How Can Website Builders Benefit You When Starting A Blog 2023

The Internet has been part of our daily lives and has a significant role in shaping our shopping or purchasing behaviors. You use blogs and other informational websites to gain information and make informed decisions regarding purchases.

People make decisions based on what they’ve learned from other sources, and that includes going to the Internet for answers. Whatever industry you may be in, your would-be blog will be an excellent tool for consumers. It will help you educate them with regards to various products and services. That’s why your potential blog or website, is an extension of your brand.

However, if you’re a busy person with zero coding skills and limited time, you might want to go for the fastest, easiest route to building and designing your blog. You know that making it visually appealing is part of the game. But how do you do this with limited resources? The best option is to use a website builder.

What Is A Website Builder?

A website builder is a digital tool enabling anybody to create websites effortlessly. Blogs can be finished and built to perfection without the need to know graphic design or coding. Usually, website builders provide themes or templates as a starting point for blog owners to make their websites.

These templates can be edited through a website editor that has an intuitive interface. Customizing templates allows you to make your blog look perfect and unique to your brand. With website builders, you can create your own pages, determine the structure of the blog, change backgrounds, modify colors, upload images, input content, and add media, among others.

There’s a lot you can do with this website builder to make sure you create a unique blog or website that appeals to your target audience. Below, we will discuss why website builders can be a great benefit when you are starting your blog.

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How Do Website Builders Benefit You When Launching A Blog

If you’re unsure about building your blog through a website builder, below are some benefits that might change your mind from a NO to a GO:

  1. It helps to make sure your blog is up and running faster.

With website builders, you don’t have to wait for a blog design and development project that takes months to complete. Releasing a professional-looking blog that is well-designed doesn’t have to take longer than you think it should.

Website builders are great tools that can help you create a website within a week or two. If you’re dedicated to your project, it can even take a couple of days to finish. You don’t have to wait for designers juggling multiple projects. You don’t have to contact developers who take on various clients just to check on milestones.

With a website builder, you can do anything by yourself and at your own pace. That’s why if you have the time and dedication to finish your blog, you can do it faster as opposed to getting designers and developers to do it for you.

  1. It’s significantly less expensive compared to hiring a designer.

Hiring a designer can cost thousands of dollars and can go up to the 5-digit range depending on the number of pages you want for your blog. This can be pretty heavy on the wallet, especially if you are starting.

On the other hand, website builders are sometimes free. Others cost about $5 to $40 per month. This is significantly less expensive compared to designers. Some website builders are even given for free if you opt for website hosting services.

website builder design

In most cases, using customizable templates and themes offered by website builders will benefit you if you are just starting out. You can use your money on more important matters or save them for emergency purposes.

  1. It allows you to gain authority and control over the look and feel of the blog.

When you make the website by yourself, you have control over how it will look and feel. When you hire a designer, you tell them what you have in mind, but you can’t control the overall result.

What’s worse is that the designer can end up with something that’s far from what you envisioned. Website builders give you the tools you need to build your own website from scratch, allowing you to choose layouts, colors, backgrounds, and font styles, among others, to match to your liking. You can say goodbye to multiple revisions and miscommunication between you and the designer.

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  1. It enables you to create a website without learning how to code.

Building a website through coding can take a lot of time and, of course, experience. A lot of potential blog owners don’t start taking steps toward their dream of having their own website because they’re afraid of development costs or they don’t have the time to learn to code.

With website builders, you don’t have to procrastinate and keep your dream on hold. You don’t have to study books and practice for weeks on end to build your website. Now, you have to stop worrying about looking for coding courses and use website builders to create your blog. Thus, you cut off programming entirely out of the way and you can start your blog immediately.

  1. It is very easy to use and is designed with beginners in mind.

Good website builders are designed for beginners who don’t need to go through a steep learning curve to manage the tool. They are made to be very easy to understand and use. Each website builder has its own set of features and layouts.

Although this is the case, most of them have simple, intuitive interfaces that can be straightforward to understand and easy to master. Within hours of using website builders, you can know the ins and outs of these excellent blog creation and management tools.

  1. It gives you flexibility with a lot of options.

Of course, you want your blog to be unique and stand out from the rest. You don’t want your website to look identical to that of others. Even though website builders have templates and themes most people have access to, you still have the flexibility to customize it to your own liking. Aside from these templates, you can modify fonts, backgrounds, color options, formatting, and the placement of elements on a specific page.

website builder design options

You can also decide which type of element to place on a page. For instance, you can include images, shapes, buttons, text, forms, videos, maps, social sharing icons, and sign-ups for mailing lists, among others. Even though you’re working with pre-designed themes, you can make a page that’s totally unique out of it. Thus, you can represent your identity or brand with a page that has its own character and impact.

  1. It gives you the ability to outsource website management to employees without the need for them to undergo extensive training.

Since your blog requires updated information, you might want to give some of the management activities to your employees. From small tweaks to a massive update, your employees can easily manage and modify your blog through a website builder’s intuitive interface.

As a blog owner who might be busy sourcing information, you might want to save some time by letting others do the work for you. Website builders are very easy to use. You can even create various user accounts for a single blog. In this way, each user can have permissions to do certain modifications or additions to your blog. This is an efficient use of your time and effort. Plus, it can help you concentrate more on your resources for bigger, more important activities.

  1. It gives you the ability to update your site from any location.

Website builders are mostly used online. This means that wherever you have an Internet connection and a computer, you can easily make changes to your website. If you have to update your followers during vacations, then there’s no problem.

If you have assistants that work from home, they can easily modify and update your website according to your needs. Plus, sharing files is not a problem. Once a person has access to a website builder, they can easily add media files and use those data included in the server. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. It enables you to create a mobile-responsive website that is visually appealing in handheld devices.

For a very long time, people have used computers to connect to the Internet and access information. At present, mobile devices have taken over the world. Almost everybody has their own mobile device, which they use to surf online.

Thus, aside from making your blog look appealing on different computer browsers, you must also make it responsive to handheld devices. A lot of your traffic will use their smartphones or tablets to view your blog.

website builder responsive

And one way to make your blog mobile-friendly is by making it responsive. If you want your designer or developer to do this, you have to pay more than the average rate. However, when you work with a website builder, you can choose a template that is mobile responsive.

This means you don’t have to worry about extra fees, mobile-responsive coding, and designing pages that look great on handheld devices. All you need is to “select” a mobile responsive template. Your design will look just as great on mobile devices as it does on the computer. Just make sure you double-check the look of your blog on mobile devices, and you’re good to go.

  1. It enables you to follow website best practices as most templates are designed for such.

Website design isn’t limited to simple art and coding languages. Designers study and implement best practices when it comes to creating a website. This is important for enhanced user experience, which entices your customers to take specific actions you want them to.

Again, if you’re starting and won’t use a website builder, you need to put in the time and effort to learn about coding, design, and website best practices. This is a lot to take in. With website builders, you don’t need to know the basics of website best practices.

Pre-designed templates already incorporate best practices when it comes to layout, design, and formatting. You just need to add a touch of your own brand to come up with a unique website you can take pride in.

  1. It enables you to add media anywhere you want to.

Do you want to create a great-looking blog that incorporates various media such as videos, audios, and graphics? Website builders make it easy for you without requiring knowledge of coding.

website builder media

With simple mouse clicks and keyboard hits, you can create a blog that is filled with video content, helping you explain your topic better to readers. Simply upload your video through the website builder’s interface, and you’ll be able to place it in any page or position you wish. A very straightforward drag-and-drop method is the key here.

You can even customize your images in such a way that it looks great on your page. If you want your blog to stand out, then using website builders is a great way to add media files without having to hire a developer for the job.

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  1. It allows you to place e-commerce elements.

If you want your blog to earn money in the long run, you can put e-commerce elements that will allow you to profit from selling products branded with your name. Selling products with your own brand entails shopping cart and payment functionalities.

Website builders make it easy for you to have e-commerce functionalities in your blog. Plus, they support integration with secure online payment service providers (e.g., PayPal, Stripe), allowing your customers to pay using credit cards or online accounts.

Build Your Blog Through A Website Builder

Are you afraid of enormous development costs and lengthy projects? Website builders will help you stop procrastination and enable you to build your blog from scratch without having to spend a lot of money. Use website builders immediately to kickstart your project and start blogging from any location. You’ll thank yourself for starting your project immediately, and you’ll love using website builders once you get used to them.

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