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Want to jump straight to the answer? When it comes to Best Proxies For Ad Verification, most individuals find SmartProxy and Oxylabs. are the best options.

Are you in need of the finest proxies for ad verification? If you answered yes, you have arrived on the correct website. This guide will help you choose the finest proxies for your needs since not all proxies are suitable for ad verification.

The fact that the internet advertising sector is rife with dishonest persons and fraudsters is no longer news. Additionally, there is the technicality of being unable to see adverts that are translated.

These two factors have necessitated the usage of proxies for Ad Verification, much more so if you provide your advertising business to a large audience in many regions.

“According to another November 2017 research, 78% of marketing executives expressed heightened worry about brand safety in the preceding 12 months.”

Today, brands use a variety of channels to demonstrate their solutions to prospects. From cold calling and emailing to effective SEO efforts and ad placement, corporations are spending their income in locations where their prospects are most likely to be.

Among these platforms, placing advertisements has shown to be an effective method of capturing lead attention and driving traffic with each ad click. Despite this benefit, it has become dangerous and ineffective to undertake this activity alone.

Today, bogus websites are gaining popularity due to their utilization of legitimate brand endorsement.

For instance, your advertisement may be posted on a bogus website, and you may not even get legitimate leads, as the bogus website would handle everything on your behalf. By the time you recognize it, your brand’s identity has diminished significantly.

To boost lead conversions in the 2019 market, marketers must adopt critical actions to guarantee that their advertisements are placed in legitimate locations that will bring more healthy visitors to their website, which is why ad verification is essential.

How Do Proxies Help Ad Verification?

Adverifiaction proxies

Residential proxies sometimes referred to as advertisement proxies, are proxies offered by an internet service provider. These assist marketers with identifying fraud and enhancing the effectiveness of their advertisements.

Although ad verification scripts are included in the majority of big websites, ad fraudsters often counter by banning the IP addresses entirely. This is where residential proxies come into play since they provide you with distinct and different geo-located IP addresses.

By using proxies to check the adverts, scammers and fraudsters are unable to discover the traffic that is validating the ad. As a result, they are unable to block such traffic and assist you in identifying the error.

How Does Ad Verification Work?

Step – 1: Brand owners will cooperate with ad verification companies to verify that their advertising operations adhere to the appropriate framework.

Step – 2: After that, the ad verification firms would conceal the advertisements with their respective snippets.

Step – 3: The protected advertisements are then distributed through advertising networks, exchanges, or direct placements. Once this occurs, the advertisement will be shown online.

Step – 4: The ad verification firms will begin their work the moment the advertisements appear online.

Step – 5: All statistics on impressions, interactions, clicks, and websites will be compiled and delivered to businesses to provide insight into their advertisements.

Best Proxies For Ad Verification 2023

To qualify as an Ad Verification proxy provider, a proxy provider must adhere to a set of requirements. This proxy provider must be undetectable, have a large IP pool to enable effective IP rotation, and have proxies in many regions to allow for the usage of localized IPs in particular areas. Residential proxies are the obvious candidates for these needs.

However, due to certain technicalities, not all residential proxies are suitable candidates, despite the fact that they may still function. As far as we are concerned, the finest proxies for Ad Verification are Bright Data, PacketStream, and Smartproxy.

1. Smartproxy:

smartproxy Best Proxies For Ad Verification

What is Smartproxy ?

Smartproxy is a trusted Proxy service that has quickly become the go-to for many businesses. It has many features that make it unique among other Proxy services. Here are some of the things that set Smartproxy apart:

  • Low costs
  • High-quality service
  • Ease of use
  • Pleasant user experience
  • Rich documentation
  • Instant customer support
  • Nation and city targeting
  • Ability to specify ASNs

These factors make Smartproxy the best Proxy service available. If you are looking for a Proxy service, look no further than Smartproxy!

Smartproxy’s low costs and high quality of service are two of its most appealing features. Many Proxy services are expensive, and those that are not often lacking in quality. Smartproxy provides both low cost and high quality, making it the perfect choice for those looking for a Proxy service. Additionally, Smartproxy is extremely easy to use. The user interface is simple and straightforward, and the documentation is rich and informative. These factors make it the perfect choice for those who want a Proxy service that is both easy to use and reliable. Finally, Smartproxy’s customer support is top-notch.

Customer support professionals are always available to help you with any problems you may have. They are quick to respond and resolve any issues you may have. If you are looking for a proxy service, look no further than Smartproxy!

Pricing :

Smartproxy residential proxy pricing

There are many proxy services available on the market today, but none of them compare to Smartproxy. Smartproxy’s combination of low cost, high quality, ease of use, pleasant user experience, a rich documentation, and instant customer support make it the perfect choice for those looking for a proxy service. If you are looking for a proxy service, look no further than Smartproxy!

2. Oxylabs

Oxylabs data center

If you’re in the business of web scraping, then you know that having a reliable proxy provider is essential. That’s where Oxylabs comes in. Oxylabs is one of the top proxy providers in the business, offering premium proxies and enterprise-level support. Here are just some of the benefits of using Oxylabs proxies for your web scraping needs.

With Oxylabs, you can maintain a powerful data gathering infrastructure that will support your business needs. That’s because they have access to millions of premium data centers and residential IPs worldwide. So no matter where you need to gather data from, you can be sure that Oxylabs has you covered.

Advanced Solutions

In addition to their extensive network, Oxylabs also provides advanced solutions such as their Next-Gen Residential Proxies. These proxies use AI and ML to acquire data with a 100% success rate, so you can be sure that you’re getting the most accurate information possible.

Enterprise-Level Support

Oxylabs Reviews Read Customer Service Reviews of oxylabs.io

One of the best things about working with Oxylabs is their enterprise-level support. If you ever have any questions or issues with their service, you can be sure that someone will be there to help you out promptly. That’s the kind of peace of mind that you need when entrusting your business intelligence needs to someone else.

If you’re looking for a reliable proxy provider for your web scraping needs, then look no further than Oxylabs. With their extensive network and advanced solutions, they can help you maintain a powerful data gathering infrastructure that will support your business for years to come. Not to mention, their enterprise-level support is always there to help if you ever have any questions or issues. Learn more about what Oxylabs can do for your business today!

3. ProxyEmpire

ProxyEmpire reviews

If you’re looking for a proxy service that can offer you reliable and high-quality proxies, ProxyEmpire is a good option to consider. They have a large network of proxies that covers both mobile and residential IPs, which gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of what you can do with them.

ProxyEmpire also has a very user-friendly interface, so it’s easy to get started even if you’re not familiar with proxies. And if you need any help, their support team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.

So if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable proxy service, ProxyEmpire is definitely worth checking out.

4. Shiftproxy


When it comes to web scraping proxy services, Shiftproxy is one of the most cutting-edge and potent options available. In order to ensure that data collection proceeds without glitches or delays, it offers a dependable network of high-quality proxies that are tailored to web scraping.

What sets Shiftproxy apart is its sophisticated features and straightforward UI. Shiftproxy simplifies the process of setting up and using proxies for your web scraping needs, whether you’re an expert scraper or just getting started. You may quickly and easily configure your proxy settings and begin gathering information from the web with just a few clicks.

In addition to its superior service, Shiftproxy has excellent support. When you have questions or need assistance troubleshooting a problem, you can always reach out to their skilled support staff. When compared to other web scraping proxy services, Shiftproxy stands out due to its superior support and service.

All things considered, Shiftproxy is an excellent web scraping proxy service that is ideal for anyone who needs to collect data from the web rapidly and effectively.

Shiftproxy is indispensable for any professional web scraper thanks to its dependable network, cutting-edge functionality, and top-notch customer service.

5. IPRoyal:

IPRoyal has been in business for more than 15 years and is dedicated to providing its customers with a wide range of options for resolving issues related to IP addresses.

IPRoyal Review- Overview

IP networking can be a confusing and nerve-wracking experience. Because there are numerous options, it is essential that you find a company that is dependable and trustworthy and has an excellent reputation. IPRoyal’s mission is to provide customers with a long-term, reliable solution that is specifically tailored to meet the demands of their individual IP address businesses.

You will receive an amazing experience that adapts to your changing needs thanks to their solutions, which are efficient in terms of cost, trustworthy, and easy to use.

They have a substantial amount of expertise in IP networking and are able to provide you with a customized solution that will be beneficial to your company both now and in the future. When you work with IPRoyal, you can have complete confidence that you will receive the highest quality service and solution for all of your requirements for IP addresses.

IPRoyal is an excellent option for you to consider if you are searching for an IP networking service that is dependable and trustworthy. They have many years of experience in the field, and as a result, they are able to create individualized solutions that are tailored to your particular requirements. In addition to that, they provide a vast selection of IPv4 and IPv6 address ranges that are situated in different parts of the world.

Therefore, if you are looking for a supplier who can offer you an IPv4 or IPv6 address range, IPRoyal is the ideal choice for you.


6. BrightData:

  Best Proxies For Ad Verification - Bright data

Bright Data is the market leader in proxy services. It leads the market with an absurd proxy pool that is slightly smaller than Oxylabs’ and has 72 million IP addresses. Additionally, the performance surpasses expectations.

Bright Data proxies performed exceptionally well in our testing. Although the organization is well-known for its extensive toolset, getting things up might be difficult for new users.

Bright Data’s whole service offering is encased in a robust infrastructure. However, if you’re interested in all of the company’s perks, don’t expect it to be inexpensive. It is one of the most costly suppliers, particularly if you want a city or ASN targeting.

7. SOAX:

Proxies For Ad Verification Review - soax 

SOAX has been operating since 2019, although it is still considered a relative newcomer to the market. However, the quality of its offerings speaks volumes.

One of its most striking qualities is its ability to target users based on their location. SOAX allows for the specification of a nation, city, and even an ASN, which is unusual.

The 8.5 million address pool should supply IPs in the majority of locations, and the proxy server is quite reliable, albeit not particularly fast. SOAX’s price is competitive.

8. ProxyRack:

Proxies For Ad Verification Review - ProxyRack

Proxyrack is a less popular alternative than the other providers on our list. This is not to say, however, that proxies are unreliable. Indeed, you may be interested to learn that Proxyrack’s residential premium proxies are among the finest proxies available for ad verification. They have access to approximately 5 million residential proxies.

Interestingly, they offer a robust location support system that spans over 140 countries, allowing for country-specific geotargeting.

Additionally, you may choose proxies from certain states, localities, and even ISPs. Proxyrack is reasonably priced, and the price decreases when more bandwidth is purchased.

9. GeoSurf:


GeoSurf has been in business for a long period of time, yet it continues to outperform its competitors by providing high-quality services. Although GeoSurf has one of the lowest pools in comparison to other top-tier providers – 2.5 million IPs – it looks after it well.

When it comes to targeting, the supplier enables you to select over 100 locations; however, city and ASN targeting will need an additional fee. As a premium provider, GeoSurf services are not inexpensive. While it’s obvious that the firm targets large businesses, other luxury brands do as well, and to be honest, it’s hardly a no-brainer.

10. PacketStream:

PacketStream: Best Proxies For Ad Verification

PacketStream charges a relatively low rate for its services. This company costs as little as $1 per gigabyte and operates on a no-contract, pay-as-you-go premise.

You may choose from over a hundred countries and create sticky sessions for redirect chains. PacketStream is an excellent choice for beginners. However, this is not the case for larger firms. While this company provides a respectable service, it cannot compete with industry titans.

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How to Choose Proxies for Ad Verification?

How to Choose Proxies for Ad Verification

Without proxies, it’s difficult to envisage an effective ad verification procedure. That is why you must ensure that you have the appropriate proxies for the task. Consider the following factors while selecting a provider:

Depending on your budget, pricing may also be a factor to consider. You get what you pay for when it comes to proxies. Premium providers give both high-performance proxies and a plethora of other capabilities.

Meanwhile, mid-range and low-cost suppliers must make concessions to maintain low pricing, but they often give a sufficient performance.

Although the quality of the proxy pool is minor, it is still worth considering. The best way to determine the quality is to examine the makeup of a proxy pool. A high-quality residential proxy IP network should include Internet Service Provider (ISP), mobile, and mixed IP addresses.

A diverse set of IP addresses, in case you need to verify adverts from a variety of countries. Additionally, ensure that you are capable of targeting those places.

Ascertain that you are using residential proxies. Any other kind of proxy server may result in your ban before you complete your task. Meanwhile, residential proxies ensure your anonymity and present you as a normal internet user. Thus, proprietors of fraudulent websites will be unaware that you are using proxies and will not be able to run an ad verification script.

What Are Proxies And Proxies Ideal For Ad Verification?

Proxies act as a go-between between the user and the website. When a user requests access to a website, the request is routed via a proxy server.

The proxy network identifies the user and forwards the request to the website. Once the website agrees, the information is transmitted to the proxy server, which sanitizes it and returns it to you.

Today, seeing data has grown difficult, and obtaining access to view this information has become impossible due to the strong access controls placed on such websites. The primary reason brands are prohibited is because their IP address is discovered, revealing the user’s location, and if the location does not fit the website’s access restrictions, the brand is barred.

This is precisely why a proxy network is required to address this problem.

This is why proxy servers are employed to rectify the situation. Not only does it assist prevent identity theft, but it also works as a protective wall, encrypting the stuff you receive.

Proxy networks may be an excellent option for reducing the ad fraud that has plagued the industry in recent years. With proxies, companies can effortlessly put advertisements everywhere, at any frequency, while maintaining their anonymity.

Additionally, to combat competition, developing a stronger advertising approach might generate additional money and attract the attention of additional prospects.

Thus, marketers may simply obtain essential data to develop a more effective advertising plan, as well as get a list of malicious and suspicious websites, allowing for constant monitoring of ad placements. 

1. Residential proxies:

Aims to allow users to retrieve info online without the worry of being blacklisted. Whether you’re looking for information about advertising activities or how to avoid your ad from falling victim to ad fraud, you may get whatever data you want without a worry of your IP address being exposed to high risk. Residential proxies are IP addresses that are associated with a particular physical location.

The IP address is assigned to users by the ISP. When you access information from a remote place, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) assigns you an IP address.

2. Rotating Proxies:

The term “rotating proxies” refers to the usage of IP addresses that are supported by a rotation proxy. As a result, each time you request access, the IP addresses are changed.

This is advantageous for advertisements since firms may post them everywhere, at any time, and on a variety of platforms without risk of getting detected or seeming strange.

3. Data Center Proxies:

Datacenter proxies are frequently used for a variety of purposes, including brand protection, market research, ad verification, and SEO monitoring.

Datacenter proxies function similarly to conventional proxies; they mask your IP address, ensuring your privacy while browsing the internet.

What distinguishes them is the absence of an ISP (Internet service provider) or an internet connection. Instead of sending your information when you request to visit a website, data center proxies will transmit theirs.

How Fraudsters Influence Online Advertisements?

Digital marketing is at an all-time high, as an increasing number of marketers spend a significant amount of money on digital advertising.

According to a recent survey, digital advertising will account for 50.1 percent of overall media advertising expenditure this year. As a result, it’s simple to assume that the internet marketing sector is booming.

However, things are not as straightforward as they seem. While internet marketing instantly places your advertisements on a variety of websites, many of them wind up on fake websites.

This implies that your advertisements will never be seen by your intended audience. The technique of scheduled advertising ultimately harms the company’s budget without yielding any results.

Globally, $ 5.8 billion will be lost this year, according to eMarketer. This is sufficient to demonstrate the prevalence of this behavior.

While ad fraud has a significant impact on the performance of your ad, there are also additional factors, such as ad placement and context, that contribute to its poor performance. This is where advertisement verification has developed as a partial solution to these issues.

The following are a few ways that ad fraudsters manipulate web advertisements: 

1.  Pixel Stuffing:

They compress advertisements into a single pixel frame, rendering the finished advertising unviewable to the human eye. 

2Ad click fraud:

If advertisers have agreed to a pay-per-click model, ad fraudsters are fast to identify and abuse this strategy. They get ad clicks using ad bots and scripts, therefore distorting your findings. 

3.  Ad stacking:

To maximize their profits, ad fraudsters stack many adverts on top of one another. This gives advertisers the impression that their advertisement has been published and is accessible, while in fact, only the top ad is available. This is a ruse to deceive marketers into believing they are receiving the desired impressions. However, target viewers never saw the advertisement.

Major Benefits of Ad Verification

1. Improve Ad Efficiency:

Developing effective advertisements and putting them in locations where leads’ interest might be piqued is a continual effort. With ad verification, this method guarantees that the continuous process runs smoothly by continuously improving the ad’s efficiency.

When advertising performs a beneficial function, such as generating leads and delivering quality visitors to websites, their efficiency rises. This is ensured via ad verification.

Did you know that by including a certain aspect into the ad verification process, the procedure becomes even more safe and efficient?

This aspect is widely employed nowadays and has earned a great deal of attention from businesses in the 2019 market. This element may aid in the improvement of ad verification, which is why it is termed proxies.

2. No Reduction in ROI:

A brand’s return on investment (ROI) is critical. If the ROI is inadequate, a brand runs the danger of incurring significant losses over time.

Advertisements are used by companies to boost their return on investment by capturing more lead attention. However, if ad fraudsters and hackers continue to utilize the advertising for nefarious purposes, the ROI may suffer.

This issue is resolved by ad verification, which guarantees that all advertisements are put on legitimate websites and that all advertising activities are handled in a healthy manner.

3. No Loss of Ad Funds:

Advertisers spend over half of their income on advertising, and when fraudulent actions such as ad fraud occur, businesses are left with a significant loss to compensate for.

With ad verifications, companies can rest knowing that their advertisements are being monitored and that insights are being supplied to allow for timely measures.

The few businesses that rely heavily on advertising and use ad verification are mostly digital marketing services that rely heavily on social media ad posts. A good example is Craiglist, where several advertisements are placed.

FAQs On Best Proxies For Ad Verification

✅Which Proxies Are the Best for Ad Verification?

While you may use practically any proxy for Ad Verification based on your needs, not all proxies are suitable. This is because you want undetectable and unblockable proxies in order to outwit ad fraudsters. These proxies must support IP rotation through a rotating gateway. Additionally, suppliers must support a sizable number of locations.

🤩What Are Localized Advertisements?

Localized adverts are internet advertisements that are only shown to visitors in certain geographic places. If you are not in one of these areas, you must utilize proxies to see them.

🤷🏻‍♂️Why Are Proxies Required for Ad Verification?

There are several reasons why you may need proxies. One of the primary reasons is to be able to check that a localized advertisement is not accessible in your area. Advertisers will also need it for testing and optimization purposes. Proxies are necessary when attempting to verify that advertisements are being shown in accordance with the agreement – this is critical since some websites violate the rule and then fool advertising businesses by correctly showing ads when their device IPs are found. They will be caught off guard if they use a proxy.

What Is Ad Verification?

Advertiser verification is a process of cross-checking to verify that their adverts are shown in the appropriate context on the intended website, at the appropriate place, and are seen by the appropriate eye.

If you’re interested in learning more about ad verification and how to combat fake advertisements, visit the Oxylabs website. They provide their in-depth knowledge of the answers to this very costly problem that organizations face.

To do this, verification tags and other criteria are added to the ad to guarantee that it is shown on the publisher’s page intended for publication.

It is critical to emphasize here that the ad’s location and context have an effect on its success, but also on the brand’s image. If advertising is presented beside an improper commercial including hate speech or obscene material, viewers may associate the brand with the content and form an incorrect impression.

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Conclusion: Best Proxies For Ad Verification 2023

With the many malpractices prevalent in the digital advertising sector, it has become critical for companies to validate their advertisements. Verification of advertisements guarantees that they are shown and provided on the specified website and reach the intended audience.

Ad verification guarantees that you are not overcharged and also double-checks that the reach and impressions of your advertisements are genuine and not created by bots and scripts.

It is critical in this scenario to utilize a proxy to avoid your IP being blacklisted by ad scammers. After all, if you monitor ad fraudsters for more than a day, you are almost certain to fall across their radar. This is why employing a residential proxy network with a pool of rotating IP addresses is the optimal approach.

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