WebinarJam Review 2023: Is it the Most Cost Effective Webinar Platform?

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Automated Webinars
Campaign Control
Multi-language capability


  • Automated email system
  • Lots of features and functions
  • Facebook Live and YouTube Live Casting
  • Reminders through SMS and Voice messages
  • Know your data with their advanced analytics and tracking
  • Automatically record every webinar
  • Inject pre-recorded video for perfect presentations
  • Customize your pages for brand consistency
  • Engage with a virtual whiteboard, polls and live chat
  • Secure webinar rooms with password protection


  • Monthly subscription is not available
  • There is no free trial but they offer 30 days money return policy

WebinarJam software is used by many businesses and industries for online marketing. It is actually a software for live casting, event streaming, and webinar broadcasting. It is compatible with all types of operating systems and along with that it supports multiple languages, browsers and mobile device platforms

Price:$ 499

In my effort to assess various webinar software, I discovered that while they all look to be the same on the surface, they are vastly different.

Take, for example, Zoom’s competitive offering. While Zoom has a terrific live chat platform, its webinar service isn’t really designed for sales. The webinar software from Zoom is geared mainly toward teaching and training.

WebinarJam should be on your shortlist of webinar providers if you wish to sell a product via a webinar. WebinarJam includes a number of features that make it simple to incorporate into a sales funnel. Continue reading this WebinarJam review to learn more.

What is WebinarJam?

WebinarJam is the modern way to host and promote your webinars. With a simple interface, you can create automated presentations that engage your audience like never before! Leveraging on our advanced technology platform powered by EverWebinar – WebinarJam brings professionalism in delivering content while keeping it engaging for participants as well.

Bottom Line Upfront: WebinarJam is a powerful web-based solution that helps businesses create and conduct events in live streaming video. It includes an option to broadcast these sessions on Facebook or Youtube, making it easy for viewers to tune into the event at their convenience.

Webinar Jam is software designed especially with businesses in mind: helping them generate revenue from online webinars through social media broadcasting of prerecorded videos via private rooms or live streams hosted by YouTube (or other platforms). Check Out WebinarJam Now.

WebinarJam reviews

WebinarJam Review: In a Nutshell

WebinarJam - webinar time

WebinarJam is a webinar hosting software for online marketing. For a complete overview of this software, you have to read the whole WebinarJam review. So let’s get started here.

WebinarJam software is used by many businesses and industries for online marketing. It is actually software for live casting, event streaming, and webinar broadcasting. It is compatible with all types of operating systems and along with that, it supports multiple languages, browsers, and mobile device platforms.

You can use this software to live stream broadcasts to your viewers from anywhere. With the help of this software, the users can directly live stream through Facebook, Youtube, or WebinarJam’s private network.

WebinarJam Review

It has dynamic and flexible layout controls that let users do Livestream either solo or invite co-presenters. It has a live chat feature also available where viewers can ask questions to the host and the host can interact with them in real-time.

There are many different ways available in WebinarJam through a presenter who can share their knowledge with their audience. Some of them are where they can upload videos, show slideshow presentations, and much more. It comes with an option to send public and private messages to webinar attendees.

It has other tools through which a host can send offers to attendees or make webinar registration pages, create events, sessions, or training, send automated emails and along with that, they can get feedback on their performance.

You may have questions for WebinarJam like: I will answer everything for you today.

Can I pay Webinar Jam monthly?

Can I use WebinarJam on my phone?

Can you fast forward a WebinarJam?

Can you pause WebinarJam?

Does WebinarJam integrate with Mailchimp?

Does WebinarJam show your face?

Does WebinarJam use camera?

How do I cancel WebinarJam?

How do I connect to a WebinarJam?

Webinar Software Platforms Market by 2020-2027

Webinar Software Platforms Market by 2020-2027

Webinar Software Platforms Market by 2027

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WebinarJam Features

Automated Email System

It has many in-built templates that you can customize according to your need. Along with that it offers point and clicks converter through this feature you can edit and design registration pages through drag-and-drop capabilities.

It doesn’t require any type of coding which saves your time and money because then you don’t need to hire a designer and you can pretty much do it on your own. Unique features in WebinarJam relate to the email marketing integrations.

WebinarJam Email Notification

In addition to that, the automated email system helps you in managing your communications before and after the webinar. This also lets you sync your email marketing platform too.

You can send reminders to your viewers before the webinar via SMS, and emails after it ends. This tool also has an auto-response function which allows you to provide all the necessary materials to your audience like cheat sheets, PDFs, files, etc before your webinar starts.

WebinarJam Integration Rule

This automated email system sends different emails according to the behavior of your audience like some of them are registered for the webinar but did not attend so they will get a specific email regarding that and so on.

You can control all your campaigns and webinars with the help of scheduling management. This helps you create a schedule of webinars on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis.

Different Options For Presentation

WebinarJam offers different options to the presenter and they can choose from those options according to their style and needs. Some people may not like doing the live streaming so they can do a slide-show presentation or share their screens and explain everything through that with their web camera enabled.

It has all the options which you can think of like screen sharing both solo and simultaneously, presenting with PowerPoint, uploading a prerecorded video, and then broadcast it during the webinar.

WebinarJam Fully Flexible

It also offers a whiteboard tool which is exactly like a blank whiteboard where you can write anything, draw shapes and lines on it and share it directly on the webinar. The transparency of the whiteboard can be easily adjusted according to your needs.

You just need to set the capacity to 0 then you can write, add text and shapes along with your sideshow or screen sharing or video presentation very easily. So for a presenter, it is very easy to use and they can choose according to their comfort zone.

Create Offers For Your Audience

WebinarJam is a really awesome way to boost your sales.

It can help you in doing online marketing which can bring revenue to your business. WebinarJam Active Offers allows you to make offers that can appear on your audience’s screens and then they can choose to buy your stuff directly through that offer.

WebinarJam Protected

You can also do affiliate marketing through WebinarJam. You can promote products of other businesses on your webinar and then the audience can choose to click on the offer or not. You can do this automatically and manually.

Interaction With Your Audience

WebinarJam’s chat option allows you to fully manage communications to improve the interaction. It has many features like public announcements, many-to-many conversations, and private-to-moderate messages. You can also allow your audience to ask questions, comment, and also share their screens.

This feature totally works on your terms means you can provide permission or revoke it anytime you want along you can remove those people who misbehave or spam in the chat.

This is a really great feature for teachers where they can teach their students directly and students can ask their questions through live chat. You can also do a Q&A session with your audience.

With all that it has polls and surveys which you can give to your audience to get their opinion on something and collect all the data in real-time. Through that, you can understand the needs of your customers and strategize according to that data.

Pay-Per-View Webinars

There are many people out there who actually pay to attend an awesome webinar or a live session for consulting or a standard teaching class. Even you can charge for your webinars and the audience will pay to attend your amazing presentation.

You can utilize all the tools and features to make your webinar awesome and more stylish. This will attract your audience more.

WebinarJam- Analytics

File Sharing

It has the feature to instantly share any type of file to your audience, all you need to do is instantly push files to your audience.

If you are a teacher and you have to distribute homework or you want to distribute an application or you want to deliver a cheat sheet, handout, or brochure, then just upload all the files through the Studio Control Centre, and when the timing is right then shown your audience the active download link and it supports all file types which is really awesome.

No Download Needed For Audience

This is a globally accessible technology and it supports all kinds of OS like you can watch webinars on your Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, iOS, Android. As an audience, you don’t need to download the software to watch webinars. As a presenter, you have to download the software and get premium access to avail all the features and tools.

SMS and Voice Messaging

With the help of this feature, you can send an SMS to your registered audience a few minutes before your scheduled webinar starts, and this message will show the exact time and date of your webinar.

Along with that, you can also record a voice message in which you can ask them to log into the webinar room immediately.

The system of WebinarJam will call your registrants right before your webinar starts and it will automatically play that voice message but for that integration with Twilio is required to get the feature of Voice messaging.

How to Use WebinarJam?

You have to follow some basic steps to use WebinarJam. But first of all, you have to download their plugin which gives you access to use this software in your browser without interference. It’s better to use a computer for your presentation over a mobile phone or tablet because then you’ll be able to engage with your viewers through live chat easily and the quality will also be good.

So to start you have to find the “Your Links” button on your webinar’s page. This will redirect you to many different links but as a presenter, you should choose “Presenter Login Links” and then copy this link under “Live Room” and paste it into your browser.

Before starting the live stream you should check a few things like free up the space of your computer’s RAM and don’t waste your internet connection on things like download because it can show very poor quality of the webinar. After checking these things at the last minute, you can click on “Start Event”.


WebinarJam is an online marketing tool for webinar hosting, It supports all Major operating system and mobile devices platform and can be used for webinar broadcasting, event streaming and live streaming.

💰  Price


😍  Pros

Support all major OS and also compatible for YouTube Live Casting Facebook Live

😩  Cons

No free trial though they offer 30 days money return policy


WebinarJam comes with all major features, WebinarJam is one finest tool and make your presentation/Webinar look better and attract lots of audience

Overall Rating 4.5/5

WebinarJam Customer Support

On the official website of WebinarJam, you will see the support option from where you can get the answers to your queries instantly. It claims that they answer the question in the fastest way possible and they haven’t disappointed yet.

On the support, you will see a search box where you can put out your query or keyword regarding your query and it will automatically show you the best possible results of that keyword and you can find the answer to your query from there.

WebinarJam Customer Support

They have already given answers to frequently asked questions and to get the answers for that you need to click on the category and it will show you the answers to that.

You can find answers to a lot of your questions instantly even if you don’t find the answer there then you can just open a ticket or live chat and the support team will contact you as soon as they can.

They have a large number of articles regarding queries and questions that you can check out. Overall, the customer service offered by WebinarJam is reliable and fast that you can rely on.

WebinarJam User Interface

The User Interface of WebinarJam is really good and the interaction is very smooth as soon as you finish registration you can start doing webinars but to completely set it up, you have to follow the full configuration process.

The process is really easy and smooth. In the initial configuration phase, you have to choose a name for your webinar, the title, and the description along with the language in which it is going to happen.

You can easily schedule when your webinar will be broadcast. You can choose any date or time as there is no restriction on that. After that, you can make a registration page for your webinar for your audience and they have to fill it out to get alerts of your webinars on time.

WebinarJam Reviews by Users on the Internet

WebinarJam has positive reviews all over the web and customers are praising the kind features and functionality it offers at such pricing options.

WebinarJam Testimonials

WebinarJam Stats

WebinarJam Review- Customers

WebinarJam Review On G2:



WebinarJam Review On GetApp:



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WebinarJam on Social Media Platforms

WebinarJam Pricing Plans 

It has basically three different pricing options from which you can select. It offers no free trial but for $1 you can try the features of WebinarJam for 60 days.

There’s no doubt, WebinarJam is a reliable webinar software that offers services at an affordable cost.

WebinarJam Pricing


The basic plan of WebinarJam costs $499/year. This plan allows you to have 2 hosts. Along with that, only 500 attendees can attend each and every webinar. You will also get 24/7 access to their support.


The pro plan of WebinarJam costs $699/year. This plan allows you to have 4 hosts and 2000 attendees per webinar and all the features of the basic plan. Obviously, this plan also offers 24/7 access to their support.


This plan is basically for experts and it costs $999/year. This is expensive but worth it for your business because it basically relies on webinars as a marketing tactic.

Enterprise plan allows you to have 6 hosts and 5000 attendees per webinar along with all the features of previous plans.

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Who Should Consider Using WebinarJam?

This software is for everyone. It has a lot of functions and flexibility so everyone can use the software easily for their business. But online entrepreneurs use this software for their business and give a boost to their sales and attract new customers.

This tool is ideal for small and medium companies, online entrepreneurs who sell products and services, teachers, influencers, coaches. HR professionals, project managers, and niche site builders.

If you are thinking to use this platform for entertainment purposes then you should try other tools because WebinarJam is not for you.

WebinarJam Pros & Cons

WebinarJam Pros

  • It is the least expensive in comparison to other paid options available in the market.
  • Facebook Live and Youtube Live Casting
  • Lots of features and functions
  • Reminders through SMS and Voice messages
  • It is really easy to manage even at different timezone based on your business reach.
  • Automated email system
  • Co-presenting means up to 6 presenters can be present at the same time.

WebinarJam Cons

  • There is no free trial but they offer 30 days money return policy.
  • A monthly subscription is not available.
  • There are no economical subscription options available in case someone does not want these many features.

WebinarJam Alternatives

In case you are still not sure about Webinarjam, You can also check out these WebinarJam Alternatives.


EverWebinar - WebinarJam Alternative

EverWebinar is a great and intense webinar software With EverWebinar, one can plan and mechanize their webinar film to play at set timings, and the product lets you replicate the live understanding for clients.


GetResponse-WebinarJam Alternative

GetResponse is a great email marketing tool and it additionally has a better than average webinar platform and majorly includes all webinar software needed design designs, so in case you want a single platform that gives you basic automation email advertising and webinars marketing, go for GetResponse.


Clickmeeting - WebinarJam Alternative

ClickMeeting is the world’s one of the leading webinar solutions for corporates and businesses, ClickMeeting supports pools and surveys along with chat translation, with over 100,000 satisfied customers in 161 countries. ClickMeeting is a great option to go for.

Quick Links:

WebinarJam FAQ’s

👉What is Webinarjam?

WebinarJam is a cloud-based solution that lets organizations build and execute webinars sessions, which include live streaming through private webinar rooms on YouTube and Facebook or event broadcasting. Through using existing images, animations, slides, or by sharing computer screens with participants, presenters and administrators may design webinars. Once organizations have completed designing the material for their webinar, they can register participants online by using pre-designed landing pages that can be hosted on the servers of WebinarJam or integrated on the website of the business.

👉What are the services provided by WebinarJam?

It has Automated system of emails and Lots of functions and functionality and Live Casting for Facebook Live and YouTube, Reminders through text messages and voice messages, we can Know the data with their innovative analytics and monitoring, also Recording any webinar automatically is there, Pre-recorded video injection for ideal presentations, For brand continuity, configure your pages, we can Engage with a whiteboard, polls and live chat online, Safe, password security webinar rooms, Events Protected by Password, Detailed Analytics on Results, Detailed Campaign Guide Webinar.

👉Is it easy to use WebinarJam?

Setting up a webinar is really easy, and if you need it quickly, the process takes just a few minutes. The signup funnel and all notifications that go out to the participants can even be completely personalized.

👉What are the pros and cons of WebinarJam?

I haven't met any other providers with the best feature: the PANIC button. If something is wrong, maybe any feature is frozen and you are lost-the brilliant panic button produces a whole new session and draws in the new space immediately with all participants. No need for additional jobs. We've saved our lives a few times, and we use Webinarjam more than once a day. Some lack could be that our webinars in German / English / Russian / Serbian / Croatian are run by us. Any of the German translations are slightly inaccurate, and the same applies to languages other than English. But it isn't a huge deal. It would be awesome if you could share an application with the screen if it could also share the sound of the app. The video segment that uses YouTube acts like a Swiss clock, otherwise.

👉How to use WebinarJam?

To use WebinarJam, you have to follow certain simple steps. But first of all, you must download their plugin that allows you access to your browser to use this app without interruption. Using a device with your presentation over a cell phone or tablet is easier because then you will be able to comfortably communicate with your audience through live chat and the output will also be high. To start, you need to locate the Your Ties button on the webinar tab. This will redirect you to several different links, but you should select Presenter Login Links as a presenter and then copy and paste this link into your browser under Living Space. You can check a few things before beginning the live stream, such as freeing up the RAM space of your device and don't waste your internet connexion on items like downloading because the webinar will have very low quality. You should click on Start Operation after testing these items at the last minute.

👉What are the features of WebinarJam?

So here I am mentioning features of WebinarJam, Management attendee, Management of Polls, Enable Multi-presenter, Webinars On-demand, Sharing of displays, Payments made online, Sharing together, Streaming Facebook Live & YouTube Live, Progressive analytics, Images pre-recorded, Control of the Replay, Highlighting Highlight, Annotations, Show of Urgency, Display Small Units, Alerts from purchasers, External embedding for registration, Registration for in-message, Email & SMS Automatic, Boolean logic, Auto-responders, Automated alerts, Automatic updates, Contact management, Flexible branding, Multi-language, Login management, Incorporation with social media, Third-party integrations, Whiteboard, Template management, S3rvey Management, Displays with input movement, Talk etc.

👉Is WebinarJam safe and secure?

WebinarJam and EverWebinar safe. While there is nothing 100% risk-free on the internet, we have introduced all in our power to keep WebinarJam and EverWebinar as convenient as practicable for our users and we continue to constantly incorporate additional steps.

👉What are the pricing plans for WebinarJam?

Basically, it has three different price choices that you can choose from. It does not offer a free trial, but for $1, you can test the WebinarJam functionality for 60 days. No doubt, WebinarJam is a reliable program for webinars that provides resources at a reasonable rate. The WebinarJam standard package costs $479 a year. This package allows each webinar to have a limit of 3 presenters. In addition, only 500 people will be eligible to attend each and every webinar. You'll also get access to their help 24/7. The WebinarJam pro package costs $783 a year. This package requires you to have a maximum of 4 webinar presenters and 1000 webinar attendants and all the standard package functionality. This package, clearly, also includes 24/7 access to their assistance. Basically, this package is for professionals and it costs $997 a year. This is pricey but worthwhile for the company because it depends on webinars as a marketing strategy in essence. This package allows you, along with all the functionality of previous plans, to have a maximum number of 6 presenters per webinar and 5000 participants per webinar.

👉How can I apply for WebinarJam coupon?

Go to webinarjam.com and pick all the things that you would like to order and add them to your shopping cart. Go to the Webinarjam checkout page when you are done shopping. Then you have to locate the text input box called Promo Code or Discount Code during checkout and paste your Webinarjam promo code to this box in step. Your investments will be added to the Webinarjam.

👉How much do I save with WebinarJam coupon?

Check webinarjam.com for online coupons and promo codes. Purchase any package with the 'Redeem' button above WebinarJam and get 25 percent cashback with the 1st invoice. This is offered as a discount on WebinarJam. If you first go for a free WebinarJam trial (or $1 trial), you can even demand cashback until you update. With this 33% coupon go through the checkout process on webinarjam.com. Check the website for a voucher code or promotional code choice on any tab. In the box next to the product, copy and paste the WebinarJam coupon code and click on 'Apply' or 'Submit'.

👉Is the WebinarJam legit?

WebinarJam is a great way to conduct webinars in an effective and professional manner, especially because it allows you the option of recording your live sessions through integration with Facebook & YouTube. This same platform also makes using this simple process that much more satisfying!

👉How much does WebinarJam cost?

With a one-time payment of $499, you'll get access to all our features for an entire year. No hidden monthly fees or subscriptions!

👉Which is better zoom or webinar jam?

WebinarJam has better marketing features than Zoom Webinars. It's perfect for recording meetings, and its user interface makes it easy to use! I recommend this program if you need something like what we just discussed - audio-only events that can be accessed anywhere at any time with an internet connection (or not).

Conclusion: WebinarJam Review

webinarJam-review Conclusion

The majority of people can use WebinarJam software because it serves according to your purpose. WebinarJam has a lot of features that a presenter can use to make their webinars more attractive and get more attendees through that.

It is the core strength of WebinarJam. You will get everything here that you can expect from a live streaming platform and it is not just a platform for live stream, there are other options also available for you to choose.

Utilizing all the features is really easy and you can get started in just 10-15 minutes.

The best thing about WebinarJam is that it splits their process which makes it easier for users to go through all the processes one-by-one. It can be broadcast on a very large scale too. The price is expensive but you won’t regret it after buying the plans because it gives you everything you need.

Follow WebinarJam on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and never miss out on my update related to pricing, discount, and features.

WebinarJam is a tool that will help your business take the hassle out of running webinars. You can do all this without ever having to worry about going over bandwidth limits, and it’s less than your monthly coffee bill so, give it a try today.

In Short:

Features: WebinarJam has a professional dashboard, where you can schedule a webinar and view trends of the sessions that are taking place, as well as manage your business from anywhere in the world.

Advantages: It is very easy to use. You don’t need any programming skills or deep knowledge of IT to create your own webinar sessions.

Benefits: It creates revenue streams for businesses when they conduct webinars and lets them make their own decisions without having to deal with the hassle of hiring an operator or hosting your own webcam and conference room.

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23 User Reviews on WebinarJam Review

  1. WebinarJam is easy to set up and customize, so you can focus on delivering your content. Plus, attendees will appreciate all the reminders and support they get leading up to and during the event.

  2. I love that I can easily set up a webinar and customize everything about it. The reminders are perfect, and my attendees always have a great experience.

  3. I tried out WebinarJam because I wanted to see how it would compare to other products in the market. What is great about this product is that you can easily prepare presentations and webinars without needing video conferencing, audio conferencing or multi-party audio software (of which most people already have). You can share your presentation online with others using just email.
    The quality of the sound is also surprisingly good for not being able to rely on DVC equipment. The plug-ins are easy enough for anyone to use – even with limited computer skills! It’s so flexible!

  4. I’ve been looking for a product like this. This webinar software is actually really good. It runs in your browser, which means you can use it on basically any computer without worrying about download time and all the other trouble with installing software onto your laptop. And it has everything I need to host webinars: great video playback, sound that isn’t distorted, excellent customer service and upgrades–it’s my perfect webinar jam.

  5. I used WebinarJam for the first time last week, and I could tell right away that it’s so great. The interface is so clean! It was easy to invite other people. Totally worth it. And you guys have awesome customer service—I had some trouble connecting with my internet connection, and your guy troubleshooted everything really quickly.

  6. I decided to try out WebinarJam after my old company switched over and I honestly couldn’t be happier. It was the perfect choice for me, great structure without ALL of those complicated features that were so overwhelming for me personally. Simple options which are easy to navigate really made a difference for this user and it has been worth switching! I highly recommend using WJ if you’re looking for an affordable option with most of the necessary basics.

  7. WebinarJam was created to make it easier than ever to host an online meeting; you no longer need to set up your own web server or know how rocket science works. Just fill in the blanks (from subject to presentation time) and then sit back and enjoy the work that WebinarJam does for you.

  8. The webinar jam is a well-designed, top-notch tool for anyone hosting an online event. The website is perfect for everyone from beginners to advanced users. Anyone can navigate the software with ease and finesse. Although there are few bugs, the presentation playback function usually works flawlessly without issue!

  9. WebinarJam is a nice enough product, but its got some issues that should be fixed as the price starts to match up with features.

  10. I’m a total webinar addict, and this is by far the best service I’ve tried. It has some quirks that you need to get used to, but overall it’s really easy to use and doesn’t cost an arm and leg, which I love!

  11. WebinarJam is still a good Platform, we understand that it can be hard to develop webinars and add features when you are constantly updating your product so hopefully these suggestions will show the developers what they need to change. The interface with WebinarJam has been satisfactory but with an un-intuitive design which makes our job harder.

  12. I love WebinarJam because I can get the live chat features without the hassles that other webinar platforms provide. The cost is worth it, and I couldn’t be any happier with all of its neat features.

  13. “It was excellent experience!”
    It was smooth broadcasting. We didnt have any technological trouble.
    Wish that we might split the display as one side “presentation”, the opposite “presenter”. This is the only unfavorable thing I saw.
    We actually did can engage with our consumers. That was great.

  14. In my opinion, WebinarJam is a splendid option for anyone who’s looking to hop on the webinars bandwagon. Not only does it have most of the functions I was looking for but it comes at a much lower cost too! We’re happy with our decision and hope you will be too!

  15. “I love WebinarJam because it offers seamless integration with forms, payments, audience engagement tools and so much more. It’s the only tool I’ve found that integrates everything 360°- in a meeting space.”
    It is an awesome program with tons of features to optimize your meeting experience
    Lets you have virtual meetings
    even when people are on different continents or time zones
    Share screens
    chat privately and share documents without having to set up conference call ease of use

  16. WebinarJam is streamlined, simple software for webinars. You’ll love it because it’s so lightweight and easy to use–it saves you time and effort.

    WebinarJam is the solution that works for you quite nicely. It features most of the functionality that is available in competitors’ tools at a better cost per user license/month fee. We have already renewed our contract from last year–word on the street is this tool will work great with all of your needs!

  17. WebinarJam is great but it can be better. The pricing should match the quality of the service you are receiving, and I have to admit, their customer support has left much to be desired. But if you are looking for software without too many bells and whistles this might work for you!

  18. WebinarJam is a great new video conferencing and screen-sharing solution. Whether you’re presenting from inside your corporate offices or across miles of fiber, WebinarJam offers the best conveniences for connecting with others quickly and efficiently. With WebinarJam’s one-time price, you’ll save thousands in minutes on cam charges alone. Best of all, when you upgrade to our professional level accounts, we’ll even waive publishing fees!

  19. If you’re looking for a reliable solution to start your own webinar, WebinarJam has some key features that I had been missing from other tools. If you don’t want to build a complicated website and have a marketing budget but would still like majority of the features, then this is the right product for you! It’s been easy to get up and running with Webjaram because it has everything we need already included.

  20. this platform had speakers designed for play long past launch date. With its top-ofbody design that lets users starting presenting starting two seconds after logging on, lots of helpful reminders like “Save your time! Upload your slides! The wide array of features makes it easy to get started by letting users import slides from other platform, Thumbs Up to WebinarJam.

  21. WebinarJam has a wide range of features to make your webinars easier. No more scrambling for the right plugin or trying to make a beautiful presentation on a tight time deadline. With this tool, you have everything from creating presentations and video sharing to interactive polls and an integrated customer chat system that won’t get in the way of marketing goals. Don’t miss out!

  22. Webinarjam is not the best webinar service, but it’s okay. It isn’t terrible because it at least has screenshare and recording – but both need upgrades. The price should be better too, if you compare to other available options out there.

  23. WebinarJam is a robust platform that offers everything you need for hosting webinars. From the scheduling backend to the ability to collect leads, WebinarJam will have your back when it comes time to take your business online!

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