant Contact is comparable in pricing to competitors like Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor, although it has a smaller feature set.

Consider trying Constant Contact if you value a huge library of built-in integrations and pre-designed email templates, as well as excellent customer service.

Constant Contact price is based on the number of contacts you have and starts at $20 per month. Constant Contact has three subscription options to choose from. Constant Contact offers a 50% first-month discount as well as a free 60-day trial.

SendPulse Discount Coupon Code – $10 OFF

Get $10 OFF discount on any pricing plans of SendPulse. Sign up to activate the SendPulse coupon code.

FAQ’s on SendPulse Review

What is the Signup Process for SendPulse?

You can sign up for free in seconds by just providing your email address or by logging in with your Google account.

What does it cost to use SendPulse?

SendPulse offers a free service that allows you to send emails to up to 500 people. The premium plans offer the same features as the free ones, but the cost is determined by the number of members.

Is there an API for SendPulse?

You can use SendPulse's REST API service to integrate it with your other business software.

What kind of customer service does SendPulse provide?

All SendPulse users, regardless of plan, have access to a live chat service 24/7. It also includes a comprehensive knowledge base to assist you in resolving issues on your own.

Is SendPulse good?

When you require a smart all-in-one platform for all of your direct marketing channels - email, SMS, and push alerts - SendPulse comes in handy. Using a single tool to launch the majority of your marketing efforts is fun and simple. It helps you save both time and money.

How does SendPulse work?

SendPulse is an email marketing solution that allows you to deliver messages to a list of warm clients. Each individual on your mailing list has signed up for your campaigns either through a subscription form or by providing you with their personal email address, and they are now anticipating to get a campaign from you or your organisation.

Who Should Consider Using SendPulse?

SendPulse has a number of marketing options that may help both large businesses and solopreneurs. It's one of the reasons it's popular with both major corporations like PwC and small businesses like eCommerce retailers and bloggers.

Which Mobile Platforms Does SendPulse Support?

SendPulse has a mobile app available for both Android and iOS. This is advantageous since it allows you to control your marketing strategy from your mobile device.

Is SendPulse's bulk SMS service cost-effective?

You may send messages to over 1000 mobile operators in 200 countries with SendPulse. The bulk SMS service is a pay-as-you-go service that fluctuates by country to country.

Is SendPulse a suitable alternative for email marketing?

Yes. It is, in reality, an excellent alternative. You can send up to 15,000 emails each month on the free plan.

What is an SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server?

SMTP is an abbreviation for Simple Message Transfer Protocol. It is a protocol for sending and receiving messages between the sender's and recipient's servers.

What exactly is SendPulse?

It's an integrated email marketing platform that makes it easier and more comfortable to handle your email and SMS marketing campaigns. It's considered an integrated platform since it allows you to manage your email, SMS, and push notification campaigns all from one place.

Is it possible to integrate SendPulse with third-party apps?

Yes. Thunderbird, Yahoo Mail, CS-Cart Online Shops, WooCommerce, Bitrix24, WordPress, Drupal, and more apps can use this service.

Is it possible to put up DKIM and SPF records with SendPulse?

Yes. To improve email deliverability, SendPlulse advises setting up DKIM and SPF records.

Is it possible to see which emails have been opened in SendPulse?

Yes. The service includes a complete analytics dashboard so users can see which emails have been opened, which links have been clicked, and other important information.

On SendPulse, how do you make emails?

Marketers without HTML expertise may use the visual editor, while programmers can use HTML to design the emails.

Final SendPulse Review 2024

SendPulse is the ideal tool for email marketing. It’s one of the few products on the market that lets you stay in touch with your customers via a variety of methods. Bulk email, bulk SMS, and web push alerts can all be used in conjunction to keep your subscribers interested and expand your email list.

The SendPulse review above aims to help you determine if SendPulse is the correct choice for you by highlighting the most important features and services. SendPulse is worth a try if you own a small or mid-sized business or are a blogger. For a low price, you get a platform that can handle all of your email marketing needs (email, online push, and SMS).

As an alternative to SendPulse, you might want to take a look at Omnisend, Moosend Review  or EmailOctopus, as other options. To avoid wasting time looking up email addresses and other contact information, consider using Snovio, an all-in-one contact management tool.

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64 User Reviews on SendPulse Review

  1. I highly recommend send pulse to any new beginner site owner because it combines three very very important services for keeping users engaged with their site, it provides push notification as well as email campaign and newsletter service, and also an SMTP. and all this is free for a newbie like me. It’s really helping me starting my own business. I will upgrade as I grow but it’s really a big help for me.

  2. SendPulse is a simple and easy-to use marketing software that allows me to easily send an email newsletter from my blog, or post content on social media with one click. Whether you’re running a WordPress site or starting out as a business professional or small business owner Send Pulse will simplify your marketing tasks and free up time for the work of running your company.

    By taking part in all the communication channels like SMS, email, Blog etc. I don’t have to spend any more money hiring someone to help me with different aspects of my campaign. Instead I simply use the very user friendly tools that they provide for email marketing which are brilliant and takes just one single click.

  3. SendPulse is an easy-to-use marketing software that allows you to manage all of your digital marketing campaigns in one convenient platform. I have only just started using Sendpulse but the results that I have seen already are amazing. The very easy tools for email marketing are brilliant and I will continue to use them for my online business. This product can be used by beginners or professionals because it does not require any programming skills (or long hours) to get your first campaign up and running! Pretty straightforward!

  4. I started using SendPulse as a way to boost my e-commerce by driving some traffic. I was shocked at how easy it is and how good the results were. It’s like they do all the work for you!

  5. SendPulse is a new way to communicate with your customers. When you have a lot on your plate, Sendpulse simplifies things so all your marketing efforts go into one easy-to use platform. Sendpulse helps you to realize the full potential of any campaign because it takes part in all communication channels like SMS, email and even blog posts!

    The response time for responses to questions I’ve had were quick; they offer quick ways to make decisions using their template based software layout that makes it super easy for me as an individual who doesn’t know much about online marketing.

  6. You already know SendPulse is so easy to use, you’ve heard about it from my friend Margaret. She was always having trouble with her email server until she signed up for the basics of sending email campaigns, delivered by SendPulse. You’ll love how they have saved me time and paper giving me peace of mind that my emails get where they’re supposed to!

  7. The easiest way to create email campaigns. SendPulse has been designed from the ground up with simplicity in mind. Streamlined UI and straightforward navigation mean you’ll spend less time learning how to use a complicated app, and more time designing beautiful emails that will get your message across.

  8. I used to think my marketing campaigns were a one-man show. I was always spending all day sending out emails, blogging and doing the other routine tasks that small businesses cannot afford to hire someone for. SendPulse changed everything. With this tool, I can take part in all communication channels with just a few clicks of button. Within minutes post on Facebook, publish blog posts and generate leads from your contact database alternatively by text message or email—anything you could imagine is possible with SendPulse!

  9. SendPulse is an ultimate choice for your marketing campaigns. With SendPulse, you can reach out to all the channels of communication including email, blog posts, Twitter, etc. with just one installation. The best thing about this product is that it has a user-friendly interface which requires minimal time and effort to use.

  10. SendPulse proves to be an easy-to-use email marketing application that will help you send emails without the hassles. Its features are user friendly and it provides all of your basic needs for sending out mass mailings – SendPulse helps you save time, money, and resources by giving you one simple solution for almost everything. With its intuitive interface, the whole process is pretty smooth without hiccups or any frustrating moments.

  11. I used the SendPulse platform a lot because I was running a fundraising campaign to fund my school. The site is user-friendly and it has helped me maximize my target audience as well as make the process of sending emails, push notifications, and text messages easy.
    SendPulse is best for those small businesses that are looking to update their marketing or need some help with managing contacts or getting organized with their campaigns.”

  12. SendPulse is a wonderful email marketing platform with an attractive design. After reading our article on why SendPulse is better than any similar service, you’ll see the advantages of this system for sending and tracking your campaigns spikes up to 25%.

  13. SendPulse is a very user-friendly campaign analytics application that easily integrates into your current email campaigns. One of the best features of this application is how easy it is to use, with a user interface that doesn’t require any more than basic contact information before connecting you to intuitive navigation and deep analytical tools.

    SendPulse makes signups extremely simple requiring only basic contact information and verification code emails so you can be up and running in no time at all!

  14. “Finally, someone who understands how grueling email marketing can be!”
    I love this tool because it’s so user-friendly and straightforward. I’ve always been hesitant to use any other services that weren’t expressly convenient for people like me: technicians and non-technical marketers. SendPulse is customisable and has templates, which makes the whole email campaign production process much easier than ever before! Now sending campaigns is no sweat at all – not something I could say about softwares I used in the past.

  15. I love how SendPulse has detailed analytics for email marketing, which is something I struggle with when it comes to posting on social media. It does all the hard work for you by showing you who your best contacts are and what their interests are.
    I think that certain features of SendPulse are just great, like its automatic routing system that helps me target my audience more effectively.

  16. Sendpulse is a simple and easy-to-use marketing software that allows you to send messages on all the channels at once including email, text message, etc. I have only just started using SendPulse but the results that I have seen already are amazing. The very easy tools that they provide for email marketing are brilliant and I will continue to use them for my online business

  17. Automated email campaigns and newsletters are becoming an increasingly popular way to stay in touch with your customers. SendPulse is a very user-friendly application because of its easy-to-use user interface and straightforward navigation, as well as advanced features like priority subscriptions for those who want extra attention from you.

  18. SendPulse has an awesome email deliverability rate, so you know your messages will get through. I prefer their pricing model because it’s flexible and affordable. The freebie they offer is also pretty cool – at minimum, they have 15,000 emails available for each free account.

  19. For a fraction of the price, SendPulse is by far the best email marketing service I’ve found. First off, SendPulse has an extremely high deliverability rate, so you won’t have to worry about your emails being lost in the ether. Second, if you sign up for their email marketing service, you receive access to an incredibly comprehensive list of tools including a drag-and-drop editor and segmentation that makes it easy even for beginners to create effective customer communication.

  20. It is a beautiful day and you are happy as you check your phone but all of a sudden, life blows up. That jerk from work sent out that mean email to everyone in the office or worse, they do it again at a different time of day! When my coworkers go low, I go high and turn on SendPulse’s new stopwatch feature-and leave them begging for forgiveness. It works like this: just set an interval timer before distributing your campaign so people will start receiving texts right around 10 minutes after they were first notified. Now you’ve created peace of mind knowing that each recipient has seen what was sent their way without spamming anyone 5 times during one hour by mistake!

  21. Sendpulse is a brilliant piece of software that will allow you to create marketing campaigns for all your digital channels–including email. It’s completely managed by the provider so you don’t need any design skills or other wise know how to get started with using SendPulse. The only thing you need is an account and then they take care of everything else!

  22. SendPulse is a simple and easy-to-use marketing software that allows you to communicate with all your clients in any ways they prefer, without having to worry about hiring an individual designer or business professional. Email marketing tools are brilliant.

  23. SendPulse is a great solution for automating your email marketing campaign. It keeps up with the needs of modern businesses and marketers by providing them an effective tool that will let you turn over higher numbers in all the metrics: customer open rates, conversion rates and more.
    A lot of users tried SendPulse and they were all happy because this application turns out to be very easy-to-use while coming across as one of the most efficient solutions on the market if not the best one.
    It’s like having a trusted assistant who works 24/7 without skipping any important tasks. Automated emails allow you to raise your managed campaigns efficiency without compromise!

  24. It’s amazing! I got the perfect discount on this app, and then realized it has some other really great features that are just as awesome. From targeting my customers to scheduling emails, SendPulse does everything for you. I had trouble in the past with marketing because people were not opening my emails (probably spam filters). But this was a life saver and didn’t make me worry anymore about email marketing struggles.

  25. SendPulse is a powerful email marketing tool that makes constructing, sending and tracking email campaigns easier than ever. The generous Free plan lets you start sending newsletters to unlimited subscribers with 10,000 emails per month for free–no credit card or payment information needed! Upgrade to the Pro plan for \$24.00/month and you’ll be able to send up to 100,000 emails per month as well as have access to all the campaign statuses in one place so it’s easy for your team members to keep tabs on their accomplishments.

  26. SendPulse is one of the few email marketing platforms that invests in their customers’ success. The SendPulse team has crafted some innovative features to make this service even more user-friendly. They also emailed me back right away with answers to help me make a decision about how best to use it!

  27. SendPulse offers a new solution to the problem of maximizing the newsletter open rate, with its completely automated approach. It is one of the easiest ways I have seen for sending newsletters in a long time – SendPulse will do all the hard work for you! We know from experience that email marketing can be difficult when it comes to being consistent and this tool is an excellent way to stay on top of your inbox. An easy-to-use interface leaves no room for confusion and with success using this software, we’ve been able to send our October email campaigns with ease!

  28. Send Pulse has so many great features that it’s hard to know where to start. They send the emails for you based on your preferences, which is amazing when you’re low on time because it can even be set up in advance! If you want an email open rate of over 25%, then I recommend SendPulse. Sign me up!

  29. There are some interesting features of SendPulse that I really enjoy, such as message timing and notifications. This new system is a good alternative for my old email marketing provider with high costs. The user interface also looks great from what I have seen so far, which helps to make this an enjoyable experience even though it can get a little complicated sometimes.

  30. There are several things I like about SendPulse, the free trial is one of them because it gives its users the opportunity to evaluate the tool and so they can draw their own conclusions. I also like that it has such good integration with third-party software, it makes it quite reliable and makes SendPulse more complete and friendly. Finally, I like the analysis that gives us of the email campaigns we devised to attract new customers or to keep our customers happy and informed.

  31. I always had difficulty with email marketing because I didn’t want to manually respond to my customers. SendPulse texted a bit of joy into the mix! It made everything much easier, and now I can focus more on what matters – teasing out new ideas for future emails. If you’re looking for an automated solution that helps you meet your goals, try it today before people beat me to it!

  32. SendPulse is an email marketing booster for my business. My newsletter open rates are higher now than ever before with this wonderful tool. It has made it possible to keep up on shutting down inactive subscribers and sorting new subscribers. I find the analytics module very comprehensive, too, which makes me feel like I am always on top of my game!

    SendPulse allows me to work smarter by automating some tasks that would otherwise take hours out of my day if they were done manually. Quite honestly every single one of my clients could benefit from SendPulse; not only does it help you reach more people but also automates pretty much everything!

  33. SendPulse is a simple and easy-to-use marketing software that allows you to. A single platform that helps with all your marketing campaigns.

    By taking part in all the communication channels like SMS, email, Blog etc. you don’t have to spend your time and money hiring a business professional or an individual designer. Sendpulse has only just released which means it can help those who are new on the market as well as those who have been using SEO for years because of its excellent features such as newsletters, Affiliate Marketing Management, Incentives & Promotions Administration etc.

  34. I love SendPulse. This sleek, user-friendly application streamlines email campaigns because of its clean interface and simple browsing. It’s easy to see how many subscribers I have at the moment; it also tags me when other people sign up for my list! If you’re looking to launch your first campaign or revamp an old one, SendPulse should be top on your list.

  35. SendPulse should be the first step to consider for any company that needs to build its subscriber list. SendPulse is an easy-to-use, automatic email marketing software that will make your life much easier. Works with all major mailing services like Mailchimp and Aweber. It has seriously cut down on my day job which I am very happy about!

    If you’re looking for a fresh perspective or need help reaching more of your target audience, give this one a try!

  36. SendPulse is one of the best email marketing tool that has really helped me to fix my own problems in less time. The tool offers a number of different easy ways to grow your newsletter open rates, without the need for any complicated configuration or clunky workarounds before you can send emails. I am sure this is worth-buying product with incredible amount of benefits and features which works perfect for my business needs.

    SendPulse helps anyone who manages mailing lists to maximize their main metric – newsletter open rates, without requiring them to sell or write more messages. It’s an automated way to make people interested in subscribing on newsletters and it also includes some incredible benefits.

  37. Once you start using SendPulse, marketing will become a walk in the park. Their software is unbelievably easy to use and they have all of your campaigns on one platform. With their pricing plan, getting professional-quality marketing campaigns is no longer an issue – it’s available at a price that doesn’t bite! I recommend checking out their tool today.

  38. SendPulse is at the top when it comes to emails and campaigns.
    The writing style for this product description was user reviews. The text we created was witty and creative while still being clear and persuasive. We did not use any smiley faces or other gimmicky things in our description because we wanted to keep it professional.

  39. If you want to do an email marketing without any major expertise, SendPulse is the best place for all your needs.

    SendPulse comes with SMS Marketing so if you are looking for well-targeted, personalised messages from customers to boost conversion rates and boost engagement. But now, this app has been recently upgraded now it offers a Speech Recognition feature as well which will let work done in a fraction of time as well as decrease errors.

  40. Sendpulse is a simple and easy-to-use marketing software that allows you to send messages on all the channels at once including email, text message, etc. I have only just started using SendPulse but the results that I have seen already are amazing. The very easy tools that they provide for email marketing are brilliant and I will continue to use them for my online business

  41. Apparently, it lacks some functionalities that are a necessary complement when it is required to perform certain work through this software, more than anything in its capacity to limit some of its options of use, which are more frequently encouraged, being a problem for large companies that perform extensive work at the same time through this particular system, acquiring problems, specifically in the labour backlog.

  42. It would be amazing if this software implements new skills for a more commercial environment, for users who use this platform in their business servers, more than anything a possibility to add more than one website to carry out the operations of digital marketing beyond the commercial expectations, for a maximum success rate, as long as this idea is kept in a free plan apart from its integration to the system obviously.

  43. SendPulse maintains a nice general interface, with excellent design features in several highlights about its visual appearance, which any user can get to appreciate from the beginning, without excluding that its base is quite fast, which allows executing operations based on modern digital marketing through different methods in an automated way, both certain questions and the option to program future answers to be made, being a complete and wonderful platform in these aspects work once implemented.

  44. When we were looking for a marketing tool that has the capability to full fill our needs and still be convenient, SendPulse is what we found. It’s one of the most reasonably priced software features -lower than Facebook ads- with all the functions you need in order to do your own advertising.

    Not only can it help you identify your target market and build social media campaigns, but also will give them post-purchase email service and SMS notifications which might convince buyers to purchase more products from your store. With SendPulse, all your difficult decisions are already made for you with the ability to produce campaigns without any prior knowledge about it or time commitments.

  45. Once you try SendPulse, I can assure you that there will never be something that would make you go back to not testing emails. And the best thing is that it’s entirely free for any company like you!
    Fantasticity awaits when your open rate skyrocketed and up-selling increases which lead to higher conversion rates. All this comes at the expense of free usage, so what are you waiting for? Give their system a test before sending out all your emails manually. The results are guaranteed to surprise even the most sceptical minds, which is why no one should look past SendPulse before they — let me just say it again – send out an email campaign in existence!

  46. Looking for a marketing platform that’s going to be easy? You need to try SendPulse.
    OH MY GOD, the LAST thing I want to do is another tedious marketing task. Creating email content, scheduling it out as though it were homework…that stuff is SERIOUSLY not my MAIN focus. With this setup from SendPulse, you can completely automate your WordPress/email newsletter and put together highly targeted campaigns with just a few clicks of a button. And if you’re looking for even MORE savings on payment plans, hit up their chatbot which will tell you EXACTLY how much your total monthly credit card bill would be based on what type of payment plan you go with each month! SATISFIED!

  47. SendPulse is a powerful tool you will never need to leave, I built sites and form emails all the time with it. As easy as drag and drop design- plus my team can edit any email on our own without having to bother me.
    Fantastic! SendPulse has made email marketing not just for those who have plenty of money or time.
    My favourite part about SendPulse is that they keep improving their product based on what people want and need–they really listen and care about what users say!

  48. SendPulse is the first email marketing service I’ve used that doesn’t suck. It’s really intuitive, and I can’t remember what life was like without segmentation!
    I work in digital marketing for an international fashion brand so we need our emails to be delivered. With Email deliverability, this high, SendPulse has our backs.

  49. SendPulse is the next best thing in marketing technology. It’s an integrated platform that allows you to reach your audience not only through email messages, but also through sending SMS for SMS marketing and web push notifications separately or even starting an automated complex campaign that will consist of a series of emails, SMS, and web pushes. SendPulse has a lot of tools for email marketing and marketing automation. Its contact management and sophisticated segmentation features are especially noteworthy, as they may assist you in identifying the proper contacts for your campaigns. Join thousands already with business class solutions from SendPulse!

  50. Email marketing is a process that does not require you to reinvent the wheel. You can send emails, track email campaign results and achieve your objectives without any additional effort.
    Then, SendPulse will help you get around 15% open rates which are common in such cases. However, this rate is nothing compared to the astonishing up to 25% which you can get with their AI-based system during tasks – not surprisingly! Reach your goal of a maximum number of opened emails and an amazing turnaround time for an average respondent.

  51. SendPulse is hands-down the best email marketing service on the market today. They’ve got some great tools, like drag and drop editing and segmentation, that make for some seriously high-quality campaigns. I had never felt confident about ad campaigns before SendPulse, but they provide me with all the data I need to back my decisions-which was especially helpful when I wanted to update my company logo without losing its current following! My only major gripe is that they charge by how many emails you send; while this might not be an issue for people who only blast out mass mailings, it cuts into launch budgets quite a bit since we try to get creative with what we do!

  52. After a few disappointing campaigns, I decided to try something new – SendPulse. I was eager to test it out, and after looking through the features which sounded promising, I made my choice. Sending messages with SendPulse has been a breeze. The interface is seamlessly easy to navigate around as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Most recently you can also use it as a platform for getting feedback from your employees as an integral part of the HR process!

  53. SendPulse is a fantastic platform, easy to use and really worth it. It’s simply the best email marketing service on the market when it comes to open rates. If you want your emails opened at all costs, SendPulse will help you succeed in doing so with its excellent features. It’s everything you need to get higher open rates!
    Their AI system helps find people who are more likely to be interested in your product based on their activity patterns. Sending out personalized messages allows for harnessing the attention of potential clients by tailoring content specifically to them through different channels like social media or Whatsapp notifications that lead to targeted ads without ever flooding inboxes with unneeded spam.

  54. Users from all over the world have been loving SendPulse. I am a customer myself and had no trouble getting started! SendPulse is so easy to set up and use, it barely took me 2 minutes before I was sending messages. The interface is a breeze to follow as well as interact with. When starting out on my new campaign, which can be very daunting at times, SendPulse made it easy by providing step-by-step instructions on how to do everything from setting up contacts, campaigns, etc., making this technology super user friendly! If you’re looking for an email marketing software that will leave your audience begging for more then think about trying out this magnificent website.”
    Yay – another satisfied customer!!!!

  55. The first thing that comes to mind is its ease of use, I was able to learn to use this application in a matter of a few minutes since the interface has a fairly “user-friendly” design that allowed me to get along well with it. The fact that it allows me to create email marketing and SMS campaigns in a very practical, easy and fast way is one of the most useful to save time, since I don’t have to spend hours and hours configuring everything necessary to guarantee that the campaign is executed perfectly, another thing that I found very useful is the fact that it has an email editor for mobile phones, which has allowed me to design the emails so that they are displayed properly on the users’ phones, in such a way that the information is not distorted or that the information is incomplete, its customer service team is quite receptive and efficient when it comes to solving any type of problem that may arise. e present us during the use of the application.

  56. When I was first trying to pick an email marketing company, my husband convinced me to use SendPulse because he said it would be easier for him. If you are on the fence about which service would work best for you, make sure to read our review of SendPulse below!
    The artificial intelligence system delivers personalized news for each recipient.
    This is not a spammy copy that you get from most companies because their team evaluates every article before posting it into your campaign. They keep in tune with what people are reading and makes sure that they provide links that promote more of these stories so recipients never get bored reading newsletters. When crafting text messages, this AI helps generate ideas based on where the reader grew up or went.

  57. I am so happy with this email marketing service. I found myself reaching for SendPulse time and again because the ability to quickly, inexpensively, and reliably send emails is such a must-have. SendPulse’s design tools are the best I’ve seen, and we had an easy time editing our newsletters on their intuitive interface! This email marketing service has high deliverability rates, which is fine by us: we don’t want our hard work going up in smoke! The tools they provide were essential for building interest and generated plenty of leads – thank goodness.

  58. SendPulse is an ultimate choice for your marketing campaigns. With SendPulse, you can reach out to all the channels of communication including email, blog posts, Twitter, etc. with just one installation. The best thing about this product is that it has a user-friendly interface which requires minimal time and effort to use

  59. Email marketing is an essential communication channel for many businesses in this day and age. Most people, both customers and recipients of emails, want to know about the results of email campaigns like open rates. SendPulse uniquely offers artificial-intelligence driven tools that provide high opens for your email campaigns, giving you insight into readability scores, which makes it easier for optimizing your next campaign or finding content that resonates with readers.

  60. Send pulse is reliable and high quality. With a plethora of features and great customer service, this email marketing platform does not disappoint. They offer flexible pricing schemes depending on your needs, so you’re guaranteed to get the best option for you. SendPulse offers amazing free bonuses that encourage adoption such as 15,000 emails each month and up to 2,499 subscribers with the Free Plan! Overall 5 stars!

  61. Good review. Like that SendPulse have email, sms and Web push in one platform.

    We use PushEngage at SpeakingTree for our Web Push notifications, and are happy with the results and targeting. We use their Email + Web Push integration.

  62. Hey Aishwar,

    SendPulse is considered as automatic mechanism which really helps to maximize the main metric of email marketing – newsletter open rate. It is one of the easy way to send newsletters to the Customers.

    SendPulse is a completely new approach for our business and marketing goals that is fully based on automation.

    Email marketing is impossible without sending automated emails and this tool is very effective to fix such problems in very simple manner.

    We can use SendPulse for various purposes such as regular email campaigns and up to push notifications and smart processes for maximizing open rate. Eventually, thanks for sharing your experience regarding this wonderful subject.

    With best regards,

    Amar kumar

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