SharpSpring vs Hubspot 2022: The Ultimate Comparison (TOP PICK) Who Wins?

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Throughout this article, I will be discussing two renowned CRM systems that will perfectly incline SharpSpring vs HubSpot to all your business needs. These two ‘Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)’ tools, or as we say the marketing automation system in business parlance, are SharpSpring and HubSpot.

Significant differences between SharpSpring & HubSpot

  • SharpSpring has a very distinctive feature through which you can manage your digital marketing in all your social media handles, via a single platform. In contrast, there is an absence of such a feature in HubSpot.
  • At a monthly subscription of $550, you can have a palette of 1500 contacts with Sharpspring. On the other hand, if we talk about HubSpot, it offers a basic CRM solution that provides access to unlimited connections for free to all users, making it an ideal preference for infant start-ups and small businesses.
  • There is no feature of live chat at SharpSpring . In contrary to this, HubSpot has this fantastic feature that allows you to contact your website visitors directly.

With the advancement of time, the business has grown at certain complex levels. It is not possible to maintain details of every nook and corner of your business through traditional means of maintaining a book, excel sheets, etc. CRM tools come as an ultimate savior in this regard, as this tool optimally manages your organizational details in proper order and automates all your marketing prospects.

SharpSpring vs HubSpot Comparison:

What is SharpSpring?

With over 2000 agencies and 10,000 businesses on board, SharpSpring is one of the most trusted marketing optimization tools. SharpSpring is a full package marketing automation tool that can optimize the marketing/sales department of your business by fueling sales growth and creating more positive sales leads. The automation software can smoothen and effectuate your sales mechanism by automatically performing monotonous tasks which otherwise requires a lot of time and energy.
 SharpSpring vs Hubspot - SharpSpring

This fantastic software keeps a tab on all past, current, and prospective customers. You can know which web page they are on, and accordingly, at the right time, you can catch up with them with all the information they need.

As per rates and reviews, an impressive 98% of all the customers were delighted with this solution.

Some crucial attributes of SharpSpring tool are:

  • Customer relationship management tool.
  • Visitor ID tracker.
  • Blogs and write-ups.
  • Smart email Automation.
  • Managing social media handles at one place.
  • Analytics and Reports.
  • Landing web pages.
  • Integrating activities of different platforms.
  • Marketing Automation.
  • Dynamic Forms.

How SharpSpring works?

An easy to use platform with white label/brandable options to explore, SharpSpring is a smart solution to businesses of varied sizes. It is compatible with both businesses and agencies.

SharpSpring provides a smart email marketing automation solution through which you can design eye-catching and professional emails to be sent to your clients. This email building interface, formulated in a simple drag-drop mechanism, can be used by beginners, as it does not require prior knowledge of graphic designing or coding.

Personalized emails can be created very quickly through this interface by using innate phrases, subject lines, and images that would appeal to your customers. This undoubtedly increases the chances of conversion of these prospective and targeted customers into regular customers.

Apart from this, there is also an exhaustive set of templates which you can format and customize on your own by adding photos, logos, and content. These edited templates can then be saved and used again in the future. Thus you don’t need to create this template again. Go to archives, pick this template, and just edit the content. This reduces time and resources if one would want to create those templates again.

A yet commendable thing in this regard is that the email templates provided herein are compatible with all kinds of devices. The design and layout will still look great everywhere, be it in desktop, android, or iOS devices. There will be no technical glitch that your customers might face due to the variety of devices that they use.

SharpSpring also allows you to create your sophisticated emails using coding languages through HTML editor. As you work on it, you can even preview it to know how it will exactly look like to your customers.

Compaign Insight

Through analytics tools, you can keep a sneak peek into the insights, reaches, and impressions that your emails were able to create once they were sent out from your end. You can have reports like the number of people who opened your email after delivery, bounced emails, forwards, etc. This will help to measure the success of your email marketing campaigns, and you can realize your areas where you need to work more.

After a customer clicks your web link provided in the email, SharpSpring will start tracking their every activity. It will let you know which all attachments they have downloaded from your mail and also let you know the pages of your website they are browsing.

You can also program this software to send some automatically generated emails to a customer or a group of customers showing a typical behavior towards your mails (and ultimately your website). You can also create a personalized email to be sent to the customers who visit a particular page of your website. This allows you to reach your customer at precisely the right time with relevant information that they may need.

SharpSpring - CRM Integration

You may also use the form-builder tool of SharpSpring if you want to build a database of details of all customers visiting your web address. This data can be used in the future if you wish to pitch them for your new products or services. Under this form building option, visitors will be required to fill some details in the prescribed form to access a specific part or the whole of your website. One can quickly develop and customize these forms with relevant information, branding fields. You can also attach a third-party form in case of any collaboration you have.

With SharpSpring in your arsenal, your form can also be enabled with software that will allow customers to conveniently fill the forms using their already saved information on their device. This unquestioningly increases the rate of conversion.

Whenever the customer signs up on your website through your form, you can automatically send a welcome mail, so that he/she can have a more personalized experience with your business. It would instill the prospects and understanding of your business in their mind. Your automation tool will inform your team when a customer is about to purchase so that you can personally interact with them over call to convert this lead.

This automation tool also has a feature wherein it assigns a score on parameters like the time they spend on your website, your email impressions with them, etc. This will, in turn, help you realize your potential customers so that you channelize more of your time and resources on this group rather than on other non-converting leads.

SharpSpring - Smart Mails

To know how your business is doing, you can keep an eye on the entire sales process by CRM features. It will gather the complete information that you need, like the purchases that are near to conversion and where your other leads are in the sales cycle. This interface can be customized per your priority areas.

SharpSpring also gives an upper hand when it comes to improving team coordination. You can leave comments, reminders, and notes for other members of the team. You can remind yourself and other team members about the lead that needs to be followed up, so there remains no chance of losing conversions.

SharpSpring has also created a dedicated mechanism for building useful lead-capture pages and sales pipelines for directing visitors to specific pages of your website. Using this builder, you can design impressive and eye-catching pages and portfolios as a part of your marketing strategy. These pages are directly linked to the CRM tool, so you can keep track of all the customers browsing these pages to optimize your online presence on various search engines. You can use blogs to engage with more and more potential customers.

What is SharpSpring’s comprehensive built-in social media management tool?

This tool allows you to operate all the social media handles from one single platform. You can share the same post on different social media and through multiple accounts from one place and at one click, without switching between various platforms.

SharpSpring - Email Analytics

You can also schedule your blogs, posts, and mails, and know its status on the content calendar to streamline the entire process of social media marketing.

How is the Customer Support Service at SharpSpring?

One can seek assistance from Customer support Cell of SharpSpring in several ways:

  • SharpSpring has an active customer support forum, active five days a week (weekends off) 8.30 am to 8 pm (EDT/EST). You can approach them to get all your problems solved.
  • You can file your query and doubts on the online portal created within its website. It is done through a support ticket. Once your card reaches the team, one of the members of their team will contact you.
  • One may also get contextual in-app assistance.
  • You can search for the inbuilt help files on their websites and see if something related to the query has been already answered there.

SharpSpring stands expectations of its customers. It has scored an impressive score of 7.8 on a scale of 10 in reviews and ratings on Trust Radius.

Pros of SharpSpring

  • Social media management tool lets you work through all your social media handles from one place, without manually switching to different platforms.
  • Monotonous work is done automatically through this software, thus saving your time and energy.
  • One can easily get hold over its working as it does not require sophisticated know-how.
  • The CRM tool tracks all the activities of customers on your website to let you know at which stage of the sales process is your customer at.
  • SharpSpring page builder software lets you use and customize professional emails, forms, and beautiful landing pages to delight the potential customers at scale.
  • Smart automation allows you to instantly follow up the customer through automatically generated standard emails who visit your website so as not to miss any opportunity of conversion.
  • It has a dedicated team of customer care staff which can be approached in many ways like calls, online portals, inbuilt files, etc.
  • Since the subscriptions are monthly, you can unsubscribe after a month if you don’t find this tool worth your business.
  •  All these fantastic tools are compacted in a single software, which is available at a rate that is less than that of other providers.

Cons of SharpSpring

Primarily, there are following two drawbacks of SharpSpring :

  • Though the plans of SharpSpring are cost-effective, there is no free plan even at the micro-level. Their monthly subscription starts at $550. One has to compulsorily pay more or less to access the smallest feature that it has to offer. Thus, it is not ideal for new business and start-ups with a meager budget.
  • If you are amongst those who do not want to use inbuilt email and page templates and want to develop and customize them on your own, you will be nestling up with this work if you aren’t a developer/coder.

Pricing Plan Of SharpSpring

Basically, there are three subscription plans here, each based on the prospects of your business. They are:

SharpSpring- Pricing

You will also be required to make a payment of $1,800 as an onboarding fee when you are signing up for the first time. This will provide some extra assistance for the initial two months. This is done so that you can have a stronghold over the working of this software. In this way, you can reap maximum benefits out of it. You can also watch a tutorial about the functioning of this software on its website.

All these plans include all features, unlimited users, and support. It is advisable that you browse their website to know what all other accessories they have to provide to their subscribers.

SharpSpring vs HubSpot: HubSpot Overview

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a free CRM navigation tool. It is an ideal stop for businesses with a small budget. The fact that this is free software, its utility and potential cannot be denied. This open platform comes with unlimited users and unlimited contacts, giving its competitors a head to head competition.

 SharpSpring vs Hubspot - HubSpot-


Just like other paid CRM solutions, it keeps an eye on the activities of your customers on your pages. It allows you to tap them at the right time to increase the chances of making positive leads through its marketing automation tail.

Qualities of HubSpot

Following are the essential attributes of HubSpot:

  • Streamline sales channels
  • All-round automation tools
  • Tracking the activities of customers on your website.
  • Customization of various inputs
  • Email templates
  • A platform for managing the database of your contacts.
  • Create tasks and activities for your team
  • Enhancing sales leads
  • Integrates and sorts all the emails from Gmail and other platforms like outlook.
  • form building
  • Dashboards to get all reports(HubSpot reports)
  • Segmenting and sorting lists
  • Managing inbox conversations
  • Email tracking & notifications
  • Canned FAQs
  • Personalized customer support through Calling
  • Customer support through Tickets
  • Support through live chats
  • HubSpot Academy to learn its working

HubSpot Reviews

That’s very impressive, right?

Working of HubSpot

HubSpot can be easily used by anyone, even the ones having no previous knowledge about it. Its software contains a tracker that records all the information related to a contact.

You can fetch details regarding your sales cycle and the overall activities of the sales team on the dashboard.

Whenever a person visits your website, HubSpot loads all their data which is available to them from databases of around 20 million businesses, so you get all the information about the customer. HubSpot enables you to track people who visit your website and the status of their purchase.

HubSpot - SEO

You can easily do live chatting session with a user clear all their queries at the right time, which will ultimately increase chances of conversion.

HubSpot CRM also allows you to record details of your interaction with a particular customer. You can make digital notes then and there regarding essential areas you need to focus on improving the experience of customers.

It doesn’t matter whether your sales team is using G-mail or Outlook as an email platform, HubSpot integrates all your activities in a single platform. It automatically sends out emails in bulk to every customer in a more personalized manner by individually adding details of the respective customers in the respective mail.

HubSpot - Social Media

The software can analyze the success of your email campaigns and also lets you know about the customer or the group of customers engaging more with you.

Creating support tickets for any issues that the customers are facing makes HubSpot great CRM software for customer service. You can save time using email templates and default responses to FAQs. By analyzing the waiting time of customers and your responsiveness, you can know how good the experience of customers would have been with you.

-HubSpot - Tracker

How is the customer support service at HubSpot?

The customer care cell of HubSpot can be reached on call between 7:00 am and 8:00 pm (EST). You may also mail them your query on the help portal of their website or can ask for a callback. Apart from these, there is an active user community of HubSpot where you can post your queries and ask for help.

HubSpot scored an impressive 8.4 on a scale of 10 on Trust radius ratings.

Pros of SharpSpring

  • It is free software with no limits as regards the number of users and contacts.
  • It is an easy to use interface which any ordinary person can get hold of.
  • The form builder option allows you to collect details of customers while they are browsing your website.
  • As a part of its customer support service, HubSpot allows you to have a live chat with your customers so that their issues are resolved then and there, thus improving customers’ satisfaction.
  • Personalized emails can be created along with default templates, thus easing the process of the email marketing campaign.
  • HubSpot notifies you whenever a customer visits your website so that you may tap them at the right time at the right place, with correct information.
  • This automation tool integrates all the incoming and outgoing mails in order, thus decreasing sophistication.
  • It lets you know when a contact opens and reads the sent mail so that you can follow up on him/her at the right time.
  • HubSpot records the details of interactions with your contacts. This makes it easy for you to remember the customer you last talked to, thus avoiding confusion.

Cons of HubSpot

There is no drawback with HubSpot as such, except the fact that the mobile version of HubSpot is pathetic and is not as effective as the web version. Also, it lacks some basic features that are present in the web version. It won’t bother you much if you have a laptop/desktop computer all the time. But others will end up struggling in it use via mobile or iPad.

Pricing Plan SharpSpring vs HubSpot

This CRM is for free with unlimited users and contacts where one can pile up over a million connections.  All the features like that of any other paid CRM are included in this free CRM, be it marketing automation, customer support call, email, or land page builder.

However, to avail of some extraordinary features (exclusively meant for large businesses), like sales and service hubs, you will be required to purchase a monthly subscription that is available at an economical price of $50 per month. In addition to CRM tools, this will include other amazing features which will improve your conversion rates and support.


You can also purchase HubSpot’s ‘Growth Suite’, which gives access to marketing hub, sales hub, and service hub along with its CRM, just at a monthly plan of $113 per month.

Another hugely popular paid tool of HubSpot is that of HubSpot CMS (Content Management System). HubSpot CMS equips you with every means to create a highly luring website with the potential of converting a large number of leads. It loads your arsenal with content creation tools, optimizing search engines, building beautiful land pages, blogs, better customer support through live chats smart email automation, custom options, and a plethora of other things. HubSpot CMS will be worth $300 for a month along with a payment of $1000 as an onboarding fee.


👉🏻How to reach SharpSpring’s support team?

You can file your query and doubts on the online portal created within its website. It is done through a support ticket. Once your ticket reaches the team, one of the members of their team will contact you. SharpSpring has a committed customer support forum active five days a week (weekends off) 8.30 am to 8 pm (EDT/EST). You can approach them via their helpline number (1-888-428-9605)

👉🏻Can HubSpot be categorized as ‘software as a service (SAAS)?

A “SAAS” is a way of delivering software that is accessible to all users through a paid subscription. The software that HubSpot provides is Service Hub. It is amongst many services that it offers.

👉🏻Does HubSpot use any third party salesforce to boost performance?

When HubSpot did not have its CRM software, it used Salesforce Pardot. However, now HubSpot has its own patented CRM and no longer use any third-party software.

SharpSpring vs HubSpot: Reviews & Testimonials

SharpSpring Customer Review

SharpSpring - Testimonials

HubSpot Customer Review

HubSpot - Customer Review

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What is a CRM tool?

Before jumping to the discussion, let’s know what exactly CRM software is. A CRM tool allows businesses to better access and organizes their customer’s data.

Out of the uncountable benefits that CRM software provides, the prominent ones are listed below:

  • Smoothest the entire sales mechanism.
  • Automatically performs monotonous tasks that otherwise require many hours.
  • Provides a better experience to your customers.
  • Team coordination is enhanced.
  • Keep all the details of your contacts in proper order.
  • Improves revenue prospects and the profit-making capacity of your firm.
  • Improves employees’ satisfaction.
  • Better reporting of the sales leads.
  • Better tracking of all the activities done during the marketing process.
  • It can increase the productivity of your sales team by up to 34%.
  • 8-14% of the length of the sales cycle can be shortened by using CRM and marketing automation tools.

My center of focus in this review would be to analyze every nook and corner of the two major CRM solutions, namely SharpSpring and HubSpot. I’ll briefly run through their every aspect, merits, demerits, cost-effectiveness, customer care cells, and a plethora of other things. I hope that towards the end of this review, you will be clear about which CRM platform will suit all your business requirements.

Conclusion: SharpSpring vs HubSpot Comparison 2022

The final say on whether SharpSpring or HubSpot would be better is loose and subjective. It ultimately depends upon the size of one’s business.

For new start-ups and businesses with a low budget, HubSpot will be a catch. It is available for free with no limit on the number of users and contacts. The CRM is entirely free with a good bunch of amazing features like any other paid software. It is a user-friendly tool that requires no expertise in coding. Some features like live chats to make it stand out of the crowd, as far as support services are concerned.

SharpSpring is also fantastic software. It is suited for business of medium and large sizes with a significant budget in the pocket. It is worth every penny you pay, as it provides unique quality features like email automation, landing page builders, SMM tools, etc.

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