9 Best Rich Snippet Plugins for WordPress Updated 2023 Schema Markup Made Easy

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Rich snippets are often spoken about theory in recent times. After applying all the SEO tactics of your website content, now it’s time to add extra elements to your post so that it ranks high and look attractive in the search engines. The rich snippets are the tools which allow you to make your post more interactive and beautiful through images, start ratings, reviews, and many more attributes.

Before we go into further details about best rich snippet plugin for WordPress, let’s first find out what are the Rich Snippets.

What are Rich snippets?

Rich snippet is the covering word for which talks about an array of well-though-out data markup developed to assist search engines to comprehend the content of web pages’ better.

Whenever you search through Google, the eye-catching links of the websites which appear on the landing page through images, start ratings, or reviews, are created with the help of rich snippets. The rich snippets are not only used to enhance the look but also for getting high Click Through Rates for your website page.

The rich snippets include many attention-grabbing features like

  • Embedded photos or videos
  • Star ratings
  • Product information
  • Addresses and phone numbers
  • Recipes-oriented features
  • Events time, location, and dates
  • Featured posts and images
  • Reviews

All the search engines involving Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. can construct rich snippets when web developers use special HTML markup. You can quickly locate a set of all the markup employed by Google to identify this data on Schema.org and check your links with the Google Structured Data Testing Tool.

Attention : How To Add Schema.Org Markup To WordPress Through Schema Plugins

For example, if you have product review website, then whoever searching on Google, will land on your page if your site link shows good reviews, star ratings, featured posts in a proper format. This look is created through rich snippets which also help you rank well in the search engines. These rich snippets can support various markups like microformats, RDa, and Schema.org.

Google will not restrict your website if it’s not using rich snippets data structuring. Rich snippets do not have a direct impact on search engines. The advantages of using Rich snippets on your website are:

  • They increase the visibility of your website
  • It assists user in determining the relevance of the search result
  • It also helps search engine to comprehend your website content
  • It offers site owners to connect through search engines


9 Best Rich Snippet Plugins or Schema Plugins for WordPress 2023

1) SchemaNinja Rich Snippets & Recommendation plugin( My own product ) 

Best Schema Rating and rich snippets plugin for wordpress

SchemaNinja is again an opulent snippet for all WP-based sites. It not only supports in bettering your Click Through Rate, but also builds a special position for your website through its in-built user interface.  Such premium rich snippets are used to define structured data markup that site machinists can include to their current HTML, which in turn allows search engines to better recognize what data is covered on each web page.

SchemaNinja plugin operates on all sorts of web content and is beneficial for generating Schema Ratings for your blogs/websites. This rich snippet is an outstanding plugin for any kind of niche blogs and particularly for those:

  • Bloggers, who want to take hold of a unique position in the digitised world
  • Affiliate and CPA marketers, who want fast adaptations
  • eCom retailers, who want to make the most of earnings from each user
  • Product sellers, who want expand their trades and spread buzz on promotions
  • Freelancers, who want to earn more money and get extraordinary outcomes for the clienteles
  • Money making niche, which shows benefits and shortcomings or service ranking of any merchandise

You will get two options while buying the plugin:


  • Star Ranking
  • Schema Amalgamation
  • Affiliate Link Combination

SchemaNinja Recommendations


  • Star Rating
  • Schema Assimilation
  • Affiliate Link Incorporation
  • Commendations
  • Cal-to-action controls
  • Personalisation

It is one of those innovative Schema Rating plugin which will help you in growing your business by making use of eye-catching call-to-action buttons. Check out SchemaNinja Video Tutorials, Guides & How To Use SchemaNinja

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2) WP Rich Snippets

wp rich snippets

It is an excellent plugin that allows you to insert Rich Snippets to your website with simplicity. Its easy-to-use interface helps you in integrating more refined structure of various types of content. You can enter reviews, article, video, author, ratings, etc. it is also backed by numerous customised add-ons to assist those who require features like WooCommerce incorporation, personalised shortcodes, Snippets for locations and maps.

You will be able to add semantic/structured markup, enhance your results for search engines, and gain more traffic. Price $69.


  • Easy installs
  • Detailed documentations
  • High-class customer support
  • Can be translated into any language
  • A beneficial collection of add-ons
  • Supports schema.org markups
  • Different kinds of ratings included
  • Add-ons insert more richness, functionality, and integrations

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3) WP Review PRO

WP Review Pro

This plugin is constructed by MyThemeShop, which also develops WP themes. It is an all-inclusive WP plugin with excellent multimedia features. It creates various kinds of reviews like- star rating, votes, percentage, point or circle for review nicks.it is as simple as any other regular plugin and does not require complicated coding structure. So it also saves your time from editing your WP themes.

As a Rich Snippet it also boosts your search engine ranking and helps in increasing traffic. Price $39


  • Provides rich user experience
  • Include CSS animations to create engaging look
  • Superb built-in feature for automatic star rating on thumbnails
  • Compatible with all themes
  • 100% responsive integrations
  • Tabbed widget incorporated
  • Unlimited color options
  • Compatible with Multisite and Multiuser
  • Active review management system

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4) Rich reviews

It is a free plugin for WP websites. This Rich Snippet focuses on providing various ways to incorporate rich reviews on your webpage. It helps you to quickly and naturally take a leap to the top of SERP standings. Rich Snippet contributes to increase your CTR by 30%. Rich Reviews has associated itself with “Shopper Approved” a Google Affiliate. If you turn out to be a Shopper Approved customer as well, the blend of this platform being an accepted Google associate and holding the major syndication linkage online will give your reviews all-out publicity.


  • This rich snippet does not slow down your website
  • Available in all the main languages
  • Consist of outside stylesheet for easiness of personalization
  • Incorporate easily with user accounts and Gravatar pictures
  • Shown in microdata format
  • Simple mechanism and compatible with all types of websites
  • Great color choices and customer support

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5) WPSSO Schema JSON-LD Markup

WPSSO Schema JSON-LD Markup

This plugin offers a comprehensive and accurate Schema/Structured Markup, comprising ratings, event info, recipe details, collection pages, and much more than this. It also helps you in adding comments and threads to the schema Creative Work markup and its sub-types like articles blog posting or web page. It also contains all WooCommerce products review, images, variants and ratings in the Pro version.

It also provides schema markup for few social platforms. It is an addition to WPSSO (WordPress Social Sharing Optimization) plugin. It spontaneously generates complete and precise meta tags and Schema markup for Social Sharing Optimization (SSO) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It Costs $19.95.


  • It provides maximum narrative length
  • Inserts an extra schema markup setting for blog and static front page, along with archive, user, author, and search result page
  • Can include maximum number of images
  • Contains backup for AMP plugin
  • Offers the features of WPSSO Free or Pro
  • Professional edition comprises donor markup for Co-Authors Plus writers and guest writers.

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6) Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin

Rich snippets wordpress plugin

With more than thousand installs, this plugin is totally affordable along with great pre-installed features. You can test all the snippets with Rich Snippet verifying tool. When you purchase the plugin, it is offered along with pre-fixed shortcodes, however, you can also have the choice to insert your own in each post and webpage. You can easily install the plugin with the help of user guide video available on YouTube.

The consistent uploads will be informed to you, so that you can keep your plugin up-to-date. You can pool other snippets along with this one. It assists you to create the search results by using structured microdata(scema.org). Major search engines rely on this plugin to explore right web pages. Costs $20.


  • Allows you to establish private rich snippets ciphers
  • You can also change the pre-installed ones
  • No special coding skills are required to install the plugin
  • It is most recommended plugin for all WP-based websites
  • Supports all the leading snippets
  • There is a built-in shortcode generator

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7) Schema App Structured Data

It is free of cost plugin accessible from the WordPress.org plugin directory. It just takes a minute to install the plugin and then boost all your pages, posts, author pages and more using data that previously is present on your WordPress site. It offers all three

Google Site Structure elements comprise- Breadcrumbs, Sitelinks Searchbox and Your Site Name in Results.

It confiscates data item parameters and allows innovative elements like, Validation, Semantic Analytics, Schema.org Reporting are obtainable with Schema App Pro and Agency accounts. It also personalizes knowledge graph, event promotion, actions, content, rich snippets, and local business. Premium package starts at $37.


  • Allows you to manage multiple domains
  • Schema App WooCommerce assimilates with this Schema App plugin
  • Get access to the team of experts through Premium Support plans
  • Unrestricted Accounts can generate and modify up to 50 files items for 10 webpages.
  • Best plugin to enhance site’s ability

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It is a premium package of all the rich snippets which you need to boost your website ranking. These snippets can be added to the various type of content of your blog post like, videos, recipe, apps, people, and much more. It is an open source rich snippet with more than 50000 current installs. It is quick and easy to install the plugin with all the premium features.

Even with the open version, you get a robust customer support, unlike other free plugins. It not only knocks out your CTR but also helps in enhancing SEO and rankings. It offers an interactive user base as it all supports all kinds of schema including breadcrumbs, books, and local business.


  • An open source plugin free of cost
  • It supports all type schema for your webpages
  • Offers outstanding elements to make you website stand out of the crowd
  • Assists in social sharing through FB
  • Compatible with all search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing
  • Easy to install the plugin

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9) WP Product Review Lite

wp product review

If you have a product based site and provide reviews for all the mentioned products, then this plugin works best for you. It changes you regular posts into detailed analyses with proper ratings, links, advantages and disadvantages, rich snippets and user reviews. Fro example if you review gadgets, then you can rate that particular item on various parameters like battery, processor, hardware, quality features, etc., and this all piece of information will be projected attractively by this plugin.

Pro version includes more functionality like:

  • Shortcodes for placing review box anywhere in the post
  • Display 5 review boxes at same page
  • Customized review icons
  • Unlimited choices
  • Pros and cons


  • Generate a top products evaluation doodah
  • Simply bring up-to-date all the colors of the widget from theme preferences
  • Insert a download button in the articles
  • Attach an overwhelming wrap-up widget at the end of your posts
  • Include exact user review alternatives to WordPress remarks
  • Append rich snippet (schema) to your content

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Which Schema Rating Plugin is Good ? 9 Best Rich Snippet Plugins for WordPress Updated 2023

There are many Rich Snippet WordPress plugins available in the market. But it entirely depends on the niche of the website to decide about the perfect plugin. If you have a product review site, then WP Product Review Lite and WP Review PRO are good options. For other types of posts you can go for ALL IN ONE SCHEMA.ORG RICH SNIPPETS and SchemaNinja Rich Snippets & Recommendation plugin.

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Attention :  What Are Rich Snippets In WordPress? Explained In Detailed

I hope you got the basic knowledge of the Rich Snippet plugins for WordPress sites. For more information please visit the download links of each schema plugins mentioned above.

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