EasyWebinar vs EverWebinar vs WebinarJam 2020: Which One Is Best??

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      Looking for the best webinar solution?

      If yes, then you are at the right spot as here we have compared three flexible, reliable and affordable webinar solutions right for you. 

      In this post, we have featured in-depth comparison b/w EasyWebinar vs EverWebinar vs WebinarJam 2020 that includes detailed insights of their features, pricing, support and more. 

      So let’s get started here. 

      EasyWebinar vs EverWebinar vs WebinarJam 2020: In-Depth Comparison

      About EasyWebinar

      EasyWebinar is a reliable webinar platform that allows you to simply organize live conferences and automatically transfer recorded presentations in real-time. You can use EasyWebinar simply as the backbone right to your business. 

      The best part is that EasyWebinar supports up to four different presenters and you can also invite a participant to become a presenter. This allows you to build a dynamic relationship with your audience easily using this platform. 

      EasyWebinar- A Reliable Webinar Platform

      Anyone can rely on EasyWebinar to offer high-quality continuous transmission without delay or latency. Here this platform EasyWebinar even supports high-definition screen sharing to view documents, browser windows, desktop gestures and more.

       In addition, EasyWebinar ensures that each audience hears the words of their moderator in perfect quality with having any lags and distorted sounds.  Simply by using this platform, you generate leads to onboarding clients simply by using interactive training.

      EasyWebinar mainly uses TrueVoice technology, which generally reduces noise and transmits audio through video, even when two people speak at the same time. SO by using this platform, you can present without any problems and simply enjoy conferences. 

      The best thing about EasyWebinar is that it offers 14-Days Free Trial that you can get started and find out how this webinar platform works for you. You can cancel the subscription anytime you want. 

      Key Features of EasyWebinar

      • Streaming without delay

      No longer waiting times between questions and answers. EasyWebinar functions without any delay or delays the almost instantaneous transmission you have ever had. Using this platform you can use stream it right without any delay. 

      • High-quality image icon

      Your audience can see it in perfect high definition pixel quality with their exclusive EasyWebinar live engine. No delay, no buffering. 

      • Chat in real-time

      The very simple live chat facilitates the exchange with your community. And, of course, Emojis are fully compatible! Send links and all desired messages in real-time. You can do real-time chat using this platform easily and effortlessly.

      • Multiple moderators icon

      You can present up to 4 moderators in a live webinar. Anyone can use a camera and a microphone and share their screen for a presentation very easily using EasyWebinar.

      EasyWebinar- The Automated Webinar

      • Record and Archive

      Save and archive all webinar sessions. Download or use the previous live sessions as automated webinars. Now you can do it with the help of EasyWebinar.

      • Run HD screen sharing

      No more blurry screen presentations! Share everything in perfect HD quality, including presentations, documents, browser windows and more. Even the best part presenter can share content while pressing thumbnails to get a full-screen image easily.

      • Make each participant a Presenter

      Transform each participant present in the room into a Presenter and immediately send a message asking him to enter the room live. Their software finds your camera and audio that you can use when you enter the room.

      • The true Voice technology 

      TrueVoice technology reduces noise and high bandwidth transmission without having any delay, even when two people speak at the same time.

      EasyWebinar- The New Model

      • Easily host Evergreen webinars

      This transmission in real-time to have the look and experience of life. It is transmitted not only at a specific time but also in real-time.  So if someone is coming late then they might miss some of the parts. And here this real-time streaming creates easily urgency so that others don’t get late. 

      • Reach a wider audience

      By sending in the local time zone of your subscribers. If you’ve heard of automated webinars, you didn’t see them that way.  Here this powerful feature can stream any event to simply show your attendees local time. So if you have a worldwide audience then showcase them webinars as per their local time.

      • Reuse your webinar

      When moving from living to automation. Here right with EasyWebinar, you can simply transform your live webinars into automated webinars with more than 9 different programming options easily and effortlessly. 

       Just turn your live webinar right into an evergreen webinar funnel as soon as you’re live event is over. You can simply reuse your webinar and convert them right into an automated webinar. 

      • Advanced analysis and reports.

      With the EasyWebinar advanced analysis, you can find out what actions were taken during the webinar (for live and automated webinars). For example, did they show how long they stayed and clicked on the offer? You can easily get all of the webinar reports and do the analysis on your audiences easily and effortlessly. 

      EasyWebinar Integrations

      Really, Integration makes EverWebinar even better. Now you can automatically add registrants along with triggering the specific actions easily. So let’s check out the integration system of these platforms:

      • GetResponse
      • ActiveCampaign
      • Drip
      • Infusionsoft
      • Aweber
      • MailChimp
      • Constant Contact
      • Ontraport
      • ConvertKit
      • PayPal
      • Stripe
      • SamCart
      • Braintree
      • ThriverCart
      • Zaiper

      Pricing Plans Offered By EasyWebinar

      The pricing plans offered by this platform is very flexible and affordable so that anyone can get started right away. 

      EasyWebinar Pricing

      1) Standard ($78/Mo)

      All standard features included:

      • 100 live attendees
      •  Unlimited automated webinars (Webinar with up to 100 Attendees)
      •  Unlimited live attendees using our YouTube Live Integration
      •  WordPress integration
      •  EliteWebinarMastery Foundation Course
      •  Instant onboarding call
      • Chat Support Offered

      2) Pro ($129/Mo)

      • 500 live attendees
      •  Unlimited automated webinars (500 Attendees)
      •  Unlimited live attendees using our YouTube Live Integration
      •  WordPress integration
      •  EliteWebinarMastery Foundation Course
      •  Instant onboarding call

      • Chat support
      •  Custom Fields From The Registration
      •  EasyCast™ Facebook Live & YouTube Live Streaming Tool
      •  Phone support

      3) Enterprise ($499/Mo)

      Includes all the features right in the Pro Plan

      • 2000 Live Attendees 
      • Unlimited attendees on all the automated webinars/sessions
      • EliteWebinarMastery Program Full Course
      • Dedicated Account Representative

      The best part about EasyWebinar is that it offers very flexible and affordable pricing plans. Even they offer 14 Days Free Trial that you can use in order to get familiar with this platform. 

      EasyWebinar vs EverWebinar vs WebinarJam: EverWebinar Review

      EverWebinar Review

      EverWebinar is the world’s largest Automated Webinar. With EverWebinar, you can increase sales when you’re having small and medium businesses simply by supporting and responding to the existing webinar to satisfy customers and attract many more potential customers. 

      EverWebinar Review- Best Automation Tool

      Simply by importing events and using the easy-to-use automation functions of EverWebinar, you can record a webinar once and play it at any time you want and that is what makes it as the world’s best Automated Webinar.  Check out detailed EverWebinar Review here. 

       EverWebinar is changing the historical process of organizing webinars and making it extremely easy for anyone.  

      Benefits Of EverWebinar

      • Automated Webinars That Simulate Live Events
      • Secure webinar rooms with password protection
      • Live chat moderation for a hybrid webinar
      • Customize your pages for brand consistency
      • Communicate pre and with a built-in autoresponder
      • Share files directly on the webinar easily 
      • Active offer displays with urgency and scarcity as well
      • Know all your data with their advanced analytics and tracking

      Key Features of EverWebinar

      • Advanced Scheduling System

      Right with their exclusive planning system, you can simply configure your advertising for monthly, weekly or even daily webinars. You can select specific days of the week and time zones, whichever is best for your audience. And in that way you can do better with this EverWebinar.

      EverWebinar Scheduling

      Block specific holidays or dates for which your promotion should not run.

      Automatic time zone detection: Configure your webinars for a specific time of day, regardless of where visitors are in the world. This allows your audience, regardless of time zone differences, to participate in your webinars at the best time!O

      • Online seminars in just-in-time:

      Just set up the dynamic webinar that will start after a few minutes when you’ll join it. 


      Let them see your webinar when necessary when they register. No waiting, no planning, no delay and that’s the beauty of this platform.

      You can even block the night webinars and also schedule it to publish the next day. 

      • Live Evergreen Webinar with one click!

      EverWebinar is based on direct integration with WebinarJam (sold separately).

      EverWebinar Jam Live Session

      We all know that webinars are the best way to grow your business and that WebinarJam is by far the best webinar platform. 

      • One-click platform exchange: simply stay in one place to manage all your webinars live and long term and you can do it with the help of this platform.
      • Convert live to automated: Now you can convert a live event and EverWebinar will automatically convert it into an evergreen event in seconds without any delay. And you can play that Webinar anytime you want.

      Stunning landing pages:

       This platform is having pre-built landing pages for your webinars that you can use easily the customization options is also there.

       Just explore the library, simply select your favorite template and then customize it in order to use it right on your webinars.

      EverWebinar Templates

       Simply split test your registration pages easily and the system will design and identify them in real-time in order to get the most application you want.

      • Free and unlimited hosting: 

      With EverWebinar you don’t need a website or server to host your webinars. The best part is that EverWebinar offers a free and unlimited hosting on their scalable and highly reliable cloud-based servers. So you can rely on them for web hosting as well.

      • Live chat simulator

      Enter or import your own chat history and the system will read it and simply roll it  right as “live” during the event!  

      Create pre-configured chat lines and these will be displayed in sequence at the desired timestamp during the event and that’s quite effective as well. 


      Simply download and import the chat history of a previous webinar. And this generally facilitates the replication of a previous live webinar in the persistent mode as well.

      Here your attendees will see all these lines of discussion in real-time, giving your perennial event a lively, genuine and interesting atmosphere. Overall you can just make those chats rolls in real-time and that will look evergreen. 

      • Dynamic Attendee Display

      Imitate a live webinar environment, right? During a live event, attendees constantly enter and leave webinar rooms, and EverWebinar also replicates this natural behavior.

      Replicate attendee behavior easily like here you can just set the number of visitors you want and the system will gradually increase the number of visits to the top and that’s kind of cool. Then make a realistic turn during the course of the event and when the event goes on.

      EverWebinar Dynamic Attendee Display

      Hide participation completely and you can do that with the help of Everwebinar. If you want to hide your participation rate, simply deactivate the number of your target groups with just one click and everything will be taken care of by EverWebinar. 

      EverWebinar Pricing Plans:

      The pricing plan of this platform isn’t that flexible as they offer a one-time payment.  The retail list price it likes $597 for a year. But here the discount offer, I mean the deal to get it for $497. And that will help you in saving like $100 right away. 

      EverWebinar Pricing Plans

      You can just sign up and claim the discount offer that is being offered by them. And the best part is that they also offer 30 Days Money Back Guarantee and if you somehow don’t like their services then you can just get your money back. So overall, EverWebianr worths you try as here you don’t have to lose anything at all. 

      EasyWebinar vs EverWebinar vs WebinarJam: WebinarJam Review

      About WebinarJam

      WebinarJam is a flexible and reliable webinar hosting software used by various companies and businesses for online marketing. Actually, this webinar system is an innovative solution for live streaming, event streaming and webcast streaming and even more. 

      The best part about WebinarJam is that it supports multiple languages ​​and also it is compatible with all operating systems, browsers and mobile devices as well. So you don’t have to worry about is compatibility. And that mainly allows users to send live streams to thousands of participants wherever they are without any hassle using any device I mean phone. Tab or pcs.  You can send directly to Facebook Live and YouTube Live or to the private WebinarJam network as well. The choice is yours you can just choose one of the platforms of your choice. 

      WebinarJam- A Reliable Webinar Solution

      With WebinarJam, eve the users can participate alone or invite attendees to their live events, highlighting them individually with the flexible presentation controls of this platform called WebinarJam. In their webinars, participants can ask questions through their live online chat as well. And that allows your users to solve their issues and questions very easily there during the webinar. 

       The webinar hosting software Webinarjam also allows presenters to share their knowledge in several ways.  The best part is that you can just download and play pre-installed videos, create slideshows, share your screen with other presenters and do many more interesting things right away. 

      In addition, WebinarJam offers other tools and features, just like you can send offers to attendees, create webinar registration pages, schedule events, sessions or training. Send automated emails and see the performance of your webinars I mean the analytics of your webinar about your attendees and many more things in a row. 

      Benefits of WebinarJam | Why You Should Join it?

      • Now stream to YouTube Live or their private broadcaster. 
      • Secure webinar rooms with password protection as well. 
      • Now get a virtual whiteboard, polls and live chat options too. 
      • It allows you to customize your pages for brand consistency as well.
      • Add pre-recorded videos for the sake of presentations too.
      • Automatically record every webinar without any hassle. 
      • Communicate pre and post-webinar with built-in autoresponders too. 
      • Know your data with WebinarJam’s advanced analytics and tracking. Real-time analytics offered. 

      Key Features of WebinarJam

      • The Jam Session

      Now using this platform you can invite up to 6 co-moderators. Also, you can stream in bright HD quality. Flexible and dynamic design control optimizes your display. Go alone, invite a partner and even organize a group of experts to share your knowledge right in your own webinar as well. You can do much with the help of this platform as it is quite flexible. 

      WebinarJam Fully Flexible

      • Active Chat Option:

      WebinarJam Chat is not a post-fact function or an integrated low-fidelity function, but a fully controllable communication option, Now your attendees and you can have live chat right during your webinar easily and effortlessly.

      • The Attendee Spotlight Overview

      Using this platform lets your audience has a voice! You can simply invite participants to your webinar at any time to attend the presentation. Balance nothing but your mouse and sense of purpose

      • Stream it Securely

      WebinarJam’s carefully optimized and robust transmission distribution technology is really unique and in the sense that the signal is universal. You can just broadcast your virtual event live to thousands of participants in webinars  and the best part is that on multiple platforms as well. 

      WebinarJam Email Notification

      WebinarJam isn’t limited by technology as they use all of them in order to deliver you the best services they can. They use tech like RTMP, WebRTC, HLS or Flash. No participant is left behind. And trsut me you’re not gonna find this kind of technology anywhere else. 

      • WebinarJam Live presentation

      Just go where your audience is. Only with the WebinarJam flexible live webcast engine from WebinarJam, you can easily and effortlessly broadcast directly to thousands of participants in all of the popular places just like YouTube Live and on their own private and secure network.

       And the best part is that no matter what virtual arena you choose, the experience is essentially the same for all of them. You have the option to decide the signal path and also you decide the destination. Your audience is everywhere and your business should there too. 

      • Express JaM

      Like when you’re setting your webinar right with ExpressJam it will help you in broadcasting ASAP. It also uses your customizable Smart Preferences in order to ensure that your webinar operates as per your needs and requirements. 

      WebinarJam- Analytics

      So these are the features of WebinarJam that makes it one of the finest webinar platforms that you can rely on. Let’s move to the pricing plans of WebinarJam. 

      WebinarJam Integrations

      The best part about this platform is that it integrates with other platforms as well. It integrates with 3rd party CRM, Email and shopping cart applications as well. Let’s check the integration list of this platform.

      • AWeber
      • ActiveCampaign
      • Infusionsoft
      • iContact
      • Ontrapost
      • GetResponse
      • MailChimp
      • COnvertKit
      • Drip
      • Kartra
      • Zaiper

      Pricing Plans of WebianrJam

      The pricing plan of this platform WebinarJam isn’t flexible as they only offer yearly plan that you can just rely on only. It’s not other its competitors like EasyWebinar that offers multiple pricing options that is flexible and affordable as well. 

      WebinarJam Pricing Plans

      The yearly plan comes at $479/yr. And if you don’t want to pay them all then you have the option to pay in 3 three installments of $189 every year.

      Money-Back Guarantee

      This platform WebinarJam offers 30 Days Money Back Guarantee and you can just rely on them. Like you’re somehow not satisfied with their services then you can get your money back within 30 days from the date of purchase. 

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      Conclusion: EasyWebinar vs EverWebinar vs WebinarJam 2020

      As of now, you have detailed insights of these webinar platforms EasyWebinar, EverWebinar, and WebinarJam. Among all of them, EasyWebianr stands out from the crowd because of its flexible pricing as well as it advanced features too. 

      Apart from that, if you have a budget and wanted to choose like EverWebinar and WebinarJam then EverWebinar is best for automated webinar solutions. And if you want to get the best-automated webinar solution then EverWebinar is the right solution for you. 

      I hope this post, suits your purpose well and if you liked the post, then kindly share it on various social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 


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