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      In this post, we have compared the best webinar platform, WebinarJam vs WebinarNinja vs Zoom Vs GoToMeeting 2020 that includes detailed insights of these platforms like pricing, features, integrations and more. 

      So let’s get started here.

      WebinarJam vs WebinarNinja vs Zoom Vs GoToMeeting: Which One To Choose??

      About WebinarJam

      WebinarJam is a flexible and reliable webinar platform that is used by a business for online marketing. In fact, this webinar system is an innovative solution for live streaming, event streaming and webcasting and more.

      The best thing about WebinarJam is that it supports multiple languages ​​and is also compatible with all operating systems, browsers and mobile devices as well.  So you don’t have to worry about compatibility. 

      WebinarJam- A Reliable Webinar SolutionThat way, with any device either mobile, pc or tabs you easily send live streams to thousands of attendees, no matter where they are. You can also send directly to Facebook Live and YouTube Live or the private WebinarJam network. It is up to you to choose only one of the platforms of your choice.

      With WebinarJam, users can participate alone or invite attendees to their live events and customise them with the flexible presentation control of this platform called WebinarJam. 

      The best thing about this platform is that the participants can also ask questions through their webinar as it features in live chat option. In this way, its users can easily solve their problems and questions during the webinar.

      WebinarJam   is a webinar hosting software that allows presenters to share their knowledge in several ways. The best part is that you can easily download and play pre-recorded videos, create slide shows, share your screen with other presenters and immediately start doing many interesting things right away without any hassles.

      In addition, WebinarJam offers other tools and features like, to send offers to participants, creating webinar registration pages, scheduling events, sessions or training. Now you can even send automated emails and see the performance of your webinars. I am talking about analysing your webinar about your participants and many other aspects of your webinar so that you can have better insights of your platform. 

      Benefits of WebinarJam | Why You Should Join it?

      • Now stream to YouTube Live or their private broadcaster. 
      • Secure webinar rooms with password protection easily. 
      • Offers virtual whiteboard, polls and live chat options too. 
      • Let’s you customise your pages for brand consistency.
      • Add pre-recorded videos for presentation purpose.
      • Automatically record every webinar without any hassle.
      • Communicate pre and post-webinar with built-in autoresponders. 

      Key Features Of WebinarJam

      • The jam session

      On this platform, you can now invite up to 6 co-moderators. You can also stream in bright HD quality. Flexible and dynamic design control that optimises your ad. 

      WebinarJam Fully FlexibleBe solo, invite a partner or even organise a group of experts to share your knowledge directly in your own webinar. With the help of this platform, you can do a lot because you are flexible enough.

      • Active chat option:

      Webinar Jam Chat is a reliable function that you can use easily with a fully controllable communication option. Your participants and you can have an easy and effortless live conversation during your webinar.

      • Summary of the participants

      When using this platform, your audience has a voice. You can always invite participants to your webinar to attend the presentation. Simply balance the mouse and the purpose.

      WebinarJam Email Notification

      • Transmit it for sure

      WebinarJam’s robust and carefully optimised transmission distribution technology is truly unique, in the sense that the signal is universal. You can easily share your virtual live event with thousands of participants in webinars. Best of all, you can transfer it across multiple platforms.

      WebinarJam Integration RuleWebinarJam is not subject to any technical restrictions, as it uses everyone to provide the best possible service. They use technologies such as RTMP, WebRTC, HLS or Flash. No participant is left behind. And you will not find this technology elsewhere.

      • WebinarJam live presentation

      Just go to where your audience is. With WebinarJam’s flexible live webcast engine, you can easily and effortlessly stream to thousands directly from popular places like YouTube Live and your own private and secure network.

      WebinarJam- AnalyticsAnd best of all, no matter which virtual arena you choose, the experience is essentially the same for everyone. You have the option to select the signal route and destination. Your audience is everywhere and your business should also be there.

      WebinarJam Pricing Plans

      Basically, if we talk about the pricing plans of this platform WebinarJam isn’t flexible as they only offer yearly plans. While other competitors offer monthly plans that are more flexible and affordable as well.

      WebinarJam Pricing PlansIf we talk about the pricing plan of this platform WebinarJam, then the yearly plan comes at $479/yr. You can pay them in instalments as well. As in you have the option to pay $189 per three months every year. 

      WebinarJam Integrations:

      This platform is quite flexible when it comes to Integration to third party CRM and email marketing services . This platform even integrates with shopping cart platforms as well. 

      Here goes the integration list:

      • AWeber
      • ActiveCampaign
      • Infusionsoft
      • iContact
      • Ontraport
      • GetResponse
      • MailChimp
      • COnvertKit
      • Drip 
      • Kartra
      • Zaiper

      Now you have detailed insights into this platform called WebinarJam let’s check other platforms as well.

      WebinarJam vs WebinarNinja vs Zoom Vs GoToMeeting: WebinarNinja Review

      About WebinarNinja

      WebinarNinja is another name in the list of Webinar Tools and its quite flexible. Its an all in one solution for the high-quality webinars. The best part is that WebinarNinja powers millions of webinars across hundreds of industries just for the business like yours. 

      WebinarNinja has optimised the entire process from top to bottom for hosting a webinar easily. 

      WebinarNinja- Best Webinar SoftwareThis platform actually offers free training, which includes step-by-step instructions and available customer service representatives, that will teach you how to host a webinar like a pro. 

      Their all in one platform gives you everything that you’ll need to run your webinars. Simply host webinars live, automated, hybrid, series or even summit it will be all right for you. Like whether you’re just getting started or have been hosting a webinar for very long, Webinar ninja is the all-in-one platform that you have got to host webinars easily and effortlessly. 

      What Makes WebinarNinja Better Solution?

      1. Create a webinar in 10 seconds easily.
      2. Helps in getting more attendees with built-in marketing.
      3. There are no juggling screens. Everything will be there on one screen. 
      4. Create webinars live, automated, serial, summits and hybrids as well.
      5. No additional software is required with integrated landing pages, email reminders and more. Everything is super easy.

      Key Features Of WebinarNinja

      • Create a webinar in 10 seconds!

      WebinarNinja does all the work for you. You don’t have to go through a tedious 10-step process like other webinar programs in the market. With WebinarNinja you can now easily create your webinar in seconds, start your day and register for your webinar immediately. 

      WebinarNinja -Creating New Webinar

      • Integrated Marketing

      With just one click, your webinar is a part of the world’s most powerful webinar search engine, the Webinars Finder and that’s quite impressive.  Now the participants can easily find their webinar simply by searching the keywords or categories of their webinar. It is even optimised to find you through a Google search! 

      WebinarNinja- Webinar Details

      • Download your PowerPoint slides and documents directly to WebinarNinja

      WebinarNinja simplifies everything so that your webinars don’t cause any kind of confusion. Download your PowerPoint slides and verify everything in one place easily with the help of this platform. 

      • WebinarNinja automatically saves your webinar.

      Yep! Nothing to click or remember. Each webinar is automatically saved and stored in your account and that’s quite impressive. You can use it whenever you want and when you reuse it, it will look like the live webinar with the same designs, slides, videos and screens that has been shown.

      Save as many webinar recordings as you want and use them later. You can also download your playback file to your computer at any time and that makes this platform very flexible.

      • Built-in Marketing

      Webinar Ninja webinars attract more attendees. Here right with just one click, your webinar is part of the world’s most powerful webinar search engine, the Webinars Finder.

      Simply use the power of social networks with their social buttons integrated right into your webinar pages. Registration applicants must share their webinars during registration.

      WebinarNinja MarketingBe a star of the webinar! Everyone can subscribe and receive automatic notifications in their next webinars with the help of this marketing feature. Get more attendees automatically with this integrated marketing feature easily and effortlessly. 

      WebinarNinja Integrations

      Right with their integrated solutions like Add to calendar feature, registrants can add their webinar to their Google, iCal, Yahoo or Outlook calendars and that makes this platform very flexible. 

      Integrate WebinarNinja into your favourite landing page and website tool. Like the ClickFunnels, Leadpages, Themes, Optimize Press, Instapage, Sumo or anything else you need to add HTML. It integrates almost all the landing page builder out there in the market. 

      With just a few clicks, you can accept instant payments for your paid webinars with their Stripe integration. And the best part is that they don’t charge any payment fee.

      Easily integrate a registration form into your webinar directly on your website or blog. You can even customise your form with the help of form editor. 

      The best part is that they have direct integrations with Infusionsoft, MailChimp, AWeber and ActiveCampaign. You can also integrate another application through Zapier as well.

      Pricing Plans Of WebinarNinja

      The pricing plans offered by this platform are flexible and affordable so that anyone can get started with it. So let’s check out what are the pricing options available for this platform.  All the pricing options are billed annually. 

      WebinarNinja Pricing

      1) Starter ($39/Mo)

      • 100 Live Webinar Attendees
      • Unlimited Recorded Webinar Attendees
      • Live Webinars
      • Automated Webinars
      • Pro ($79/Mo)
      • 300 Live Webinar Attendees
      • Unlimited Recorded Webinar Attendees
      • Live Webinars
      • Automated Webinars
      • Webinar Series & Summits

      2) Plus ($129/Mo)

      • 500 Live Webinar Attendees
      • Unlimited Recorded Webinar Attendees
      • Live Webinars
      • Automated Webinars
      • Webinar Series & Summits
      • Hybrid Webinars

      3) Power ($199/Mo)

      • 1000 Live Webinar Attendees
      • Unlimited Recorded Webinar Attendees
      • Live Webinars
      • Automated Webinars
      • Webinar Series & Summits
      • Hybrid Webinars
      • 2 Tickets to Annual Conference

      So you have got the pricing plans offered by this platform, now you have a pretty good idea that this platform is quite affordable and has monthly pricing options too. 

      Let’s review the other platform Zoom.

      WebinarJam vs WebinarNinja vs Zoom vs GoToMeeting: Zoom Review

      About Zoom

      Zoom is a reliable webinar solution and it is designed exclusively to organise webinars, conduct online classes and organise online training, virtual meetings and video conferences along with many other tasks as well. 

      The best part is that it provides easy-to-use online video conferencing and meeting software that integrates video conferencing for easy online meetings. Guess what, everything is on a single cloud-based platform. The features of this platform makes it invincible as it offers advanced features that you wouldn’t be able to find on other platforms. 

      Zoom- Webinar & Video ConferencingBasically, Zoom is good to go option for small and medium enterprises, companies, educational institutions and others as well. Here Zoom is designed to organise and broadcast online meetings that can host up to 100 interactive video participants and 10,000 view participants. I mean that’s quite a big number of video participants who can join the live webinar or the video conference.

      In addition, this web conferencing software facilitates the wireless exchange of content and improves remote access to webinars and web conferences as well. Overall it’s a reliable webinar and offers lives conferencing tool that anyone can easily get started with it right away.

      Key Features of Zoom:

      •  Ease Of Use:

      Enable quick introduction with meeting functions that facilitate starting, joining and collaboration between devices. You can easily start a webinar, video conferencing and many other things right away without wasting any time. 

      • Support all devices & Platforms

      Zoom Meetings actually synchronizes with your calendar system and that quite impressive. That mainly provides simplified business-class webinars, video conferencing from desktop computers and mobile phones as well. Overall it supports all devices that make it fully flexible.

      Zoom Video Webinar

      • Video for all needs

      Allow internal and external communication, remote meetings and training through a single communication platform.

      • HD video and audio

      Integrate audio and HD videos into your meetings with up to 1,000 video participants and 49 videos on the screen. You can do much more with ZOOM.

      • Integrated Collaboration Tools

      Several attendees can share their screens simultaneously and make notes for a more interactive meeting. Also, this platform offers other amazing collaboration that you can use.

      • Safe & Secure

      End-to-end encryption for all meetings, role-based user security, password protection, waiting rooms and attendees. Your video conferencing and webinars will be all secured by Zoom, you don’t have to care about the security.

      • Registration and transcripts

      Record your meetings locally or in the cloud with search records.

      • Simplified Schedule

      It helps to plan or start meetings in Outlook, Gmail or iCal as well.

      • A reflective approach to mobile meetings.

      Today, mobile professionals need to be able to work anywhere and can have video conferences. Zoom Meetings for Mobile offers the same great experience you expect from the desktop client. Now you can do everything using your mobile phone as here with the Zoom Meeting you can conduct webinars and conferencing using it.

      • Chat zoom

      Integrated persistent messaging that optimises desktop collaboration between mobile and desktop clients. This feature mainly adds a live chat option.

      • Create private or public groups.
      • Share files and search for content
      • Start a meeting with full transparency

      Zoom Integrations

      The best thing that I liked most about Zoom is that they offer integrations with all marketing platforms along with email marketing services. Let’s check out what integration options are provided by this platform. 

      • Firefox
      • HipChat
      • Microsoft Outlook
      • Skype
      • Workplace
      • IBM Watson Workspace
      • Salesforce
      • Appointlet
      • Google Drive
      • Box
      • Dropbox
      • Panopto
      • Centrify
      • RSA
      • Marketo
      • Zaiper
      • Pardot
      • Intel Unite
      • Crestron

      So this was the integration list of this platform and that’s not the end, they are adding more platforms so that you can have better services. 

      Pricing Plans Offered By Zoom

      This platform is reliable and affordable as well. The best part is that they offer a completely free version so that you can just try and use its services for free. Other than that it offers very flexible pricing options. So let’s find out what they are offering. 

      Plans and Pricing - Zoom1) Free

      • Host up to 100 participants
      • Unlimited 1 to 1 meeting
      • 40 mins limit on group meetings
      • Unlimited number of meetings
      • Online support

      2) Pro ($14.99/Mo)

      • Includes 100 participants
      • Meeting duration limit is 24 hrs
      • User management
      • Admin feature controls
      • Reporting
      • Custom Personal Meeting ID
      • Assign scheduler
      • 1GB of MP4 or M4A cloud recording
      • REST API
      • Skype for Business (Lync) interoperability

      3) Business ($19.99/Mo)

      • All Pro features +
      • Includes 300 participants
      • Dedicated phone support
      • Admin dashboard
      • Vanity URL
      • Option for on-premise deployment
      • Managed domains
      • Single sign-on
      • Company branding
      • Custom emails
      • LTI integration
      • Cloud Recording Transcripts
      • Optional Add-on Plans
      • Optional Add-on Plans

      4) Enterprise ($19.99/Mo)

      • All Business features +
      • Enterprise includes 500 participants
      • Enterprise Plus includes 1,000 participants
      • Unlimited Cloud Storage
      • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
      • Executive Business Reviews
      • Bundle discounts on Webinars and Zoom Rooms

      So these are the pricing plans that are being offered by this platform. The best part is that it offers a completely free plan so that you can get started right away and try this platform by yourself.

      Let’s review other platform GoToMeeting

      WebinarJam vs WebinarNinja vs Zoom vs GoToMeeting: GoToMeeting Review

      About GoToMeeting

      GoToMeeting is an advanced web conferencing system that comes with international capabilities that makes it the ideal choice for companies with multiple international locations. The software has an easy to use interface and it is possible to start a meeting in few minutes without any hassle.

      GoToMeeting Review:

      The same flexibility and simplicity apply to your pricing system and the many integration options such as Podium, Zapier, Office 365, Slack, LMS Agreement and many other applications. Overall you can just rely on this platform and host web conferencing and webinars in just minutes.

      GoToMeeting is a great solution for companies that have obsolete video conferencing and web capture tools that need a stronger alternative than Skype, Hangouts, and FaceTime. You can check out GoToMeeting Review Here.

      Although popular and widely used, they are not intended for intensive use but this software called GoToMeeting is there for you. The best part is that GoToMeeting is Compatible with PC, Macbook Pro, iOS and Android mobile devices. Users enjoy great flexibility and can create or join online meetings from anywhere, at any time from the office. 

      Key Features of GoToMeeting

      • Meeting Scheduler
      • One-Click Meetings
      • One-Click Recording
      • Call Me To Join Meeting
      • Built-In Audio
      • Toll-Free Option
      • Personal Meeting Room
      • HDFaces Video Conferencing
      • Join via Desktop Options
      • Join via Mobile Options
      • Desktop/Application Sharing
      • Drawing Tools
      • Hand Over Control
      • Virtual Whiteboard

      GoToMeeting FeaturesSo these are the key features that is being offered by this platform. Also, they are including and adding more and more features whenever it’s possible. 

      GoToMeeting Integrations

      The best part is that this platform integrates with other platforms as well. So you will have an uninterrupted service and can host webinars and online meetings very easily and effortlessly. 

      • Slack
      • Salesforce Sales Cloud
      • Acuity Scheduling
      • Microsoft Office 365
      • Zapier
      • Hatchbuck
      • Podio
      • 1CRM
      • Accord LMS

       Pricing Plans Offered By GoToMeeting

      The best part is that the pricing plans offered by this platform is flexible and they offer a free version as well. Just give this platform a try and get started with their free plan right away. Apart from that let’s just check out, what is the pricing being offered by this platform. 

      GoToMeeting Review Pricing Plans


      • 3 Participants
      • Web audio
      • Screen Sharing
      • 1-Click Meetings

      Starter – $19/month

      • All Free Features
      • 10 Participants
      • Dial-in conference line
      • HD video conferencing

      Pro – $29/month

      • All Starter features
      • 50 Participants
      • Drawing Tools
      • Recording
      • Personal Meeting Room
      • Mobile Apps
      • Keyboard & Mouse Sharing
      • Call Me

      Plus – $49/month

      • All-Pro Features
      • 100 Participants
      • Active directory
      • Lightboard

      Now you have a pretty good idea of how flexible this platform is when it comes to pricing. 

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      Final Verdict: WebinarJam vs WebinarNinja vs Zoom Vs GoToMeeting 2020 | Which One To Choose?

      As of now, you have detailed insights into these webinar platforms (WebinarJam vs WebinarNinja vs Zoom vs GoToMeeting) that you can rely on. Among them, WebinarJam and GoToMeeting are reliable and affordable.

      I hope this post, suits your purpose well. And if you liked the post, then kindly share it on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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