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It’s difficult to find time to read, especially with social media sites such as YouTube and computer games consuming so much of our free time.

Blinkist is a service that provides concise book summaries in both text and audio format, allowing you to learn a lot in a short period of time. Don’t miss out on our coupon to save up to 25% off on Blinkist.

Blinkist Free Account

Blinkist - Pricing

How much does it cost? A monthly membership fee of $14.99 is prohibitively expensive. Isn’t that a little excessive?

Don’t worry, in today’s article, we will tell you a successful way by which you can access a FREE Blinkist Account!

We’re going to give you a quick rundown of this software, Blinkist, for those of you who are unfamiliar with it.

The Blinkist app summaries nonfiction and fiction books so that users may grasp the major elements of a book in 15 minutes rather than spending hours reading it.

Blinkist Pros

  • All of the book summaries have been completed. A book does not teach you just a few fundamental concepts and ideas; it teaches you all of them.
  • It’s really simple to learn and absorb information. The software is speedy and responsive, and a child would rapidly learn how to use the most important features, such as reading and listening.
  • Highlighters make it much easier to remember facts from summaries. This is a little-known feature that can make a big difference in how much information you remember, but you have to use it to get the benefits.
  • Blinkist offers a pleasant listening experience. You hit a button, and the sound begins to play, which you can listen to. Ideal for studying while working out, commuting to work, cooking, or cleaning.

Blinkist Cons

  • The novel is completely devoid of humor and most emotions. Some authors make it a point to add a description that conveys the unique flavor of the work. Blinkist, on the other hand, does not; it is more concerned with facts.
  • It’s possible that reading a lot of summaries in a row will become tedious. This is primarily due to the lack of a plot, which is why I only recommend reading 1-2 summaries per day.
  • In relation to the book they represent, some summaries are far too brief. I’ve read summaries that were only three or four blinks long, but the book was quite long. I’m sure they’ll leave out a lot of important details.
  • The analysis of individual books is not carried out. The Blinkist crew does not review, critique, rank, or fact-check any of the books. That means you’re still in charge of these responsibilities.

Create a free Blinkist Premium Account Using AccountBot

You’ll see something similar to this when you first visit the Accountbot website.

AccountBot For Free
From the drop-down menu, select the register option.

To create an account with AccountBot. Simply enter your email address, username, and password. Then press the button to register!

After you’ve created an account, you’ll be led to a list of platforms from which to pick; scroll down to the “Education” section. Here is where you can get Blinkist premium.

Go to Blinkist premium and select this option; you should see something like this. Here you can choose from a number of different plans. Let me walk you through these plans in detail:

  • $3.99 for a month
  • a three-month subscription for $7.99
  • $11.99 for 6 months
  • $15.99 for a year

Once you’ve decided on a plan, add it to your shopping cart and purchase it.

After that, you’ll be directed to the payment gateway. Where you can choose from a number of different payment options:

  • PayPal
  • Credit/debit cards, Apple Pay
  • CryptoCurrency

To create an account, go to the subscription page and select the “Generate an Account” button. It will create an account for you. Because I upgraded to the reseller account,

Final Thought

As a result, we’ve included everything you need to get a free Blinkist premium account.

You may use the same method to get accounts on other websites. Take, for example, Disney Plus and Showtime! I hope you found this article to be helpful.

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