4 Best Korean Proxies 2023: 🚀 Our #1 Pick (99.3% Success Rate)

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Want to jump straight to the answer? When it comes to Best Korean Proxies, most individuals find SmartProxy and Bright Data are the best options.

With the help of a proxy, you may be able to access or bypass regional restrictions and blocked content.

You can also access the internet through a proxy server without compromising your security. 

Without a proxy, you might only have a static IP address when you attempt to open a website. It is easy to pinpoint the location of this IP address.

Using a proxy server can prevent that by continuously rotating your IP address so that it cannot be traced back to you. 

You are using a proxy server to replace your original IP address with one from a foreign location.

You can use a proxy for a particular area, such as the US or the EU, to access a website that is only available to users from a certain country. 

Would you like to be able to access the web as Koreans view it? Proxy providers with Korean IP addresses make it possible and even simpler than you think. Using Korean IP addresses, visitors to websites will appear to be surfing from Korean territory.

Korean proxies can be purchased from a number of providers in the market. However, we took it upon ourselves to provide you with a list of proxy providers that only provide working proxies.

4 Best Korean Proxies 2023

Below are some of the most reliable residential proxies and mobile proxies available. 

1. Smartproxy

smartproxy- Best Korean Proxies

The competitive pricing structure of Smartproxy makes it a good choice for Korean proxies, however.

On the Smartproxy website, you can choose from a variety of subscription plans or you can contact them to design one specifically for your needs.

With Korean proxies, you can enjoy:

  • Unlimited connections and threads
  • Up to 30 min. sticky sessions
  • 0.61s avg response time
  • 99.47% success rate
  • 24/7 tech support
  • Pay As You Go option

2. Bright Data

Look no further than Bright Data if you want a comprehensive Korea proxy service.

There are more than 70 million residential IP addresses in the proxy pool of the service provider across the world, and more than 140 thousand only in Korea. 

bright data

The advanced geo-targeting feature can help you further pinpoint your internet usage in a specific city.

It is also incredibly easy to use Bright Data to access proxies. Whenever you want to browse with the proxy, just enable the Chrome extension or download the proxy manager to choose your server and API. 

On Korean sites, you can also automate web browsing. When Korean sites attempt to track or profile your web traffic, they can be configured to solve CAPTCHAs and header generation. 

Bright Data’s proxies aren’t cheap because they offer such a diverse range of features. You can also customize your Bright Data subscription plan by selecting one of a variety of payment methods and package selection options.

A Korean residential proxy costs $3 per GB or $0.40 per proxy. 

Pros Of Bright Data

  • A free seven-day trial is available
  • The Korean proxy pool is the largest
  • Geotargeting features that are accurate

Cons Of Bright Data

  • Pricing plans that are complicated and expensive
  • Bandwidth limitation

3. Oxylabs

Oxylabs’ high-performing proxies, refined targeting options, and devoted account manager make it our go-to service. Businesses with more extensive requirements will benefit the most.



  • Residential IP Addresses
  • Wow, what a show!
  • Identifying cities and ASNs
  • Access without limits


  • Not affordable for personal use.

4. IPRoyal

IPRoyal’s Korean proxies ensure fast, dependable access to Korean websites.

Your personal data is safe when browsing with high security. IPRoyal Korean Proxy also works with many devices and operating systems, making it a useful proxy option.



  • Fast, dependable connectivity.
  • High security.
  • Device and OS compatibility.


  • May cost more than other Korean proxy providers.
  • Legal monitoring may bother some users.

Why Use Korean Proxies?

Korean proxy servers replace the IP addresses of their clients with Korean IP addresses; in the case of datacenter proxy servers, the IP addresses come from mobile network operators, and in the case of residential proxy servers, from residential Internet service providers.

Korean proxies are very useful for spoofing your location. Yet why would you want to mimic a different location when you can spoof your own?

There is a possibility that your IP address will be used by web services to determine your location. The IP addresses are associated with your location.

Using Korean proxies, your requests are routed via IPs that have Korean location details attached. Websites will therefore recognize your traffic as Korean. In order to scrape localized content and access web services such as streaming, you will need Korean proxies.

Why You Should Avoid Free Korean Proxy Lists

Use a free Korean proxy list to access Korean websites from abroad. But first, know the hazards.

Slow, Blocked Connections Free proxies are sluggish and banned on your target websites since anybody may use them. This makes it hard to access sites, undermining the proxy’s function.

Security Risks You don’t know who’s behind a free Korean proxy, which might be dangerous. Free proxies can insert malware or steal your data.

Trustworthy Provider Use a paid proxy like Bright Data or Oxylabs to prevent these dangers. These providers secure your data and offer performant IPs that are less likely to be banned. When you join up, these providers will tell you that they will legally monitor your activity.

FAQ On Best Korean Proxies

✅Are Korean proxy servers better than residential proxy servers?

Choosing the right proxy is a bit difficult; however, this Korean proxy provides a balanced server for all users with an average response time for every user.

🤷🏻‍♂️How large is the proxy pool of Koren Proxy?

Proxy sites may be blocked during peak hours when using proxies. The Korean government provides a proxy pool of millions of IP addresses for the uninterrupted workflow to solve this problem.

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Conclusion: Best Korean Proxies 2023

Finding a reliable Korean proxy server is a difficult task. You should know that you can trust the proxy provider and have access to a range of important features.

For users who want proxies for web scraping or other complicated processes, web safety should be their top priority. Even if you are using a proxy to access restricted web pages only, it is important to focus on your cybersecurity first. 

All of the proxy servers on our list are reliable and well-reputed. Even though the demand for Korean proxy servers is low, our guide includes a range of Korean proxies that you can choose from.

Each one has its own features, such as Smartproxy’s accurate geo-targeting and Bright Data’s free seven-day trial. 

Remember that you should choose the proxy server that fits well with your preferences. Instead of opting for the one that costs the most or has the largest proxy pool, consider factors such as your GB usage, the bandwidth required, the number of concurrent connections, and geo-targeting needs. 

With our extensive list of Korean proxy providers, you can easily find one that is well-suited to your needs.

You can compare the features of free Korean proxy servers like Spys.one, as well as popular providers like SmartProxy and Bright Data One that suit your needs. your needs.

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