List of Best Korean Proxies 2022– Top Korean Proxies To Hide IP Address

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With the help of a proxy, you may be able to access or bypass regional restrictions and blocked content.

You can also access the internet through a proxy server without compromising your security. 

Without a proxy, you might only have a static IP address when you attempt to open a website. It is easy to pinpoint the location of this IP address.

Using a proxy server can prevent that by continuously rotating your IP address so that it cannot be traced back to you. 

You are using a proxy server to replace your original IP address with one from a foreign location.

You can use a proxy for a particular area, such as the US or the EU, to access a website that is only available to users from a certain country. 

Would you like to be able to access the web as Koreans view it? Proxy providers with Korean IP addresses make it possible and even simpler than you think. Using Korean IP addresses, visitors to websites will appear to be surfing from a Korean territory.

Korean proxies can be purchased from a number of providers in the market. However, we took it upon ourselves to provide you with a list of proxy providers that only provide working proxies.

What Are Korean Proxies?

Korean proxies substitute Korean IP addresses for the IP addresses of requests routed through them. Web services that are only available to Koreans are made available to Internet users living outside Korea.

You can use either a South Korean or a North Korean IP address – they are both considered part of Korea. Buying North Korean proxies or South Korean proxies is your choice as a proxy user.

An IP address is replaced with a Korean one using a Korean proxy. Proxy servers for Korean datacenters, mobile proxies, and residential proxies are available.

These two proxies can be used to access the internet from a Korean IP address depending on your needs. 

There are still some large proxy providers where Korean proxies can be found, even though demand for them is not very high.

As compared to US or EU proxies, Korean proxies are not as widely used, especially since Korean content is not widely demanded across the globe. 

Moreover, Korea’s territory is divided into the north and the south, which makes finding proxies difficult.

To avoid wasting your time and resources, you should specify which Korean territory you wish to access via the proxy. 

You will be treated as a user from Korea when you use a Korean proxy. These services allow you to scrape websites and gain access to content that is exclusive to the country. 

Best Places To Buy Korean Proxies

Is localized content intended for Internet users only from the Korean territory something you look forward to? Alternatively, you can use proxy services from Korea, if you are in any of the regions.

North Korea and South Korea are the two parts of the Korean territory. In order to avoid losing your money, it’s important to decide which territory in North Korea you want to unblock.

There are proxy providers who offer proxy servers from both territories. However, other proxy providers only offer proxies from one territory.

Korean proxies will teach you how to choose some of the best proxy providers on the market. The list has both data center proxies and residential proxies. Let’s examine why you even need Korean proxies before we proceed with the recommendations.

Why Use Korean Proxies?

Korean proxy servers replace the IP addresses of their clients with Korean IP addresses; in the case of datacenter proxy servers, the IP addresses come from mobile network operators, and in the case of residential proxy servers, from residential Internet service providers.

Korean proxies are very useful for spoofing your location. Yet why would you want to mimic a different location when you can spoof your own?

There is a possibility that your IP address will be used by web services to determine your location. The IP addresses are associated with your location.

Using Korean proxies, your requests are routed via IPs that have Korean location details attached. Websites will therefore recognize your traffic as Korean. In order to scrape localized content and access web services such as streaming, you will need Korean proxies.

Best Korean Proxies In The Market

It is common for providers to claim that they have Korean proxies. If you need proxies from North Korea or South Korea, or if either will work, you will need to ask yourself before paying for them.

You can then choose proxies only from providers that have the required information.

Several providers only have proxy servers for one territory, as stated earlier. This necessitates further investigation. You can find Korean proxies from the providers listed below.

Proxy Anonymity Levels Explained

Our proxy levels explained page provides a detailed explanation, but the basic behavior of each proxy level is as follows:

  • Transparent – Your IP address and proxy server details are known to the target server.
  • Anonymous – Most servers do not know your IP address, but they are aware that you are using a proxy.
  • Elite or High anonymity – your IP address won’t be known as well as the fact that the request is being relayed via a proxy server.

How To Use Proxy Servers?

It is possible to configure almost any application to route your connections through a proxy server for anonymity or performance reasons. The steps to configure your browser to use a proxy server are described in our articles section, and you can find instructions there.

The proxy switcher can simplify the process to just a few mouse clicks instead of going through all of those steps every time you want to switch proxies. This proxy software is available on the proxy software page.

Best Korea Proxy Server Providers

Below are some of the most reliable residential proxies and mobile proxies available. 

1. Bright Data

Bright data

Look no further than Bright Data if you want a comprehensive Korea proxy service.

There are more than 70 million residential IP addresses in the proxy pool of the service provider across the world, and more than 140 thousand only in Korea. 

The advanced geo-targeting feature can help you further pinpoint your internet usage in a specific city.

It is also incredibly easy to use Bright Data to access proxies. Whenever you want to browse with the proxy, just enable the chrome extension or download the proxy manager to choose your server and API. 

On Korean sites, you can also automate web browsing. When Korean sites attempt to track or profile your web traffic, they can be configured to solve CAPTCHAs and header generation. 

Bright Data’s proxies aren’t cheap because they offer such a diverse range of features. You can also customize your Bright Data subscription plan by selecting one of a variety of payment methods and package selection options.

A Korean residential proxy costs $3 per GB or $0.40 per proxy. 

Pros Of Bright Data

  • A free seven-day trial is available
  • Korean proxy pool is the largest
  • Geotargeting features that are accurate

Cons Of Bright Data

  • Pricing plans that are complicated and expensive
  • Bandwidth limitation

2. Smartproxy

smartproxy- Korean Proxies Review

Korean proxies can be easily found with Smartproxy. Using Smartproxy, you can find your targeted protocol and type of proxy quickly thanks to its proxy pool of over 58 thousand.

Geo-targeting is available for some Smartproxy locations, but not in Korea. Thus, you cannot specify a particular Korean country as your proxy server. 

The competitive pricing structure of Smartproxy makes it a good choice for Korean proxies, however. On the Smartproxy website, you can choose from a variety of subscription plans or you can contact them to design one specifically for your needs.

Proxy providers have bandwidth caps, so make sure you watch your usage. 

Pros Of  Smartproxy

  • Korea proxy pool with a diverse set of proxy servers
  • User interface that is impressive

Cons Of  Smartproxy

  • No free trial is available


soax- Korean Proxies Review

Since SOAX began operating in 2019, it has made significant progress on the proxy market despite being relatively new. Korea is also offered by the Russian proxy provider.

Using SOAX, you can conduct market research, scrape Web pages, or monitor price differences. 

SOAX provides residential proxy services only. A Wi-Fi proxy is a proxy that includes an IP address and is connected to a Wi-Fi network, or a mobile proxy is connected to a 4G network.

Regardless of how you choose to use SOAX, you are sure to benefit from great connectivity and customized IP routing. It is possible to decrease this rotation time down to as little as 90 seconds, but IP addresses must rotate every 3600 seconds. 

There is also a great deal of variability in pricing plans with this provider. Each plan has four options: Micro, Starter, Regular, and Business.

The cost per GB drops with a higher-priced plan. At the moment, SOAX is only offering monthly plans. 

The number of IP addresses SOAX has in Korea alone is 72 thousand. Using the Node functionality, it is also possible to purchase a static IP address in Korea.

By using a Korea-based IP address instead of a rotating IP every hundred seconds, you save time and money. You can wait for the node to refresh or select another node if it goes offline while you are using it. 

Due to its compatibility with HTTPS and SOCKS5, SOAX is incredibly safe and convenient. 

Pros Of  SOAX

  • Everyone can afford our packages
  • The targeting of ISPs

Cons Of  SOAX

  • A one-hour trial is available for free
  • Concurrent connections and bandwidth limitations

4. Geosurf

Geosurf-Korean Proxies Review

In Korea, Geosurf is also a great residential proxy provider.

In spite of the many premium users willing to pay a high price for proxy features, a service provider is a good option for those seeking a Korean proxy.

Geosurf’s proxy servers can be found in some of the world’s most unique locations, including Korea, Iran, and China. 

It offers its users approximately 2500 Korea proxy servers. You should keep in mind that the demand for Korea proxy services is relatively low as well, so this is not a significant amount.

Due to the fact that residential proxies are not commonly used, Geosurf makes it easy to rotate IP addresses. 

The geo-targeting features of Geosurf are incredibly accurate. In other words, you could use one of these proxies to browse a specific Korean city if you needed one.

Geosurf’s user-friendly interface is one of the best things about the service. Using the dashboard, users can easily find all the relevant information regarding proxy usage. 

Plans start at $450 per month for Geosurf Korea proxies with a bandwidth limitation of 38GB. You will be charged $12 per GB over the limit you have set.

A 24-hour free trial with 1 GB of bandwidth is available if you are unsure whether Geosurf is right for you. 

Pros Of  Geosurf

  • Interface that is easy to use
  • Targeting cities

Cons Of  Geosurf

  • Comparable to competitors but more expensive
  • Restrictions on bandwidth

Free Korean Proxy Servers

This section of the article is for you if you are not interested in paying for proxies. It is important for you to understand that free proxies are not always reliable or predictable, such as having a slow speed. If you still wish to use them, you can find them on the websites below.

 You can skip this section for fast proxies with excellent reliability after this one.

1. Free Proxy


A free proxy server is available in an online directory called Free Proxy. A list of Korean proxy servers can be found on this website’s dedicated web page. Through the website’s filter support, you can actually select the best for yourself. In addition to the fact that we use graphics to quantify speed, response time, uptime, and uptime, you will also appreciate that we use graphs.

You may find it difficult to find free Korea proxies, but we have another fantastic option for you: With over 7500 IP addresses covering over 135 countries, this proxy provider has a Korean proxy pool as well.

This means there is limited geo-targeting available, as you cannot sort the list by city. 

Nevertheless, you are still able to choose from a wide variety of proxy servers free of charge. A Korea filter can be added, and you can also specify the protocol and type of search.

HTTPS, HTTP, and SOCKS5 are supported by the service provider. Also available at Free Proxy are transparent, anonymous, and elite proxies. 

Using Free Proxy, you cannot access paid proxies. Their extensive list of Korean proxies is absolutely free, as are detailed analytics such as speed, uptime, and response time. 

There are a few free Korean proxy servers available in addition to paid options. Some companies offer free proxies for accessing blocked content within the country, such as and 

Free proxies are not protected by any company, so you must keep that in mind when using them. In other words, you cannot be completely sure that your browsing session is protected.

Using a free Korea proxy could put your data at risk of being stolen if you send sensitive information, such as user credentials. 

You should ensure that you do not access any sensitive information during the session if you do want to check out the option of a Korean proxy for free. Switch off your web browser’s ‘saved passwords’ feature after you have logged out of all online accounts. 

Pros Of  Free Proxy

  • The HTTPS and SOCKS protocols are supported
  • Free Korean proxies with a wide variety

Cons Of  Free Proxy

  • A simple website interface
  • Geotargeting is not advanced

2. Premproxy

premproxy- korea proxy provider

Premproxy provides less information about each proxy it lists than the other websites above. A paid proxy service is available on the site, and the company aggressively markets it. I noticed that compared to the other proxies above, they have a small number of proxies on their list.

There are many cyber attacks that are taking place on the web today, so no one is ready to surf the internet without top-quality proxies.

Netizens should use PremProxy’s superior quality proxies to keep their personal information and IP addresses safe while browsing the web for whatever purpose they choose. Using the paid proxy list provided by this company, you can connect to servers across the globe in an anonymous manner through fast, stable, and fast connections. 

Pros  Of Premproxy

  • High Speeds
  • Fully Efficient
  • Advanced API Links

Cons Of Premproxy

  • none


You can opt for a free Korean proxy like if you do not want to pay a lot for it. The site has a huge pool of proxy servers that are categorized by country, which makes it extremely popular.

As offers proxy services for over 150 countries, you will need to look for the page for Korean proxies. 

Using, you can quickly find Korean proxies by using filters such as free anonymous proxies, HTTPS proxy, SOCKS5 proxy, etc.

Because has an extensive list of proxies, you can easily find the proxy that meets your needs. 

Once you have found the Korea proxy list you want, you can check its latency, uptime, and speed.

Additionally, each proxy server has a row specified as the “check date,” which indicates when it was last tested to ensure it was functioning properly.

Proxy servers are typically checked every 24 hours, while others are updated on a weekly basis.

Unpopular proxies, however, remain unchanged, so they will probably not work.

Pros Of

  • Free Korean proxy
  • Categorized listing

Cons Of

  • Outdated website
  • Only datacenter proxies available

Korean Residential Proxy Networks

The Korean residential proxy network is a proxy service that routes the requests of its clients through their residential IP addresses. Having a proxy server located in a data center offers better performance and reliability than mobile proxies.

How To Access Proxies In Korea?

However, people continue to use proxies for various reasons despite Korea’s strict laws against using them. You should opt for a proxy server that is easily accessible and meets all your requirements if you are based in Korea. 

The use of a Korean proxy is legal if you are based elsewhere in the world. In most countries, proxy servers can be used to surf the web safely. 

Customers of certain proxy service providers can also use Korean mobile proxy servers. If you are looking for a Korea mobile proxy, check out SOAX or Bright Data. 

Get Unmatched Data Quality With Korean Proxies

Shop on Korean websites if you enjoy Korean products? No problem! Proxy services like Korea Proxies provide access to blocked sites, such as U.S. Proxies, for people all over the world.

 The main challenge in shopping for Korean products is understanding the language and complex payment mechanisms. The result was Korea proxy services that are easy to use both locally and internationally and make the process simple and effective.

Top-quality Korean proxy servers all allow you to access targeted websites for personal shopping and open-source data that can be used in every state, city, and region. It allows you to advance your business and gives good results. For this reason, Korean Proxies for business and personal use are available.

Top-Most Amazing Aspects Of Korean Proxies

Excellent Shopping Facility

Considering eCommerce, Korean shopping websites are restricted after certain parameters and cannot be accessed by anyone, but if you have the time or urgency to operate their website, you can simply install one of the best Korean proxy servers that ease your burden.

Network Uptime

Korean SEO Proxies provide users with 99.99% real-time updates and allow them to check the status of SEO campaigns and sales accounts in real-time, resulting in increased productivity.

Data Extraction

Enjoy millions of IPs to operate limitations sites without being caught by Korean proxies, data center proxies, etc., and never be blocked with restricted platforms. By tracking a customer’s behavior, the data extraction features can be used to better understand their preferences.

Multiple Proxies

If you opt for this platform, you will be able to access a faster server than the residential locations for worldwide use. Consider Korean proxy sites such as Luminati and GeoSurf.

Quick Links

FAQ | Korean Proxies Review 2022

✅Are Korean proxy servers better than residential proxy servers?

Choosing the right proxy is a bit difficult; however, this Korean proxy provides a balanced server for all users with an average response time for every user.

🤷🏻‍♂️How large is the proxy pool of Koren Proxy?

Proxy sites may be blocked during peak hours when using proxies. The Korean government provides a proxy pool of millions of IP addresses for the uninterrupted workflow to solve this problem.

Final Thoughts  | Korean Proxies Review 2022

Finding a reliable Korea proxy server is a difficult task. You should know that you can trust the proxy provider and have access to a range of important features.

For users who want proxies for web scraping or other complicated processes, web safety should be their top priority. Even if you are using a proxy to access restricted web pages only, it is important to focus on your cybersecurity first. 

All of the proxy servers on our list are reliable and well-reputed. Even though the demand for Korean proxy servers is low, our guide includes a range of Korean proxies that you can choose from.

Each one has its own features, such as Smartproxy’s accurate geo-targeting and Bright Data’s free seven-day trial. 

Remember that you should choose the proxy server that fits well with your preferences. Instead of opting for the one that costs most or has the largest proxy pool, consider factors such as your GB usage, the bandwidth required, number of concurrent connections, and geo-targeting needs. 

With our extensive list of Korean proxy providers, you can easily find one that is well-suited to your needs.

You can compare the features of free Korea proxy servers like, as well as popular providers like SmartProxy and Bright Data one that suits your needs. your needs.

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