How Much Does HubSpot Cost In 2022 ? HubSpot Pricing & Packages

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Take your business to the next level with an effective marketing campaign. Utilize HubSpot’s Black Friday 2022 promo code to achieve it.
New Year’s offers that HubSpot have on offer are closely monitored by me. The discount coupons for the end of the year are below for you to grab.

HubSpot is the best software for Inbound marketing that generates more leads by attracting audiences to online businesses.

Due to its numerous features, HubSpot can handle all customer relationship management needs.

HubSpot is a platform that offers products & services for promoting sales & marketing.

Let’s take a look at the Black Friday Deals and Offers HubSpot is offering to online businesses.

5 Key Facts About HubSpot : How much does HubSpot Cost 2022 HubSpot Pricing & Packages

HubSpot Overview

HubSpot has the main 5 key features and the list of those facts is mentioned clearly.

Features Of Hubspot : 

Hubspot CRM services reviews

1. User Interface

The easy-to-use interface of HubSpot makes it very easy to use. By using its tools, you can easily create marketing emails. Customer support is also available to assist you at every stage of your marketing campaign.

2. Market Automation

HubSpot offers templates and custom builders for building market automation workflows. Ten pre-designed marketing templates are available for your use.

If you would like to do something more, then you can also create your own automation workflow.
The automated process, however, is based only on actions and dates, not on time. It would be impossible to automate workflows to send out emails to your contacts one month after signing up or two weeks after purchasing without time-based automation.

3. Content Optimization System

Your website, blog posts, and landing pages can be made SEO-friendly with this feature. HubSpot also offers excellent integration of its website hosting with other tools that allow you to run your business from a single dashboard.

Web-design templates are available on this site. The only drawback is that it does not provide a large selection of templates. These templates can also be customized by dragging and dropping, giving your website a unique look. A website can be created in minutes using the tools of HubSpot.

5. Sales Hub

HubSpot Marketing Hub Reviews 2021 Details, Pricing, & Features

A great tool offered by HubSpot, Sales Hub Professional can be used for larger and more complex sales campaigns. A conversational chat box can be applied to any webpage with this tool.

Using them will help you clear up your customers’ doubts. It can be used to resolve routine customer queries or collect information using conversational bots in the chat. Additionally, there is a live calendar, a notification centre, and a sales rep. Your sales can be monitored and increased with them.

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How To Apply HubSpot Black Friday Discount Code?

Hubspot tool review

It’s best to wait until Black Friday, when HubSpot offers huge discounts. Invest in small amounts rather than huge amounts by using the discount code.

The discount code must be applied by following the steps below.

Follow the guidelines and avail of this discount code.

  • In order to reveal a promo code or discount code, you have to click on the show button first. Then HubSpot’s official website will be displayed.
  • The code is displayed on the screen and you must click it to reveal it.
  • Choosing a HubSpot plan according to your business’s needs is the next step.
  • In this case, you need to enter the discount code as it is automatically copied to the clipboard.
  • If the discount code isn’t automatically copied, you can do it manually by copying and pasting the code.
  • It should display the modified price after applying a discount code on the screen.
  • Next, you should enter your name, email address, etc.
  • Once you have entered your payment details, including your bank and credit card information, hit the submit button.
  • Now that you have applied the discount code, you can enjoy HubSpot at a discount.

What Is HubSpot Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal?

Hubspot customer communication

Due to the Black Friday Deals, HubSpot is now available at a discounted price. All HubSpot pricing packages are included in these Black Friday Deals.

This discount will help you save money and relieve you from having to spend huge amounts of money.

This HubSpot Black Friday Deal will work with all HubSpot pricing packages and offers us a 25% discount.

Use this offer whenever you want to purchase HubSpot and you will get a discount. It’s a big discount deal to get HubSpot at a low cost if you’re not interested in investing a huge sum.

All HubSpot pricing plans can be used with this discount, so just choose the one you want to buy and apply the discount. When you do that, you can apply the discount offer and save some money instead of paying full price.

Use this Discount Code to get 25% off for every HubSpot pricing plan, as it’s verifiable and 100% valid on all of them.

During the checkout process, you’ll get this discount of 25% off for any pricing plan of HubSpot.

As a result of applying this HubSpot Black Friday Offer, you will experience all of the features and functionalities it provides as you find yourself experiencing each feature in detail.

The savings will be applied to your selected price plan and you will be shown the modified price. Then, just hit submit to check out. You can see how much money you saved by looking at the modified price.

HubSpot Black Friday Pricing Plan  : What Does HubSpot Cost and Which Plan is Right For You?


As for HubSpot pricing, it provides prices for different categories, including marketing, sales, customer service, content management, and operations.

Here are more details on each price.


  • For an annual subscription, the starter plan costs $540 and starts at $45/month.
  • For an annual subscription, you’ll pay $9600/month and $800/month for the Professional plan.
  • An annual subscription fee of $38,400 for Enterprise is $3200/month or $32,200/month for a month-to-month plan.


Starting at $450/month and $5400/year, the starter plan is identical to marketing. There is a monthly fee of $1200 as well as a yearly fee of $14400.

Customer Service

Starter and enterprise both cost $360/year, while the professional version costs $4320/year.


Starting at $23/month, the CMS hub price for the starter plan is the same as for Customer Service, and the price for the enterprise plan is the same as for Sales.

Operations Hub

In terms of annual billing structure, the starter plan costs $720/mo and the professional version costs $8640/yr.

CRM Suite Bundle

It costs $16,000/year for the professional version of Marketing and $1600/month for the starter plan. It costs $4000/month or $48,000/year for the Enterprise version if subscribed annually.

How Much You Will Save On This HubSpot Black Friday Deal?

HubSpot is providing Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals this year as these are huge ones that you do not want to miss. It is a good choice to invest in HubSpot if your company wants to manage all of the online activities.

On Black Friday, consumers can save a great deal of money.

With the HubSpot Black Friday Deals, you’ll receive 25% off any HubSpot pricing plan you choose.

Get the discount code and all the online services you need to take advantage of this offer.

You’ll receive a revised price after applying the discount code, and you’ll proceed to pay the amount based on that new price.

The amount of money saved doesn’t need to be calculated or any difficult process to be followed. They jump at the opportunity to take advantage of this excellent deal on Black Friday.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss This HubSpot Black Friday Deal?

There are two major occasions when we can get discounts on products: Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
As a bonus, HubSpot is offering 25% off Black Friday Deals, so don’t miss it!

It can be a big offer to invest in for new online businesses, saving them from spending large amounts. When you invest in HubSpot, you can generate a lot of leads, and better yet, it’s a very inexpensive tool.

This HubSpot Black Friday Deal should not be missed since it is the best platform to invest in during this holiday season because it is the most powerful platform that can handle all business activities easily and efficiently.

Best HubSpot Alternatives 


1. EngageBay 

Engagebay Overview

As a small business or startup, you have a lot of different hurdles to jump over in order to compete successfully. You have limited resources at your disposal and that means spending money wisely is important.

But if you don’t have the time to research exactly what different software can do for you, you might end up wasting a lot of money on the wrong tools.

That’s why we created EngageBay . It gives you access to a comprehensive, all-in-one marketing suite for small and startup businesses and it only costs $20/month.

Everything comes integrated so there’s no need to jump around from app to app and your data is always up-to-date everywhere. Plus, every plan comes with every feature, unlike those other companies that make you pay just to use their contact management dashboard or sales CRM features.

We’re not going to try and upsell you here – if you’re looking for a product like HubSpot because your budget is tight, this probably isn’t an option for you – but it might be worth considering an alternative later down the line (and we’re going to tell you about some of those later in the article).

And if you’ve never heard of HubSpot, that’s okay – you can still use EngageBay as a marketing automation software and CRM – it will just take a little more work.

At its core, EngageBay is CRM and contact management dashboard software for small businesses and startups. But what makes it different from most other CRMs on the market is that everything inside it works together: all your contacts and leads are visible everywhere so there’s no need for messy integrations and import/export procedures.

That means every new lead or customer gets added to your database instantly which means they stay up-to-date with no manual effort on your part.

EngageBay is also designed to be a marketing automation software that takes advantage of, but does not require, email marketing software like MailChimp or Constant Contact in order to work.

So if you don’t want to send outbound emails right now but are interested in things like lead scoring for later down the line when your business is more established, this will still work for you. And even if you do use one of those two platforms, it will automatically integrate with EngageBay so there’s no need for HubSpot-like data import/export procedures and all your data stays up-to-date everywhere.

Every plan comes with:

IntegratedM & Sales tools – because you need both

Every EngageBay plan comes with both our contact management dashboard software  and our sales CRM tools  so there’s no need to jump around between different apps. And you don’t have to pay extra for either of these two tools, unlike marketing software like HubSpot or OutboundEngine where you have to pay separately for them.

Everything is included in your monthly fee so whether you want a complete marketing automation solution  or just a basic contact manager – it’s all right here in one app.

Marketing Automation Software – the next step after lead management

If you’re looking for ways to get more leads and, eventually, customers but aren’t ready to start sending out email campaigns yet, EngageBay is your next step. It can be used as marketing automation software  where you can do lead scoring  and create personalized profiles for individual leads that will be visible across the app so you’ll always know what stage they’re at in the sales process – all without ever sending out email campaigns.

If you are interested, however, our Sales Bay has some great tools for gathering intelligence on your competitors and staying on top of everything going on in your industry .

And if you decide to start sending out emails later down the line, EngageBay makes it very easy to send bulk messages through MailChimp or Constant Contact with no extra work required.

CRM Software – stay organized

While we’ve included a contact management dashboard to help you keep track of all your leads and sales, EngageBay’s CRM is more than just a contact manager – it makes it easy to stay organized through tasks, calendars, notes, tags, alerts, and reports.

You can manage your entire sales cycle from one place using our integrated calendar  with appointment scheduling  and go back in time to see any changes you’ve made with the audit history feature .

Sales Reporting Software – understand how you’re doing

Our Sales Bay also comes with insightful reporting on everything related to your company’s sales performance. Whether you want numbers for individual reps or an overview of the whole team’s performance , we’ll give you detailed information about which of your efforts are paying off so nothing falls through the cracks.

Marketing CRM Software – where every lead goes

Whether you’re checking out our Sales Bay  or looking to get started with marketing automation , EngageBay’s interface has been designed so that marketers, salespeople, and small businesses can all work together inside it.

That way everything is in one place so there are no messy integrations or complicated import/export procedures ever again. If you have a question about your database right now, just ask everyone else because EngageBay makes it easy for them to see what’s going on with the status indicators right next to each individual contact .

2. ActiveCampaign


ActiveCampaign is a leading marketing automation service with small business CRM and email marketing. The company has been around since 2011, and it’s designed for sales, marketing, and customer service teams for verticals like higher education, software as a service or SaaS, eCommerce, and bloggers.

Our ActiveCampaign review will highlight its features in detail so you can see if it can help your business achieve better results.

Marketing automation with email & more

Email marketing is the foundation of any successful online campaign because it allows you to stay top-of-mind while also building relationships with your customers. ActiveCampaign offers built-in support for creating newsletters on desktop or platforms.

You can easily create an email template in HTML through its drag-and-drop campaign builder, which is powered by ActiveCampaign.

ActiveCampaign also provides you with well-organized subscriber lists for better segmentation of your market. You can also use the SmartTags feature to automate tagging subscribers whenever they take specific actions on your website or in emails.

With tasks, you can delegate important responsibilities to your team members so you don’t have to micromanage them. With lead scoring, you can track how much potential each customer has to turn into a buyer, and then work toward converting them into real customers.

The built-in contact relationship manager allows you to see data about different contacts within seconds. At any point during your online campaign, inside sales teams will be able to procure leads quickly.

ActiveCampaign’s marketing automation is powered by customer behavior, which helps you determine the most engaging offers for different segments of your audience. This is how it can help you prioritize your time and budget more efficiently than other tools like MailChimp, AWeber, Drip or GetResponse.

Sourcing new customers

With ActiveCampaign’s lead generation feature, you’ll be able to find interested buyers on autopilot without wasting precious time with tedious keyword searches. It’s important that your marketing automation application has a built-in feature that allows you to connect with potential customers in real time so they don’t fall into the hands of competitors .

With its powerful search engine optimization (SEO) features, ActiveCampaign’s lead generation tool provides you with high-quality leads that can help you grow your business.

Another great feature is the tracking pixel: it allows you to track each and every step of their website and understand which marketing channel is working best for them at the moment. With this data, you’ll be able to create a specific strategy for your next campaign, whether it’s paid or organic.

ActiveCampaign also has an autoresponder feature called Email Sequences so you can automatically send out targeted emails to subscribers. You can schedule these automated email campaigns in advance through its drag-and-drop builder.

Also, since ActiveCampaign syncs contacts from your previous automation efforts, every day spent manually tagging and grouping contacts is a day wasted. This means you can spend more time finding new customers instead of performing monotonous tasks that disrupt your workflow.

Marketing goals for small & medium businesses. If you’re looking to grow your business , then here are some marketing goals that ActiveCampaign helps you accomplish: Increase sales by 15 percent within the next 18 months

Increase web traffic by 20 percent within the next 12 months. Create eight new social media accounts and maintain them on autopilot Feature-rich customer relationship management (CRM) tool

ActiveCampaign also has a built-in CRM tool, which allows you to track important contact details automatically through lead scoring. With this feature, you’ll be able to prioritize important actions according to each contact’s potential to become a customer.

Another useful feature is the calendar, which allows you to keep track of your upcoming events and assignments in one place. You can use this tool for better time management and delegation so you can focus on other important things without worrying about forgetting something important.

ActiveCampaign provides support for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) because it has all the necessary features that even large businesses need: email marketing automation, lead scoring, high-quality leads, email sequences, autoresponder, powerful search engine optimization (SEO), tracking pixel and many more.

These features allow you to focus on growing your business instead of spending countless hours with mundane tasks.

3. GetResponse 


GetResponse  which is an email marketing company. It offers various services including autoresponders and landing page creation.

Solutions overview

– Drag-and-drop editor for autoresponse messages.

– Advanced timing controls.

– Unlimited daily messages.

– SSL encrypted webinar URLs with password protection.

– Customizable webinar URLs.

Webinar app to stream and record your webinars. We offer up to three hours of free webinar hosting with each account after that it’s $50 per month or $10 per hour (B2C) or $5 per hour (B2B).

They also provide white label customer panel access on all paid accounts where clients can monitor and manage their chat, surveys, and webinars.

– They offer up to three hours of free webinar hosting with each account after that it’s $50 per month or $10 per hour (B2C) or $5 per hour (B2B). We also provide white label customer panel access on all paid accounts where clients can monitor and manage their chat, surveys, and webinars.

Services for website owners. GetResponse offers the following services for people who own websites:

– SSL-encrypted webinar URLs with password protection.

– Customizable webinar URLs.

– Unlimited landing pages.

Unlimited number of redirect links can be added to each page and tracked using Google Analytics, so you always know how many visitors are coming from your website.

– Conversions and goal setting in the system and in Google Analytics, allowing you to take advantage of all reporting possibilities at any time.

– Unlimited number of redirect links can be added to each page and tracked using Google Analytics, so you always know how many visitors are coming from your website.

– Get full reports about conversions and goals via our web interface or directly in Google Analytics with one click. You can set up advanced conversion funnels for your websites and see which traffic sources generate the most revenue for your business.

The funnels also provide a complete view of the process that leads people through each stage on their path to becoming customers (lead funnel), or donors (donation funnel).

– Get full reports about conversions and goals via our web interface or directly in Google Analytics with one click. You can set up advanced conversion funnels for your websites and see which traffic sources generate the most revenue for your business.

The funnels also provide a complete view of the process that leads people through each stage on their path to becoming customers (lead funnel), or donors (donation funnel).

Services for app developers. We offer customized email marketing solutions, sales funnels, landing pages, customer panels, forms, surveys and chatbots for companies whose core is built around apps or web services.

Our aim is to give you all the tools you need to communicate with your users at any moment with automated email messages powered by artificial intelligence

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