9 Best Amazon Proxy 2023: Our #1 Pick (99.3% Success Rate)

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Want to jump straight to the answer? When it comes to Best Amazon Proxy, most individuals find SmartProxy and Oxylabs are the best options.

As an individual seeking top Amazon proxies, I understand the challenges of finding reliable providers. It’s crucial to recognize that Amazon strictly enforces its terms of use, which include restrictions on automated access and managing multiple accounts.

While these regulations are in place to maintain the integrity of the platform, they can pose obstacles for marketers and researchers alike. Personally, I’ve been fascinated by the vast amount of product data and reviews available on Amazon, and to gain unrestricted access, proxies are essential.

However, navigating the sea of subpar providers can be overwhelming. That’s why I took the initiative to conduct thorough research and compile a list of reputable options.

It’s important to note that the decision ultimately lies with you, but I’m here to present you with a range of possibilities to suit your specific requirements, budget, and personal preferences.

Rest assured, all the companies listed below offer functional Amazon proxies, so you can make an informed choice without the fear of ending up with a subpar service.

9 Best Amazon Proxy 2023

When it comes to Amazon proxies, it’s important to understand that not all proxy servers are deserving of the moniker.

Amazon has a mechanism for identifying and blocking proxies.

This implies that the only proxies that may avoid Amazon’s anti-spam mechanism are undetectable proxies.

In terms of Amazon scraping and account management, US residential proxies are the greatest option if you’re targeting the US shop.

The following are some of the finest Amazon proxy services.

1. Oxylabs:

Oxylabs is the number 1 proxy in terms of residential Amazon proxies.

Additionally, they offer a few unique features that you won’t find with too many other organizations, such as in-house rotation.

They’re without a doubt one of the greatest out there, which is why they’ve earned the number two spot on our list.

oxylab-Best Amazon Proxy

Additionally, we’re pleased to report that they’re less expensive than Bright Data, coming in at $200 per month.

This may still be a bit pricey for you, but as you’ve seen, they are far from the most costly firm available.

Oxylabs Pricing:

  • Residential proxies $15/GB pay as you go without a commitment
  • Shared Datacenter proxies are $50/month.

2. IPRoyal:

IPv6 and IPv4 proxies are offered by IPRoyal, a proxy service provider. They have a tonne of other proxies with IP addresses from datacenters, residential, and mobile devices.

They also sell sneaker proxies, which is another service they offer. As a result, they serve a variety of markets. If there is one thing that distinguishes this service, it is the method by which it obtains the IP addresses it needs to route customer traffic.

IPRoyal Review- Overview

There is no denying that when choosing a supplier to hire for your duties, affordability is a crucial factor for marketers. Residential proxies are typically thought to be more expensive than their datacenter equivalents. Nevertheless, this does not imply that they are out of reach; companies like IPRoyal make this feasible.

If you look at the list of residential proxies that actually work, IPRoyal’s residential proxies are among the most reasonably priced. The cost is determined by bandwidth. You’ll concur with me that the $3 pricing per GB is reasonable.

Stick proxies can be used with IPRoyal residential proxies. As a result, you can use them for a long time with the same IP address. Therefore, these proxies work well for managing accounts.

Additionally, you can use their proxies to hide your IP address so that no one can trace you or discover your brand’s IP online. If your brand’s IP is disclosed, it will be tracked using cookies and other tracking technology without your knowledge.

You can browse the internet anonymously and with the use of IPRoyal residential proxies.

3. SmartProxy:

Smartproxy may have a smaller IP address database than firms like Oxylabs and Bright Data, but they beat them on pricing and quality balance.

Indeed, they provide a variety of pricing alternatives, making them accessible to a far broader range of budgets.


They support both HTTP proxies and HTTPs. You can choose from multiple proxy types, scrapers, and subscription plans that fit your needs the best. Their dedicated customer assistance is top-notch, which will simplify your life considerably.

4. ProxyEmpire 

ProxyEmpire reviews

ProxyEmpire is a proxy service that provides quality residential proxies and mobile proxies to its customers. They have a network of millions of proxies, which enables their customers to bypass firewalls, avoid of geo-restrictions, scrape data, and securely access the internet.

Proxy Empire is a relatively new operator in the proxy market with the goal of disrupting the established rules of the industry. They provide rotating residential and mobile proxies at scale, and the price and payment conditions are great.

ProxyEmpire is an excellent option for you to consider if you are in the market for a high-quality proxy service that will assist you in getting around firewalls, evading geo-restrictions, and more.

5. Rayobyte Proxy:

Numerous online reviews indicate that Rayobyte Proxy offers affordable costs, an excellent customer service staff, and numerous payment options, making it a very user-friendly proxy firm.

The primary disadvantage of a firm of this kind is that they now have a limited number of proxies in their database and only cover five distinct locations.

However, they are constantly expanding their locations and database, so if you stay around long enough, it may pay off.


They support both SOCKS and HTTP proxies.

With proxies beginning at only $2.50 per proxy, this is another wonderful choice if you’re new to proxies and require a reputable provider to ensure the procedure goes well.

6. High Proxies:

One of the first things that struck us about High Proxies was their affordability, particularly in comparison to Bright Data and Oxylabs.

They may lack the datasets that big corporations have, but they compensate in other ways – such as their categories.

Not only do they provide a database for you to search through in order to discover your ideal proxy, but they’ve also classified them.

HighProxies- Best Amazon Proxy

This implies that you may seek the proxy group you’re looking for depending on the purpose for which they’ll be used.

And yes, this means they have an Amazon category where they’ve categorized all the proxies they believe are most suited for Amazon’s online activity.

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7. SSLPrivate Proxy:

If you’re looking for some excellent private and shared proxies to use with your Amazon activities, we propose SSLPrivate Proxy.

Perhaps the most adaptable aspect of this proxy company is that they also provide VPNs, so if you live in an area where proxies are tough to get for Amazon, you always have VPNs to try.

ssl private

Each proxy or VPN purchase includes 16GB of RAM, and these sorts of proxies are great for social networking activity as well as Amazon site scraping.

8. Bright Data:

Bright Data is ranked first on our list because they provide one of the finest proxy alternatives available.

When it comes to Amazon scraping, they can assist you in completing all of your tasks.

They span over 200 countries and now have over thirty-seven proxies — a figure that is constantly expanding.

bright data Best Amazon Proxy

They provide exceptional customer service and have a few unique features that not many other businesses provide.

The main drawback to these guys is their high price — you’re looking at paying at least $500 per month on Amazon proxies. If you have the budget for it, fantastic!

If not, you may like to consider another choice from our list.

9. Shifter

The shifter is the result of Microleaves’ rebranding. Shifter is an enhanced version of Microleaves with a larger pool of IP Addresses.

Shifter now has a pool of more than 31 million residential IP addresses, making it one of the biggest proxy networks on the market.

Shifter swaps IP addresses every five minutes, which makes it perfectly acceptable for Amazon scrapping.

shifter- Best Amazon Proxy

Their proxies are untraceable and hence difficult to block.

They regularly check their IP pool for malicious IPs and delete them. Additionally, their proxies are pretty reasonable.

Why Use Amazon Proxies?

For the ordinary Amazon user, using a proxy is overkill – it is not essential to browsing the site.

However, Internet marketers and researchers utilize proxies since they will almost certainly surpass the allowable request limitations.

Several of the scenarios in which Amazon proxies are necessary are detailed below.

Review Analysis:

Businesses thrive on data, and Amazon reviews provide a wealth of textual information on how customers feel about the things they purchased – and utilized.

Many users scrape the review section’s comments in order to do sentiment analysis and ascertain how buyers feel about their items.

The information obtained via this analysis is considerably superior to that obtained by star rating 

Generally, each of these may be accomplished without the use of proxies provided the number of requests per minute is kept low and the fair use policy is followed.

Proxies are required for scaling up and exceeding request restrictions.

Rank Monitoring:

Sellers on Amazon must continually monitor their listing’s rating in order to optimize and correct errors.

This is because a little decline in ranking costs them money since it reduces the Click Through Rate (CTR).

Additionally, sellers must watch their rivals’ rankings in order to understand how their competitors perform on Amazon search.

These merchants use proxies to avoid detection when the number of web queries they send exceeds a certain threshold.

Price Comparison:

Certain Amazon sellers lack definite pricing for their goods (s). The price they charge for their goods is decided by the price charged by other vendors for the same product.

This necessitates extensive monitoring of rivals’ prices in order to maintain a competitive edge.

This is accomplished using a script and needs proxies if the script will be making several queries to the Amazon server in less than a minute.

FAQs On Best Amazon Proxy Providers 

Why should you utilize Amazon proxies?

When you use Amazon proxies, you guarantee that all of your Amazon transactions are much safer. Tracking your personal information is impossible. Your internet behavior will not reveal any of the private information stored on the server. Hackers may get a great deal of data from Amazon since millions of people to use it daily.

What are the benefits of using a proxy server?

Proxy servers boost performance and minimize bandwidth. They boost network performance. They cache renowned websites you search for. Proxy usage can block unauthorized internet access. Proxies help parents and organizations monitor children's internet use. A proxy server helps block websites. They report cyberloafing time. Access blocked websites through proxy servers. Surf anonymously. This is a typical proxy server necessity. If you do a lot of financial transactions online, you should always use a proxy server. Proxy and VPN allow major companies to provide employees remote access.

What is the definition of a proxy server?

A proxy server serves as a point of contact between you and the internet. This server acts as a barrier between the end-user and the internet. They provide varying degrees of security, privacy, and usefulness, all of which must be considered while selecting a proxy server. A proxy server acts in the same way as an internet-connected computer with an IP address. As a result, your IP address is irrelevant in this case. This prevents others from determining your precise location, which is useful when utilizing sites with geographical limitations.

What is the term Amazon Scraping?

Website data is scraped. Amazon products you like or want to compare will be scraped for their description, delivery cost, and price. Market analysts scrape this data. You can't create a new product or introduce it cautiously without understanding the competitors. Amazon, a big online retailer, has adequate data for research. This makes proxy Amazon data mining popular.

What is the best kind of proxy for Amazon - rotating or static IPs?

This is a difficult issue to answer since it is dependent on the purpose for which you want proxies. If scraping is required, rotating proxies are the best option. This is because Amazon has a web request limit, and surpassing it results in a block. As a result, you will need to cycle your IP address periodically to prevent over the request limit. On the other side, if you want to manage your account, you will need session management, for which persistent proxies are optimal.

Is Using Proxies on Amazon Illegal?

Using proxies on Amazon is not unlawful - there is no legislation against it unless you are doing an illegal activity. This does not, however, imply that you are permitted to use proxies on Amazon since Amazon has a sophisticated proxy detection system that is capable of detecting and blocking low-quality proxies. That is why you should only purchase high-quality proxies like those indicated above.

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Conclusion: Best Amazon Proxy Providers 2023

As you can see, there are several factors to consider while selecting the best Amazon proxy for web scraping.

This is why we conducted an extensive study and compared a large number of proxy firms. The more information you have on the proxy service you are utilizing, the better.

You want to avoid being suspended or banned by Amazon for data scraping, but you also want to evaluate the market and build your company.

With our list of the top Amazon proxies, you’ll be able to scrape unnoticed for an extended period of time while still keeping the data you mine secure.

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