SendPulse Review 2021 Web Push Notifications Platform (Why 9 Stars)

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People check their inboxes several times a day. They use email addresses to create accounts all over the web. Email is the most direct way to reach users. Marketers choose this channel for acquiring new customers and keeping existing ones because email generates the highest ROI and has excellent deliverability.

SendPulse Review in Detailed 2021 Web Push Notifications Platform

There are many services for sending emails and tracking results on each email campaign. Today we will devote our review to SendPulse mailing service. The main challenge of this platform is open rate maximization, and SendPulse succeeds in this task. Therefore, if you really care about your email open rate, read our review about the main features of this platform.

  • An artificial intelligence system increases open rates by over 30%

An average email open rate is about 15 percent. Using SendPulse you can get an email open rate of more than 25 percent. The main reason for high open rates is an artificial intelligence system that has been implemented in work. An AI system works by watching a user’s behavior like the time of email opening, user communication preference, time zone, content, layout, previous product purchases, and many other unique points. After gathering this information, the AI predicts the best time and the best channel to contact the subscriber.

  • Three main communication channels are available: emails, SMS, and web push notifications

SendPulse is an integrated platform that allows you to reach your audience not only through email messages, but also through sending SMS for SMS marketing and web push notifications separately or even starting an automated complex campaign that will consist of a series of emails, SMS, and web pushes.

Web push notifications by SendPulse

Email features of SendPulse

All the popular features, such as creating your own subscription forms, email list segmentation, a series of emails, and API, are available. We will go through the details of each of them.

  • Drag-and-drop editor

Creating unique, colorful templates with SendPulses drag-and-drop editor is very easy. It doesn’t require any special skills of a professional designer. It takes about half an hour to create an email, even for a person who is new to it.

The main principle of the editor is a set of blocks that you can choose and drag to the place you need. The main elements are situated in the left side of editor: new section, text, button, separator, video block, and buttons of social links

Any template that you will create in this builder will be correctly displayed at any screen resolution.

You can also create your email template with a regular HTML editor or upload a new template from a file, a URL, or by pasting the HTML code.

  • A large gallery of responsive-layout templates


If you prefer to not waste time creating unique designs for your emails, you can take any template in SendPulse free email templates gallery. It contains more than 100 variants on different topics: holiday, e-commerce, travel, restaurant, business, health care, education, and others. Just change the text, and the email is ready to send.

  • Subscription form generator

Filling in the subscription form is the very first thing a user faces when they decide to subscribe to your newsletters. The main rule for the subscription form is to be convenient for the user and to have a sufficient number of fields to collect information for you: name, email address, telephone number, age, city, and so on.

In SendPulse’s subscription form generator you can easily create the form you need with any color scheme, number of fields, and text elements.

  • Personalization

Email marketers continue to discover the benefits of the personalization trend, as 94 percent of companies say that this feature in their email campaigns brings successful results in conversion. The more you know about your audience, the more customer-oriented your emails will be. SendPulse allows for personalization in the subject line and email body by inserting any information you collected about your recipients:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Company
  • Position, and others
  • Segmentation

With the help of this function you can divide your email subscribers into groups according to the information you have: gender, current location, date of birth, interests, and others. For example, some people state in the subscription form that they would like to receive “discounts”; other people want to receive the “company’s digest.” By sending different content to these two segments, you will improve the relevance of messages.

  • A/B testing

The method of A/B testing is used in cases when you don’t know what elements will bring better metrics of open rates and click rates. SendPulse’s A/B test allows you to find out how to improve these elements:

  • The subject line and preheader
  • The location of the text and text itself
  • The fonts and the size of headings
  • The calls to action
  • The number of buttons
  • The photos
  • The number of links, and others


Automated sending

Import Emails to SendPulse

creating-a-new-autoresponding-series-of-emails sendpluse review

This feature allows you to send a series of emails automatically. Usually drip email campaigns are based on automated sending. The first email will be sent out when a new person joins your email list, the second email will go out two days later, and the third email will go out the next weekend. Alternatively, you can set up a series of emails based on triggers or actions the person has made; for example, clicking a link in your email or making a purchase.

  • Email scheduler

Plan your email campaigns in advance with this feature. Set up a date and time and the email will go out automatically.

  • Resending to unopeneds

SendPulses unique feature of resending increases the open rate by 30-70 percent or even more. If a subscriber didn’t open your email, just change the subject line and the time of sending. These simple steps add more opens and clicks because your email looks like a new one in the user’s inbox. To use this feature, you need to put a tick in the field “Send emails to unreads.”

  • Statistics reports

the-statistics-report-sendpulse review

Check the results of every sent email campaign with a statistics report. SendPulse analyzes a wide range of metrics and actions of subscribers. Here is just a fragment of such a report. You can see opens, clicks, the number of emails marked as spam, the number of unsubscribed users, and so on.

  • Mobile app

Manage your mailings from a smartphone. You can add new subscribers to your mailing list, send emails, and evaluate the results of each email campaign with the mobile app for iOS and Android.

  • API

You can integrate mailings with services you already use. Integration is possible with CMS, CRM systems, and other services by using API.

  • Web push notifications

Send this type of message from SendPulse. Web push notifications bring visitors back to your website. You can send notifications on any topic; for example, an invitation to visit a new page on your site, special offers and discounts, news, order statuses, and so on. Short messages work on over 80 percent of devices on the most-used browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. Look at how web pushes are displayed within them.

pushexample-sendpulse review

In addition, there’s a real bonus to send web pushes via SendPulse: this feature is free for any tariff plan!

  • Bulk sending of SMS

In SendPulse your SMS announcements will reach your subscribers at a speed of 200-500 SMS per second. You can send SMS messages in over 200 countries on over 800 networks. You have the opportunity to schedule SMS sending for a date and time you need. Personalization of a message works like adding recipient’s name and other personal information to each text of the SMS. You can also try Jook sms marketing software which is also good tool for SMS marketing these days.

  • Reasonable prices and free tariffs are available

To end this review, it will be useful to mention information about the tariffs you can start with.

Free plans in SendPulse:

  • If you have fewer than 2,500 subscribers, send up to 15,000 newsletters per month absolutely for free.
  • You can test the SMTP service with the first 12,000 emails for free.
  • SendPulse web-push notifications are totally free.

If you have more than 2,500 subscribers you can choose from these types of paying accounts:

SendPulse Prices for Bulk Emails SMS and Web Push

  • Payment for monthly subscription that lets you select the number of subscribers and emails you need. It starts from $9.85.
  • Payment for every mailing you send. Starts from $32.00 for 10,000 messages.

There are only minor limitations on the free plan so you can test all of SendPulse’s features. Read more about SendPulse on their website:


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  1. Hey Aishwar,

    SendPulse is considered as automatic mechanism which really helps to maximize the main metric of email marketing – newsletter open rate. It is one of the easy way to send newsletters to the Customers.

    SendPulse is a completely new approach for our business and marketing goals that is fully based on automation.

    Email marketing is impossible without sending automated emails and this tool is very effective to fix such problems in very simple manner.

    We can use SendPulse for various purposes such as regular email campaigns and up to push notifications and smart processes for maximizing open rate. Eventually, thanks for sharing your experience regarding this wonderful subject.

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    Amar kumar

  2. Good review. Like that SendPulse have email, sms and Web push in one platform.

    We use PushEngage at SpeakingTree for our Web Push notifications, and are happy with the results and targeting. We use their Email + Web Push integration.


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