Top 20 Best Facebook Ad Spy Tool 2023: (Free and Paid) What is the best ad spy tool?

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Really, you should check out the strategy of some successful blogs. It will help you in making your own blog successful. Hey, do you want to spy on your competitor’s Facebook Ads? Now you can check what your competitors are up to using Facebook Ad Spy Tool.

Here the best way to spy on your competitor’s Facebook Ads is to use the Facebook Ad Spy Tool. The best way to beat up the competition is to know the strategy of your competitors and use it efficiently.

Facebook Ads Spy tools will let you know which Facebook Ads your competitors are using along with knowing their strategy of Ads. You will also know the deals they are offering to their audience.

facebook ad spy tool

Here you will also know the kind of content they are posting like- if they are posting videos, product images, or some links directly to the blog. You will know whether the audience is engaging or not. This information will help you to refine your Facebook Target Audience.

Suppose you are making any mistakes, but by taking the reference of your competitor’s strategy you will definitely eliminate that mistake. Really it’s worth investing in Facebook Ads Spy Tools.

If something which worked for your competitors will definitely work for you. Just master their move as yours and create the difference. Here in this article, I will be discussing the best Facebook Ads tools. So stick to the article and choose any one of them which suits you best…

 List Of 21+ Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools In December 2023 What is the best ad spy tool?

Ads Spy Tools Links
1) AdPlexity Visit Now
2) PowerAdSpyVisit Now
3) DropispyVisit Now
4) AnstrexVisit Now
5) MacawVisit Now
6) AdspyVisit Now
7) PayPerTrailVisit Now
8) AdVaultVisit Now
9) SEMRushVisit Now
10) SpyFuVisit Now
11) AdEspressoVisit Now
12) Social Ads ToolVisit Now
13) SocialPetaVisit Now
14) Social Ad ScoutVisit Now
15) Connectio.ioVisit Now
16) AdSectorVisit Now
17)AdClarity DisplayVisit Now
18) iSpionageVisit Now
19) AdbeatVisit Now
20) NativeAdBuzzVisit Now
21) TrackMavenVisit Now
22) AdsExposedVisit Now

1) AdPlexity  #1️⃣ Facebook Ad Spy Tool Recommended By us

AdPlexity is the best Ads Spying Solution and is one of the leading Ads Spy Tools. Hereby entering the platform you can easily monitor and download all of the promo materials like the banners along with the landing pages from the most popular networks with the ads exchange right from over 70 countries.  Check out our in-depth AdPexity Review here.

AdPlexity- Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools

If we tell about AdPlexity, provides the Desktop, Mobile, Native, And API ads spying. Here you have got many variants that are available right out there in the market. Here you can see campaigns that are running successfully in more than 75 countries. Here this tool provides real-time insights on the campaigns running on the desktops and also the mobile exchanges.

AdPlexity Insights- Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools

Herewith the help of AdPlexity, you can easily uncover the profitable campaigns that are generally turning on the desktop and mobile popup traffic sources. You can easily ads promoting affiliate offers right from the 100 affiliate networks. 

By using AdPlexity you can easily get the Landing Pages, Pop-up Redirects, Banner Ads, Device Integration, and Country Support along with 120 carrier support too.

Here you can do the search by the keywords, advertiser’s URLs, publishers, affiliate networks, country device, and also the traffic sources.

2) PowerAdSpy #2 Facebook Ad Search Tool Recommended By us

PowerAdSpy is one of the advanced and reliable Facebook Ad- Intelligence Spying tools. Using this amazing tool just spy on your competitor’s best Facebook Ads strategies and then simply use it right for your own business and rock in the market.

PowerAdSpy is having more than 1000s people all over the who are experiencing and watching the best working Ads and then simply submit the best Ads Copies right for PowerAdSpy to build the Ads database for you.

PowerAdSpy Facebook Ads Spy Tool

Here you can simply use these Ads according to the niche of your business and then simply create your Facebook ads with the help of using your competitor’s actual Ads which are doing well in the market. The best part is that here only PoweAdSpy only provides the option of Advanced Search and Filtering that will help you in searching for all the relevant ads. Revealbot is another ads automation tools at an affordable rate, rollover to check the complete review of Revealbot here. 

You can filter the ads by age, gender, relationship along with interest, keyword, or simply by what is actually happening right on the landing page itself. Using this amazing tool you can easily Spy on Competitors as this allows you to spy on all the campaigns of your competitors and then simply keep track of all their ads, creatives, angles along with landing pages right from a single dashboard.

The most interesting thing that we like most about PowerAdSpy is that here it will give you In-Depth Analytics and it will help you in finding your target audience right with a click of the button. With the help of this tool, you will be able to target the market segments right for every ad that generally draws your interest.

Follow them on Facebook and Twitter and never miss any updates on new features and discounts.

Overall, I would like to go with PowerAdSpy as it is the most advanced and easy-to-use Ads Tools that come at an affordable price and is packed with advanced features that you will not get from another ad Spying tool. PowerAdspy Group Buy option is also available with them at the Best pricing.

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3) Dropispy #3 Facebook Ad Spy Tool Recommended By us

Dropispy-Best Facebook ad spy tool

Dropispy is a tool for spying on social network ads. It’s one of the largest databases of ads. The advanced technology gives you access to thousands of social network ads every day. You can get inspiration from other shops and winning products too!

Dropispy is a tool that lets you see ads in detail. It also tells you about what people are buying and selling, and how much they’re paying for things.

Dropispy is a great app for Dropshippers who want to get the latest data on what products are trending. You can use DropisPy’s in-app notifications and push alerts, which will help you save time by not having to constantly check your favorite sources like Reddit or Facebook ads pages

The benefits of using DropiSpy include access; through smartphones apps market place with detailed information about new releases & more

Dropispy tools features include frequent updates, discover winning products, efficient search, responsive interface, successful ads, large database. Save time and money with one of the best ad spy tools on the market!

Stop wasting thousands of dollars testing ads blindly. Find successful, innovative campaigns to boost your profits by using our state-of-the-art software that has been designed for this very purpose – saving entrepreneurs like you precious resources so they can focus more energy on growing their business instead.

Dropispy offers 3 different pricing options which include a Free version, Premium at € 29.90/month, and business at € 249.90/month.

4) Anstrex #4 Facebook Ad Search Tool Recommended By us

Anstrex is a legit Native Ads Spy Tool and here Anstrex will help you in becoming the best advertiser in this online world. Simply with Anstrex you can unlock the secrets of Native Advertising and just build the winning campaigns.

Anstrex- Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools

Anstrex generally provides all of the ad’s competitive intelligence data so that here you can get all of the details about any products out there.  Right with Anstrex you can simply stay ahead of the competition as here you can simply spy over best working native ads.

Anstrex Stats- Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools

You can save your countless hours on research simply by using Anstrex and here you will get access right to more native ads networks than any other tools out there in the market. The best part that we like most about this tool is that it is really having the largest database that is currently having more than 10 million of native ads and it mainly supports more than 15 countries. With Anstrex you can simply save on marketing and learn their secrets and here you will be also able to drive more and more traffic.

Attention : Anstrex + BloggersIdeas = Awesomeness 

Get 20% Lifetime Discount by using code: “bideas_20” at checkout

5) WhatRunsWhere

Simply by using WhatRunsWhere Facebook ad spy tool you can get in-depth right on your competition’s strategies that will allow you to effectively plan and then simply expand more efficiently. With this tool, you can access the most complete and accurate picture of the digital advertising ecosystem. Now discover winning strategies and simply learn which ads are simply performing the best and then simply build the most profitable campaign.

WhatRunsWhere- Best Facebook Ads Spy Tool

Basically, this tool will provide the display and the native ad intelligence and here you don’t have to spend dollars and it will really help you in growing your business. Just see the topmost creatives in your market niches and also you can also identify the winning campaigns just to inform your own strategy.

Just find new traffic sources and then that finally reach the larger audience. Using this tool you can also access best-in-class data from 7 of the largest online marketers. Here you will also let you ins and outs of your competitor’s strategies. You can also understand the key trends right across the desktop, mobile, and also the native channels.

 6) Adspy

Adspy is one of the leading Facebook Ads Spy Tools just for social advertising. It will let you discover the Ads your competitors are running on Facebook and LinkedIn. Just go with Adspy and uncover the competitor’s advertising secrets and replicate them easily.

adspy facebook ad spy tool - find competitors facebook ads

Adspy provides one of the largest indexes of Ads on the market having more than 3,000,000 Ads Indexed. Just in a few clicks, you will find new winnings Ad variant. The best part of this Ad, this is the only Ads platform that provides both Facebook and LinkedIn.

With this amazing tool, you will be able to create the bets social Ads campaigns along with multiple sources. It will allow you to follow any number of competitors, there are no boundaries. adspy also allows you to target and location data for better statistics. Even you can bookmark Ads.

7) SEMRush

As we all know that SEMRush is one of the legit and the most popular competitive research and business intelligence software. Now with the help of this tool you can easily find out the competitor’s keywords research, whether it is paid or organic.

SEMrush- Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools

Really, as per our experience, SEMRush is the must-have tool to see what your competitors are actually doing. Simply discover your competitor’s organic and paid search strategies. You can also use all of the profitable keywords for your website. If we look at the data there were 2597000 SEO and SEM professionals who use SEMRUsh to uncover all the competitor’s secrets along with finding the best keywords along with online marketing ideas.

8) SpyFu

SpyFu is one of the best Ads Spy Tool that lets you download all of your competitor’s most profitable keywords along with the Ads for the paid and also the organic search. In one line we can say “SpyFu reveals the search marketing secret formula along with the secrets of your competitors.”

SpyFu Facebook Ad Spy Tool

Here you can simply search for any domain at every place they are ranking on the search engine rankings especially Google. You will get every information about keywords they have purchased on AdWords along with every organic rank and ad variation in the last 12 years.

You can do the PPC competitor research as here with the help of this tool you can easily search for a competitor along with checking their activity and avoiding the mistakes they have actually made.

It features Adwords Competitors  Keywords Spy Tool, Monitor PPC Competitors, AdWords Keyword Grouping Tool, AdWords Advisor, PPC Negative Match Recommendations, PPC Ad Rank Tracker along with many more features in a row.


AdEspresso- Facebook Ads Spy Tools

AdEspresso is a powerful Ad Management Tool as it makes you create the most powerful ads. With this tool, you can create and optimize any of the advertising campaigns that will definitely work. It will make Facebook advertising very easy and affordable for small as well as medium-sized businesses. Here in this tool, you can test different variations with images, headlines, and text, etc.

Here it will provide Facebook Ads Gallery along with a tool just for seeing the vast collection of ad examples for free. The best thing about this tool is that it will keep you updated with the new ads every 30 minutes. Anyone can use this tool, even if they are not a member of AdEspresso. Their database is full of thousands of real-world Facebook Ads.

The Anatomy of Facebook Ads Gallery:

  • Search – It’s a key in the phrase that describes the ads you are looking You have the choice to use the advertiser’s name or the Facebook page URL.
  • Placement – You get three main placements for Facebook Advertising.
  • All Industries – It will let you enable filter the results by industry.
  • Objectives – Just filter the result by objective.
  • Attributes – It helps you with ads, which have specific components.

Once you click on the Ad, you will be directed to a page, where you will get all the information about the Ad.

10) Social Ads Tool

Social Ads Tool - Facebook Ad Spy Tool

Here the Social Ads Tool is the Facebook Ads management system and the optimization service. If you are willing to drive the advertising success on Facebook then this is the best option available to you. All you need to do is configure the targets and just switch on to the optimization engine.

Here it provides you the opportunity for the easy campaign set up with a slick Ad generation tool along with the world-class support. The best part is that it is much more than just technical support, you will be guided to optimize your campaigns from e-commerce and install the game to mobile app download campaigns in geography along with all the sectors.

This one will be the all-in-one tool that will provide top-notch services to you.

Don’t wait just grab one…

11) SocialPeta

SocialPeta is one of the leading marketing data analysis tools and it almost covers nearly all the main channels of the world including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yahoo, and many others.

SocialPeta- Facebook Ads Spy Tools

Here it will present an in-depth analysis of marketing data from different angles and it captures materials in the global mobile advertisement. It will definitely help you in gaining deep marketing insights through which you can just make the wiser decision.

It tracks the Ad creative, targeting along with the performance of 500,000 apps worldwide. As it goes on to capture the trending apps, new releases, new marketing cases, and their performance by country, it will also update all the new features very quickly.

The best part about this amazing tool is, SocialPeta basically covers more than 50 countries including America, Japan, India, China, etc.

12) Social Ad Scout

Social Ad Scout is the best tool available that will provide top-notch services for spying on social Media Ads. Here Scout will provide the opportunity to discover and access many social Ads examples from all over the world, including 21 countries. Some of them are United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, and many more.

Social Ad Scout- Facebook Ad Spy Tool

It is fully loaded with unparalleled features as it will provide detailed search filters so that you can easily search by the text, URLs, and demographic information, many more. Here you will extensive breakdown including the timelines along with the Ad seen visibility, who saw it and how it all ranked etc.

You will get the actual screenshot of all the Ads and it’s really very easy to download the landing pages. Here you will get an extremely fast interface and your search results will be processed within a fraction of a second.


Connectio is the best solution that generally advanced marketers needs. Here this one is another best and most reliable Facebook Ads Spy Tool that is available right out there in the market. Now connect your autoresponders into the Facebook Custom Audience and here you can also connect all your Facebook lead ads right to your CRM Autoresponders.

Connectio- Best Facebook Ad Spy Tool

Just run the retargeting campaigns based on how people behave on your website and simply know your audience better than before.

Simply uncover Facebook interest like you have never imagined just explore by Wilco de Kreij and see the benefits. Here this tool delivers the targeted buying Facebook audience in seconds.

Generally, this tool will allow fixing simply by allowing you to go after the high targeted interests without competing with many other competitors out there.

This one is an automated smart research tool that mainly uncovers the interest of your competition that you will never find with another tool. It has built-in layering that will let you hyper-target the hottest fans right in many niches. Here you can also optimize ad results with the detailed interest performance stats without splitting the test.

14) AdSector

AdSector is another most reliable and must-have ads spy tools that generally allows you to create the most effective ads. Using this tool you can design hundreds and even thousands of landing pages within seconds.

Basically, this tool shows you what is generally working right now on the internet so that you can easily create the most promising and effective messages in order to grab the interest of potential prospects.

AdSector- Social Media Ad Spy Tool

This tool generally pulls all the tools that you may need at your fingertips simply by using a straightforward interface. It also features a status checker that will let you watch their database grow in real-time as they basically ads thousand of ads per day.

Only this tool gives you the option for searching the relevant ads. Here you can search/filter the ads simply by interest, keywords, or by seeing what is happening on the landing pages themselves.

Using this tool you can see hundreds of landing pages along with ads that are relevant to your business. You can bookmark them and organize most of the productive ads to your personal collection of work just by designing with your own effective advertisement.

AdSector Features- Best Social Media ad Spy Tool

You can also find your target audience right with a click of a button. Here when you use the AdSector you will be able to see targeted market segments for every ad that generally draws your interest. Simply view ads and reach social engagement stats and also the weekly trends on all of the same pages.

15)AdClarity Display

Here AdClarity Display is one of the best and legit media intelligence platforms. Now with the help of AdClarity, you can easily unveil the display of the advertising ecosystem. Simply discover many other successful traffic sources as here you can easily find the traffic sources that actually convert.

Just uncover all of the networks that actually perform, the publishers that mainly succeed along with the audience that is right for every offer. You can also reveal all of your competitor’s media strategy and then you can simply learn from their successful partnership and initiatives. And the best part is that here you can simply avoid the mistakes they basically pay for.

With clarity, you can simply increase the conversions by easily emulating all of the strategies in the marketplace. Get the charge quickly with the automated alerts and then simply promote the counteractions.

16) iSpionage

With iSpionage, you can simply steal your competitor’s traffic along with uncovering their conversion strategy too. This tool helps you in driving targeted traffic, Generate More Leads, and also helps in Increasing the Conversion Rates.

iSpoinage Facebook Ad Spy Tool - find competitors facebook ads

Now find profitable keywords faster with the competitor’s PPC Keywords list and also you can download the Competitor’s SEO keyword list. This tool allows you to land more clients by white-label the competitor’s reports. The best part is that you can also even find out how much your competitors are basically spending per month on Google AdWords.

17) Adbeat

Simply uncover any advertiser’s online strategy quickly by using Adbeat. Adbeat will give you all the detailed insights into the world of digital advertising.  Herewith this tool, you can simply see what direct competitors are doing and also how they are doing it.

Adbeat Facebook Ad Spy Tool - facebook ads library

Adbeat is having high-quality data along with global coverage right across the 120+ top working ad networks. You can also reveal media buying strategies along with the top creatives, landing pages, and also the estimated ad spend.

You can generate amazing reports in a variety of formats. Just set up the alerts so that you can’t miss anything here. Compare all of the advertisers. Dive into the campaigns and also get detailed publishers’ data in just a few clicks.

18) NativeAdBuzz

With NativeAdBuzz you can simply explode all of your native advertising. Now build winning campaigns by seeing what is currently working for your competition. It spies over more than 10 ad networks that are followed by the 5103236 Ads, 42,042 advertisers followed by 12 countries.

NativeAdBuzz Facebook Ad Spy Tool

This tool allows you to launch with a bang simply by using the products, ad text along with images and strategies that are currently working online. NAB Mastermind forum is available as here you can easily share and learn from other successful internet marketers right in the NAB Members.

Now discover what is actually hot right now as here you will get all of the research and analysis in a few minutes that manually takes countless hours. You can also save your favorite social media ads and then create the library of your favorite social media ads and also the campaigns so that you can easily take the reference in the future if you need it. Here you can also find the filter ads simply by advertising to follow what your competitors are up to along with staying 5 steps ahead.


TrackMaven is one of the legit marketing analytics software as here this software really makes it easy to prove marketing ROI. Here this platform generally allows you to compare all kinds of social and traffic metrics against all of your competitors.

TrackMaven Facebook Ad Spy Tool

They have combined marketing expertise with world-class technology in order to deliver the insights that you need to conquer the industry. Here the team of the data coach mainly delivers the expertise that you actually need to translate analytics into action.

Now you have the list of the top-notch Facebook Ad Spy Tool, which is a really useful resource for you for spying on Facebook Ads of your competitors.

Design Wizard: For Creating Beautiful Graphics For Facebook

Designwizard - Facebook Graphic

Design Wizard is excellent graphic design software that allows you to create high-quality visual content in seconds. It aims to take time and effort away from creating visual content. There are thousands of high-quality templates and over 1 million images in the DW library that can instantly be tailored for your needs.

The tool helps entrepreneurs, social media marketers, and businesses to create high-quality visual content that can be used for a variety of reasons.

Standout features of the tool include a free font library, free image storage, resize button, searchable templates, and a custom color palette. There are also excellent integrations included with Hubspot, Marketo, Buffer, and Intercom.

There is a wide variety of templates available on the app including invitations, cards, business templates, social media, and video. As for the pricing plans, there is a completely free apprentice plan where you can pay $1 each for premium images and templates. The pro plan costs $9.99 a month and the expert costs $16.95 a month.

You can quite easily upload your own images or graphics or simply take from social media accounts such as Facebook to create an excellent graphic design for your campaigns.

Design Wizard also has a sister site Pikwizard which holds over 100,000 high-quality free photos. 20,000 of these images are exclusive to the site and there is no attribution required. You can take each image and edit it on the graphic design tool Design Wizard. What makes Pikwizard stand out is it’s high-quality images of people, which are few and far between on the best stock photography sites!”

Our Happy Customer Testimonials

John O’Donoghue – Project ManagerI found Design Wizard when looking for something to make business cards online. Design Wizard made everything so simple especially as the software was so easy to navigate! I would have no issues in recommending them to friends and colleagues.

FIND OUT MORE John O’Donoghue

Ruth Fuller – Managing DirectorWe loved Design Wizard! As marketing consultants, we work with a lot with visuals so we were delighted when we found Design Wizard. It’s simple to use and a time-saving tool for our smaller clients and not for profits.


Brad Coffey – Chief Strategy Officer, HubspotOur customers want to achieve great results fast, and we’re always looking to provide solutions and tools that will help them do their jobs quickly and streamline operations.

SIGN UP NOW Brad Coffey
Also, Read:

20) AdsExposed

Going straight into it, you can go to their site AdsXposed and see the essential highlights, sparing you the time I will post them here:

With these instruments, something that I have seen is that they keep an eye on all who do a similar thing. At their center, they are site scrubbers. It truly descends excessively taking a gander at what separates one item from another.

AdsXposed Review- Run Profitable Campaigns

For this situation, there are some very decent things (excluded from the rundown above) which include:

a) Great help from the item proprietor.

b) The device indicates you on which focuses on the promotions were seen

c) You would all be able to see the nations that the crusades (for a particular advertisement) are running in. On the off chance that for instance somebody is running a battery introduce the application. You will see the advert and all the dialect varieties.

d) Traffic source share

e) Landing page ripper that will download the entire presentation page and every one of the contents in a single tick (extremely decent component)

The cost is $169 every month, in any case in the event that you check out you may have the capacity to

Not too bad up till now, the item looks great, has some separation, and seems as though we will be ready to accomplish something with this.

AdsXposed Signed In:

So signing in you get the above screen, you can channel on the great as changing the request of things at the best. The interface is natural and is extremely plain as a day to utilize. Under every promotion, you get the measure of times seen, first observed, and last observed. To really expound simply tap on it for the accompanying screen:

AdsXposed Review- Sign Up Now

As should be obvious from the screen capture, the promotion is on the left with all the different data on the correct side of the comfort, for example, activity source split, class, times have seen working framework and so on… There is additionally a connection for the presentation page URL which will interface you through the greeting page.

You can likewise observe a green catch that says ‘see all lenders for the offers area’ clicking this will demonstrate to all of you the offers running on this particular space (figure what may happen in the event that you put a subsidiary tracker in there). Looking down the screen, you are displayed with LP ripper (simply click download) and the positions which you can likewise fare to exceed expectations:

AdsXposed Review- Features Of Software

More or less this is the thing that the apparatus is and does, there are different tabs that you can see at the best, for example, promoter/distributor, these enable you to look by space, at long last observing (you would bookmark be able to advertisements that you like)

To what extent and what offer it advances.

  • Discover PROFITS FAST

With only a few tricks you can discover all information identified with a point of arrival.


Redo your inquiry by time run, OS, vertical and considerably more.


Discovered something fascinating? Bookmark and spare it on the fly

  • Figure out EVERYTHING

Discover everything about your rivals’ promotions with only a couple of snaps.


We’re checking tens of thousands of destinations for notices – 24 hours every day.


Get an alarm each time another promotion by your rival was found.


Worked By Advertisers For Advertisers

Information is a benefit in publicizing business. In this manner, we give as many information bits of knowledge as could be allowed:

AdsXposed Review- Features

  • See where a notice is running. We demonstrate to you which publicizing system and which positions are beneficial for the promoter.
  • Find out how regularly a point of arrival was seen. The ‘times seen’ tally is a solid pointer if a crusade has mass-advance or not. Seeing an advertisement running on 100s of situations? It’s most likely a genuine victor.
  • Discover worldwide battles. Inquisitive if a similar advertisement is productive in different nations too? On the off chance that there’s a similar advertisement running in an alternate nation, we’ll show it appropriate on the outcomes page.
  • Follow your opposition. Exploit our one-of-a-kind element to screen a contender’s area and get informed when we locate another promotion from this space.
  • Store what’s vital. Simply select ‘bookmark’ and spare a fascinating advertisement you’ve found and ensured you keep in mind about it.

AdsExposed Pricing:

AdsXposed Review- Pricing


  • Accurate comes about. Distinctive to other research instruments, we do both, sifting by calculations alongside a manual endorsement process. On the off chance that our calculation can’t characterize if an outcome is substantial or not, our manual affirming group will proceed onward. This outcome is exceedingly focused on coming about coordinating precisely what you’ve been scanning for.
  • Global scope. We’re as of now covering 5 noteworthy promotion systems and 9 nations. The rundown is as yet developing and we would already be able to ensure to demonstrate you a greater number of results than some other government agent device in the portable pop and divert inquire about a scene.
  • Hundreds of thousands of sites checked day by day. We’re gathering advertisements from well more than 200,000 locales day by day. On the off chance that there’s a greeting page running on a system we bolster, you will have the capacity to discover it.
  • Intuitive UI. Our interface is anything but difficult to utilize and joins all highlights an advertiser is searching for while examining the opposition.
  • Easy to utilize. AdsXPosed is streamlined and easy to understand. Ideal for all gatherings of advertisers, from a tenderfoot to experienced media purchasers.
  • Customize your hunt. Exploit our bookmark highlight to store fascinating advertisements you’ve found and taken after contender areas by utilizing our track-a-space include. Get told in a flash when we locate another advertisement by an area you’ve observed.

Conclusion: AdsXposed Review

By and large, the device is entirely clever. It does what it says on the tin. There are some extremely decent highlights, for example, every one of the advertisements being physically sorted or auto concealing grown-up promotions. Further to this, they are additionally including nations at an incredible rate.

That being said there are a few things that are absent from here, for example, a watchword looks, on the off chance that I was truly to nitpick I would state that the show advertisements ought to be more than 60.

Being honest with all of you I am yet to see an arrival on ROI as far as crusades with this apparatus that is still in the testing. By and by on the off chance that you have ~$169 extra and need to get your feet wet and see what different associates are putting forth, this is an awesome, apparatus that you can experiment with and see precisely that. In General, I would be glad to prescribe! To such an extent that you can click here and get your AdsXposed account up and run.

What is Adbeat?

“With Adbeat you can reveal any sponsor’s online methodology, see promoters that are spending on every distributor.”

Adbeat is centered around building the most far-reaching aggressive insight stage for a show promoting the world has ever observed. In the meantime, we’re focused on guaranteeing each screen and report that gives genuine, significant bits of knowledge.

Adbeat Review - Competitive Intelligence For Display Advertisers

Being light for a very long time in front of some other focused knowledge stage is simple in the event that you know how.

Obviously, it’s conceivable we simply influence it to look simple. In all actuality, it takes huge measures of information, rich apparatuses for creating experiences, and vigorous, adjustable reports that let you send out the information that is generally critical. Find why Adbeat is the go-to insight stage for the world’s best sponsors, offices, and distributors.

Adbeat Review  Ad Spy Tool 2023: A Must Read Review!

Features Of Adbeat:

1. Data

Everything begins with crude information. Adbeat creeps the web on an enormous scale to gather Desktop, Mobile, Native, and Pre-move advertisements.

  • Finish Country and Device Data

Streamlining your portable information universal crusades Adbeat has information on more than 20 distinct nations and versatile information for 4 diverse gadget writes.

Adbeat Review- Country Supported

  • Drill Down by Country & Device

Sort all promoter information by nation and gadget composes. Catalyst your versatile and worldwide battles by getting to promote information on 4+ gadgets write and 20+ distinct nations.

Adbeat Review- Data Insights

  • Data on Over 90+ Ad Networks

See whether a system sends productive movement before contributing your promotion dollars. Adbeat has information and experiences for local advertisement systems like Taboola and Outbrain.

Perceive how your rivals purchase movement from any distributor. Find new promotion that arranges and coordinate purchase openings.

Adbeat Review- Ad Networks

2. Insights

Transforming information into bits of knowledge is our obsession. Each aspect of our stage is intended to give our clients a chance to discover genuine openings.

  • Learn Media Buying Strategy

The Advertiser Dashboard gives you a 10,000 foot perspective of any sponsor’s media purchasing methodology. See their best distributors, systems, promotion composes and the sky is the limit from there. Reveal new activity sources and positions that are as of now working for sponsors in your industry, in addition to assessed promotion spend down to the dollar sum.

Adbeat Review- Features

  • Write Higher Converting Ad Creative

Build up your innovative procedure with bits of knowledge from the Top Ads tab. Peruse all creatives and arrangements – picture, content, glimmer, and content picture creatives – for any sponsor. You’ll additionally get the flight dates, patterns, points of arrival, and particular distributors for each imaginative.

Adbeat Review- Ad Copy For Any Device

Float over and download any innovative copy from our database. Utilize these advertisements to help rouse your interior group or awe customers by sending them the correct creatives that their greatest rivals are effectively utilizing.

  • Campaigns

Enormous brand promoters frequently have numerous items and advertisement crusades. See promotion battles by item and change your methodology as needs are.

Adbeat Review- CampaignsAdbeat Review- Campaigns

  • Publisher Data

Adbeat’s Top Publisher tab demonstrates to you which distributors your rivals purchase the most movement from. Use this data to spend more brilliant by testing out distributors that have just been demonstrated to work for the opposition.

Adbeat Review- Publishers Data

Sales Prospecting & Client Services

  • See What Advertisers Spend on Each Publisher

Get the total wicked good on all promoters for any distributor. Reveal who’s purchasing, which arrange they’re utilizing, and the amount they’re spending. Distinguish publicists applicable to your industry who are as of now spending a lot of cash with comparative sellers, however not with you.

  • Find Competing Publishers

Utilize the “Comparable Publishers” board to find the huge player in your industry. Reveal who their greatest customers are and the amount they’re spending. Use this data to streamline your business procedure and close more arrangements.

Adbeat Review- Find competing publishers

  • Prospect New Advertisers

Utilize the Recommended Advertisers” board to distinguish comparative publicists. Make the offer simple by discovering publicists that as of now purchase promotion space from distributors in your space.

Adbeat Review- Prospects of New Advertisers

  • Identify the Biggest Spenders

See which sponsors as of now spend a lot of cash with comparable sellers, yet not with you. By observing their correct promotion creatives, greeting pages, and advertisement spend, you can build up a pitch that is ensured to do what needs to be done.

Adbeat Review- Top Advertisers

3. Reporting

Important reports and computerized cautions let you take your bits of knowledge with you and never miss a trap. Information has never looked this great.

  • Alerts

Timetable robotized notices and right away know when promoters dispatch new crusades. Never miss things that is important to you.

  • Reports

Fare and offer reports. Finish informational indexes are accessible in numerous configurations including CSV, PDF, and introduction prepared PowerPoint decks. Make and fare noteworthy reports for customers or your inner group. Your customer will love the nature of information and knowledge that an Adbeat report gives them.

4. Advanced Features

Propelled features one of a kind to Adbeat are good to beat all. Our Dedicated R&D group develops constantly new devices for the armory.

  • Competitive Benchmarking

Recognize enter contrasts in an aggressive set utilizing one next to the other and overlay perceptions. Look at promotion spend, offer of voice, and other key measurements.

Adbeat Review- Compare Tool

Perceive how your rival’s investing methodology has developed over energy. Utilize the Compare tab to get next to each other correlations for up to 5 promoters. View day by day, week after week, month to month, or quarterly information on spend and slants.

  • Campaigns

Enormous brand sponsors regularly have different items and advertisement crusades. See promotion crusades by item and change their technique in like manner.

Adbeat Review- Advanced Campaigns

  • Publisher Data

Adbeat’s Top Publisher tab demonstrates to you which distributors your rivals use, and where the most activity is from. Use this data to spend more quick-witted by testing out distributors that have just been demonstrated to work for the opposition.

Global Reach & Scope of Coverage

In the event that your undertaking is to precisely investigate the billions of advertisement impressions served every day over the whole show promoting scene, worldwide reach and extent of scope are the twin columns on which you should manufacture.

Adbeat Review- Stats

Adbeat comes out on top with a huge swath of elite servers dispersed deliberately over the globe. This unrivaled framework is the thing that enables Adbeat to give the most exact, extensive, opportune information in the business.

How Adbeat Gather & Process Data

  • Information Collection 

Our everyday work process includes expansive scale examination handling of promotions, by distributor, promoter, system, and advertisement write/measure.  Adbeat use the intensity of cloud-based work processes to perform more than 2 billion figuring every week on newly crept publicizing information.

Amid each hour of consistency, Adbeat has several servers conveyed to creep the web on a gigantic scale. As the crawlers visit the most vital, exceptionally trafficked distributor sites we cover, they identify a huge number of advertisements and send back billions of vital information focuses.

The information is gathered hourly and day to day taking into consideration exact, granular examination. Extricating, dissecting, and preparing the greater part of this information while it’s still crisp is no simple undertaking – that is the reason our rivals don’t do it.

As opposed to depending on a little, second-rate informational index as they do, we tested our designing group (made up of MIT information researchers and software engineers) to take care of the issue.

  • Quality and Accuracy 

Saying that we’re looked at the outlandish assignment of subduing a firehose of promoting information is a quite decent reason for neglecting the quality and exactness of our information a bit. In any case, we’ve put vigorously in exclusive advances to protect our information is as flawless as would be prudent.

Take, for instance, the machine-learning we utilize to figure out which of our human guardians is choosing the best classes for a promoter; or the custom internet browser that gives our specialists “a chance to see” a website page similarly as our crawlers do, with the greater part of the advertisement units and related information focuses featured.

Advances like this assistance are to ensure that our information meets our own stringent guidelines for quality and precision.

  • Advertisement Spend 

To decide precise promotion spend gauges, Adbeat’s information researchers built up an exclusive strategy. Beginning with Adbeat’s example information of a huge number of publicists, distributors and advertisements assembled more than 7 years, they made a calculation to evaluate promotion spend down to the dollar sum in plain view and local channels.

  • Watchword Extraction and OCR 

Display publicizing is always developing new innovations such as rich media advertisements which are constantly being propelled and tried. When you wander past static standards, existing off-the-rack OCR arrangements neglect to legitimately parse catchphrases and expressions.

To do this appropriately, we built up our remarkable AccuAd™ innovation. Created with the assistance of machine-vision specialists, AccuAd™ applies best-in-class Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and space particular sifting to remove the usable substance from even the most complex advertisement positions including HTML5 promotions, page take-overs, interstitial, and plenty of restrictive local advertisement gadgets.

Modern characteristic dialect preparing (NLP) and data recovery strategies are then connected to extricate the most important terms for every publicist.

  • Promotion Tag Extraction 

Further down the preparing pipeline, we turn our figuring assets to figure out the correct way the advertisement took to before it’s seen by a guest. Every advertisement tag is parsed and directed to intense calculations extraordinarily prepared to comprehend and recognize a mind-boggling web of promotion systems, advertisement servers, DSPs, and SSPs.

The subsequent information gives the most profound bits of knowledge conceivable into how the stock is streaming between what can be many brokers.

  • Similitude and Recommendation Engines 

Our handling of information doesn’t end with essentially extricating key information focuses and measurements. Adbeat likewise attempts to make new information that powers our reality class toolset. For instance, to help our Similarity and Recommendation Engines we created and tuned calculations particularly for the show and local publicizing space.

The calculations utilize promotion content, the point of arrival content, movement, and publicizing action to bunches like sponsors and distributors; from that point, we create arrangements of comparative sponsors and distributors and tap those to offer suggestions.

The outcome is the dazzling capacity to recognize and introduce comparative publicists that are frequently difficult to find by some other means.

Arrangement Engine — To order publicists rapidly with a high level of precision, our designers expanded our human curation group with machine-learning calculations. This two-dimensional approach yields superb classification for promoters over all classes and industry verticals in which they work – enabling our clients to find new publicists in classes of intrigue and make reports restricted to a solitary vertical.

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From Data to Insights

Once the information is gathered and prepared, we swing to our introduction and experience layers.

This piece of the stage is the thing that our clients see and cooperate with ordinary — so as fanatics of very much composed programming — making the Adbeat UI look like great work and in addition, the information that backs our obsession.

  • Client Experience

To accomplish a fantastic client encounter we began with a fresh, present-day, instinctive outline and afterward centered around making it as smart and responsive as could reasonably be expected. To deal with the substantial volume of information being sought, gotten to, and recovered, our designers manufactured the stage on the biggest and quickest server equipment accessible in the cloud at that point completely stack adjusted them for strength.

They proceeded by performing basic rendering way improved over the whole application to guarantee your internet browser presents information on-screen as quickly as would be prudent. The outcome is an extremely quick hunt and information recovery that doesn’t back off your work process. Adbeat stays aware of how quick your thoughts are streaming.

  • Information Presented in Meaningful Ways

The Adbeat stage is comprised of astutely outlined dashboards and boards that enable you to comprehend the stunning measure of promoting information we gather. Our inventive dashboard framework enables you to view, sort, and channel information in ways that will give the most important bits of knowledge to your media methodology.

  • Information Freshness

In the quick-moving universe of promoting, convenient information is basic. Our rivals are substance to hold up as long as 10 days between refreshes — Adbeat comes out on top and issues refreshes like clockwork to guarantee you have the freshest information conceivable.

To play out the calculation important to refresh our gigantic records each other-day, we consolidate exceptionally improved work processes and greatly paralleled figuring assets. All the more particularly, 24 fire-breathing slave servers, each with 32 CPUs, work in the show to process more than 344 million mixes of publicist/nation/stage/arrange/distributor and 460 million blends of promotion/nation/stage/organize/distributor.

Adbeat is for Advertisers

Being established by a veteran show publicist gives Adbeat a special family. We know precisely what publicists need to prevail in an aggressive scene.

Advertiser Focused Features:

We’ve combined the most exhaustive scope in the business with an intense arrangement of apparatuses to give which our publicist clients can’t discover anyplace else.

  • Reveal Your Competitor’s Marketing Strategy:

Quit sitting around idly, cash, and assets on activity sources that don’t change over – let your rivals take every necessary step for you. Find their most productive distributors, advertisement duplicate, and greeting pages.

  • Find New Publishers and Placements:

There’s nothing more awful than purchasing costly activity on a distributor that doesn’t change over. Reveal where contenders and industry pioneers are as of now spending, and also new wellsprings of high caliber, unfamiliar movement.

  • Distinguish Converting Ad Copy and Landing Pages:

No compelling reason to reexamine the wheel. See which promotion duplicate, distributors, and presentation pages as of now work for your industry. Apply these bits of knowledge to your own particular promoting system and look as your crusades enhance quickly.


Adbeat Review- Pricing



  • All Display, Programmatic, and Native Ads
  • Search for Advertisers, Ads, and Publishers by Keyword
  • See Desktop and Mobile Ads in 26 Countries
  • 500 comes about per look
  • 30 long stretches of information



  • Filter Ads by Desktop versus Versatile
  • Filter by Date Range and Ad Network
  • 1000 comes about per look
  • 90 long stretches of information
  • View Publisher Placement URLs
  • Create and Export Reports



Every single Standard element in addition to:

  • Filter Ads, Advertisers, and Publishers by Country
  • Filter by Apple, Android, Phone, and Tablet
  • Compare publicists with a committed revealing device
  • Unlimited comes about per seek
  • 1 year of information
  • See advertisement positions bought specifically from distributor locales (Direct Buys)


Every single Advanced element in addition to:

  • See evaluated Ad Spend for all Advertisers
  • Browse top Advertisers by Category/Industry
  • View execution of gathered promotion sets (Campaigns)
  • Access Advanced Reporting Tools, Smart Alerts, Ad Paths, Ad Tags, and Brand.
  • 2 long periods of information
  • See Pre-move Video Ads

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Is there any tool to spy on FB ads?

There are other Facebook Ads Spy tools available, such Adspy and Anstrex, which allow you to observe the best-performing online Native Advertising, as well as your competitors' Native Ads and any other Ads that appear across multiple networks. This type of study is also useful for determining what works successfully for other businesses in order to keep ahead of the competition.

How do you spy on someone's Facebook ad?

BigSpy is an easy-to-use Facebook advertising surveillance tool that can benefit the ecommerce, gaming, and app businesses. It provides information on the advertisement, such as the language, the target country, and the quality and effectiveness of the advertisement. You can save an advertising run by a competitor, download it, and copy the text from it.

How can I spy on Facebook ads for free?

The Best Facebook Ad Spying Tools PowerAdSpy. PowerAdSpy is a social advertisements spy tool that provides a thorough breakdown of each creative, as well as the landing page URL, date last seen, social engagement, and targeting choices, other big names are SocialAdScout, AdPlexity, Adsova.... SocialPeta anf ConnectExplore.

What is ADD spy?

adSpy is the largest searchable database of Facebook and Instagram adverts in the world today. When you have access to our vast database and cutting-edge search capabilities, finding the advertising you need is a breeze.

Is PowerAdSpy free?

PowerAdSpy is a free tool that lets you spy on your competitors' Facebook ads and get information about them.

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Adbeat Review Facebook Ad Spy Tool 2023

Adbeat influences your advanced ad to crusade working for you, conveying it to a subjectively new level. Streamline your promoting technique with the assistance of Adbeat, spare the financial plan, and reveal the contender’s advertising procedure. Discover the likelihood of getting the best quality movement through Adbeat information and experiences on more than 90+ promotion systems, including the Google Display Network, A, blade, and others.

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Wrapping Up: Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools December 2023

Herewith these best Facebook Ads Spy Tools, you can really uncover the most profitable and popular Facebook Ads of your competitor. We hope this post of the best Facebook Ads Spy Tools serves your purpose well.

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