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Learning through online channels is slowly becoming a new trend now. Looking at the comforts and flexibilities this learning methodology offers, many students and professionals who are willing to learn something new are opting for this mode of learning.

Unlike the earlier days, where only a few players were available for providing online education services, today, the market has seen the arrival of many new online learning platforms. This has created confusion among the learners about which one they should choose as their learning platform, as each of them follows teaching methodologies that are different from each other.

So, to make your job a bit easy, here we are providing you a detailed discussion of the top four learning platforms and let you decide which one of these is best suited for you. The top learning platforms that we consider discussing here are as follows:

  • Simpliv Learning
  • ITProTV
  • Udacity

Let us discuss each one of these learning platforms in detail. Here we go,

4+ Best ItproTv Alternatives & Competitors May 2024

1)Simpliv Learning

What is Simpliv Learning?

Simpliv Learning is a Fremont, California, USA-based online learning platform. Simpliv Learning was started with the mission of making online education available to everyone. It believes that learning should have no boundaries, and thus strives to be the world’s best platform for students and professionals who want to learn online.

Simpliv Overview

Simpliv Learning offers courses on a wide range of subjects ranging from technologies to soft skills. Whether you wish to become a professional Java Developer, are willing to improve your communication skills, or else want to be a graphic designer, this platform has all relevant courses for you.


Simpliv Learning has a vast library of video tutorials. The number of videos exceeds 4000. All these courses are designed by industry experts. Each of the video courses offers in-depth knowledge of every concept and helps its learners master the subject.

The quality of these video courses has been encouraging more and more students and professionals to enroll in them.  Simpliv currently has more than 36,000 subscribers for its courses, and this number is increasing by the day. This highlights the credibility of this learning platform.

Simpliv- Categories

The biggest factor that differentiates this learning platform from the others is the fact that it offers courses in multiple formats, i.e., if some of the courses are Individual courses, others come in Course bundle formats, and yet other courses are in the form of Live Virtual Classes.

Let’s looks at each of them in detail.

Individual courses: These are vast in number. Each of these courses is so well designed that it provides in-depth knowledge of the subject. The courses are spread across different categories. Whether you wish to become a software developer or want to become a photographer, you will find the right course on this platform.

Course Bundles: This is one unique feature introduced by Simpliv Learning in its teaching methodology, and is gaining a lot of attention from learners. Not many platforms have this feature. Now you might be wondering what these Course bundles are. And the answer is that Course bundles are nothing but the right mixture of different courses pertaining to a particular technology, made available under one packet at a much lower price than when bought individually.

For example, anyone willing to become a Digital Marketing professional can opt for a Course bundle such as Pack of 15 – The Complete Digital Marketing Bundle that contains a list of 15 courses related to Digital Marketing. The advantage for learners subscribing to these Course bundles is that they get big discounts in comparison to selecting each course individually.

You can check the entire list of different Course bundles here.

Live Virtual Classes: This is yet another big factor that places Simpliv Learning ahead of all its competitors. These are unique in nature. Unlike pre-recorded courses, these Live Virtual Classes empower students and professionals to interact with the instructors during the class hours and make sure that they don’t carry any doubts once the class hours are over. This feature takes online learning to a more advanced level.

Simpliv Learning offers Live Virtual Classes on different subjects across different categories. Its Live Virtual Classes list keeps getting updated continuously.

You can check the entire list of Live Virtual Classes here.


The great advantage of using this learning platform is that it offers courses at very affordable prices. The prices are as low as $2.99. As mentioned above, if you are purchasing any Course bundle, you can get a bunch of courses at a very low price.

Simpliv- Price

User interface

The User interface of Simpliv Learning is awesome. It made sure that it has used the right mixture of colors while designing its website so that it can keep its audience engaged. When you visit the Simpliv Learning website, you get to see its Home page. On the top of its Home page, you can see its Menu bar containing various buttons like Library, Search Button, Blog, login, Sign Up, Join as Author.

In its Library button, you can see all the different course categories and their subsequent courses. Its Search button helps you to find your favorite course by just entering a relative keyword and pressing the search icon.

As you scroll down further, you will get to see various sections such as SELF-PACED COURSES, LIVE VIRTUAL CLASSES, TOP SELLING BUNDLES. Further, you can also read various testimonials shared by its past students. Once you scroll down the Home page till the end, you get the Footer section, wherein you are led to various links that direct you to related webpages. All these help you know everything you want to know about Simpliv Learning.

2) ITProTV

What is ITProTV?

ITProTV is an online learning platform that has enabled many students and IT professionals to learn to upgrade their skillsets. It has a huge library of courses and wonderful services that beat those of all its competitors.

ITProTV Review

ITProTV, as of November 2020, has around 5800+ hours of IT skills and training courses. Using this learning platform, you can access any of these courses and interact with subject matter experts to make yourself a well-trained professional. This eventually helps you and your organizations a lot.


ITProTV offers many online training courses. It has a good collection of training courses designed by expert IT trainers under different categories. Some of its well-known course categories are as follows:

  • CompTIA
  • Microsoft
  • Cisco
  • Security Skills
  • Linux
  • (ISC)2
  • EC-Council
  • Apple
  • AWS
  • VMware
  • Google
  • Agile CertNexus Service Management, etc.

The above mentioned is just a small list of its course categories.You can find the entire list of course categories on its website. Each of these categories contains a list of relevant courses in its database. When you click on any of these categories, it will lead you to a page containing a detailed list of all the relevant courses pertaining to that category. For example, one of the course category, Linux, has a set of different courses in its list, such as:

  • Becoming a Linux Power User
  • Linux Essentials
  • Becoming a Linux Server Admin
  • Getting Started With Linux
  • Becoming a Linux System Admin
  • Linux for Beginners
  • Linux Command Line
  • Linux in the Cloud, etc.

ITProTV also offers certification courses to its students. Some of them are as follows:

  • A+
  • Microsoft Certified Azure
  • Microsoft 365 Certified
  • Network+
  • Security+
  • MTA
  • CCNA
  • CCNP
  • CCSP
  • SSCP
  • MCSA
  • MCSE
  • Linux+
  • AWS Certified Associate
  • AWS Certified Professional
  • AWS Certified Specialty
  • ITIL Master Level, etc.

ITProTV also offers courses based upon different job roles. Some of them are as follows:

  • Developer
  • Help Desk/Support
  • Business Professional
  • Network Admin
  • Operations/Project Manager
  • Security Admin
  • System Admin.

Practice Tests

ITProTV allows students to take a practice test before they appear for the actual exam. It allows them to take and re-take practice IT certification tests so that they feel very confident to register for the actual exam. On this platform, some of the available practice tests are as follows:

  • Microsoft
  • Axelos
  • Logical Operations
  • Cisco
  • PMI
  • Microsoft Developer, etc.


ITProTV offers a different set of pricing models. Basically, it has two pricing models such as Business plans and Personal plans.

Business plans: Under Business plans, it provides three different sections like ENTERPRISE, CORPORATE PREMIUMCORPORATEand STANDARD. Each section comes with some options. Organizations need to look into them and select which one perfectly suits them.

ITProTV Pricing Review

Personal plans: Under Personal plans, it offers courses with two different pricing models i.e., Monthly and Annual. Both of them have three different sections like PREMIUM, STANDARD, and FREE.

User Interface

ITProTV has designed a feature-rich website for its users. The website has been designed in such a way that users can easily navigate through it and find their relevant course very easily. Its menu bar contains different tabs such as COURSES, RESOURCES, PRICING, BUSINESS, PERSONAL. By clicking on these particular links, users find complete information about this platform. This menu bar also provides LOG IN button and Try It Free buttons. It also has a search button, using which users can easily find their favorite course with just the help of a relevant keyword.

ITProTV’s home page has other useful information, such as a Preview of some of the most popular IT training courses, list of the IT skills development platform for all sectors, some of the testimonials shared by its past course subscribers, etc. Its footer provides links to its different webpages such as About, Edutainers, Education Finance, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, etc.

3) Udacity

What is Udacity?

Udacity is an online learning platform founded by two instructors from Stanford. It began as an experiment in online learning when two instructors thought to offer their “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence” courses completely free for everyone. This set the path for what wenow know as one of the most valued online learning platforms across the globe.

 Udacity Overview

Udacity was started with a mission to train the world’s workforce for the careers of the future. This platform has partnered with many leading organizations to understand the impact of technology in transforming industries and to train the professionals with the latest skill sets so that they become an asset to their organization they work for.


Udacity has a wide range of courses for its learners in its database. It is considered atop-notch platform when it comes to learning technologies. Each of the courses has been designed and reviewed by industry experts, and needless to mention, they meet all the industry requirements.

 Udacity Course Program

Every course has been systematically categorized under different segments. Some of the popular course categories you can find on these learning platforms are as follows:

  • Programming and Development
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Science
  • Business
  • Autonomous Systems, etc.

Each of the categories has a large number of courses to offer for its learners. For example, one of its course category, Data Science, has a library of courses, in which the following are included, among others:

  • Data Product Manager
  • SQL
  • Data Analyst
  • Predictive Analyst for Business
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Engineer
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Business Analytics

User Interface

Let us speak about the user interface of this learning platform. The reason why we need to consider user interface while analyzing different learning platforms is that it offers a clear picture of how well a learning platform has organized itself. Having a better user interface will enable learning platforms to showcase all their strengths to their users in a more systematic way.

Like most learning platforms, Udacity has designed its website with an intention to showcase all of its features and services in a way that helps its learners to find any relevant information they want, with just the click of a few buttons.

At the top of its menu bar, it has buttons such as Programs, Careers, and For Enterprise. They provide all the relevant information to their users. The Programs button shows the list of different course categories and the courses in them.

When you scroll down a bit, you can see a section Find your perfect program. It contains some sub-sections such as MOST POPULAR,TOP RATED,NEWEST PROGRAMS,DATA SCIENCE,PROGRAMMING,BUSINESS.

This section mainly highlights the Top Rated course, New courses, and Popular courses, making the job easy for the learner to choose a particular course among the many available.

When you scroll down further till the end of the Home page, you can find the Footer section that contains various sections such as FEATURED PROGRAMS, ONLY AT AUDACITY,AUDACITY SCHOOLS, RESOURCES PROGRAMS, COMPANY ENTERPRISE, and SUPPORT. Each of these sections contains many links directing to different webpages that provide users the much-needed information about this learning platform.

4) Coursera

What is Coursera?

Coursera is a well-established platform for online learning. Whether you are completely a new beginner or an experienced professional looking to enhance your skill sets, Coursera has an unparalleled range of course titles for you.

 Coursera Comparison - Coursera

Some of the benefits of opting for Coursera courses are as follows:

  • This learning platform offers courses that are well designed by industry experts. Unlike a few platforms, it will not allow anyone to share their courses on its platform. It cross-checks each of the courses before uploading on its platform and makes sure they have relatively good content
  • This learning platform offers several options to choose their courses. They can choose courses between single courses, specializations, etc.
  • This learning platform has around 4500+ courses in its database and has 73 million learners. That’s a really big number.
  • More than 200 universities and industry educators have partnered with this learning platform with the aim of offering courses, specializations, certificates, and degree programs. This is one of the reasons why many students look towards subscribing courses on Coursera
  • The other great feature of Coursera is that it has designed iOS and Android apps through which learners can easily look into the video courses from anywhere or can download them to learn offline.


As discussed above, Coursera has a vast number of courses in its catalog. This includes both free and paid courses. Some of the notable course categories provided by Coursera are as follows:

 Coursera - Course

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Business
  • Computer Science
  • Data Science
  • Information Technology
  • Health
  • Math and Logic
  • Social Sciences
  • Language Learning, etc.

Each of these categories further contains a list of relevant courses in its catalog. For example, one of its categories, Computer Science, has a list of courses such as :

  • Java
  • C++
  • JavaScript
  • Blockchain
  • Linux
  • Agile
  • IOT
  • Scala, etc.

All the courses on this platform are very beneficial to students across the globe. This is demonstrated by the Coursera Learner Outcomes Survey (2019), which found that around 87% of the people learning for professional development report career benefits such as getting a promotion at their work, a raise, or starting a new career.

User Interface

Coursera has designed a very attractive and intuitive website to showcase all of its features and services to its users. It has utilized the right color combination while designing, and the web pages are properly linked to each other so that learners can easily navigate in between its pages to find all the necessary information they want about Coursera.

When you visit the Coursera website, you will land on its Home page. On top of its Home page in its menu bar, there are various buttons that provide very useful information about it to the users. In the menu bar, it has an explored button that contains all the relevant course categories and the courses under each of these.

After this button, there is a Search button option that enables the users to quickly find their favorite course. Users just need to type the relevant keyword pertaining to their courses they are looking for and press the search button. This opens a list of all the relevant courses related to that keyword.

Besides, it also has some more buttons on its menu bar, such as For Enterprise, For Students, Log In and Join for Free.

Coursera website’s Home page has more information, such as the testimonials shared by its past students.

When you scroll down further till the end of the Home page, you will get to see the Footer section, which contains several links to different webpages of the website. In this section, you will also get to see the links to download the IOS and Android applications. Here, you also get to see various links directing to its social media pages and to YouTube channel.

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Conclusion: 4+ Best ItproTv Alternatives 2024 

Having read the complete discussion above of the top four learning platforms, you might still be wondering which among them is best for you. While making a decision, you need to consider several factors, such as your personal goal, your subject of interest, the level of skill set you already possess, etc.

As every platform has its own pros and cons, you need to make your decision wisely. In our analysis, Simpliv Learning has a slight edge over the others. By considering some of the factors such as affordable cost, quality of courses, Course bundles, Live Virtual Classes, it can be said that it is one of the best online learning platforms.

Look into the below table wherein we have listed how Simpliv Learning has differentiated itself from the others over different parameters.

S.L.No Parameters Simpliv Learning Other platforms
1 Categories Simpliv Learning offers huge list of course categories. Each of these categories further contains a list of different related courses.


Every platform doesn’t have a huge list of course categories.
2 Trainers/Authors Simpliv Learning allows only subject matter experts to share courses on its platform. Some platforms allow anyone to share their courses on its platform.


3 Price Simpliv Learning offers courses at a very affordable price. Some of its courses price as low as $2.99.


Not all platforms offer courses at such a low price.
4 Course bundle Simpliv Learning offers various Course bundles, making it easier for learners. Not every platform has introduced Course bundles yet.


5 Live Virtual Classes This is a unique feature of Simpliv Learning. It offers several Live Virtual Classes to its students across different subjects.


Every platform doesn’t conduct Live Virtual Classes to their learners.

In conclusion, what we can say is that every platform is good in its own way and students and professionals are looking for platforms such as Simpliv Learning that follows a well-known teaching methodology.

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