How To Cloak Facebook Ads With Peerclick In 10 Mins 2024

In the starting, most of the webmaster’s don’t deal with cloaking. Nowadays it’s difficult to make money on pop and redirect traffic. With the change in rules of Facebook and Google Chrome Browser updates its very difficult to get profitable in paid ads. Along with these hurdles, webmasters also get interrupted by the bot traffic, spyware and more.

No doubt, affiliates who works with traffic makes a lot of efforts to test and search for the good links. But here with the help of best ads spy tools like AdPlexity and Peerclick we can do the task in a super easy way.

Peerclick- Cloak Facebook Ads With Peerclick

It is not necessary to explain the benefits of Facebook Ads Cloaking and all kinds of similar things. In this post, we have featured a guide on “How to Cloak Facebook Ads With Peerclick. So let’s get started here.

Steps To Cloak Facebook Ads With Peerclik (Easy Ways)

You need to follow the exact steps in order to Cloak Facebook Ads With Peerclick. Let’s get started here.

Step #1:

In order to get started you need to just get started with Peerclick. We need a cloud-based PEERCLICK service. Just go to their official website and register yourself there.

Then, we need a starter pack with cloaking, which costs generally $ 42 per month (you can use our special discount link in order to claim the best discount offers on Peerclick).

Peerclick Pricing- Cloak Facebook Ads With Peerclick

Step #2: 

Now it’s time to just go to your host or server. And after going there and add your white landing page. So that it shows up right when the bots and the moderator of the network that you have chosen for cloaking transfer right to your side.

What are the requirements for the domain?

  1. Your domain must have an HTTPS protocol (ssl) certificate.
  2. In the domain, there will be a “white” site for bots and spies doesn’t have to be advertised earlier.
  3. Like the domain where the main site will be (for ordinary users) — can be any.

For example, I take the domain: and insert it into the root of the landing for dating.

Then, you need to just go to the PEERCLICK panel and start setting up the cloaking easily completely.

Go to the “Sources” and then just create a new source that you need, in this case it will be facebook.

Adding Sources- Cloak Facebook Ads With Peerclick

Step #3:

Just click on the Create Button and Select Trusted Sources.

 Cloak Facebook Ads With Peerclick- Add Templates

Simply type in Facebook in the search and then just “Add: button and save easily.

Cloak Facebook Ads With Peerclick- New Sources Facebook

Step #4: Now in this step, we just need to go to the “Campaigns” and simply create a new campaign and simply choose the type of campaign “Cloaking”.

Cloak Facebook Ads With Peerclick- Add New Campaigns

Cloak Facebook Ads With Peerclick- Add Filters

Cloak Facebook Ads With Peerclick- Add Facebook

After this action, you will be ready to go:


Here in this step you need to just do some basic steps:

Now it’s time to add a domain, and in our case it is like:

After that we have to just write a campaign name. Now you need to choose the country, where you plan to pour the traffic on. For now I’m going to choose USA.

Then select the country where traffic will be extracted, in our case the United States.

Select the traffic source we have created. It is “Facebook”

Destination – choose “cloaking”

After that we need to just look at the filters and choose “Facebook”. Wait, you must make sure to configure the additional rules. Let’s take an example here if traffic goes to India , all other countries must be bots (make this point very clear).

You must also select the type of device (for example, only the desktop). You can add moreVPN / PROXY traffic filters as well its all upto you.

Now you have to choose the 301 redirect to the URL.

Then click on “Create and close.”

It’s almost over, but that’s not all. Edit the created campaign and simply select the tab you basically see  in the screenshot “PHP Script”.

Cloak Facebook Ads With Peerclick- Add PHP

Step #6:

Now you need to simply download the script right on your computer, take this file to the hosting and connect it right to your website.

Right after that you need to just upload the file right to your hosting into the root.

Cloak Facebook Ads With Peerclick- Add Scripts

Now here you need to just go to the main page of site into the file index.html and simply write these 2 lines at the top:

<? php include (“playok.php”); ?>

<? php \ BotDetecter :: redirectIfNotBot (); ?>

And then simply save the changes. After that, change the file format format right from index.html to index.php, otherwise our cloaking will not be connected as it is supposed to be.

Cloak Facebook Ads With Peerclick- Add Codes


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If will follow everything in order and is done correctly, your hosting will somehow look like this:

Cloak Facebook Ads With Peerclick- Index

Step #7:

Here in the next step your index.php is the home page of the land, playok.php is the cloaking connection file.

Just simply checkout  that your PHP is at least 7.0 version otherwise it will not work that you think.

Let us simply summarize final steps that are left:

  1. Now you need to simply place your “white” site on your domain, that hasn’t been advertised earlier right on Adwords/Facebook and etc. (we have used this one:
  2. Here you need to just setup advertising simply by specifying a “white” site and just wait for moderation. Make sure you don’t  forget to pause a cloaking before these actions.

Cloak Facebook Ads With Peerclick- Adding Domain

  1. And here right after the moderation, simply turn on cloaking.

This is it. Now the Bots and spies will see “white” site and users will easily see any site, that you have already specified. That results in, you will get  a ready-made cloaking for easily draining the FACEBOOK traffic.

Screenshots Cerdits:

Quick Links:

Conclusion: How To cloak facebook ads with Peerclick 2024

No doubt, Peerclick is a reliable ads tracking solution. So, for the cloaking purpose you should get started with Peerclick. You can use our special discount link in order to claim the best discount offer.

I hope you find this post helpful. And if you liked the post, then share it on trending social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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