Funnelytics Review 2020 (Pros & Cons) (Bonus $13k + Discount $200)

Funnelytics is the best funnel mapping software available to marketers and entrepreneurs. In this review, I will go with full detail of features, and how to use it effectively on business and track your funnels.

In this post, we have featured Funnelytics Review that includes detailed insights of its pricing, features, functionality and more.

So let’s get started here.

Funnelytics Pro Discount Upto $200 2020

Funnelytics Review 2020: Is It Worth Your Money?? ( READ TRUTH)

Detailed Funnelytics Review:

Usually, Funnelytics is a crisp, clean visual mapping software for funnels with conversion tracking functionality. It is a simple and aesthetically pleasing funnel mapping software that you can use to track, design, and analyze your marketing funnels.

It’s also the first product of its kind to focus on funnel visualisation.with the help of this you can not only track but able to analyze that how they perform with tracking analytics.

Funnelytics- Funnel Mapping and Analytics Tool

These are also available in two version

  1. Free
  2. Pro

Funnelytics Pro provides you a host of amazing features to optimize your funnel and boost revenue:

  • Goal and conversion tracking
  • Customer profiles
  • Unlimited funnels
  • Ad tracking
  • Email tracking

It is also the most attractive mapping funnel software in this planet. We need to understand that Funnelytics is not a page builder we still need an actual page builder in order to put our ideas into action.

Why You Should Choose Funnelytics?

It helps in reducing the risk by removing the burden of funnels out of the heads and putting it into the canvas. And even then allows you to insert tracking analytics into the funnel maps.

It is also important to have Funnelytics because it helps in bringing the ideas into a perfect picture form it also help in bringing or formulating your innovative ideas to your friends with the help of links or documents.

Funnelytics Pro- The New Way

Now with the help of Funnelytics, you need not sketch your ideas on a whiteboard or mind mapping program

Is Funnelytics The Right Choice For You?

As every coin has two phases positive and negative. Similarly, it also has, as GOOGLE analytics have an amazing for a lot of things but it also has certain sets of limitations

While going through Funnelytics pro you can have instantly your analytics on steroids

It may be right for me, if

  • I want to create a beautiful funnel fast
  • Analyze the effectiveness of funnel
  • Track metrics for each element and channel of the funnel
  • To create a clear vision of a marketing plan
  • Share the vision with customers
  • It may not be right for me, if
  • Funnels may not be a regular part of marketing strategy
  • When creation, testing, and optimization have already been created whenever needed.
  • Have other tracking tools for adequate feedback

Favorite Funnelytics features:

It helps in learning about highest converting funnels from industry experts

It helps to learn about own funnels by harvesting data

It helps to learn and craft the ideas

Funnelytics levels up your funneling warp speed by the following features:

Funnelytics vault 

Funnel vault is the collection of some of the funnels of biggest industry. Some of the biggest marketers in the world are as follows:

  • Dan henry
  • Sam ovens
  • Molly Pittman
  • Mentor box

Visually drag and to drop funnel builder

Also, identify which traffic sources to give you the best ROI

Track detailed metrics by user engagement


FUNNELYTICS VAULT- In order to sign for free version Funnelytics vault was introduced

Working of Funnelytics vault :

  • The first step is to click the vault tab in the main menu then select the funnel of your choice
  • Then click the Funnelytics templates button to share the templates of your choice
  • Later on, click the blue button to add the funnel to your dashboard
  • And your premium funnel template is loaded on the dashboard

The cons

  • It takes several seconds to load but it could also be improved

Drag and drop the funnel builder

These are the heart and soul of the Funnelytics one can get access to it by both pro and basic version.

You also need to create your first funnel. And it can be created as:

Click the create a project button in the top left corner and write the name of the project

And your project name will appear on the left sidebar

Select your project name which is in the sidebar and clicks on create funnel button in the top right of the screen

And you will be able to create your first funnel.

Design your first funnel from sketch

You can get your funnel sketched by the tools which include pages, traffic, action and offline. Offline includes business, cards, printing, and many more, templates, etc

Designing your funnel

One needs to click and drag traffic icon on the screen and then can grab the pages you want to include and arrange them in a specific order.

Create Your Funnels

As the dragging is done the page will automatically get arranged in the manner you lay down and arranged for the process

If you want to break the link just click on the far button.


To set conversion and goals you need to do is to just click on the icon button and then on setting the alarm clock. then varieties of goals appear such as lead, sale, the application you can choose from there.

Funnelytics Weekly Reports

Track and analyze user flow

Mapping of the funnel occurs are covered in map settings

In order to analyze switch to analyze mode click on the button.

Page Leads & Conversions

Hence your traffic and conversion metrics will appear automatically.

Track external traffic sources 

You can track the external sources and traffic of your funnel by tagging UTM

UTM- UTM stands for Urchin Traffic Monitor

When the UTM codes are attached to the website URL it creates a unique tracking code which leads to tracking of the Funnelytics in order to track the activity

How to link a traffic code with UTM

When you connect the traffic icon with UTM the icon gets automatically updated with traffic analytics

UTM tracking spreadsheet -this kind of spreadsheets help you in tracking links in the campaign

You can also make a copy of it and add it to your own GOOGLE account

Using GOOGLE tag manager to analyze user engagement 

GOOGLE tag manager is a tool which is used to manage your tags

It also acts as a hub which leads you to install analytics and other tools

In order to track the user the page includes various elements

  • Pop ups
  • Events
  • Button clicks
  • Video view percentages
  • Page scroll

Now let’s talk about how to install Funnelytics script in GOOGLE tag manager

  1. Install GOOGLE tag manager-by using word press websites you can install it using a plugin google tool comes up with two sections head and at the end body section
  2. Installing Funnelytics scripts with Google tag manager-

* * open your project in the Funnelytics 

* click on the setting tab, copy the script and then go back to the head of the page

TRACKING REVENUE- It also allows you to track your revenue which you have tracked during each phase of the funnel they also do not interact with card facility

FUNNELYTICS SUPPORT AND DOCUMENTATION –Funnelytics have chat support but is not available all the time as they are still in BETA testing. They also have some troubleshoot issues.


  • You can share your funnel by downloading it as a pdf file or via links
  • Track as well as analyze page performance
  • Get into the expert’s knowledge of marketers
  • Check your referrer traffic and its causes
  • Share your funnels
  • Build more funnels so that they can survive in front of clients
  • Get your ideas into a working model


  • Track your revenue
  • Design your funnel in an effective manner
  • Let the funnel downloading leads by easy sharing
  • Make the funnels designed faster than others
  • Presentation quality of funnel maps
  • Have an idea about how funnels are working easily
  • Drag and drop builder is so easy that has a learning curve


  • It does not integrate with payment processors and shipping carts as well
  • Also, do not integrate with email marketing services
  • Those who are non-techies have hard times to work in
  • It requires a tool like ClickFunnel

Funnelytics Pricing Plans : Funnelytics Pro Discount Upto $200 2020

Funnelytics has certain limits. Similarly, it limits you on a maximum of 10 funnels.

In this tracking and analyses is not allowed or can say possible. All can be done is mapping.

The Funnelytics Pro comes for like:

Funnelytics Pro Pricing Plans

1) Quarterly ($225)

2) Yearly ($695)

Funnelytics Pro:

You can easily speed up your learning if you are new to marketing funnels.

Funnelytics pro was launched in February 2018 and also is still in BETA phase of development which means there are still some changes which are made to be happen

BETA version of Funnelytics include creating an environment specifically for funnels to play and share their ideas

Get Your Exclusive Bonus:

Get Your Exclusive Bonus

Funnelytics Money Back Guarantee

You get the 30 days money-back guarantee when you purchase the FUNNELYTICS PRO

Design funnels have right to steel all the expert funnels and bounce after 29 and a half-day if you want to

All important is to implement the Funnelytics before you try to bail it

If you ask for a refund without touching the software you may be disqualified

Should You Really Go For Funnelytics:

The core feature of Funnellytics is that you can track the user in an easy and visualize format.

Funnelytics is also working on a GOOGLE plugin.

Funnelytics also aims at designing and analyzing into one package.

It also has data protection cross devices with them to track the data.

Customer Reviews:

I am really glad to be a part of this group why do i feel like i just won a prize when i actually paid$500 for the privilege. This is what you call good marketing


Funnellytics Review- Customer Reviews

Can you share Funnelytics with your team?

Yes you can share the funnels with your team by downloading them in a PDF format

Does Funnelytics track ad spend, ad traffic and email traffic?

Ans. yes Funnelytics can track all the above traffic and many more which includes:

  1. Revenue
  2. Email ROI
  3. Landing page visitors
  4. Landing page leads or sales
  5. ROI

Can you use Funnelytics to build pages or send emails?

No Funnelytics is not a page builder. It only allows to design and analyze your funnels in order to send the email you require third party software and talking about keeping the funnels into action a page builder is required like ClickFunnel.

Funnelytics Integrations:

Funnelytics Pro does not integrate with any of the software they use to work on their own

How does Funnelytics track conversions and visitors?

UTM link is used to track traffic as it helps you to identify the source medium and the source from which they belong to.

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Final Verdict: Funnelytics Review 2020 | Should You Go For It??

No doubt, Funnelytics is a reliable funnel mapping platform that you should check out right away. We all know that mapping a funnel has never been easier. Now you can easily bring your funnel ideas to life with the click of a button with the help of Funnelytics.

We hope this post suits your purpose well. Feel free to comment below and drop your review of Funnelytics. And if you think this post helps you then kindly share it on various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


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