LightPDF Review 2024: Can I Trust This Online PDF Editor?

LightPDF Review

Overall Verdict

LightPDF is a great option for developers who need to produce lightweight and portable files. It includes handy utilities such as batch conversion and PDF to JPG conversion. The fact that it is open source distinguishes it from other competing goods. If you need these characteristics, LightPDF can unquestionably provide flying colors.

Out of 10


  • Lightweight, quick, and user-friendly.
  • The free version has no file size restrictions.
  • It is possible to add a signature or watermark to the document.
  • Every standard page layout feature is supported.
  • Any language with UTF-8 encoding is supported.


  • Batch processing is not supported in the free version.


Price: $ 4.16

PDFs are one of the most popular file formats, but they can be difficult to edit and convert. Most people must realize that you can’t just open a PDF in Microsoft Word and start editing it. If you want to make changes to a PDF, you need special software.

LightPDF is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to edit or convert PDFs. With their easy-to-use interface, you can quickly and easily make any changes to your PDF files.

Plus, they offer a variety of conversion options so you can easily create the format you need.

Let us check out the LightPDF review in detail. 

LightPDF Review

What is LightPDF?

LightPDF is a lightweight free, and open-source PDF editor for Windows. It supports all PDF document versions and lets you browse, create, and edit PDF files.

LightPDF is a free software that operates on Windows platforms. It is capable of viewing, creating, and editing PDF documents. The tool’s portability and simplicity make it a perfect option for people who want to modify their texts efficiently.

LightPDF review

LightPDF includes several features that make it an excellent option for document reading. Using its straightforward interface, you may instantly convert Microsoft Word and Excel files into PDFs so they can be readily shared with others.

Additionally, LightPDF has several editing features that enable you to highlight text, make comments, and even insert pictures into documents.

LightPDF’s additional capabilities make it a handy tool for anybody who wants to view or handle documents on a computer. For instance, you may create folders inside folders to arrange your stored files into several categories.

You may also choose from various color schemes for online document reading, making it simpler for those with visual impairments or colorblindness to utilize this application without battling with excessive brightness or contrast.

Major Features & Benefits of LightPDF

6 of the major features & benefits are listed below:

1. Efficient Team Collaboration: 

With the ability to access PDFs through a shared link, remote teams can edit and respond to comments in real time, making teamwork easier and more productive.

2. Streamlined Workflow: 

LightPDF simplifies working with PDF documents with an intuitive interface, allowing users to quickly edit, sign, convert, and collaborate on PDFs.

3. Secure and Reliable: 

The privacy of your files is guaranteed as LightPDF does not backup, view, or share them. The platform is fast and stable, ensuring that your files will not be lost during use.

Benefits: LightPDF Review

4. Easy PDF Editing and Signing: 

LightPDF allows users to freely edit, sign, and share PDFs online without the need to print documents or go to another location.

5. Share and Collaborate: 

Stay connected with your team and easily collaborate on PDFs, regardless of location, by sharing a file link and editing in real-time.

6. PDF Centralization: 

Store, upload, and access PDFs on the cloud from any device and at any time, with automatic saving and syncing to ensure that you and your team have access to the latest file version.

LightPDF Pricing & How To Buy Guide

Step – 1: Go to the official website of LightPDF and click on ‘Download’. 

Step 1

Install and open the application in your system. 

Step – 2: Here are all the so many options you get. Click on ‘Buy Now’.

Step 2

Step – 3: Click on ‘Sign up’.

Step 3

Step – 4: Fill up the details asked for and click on ‘Sign up’.

Step 4

Step – 5: Choose a plan and click on ‘Buy Now’.

Step 5

Step – 6: Choose a payment option, fill up the details asked for, and click on ‘Pay’.

Step 6

That is it. You are good to go. 

Why Do I Recommend Using LightPDF?

Below I have mentioned 7 reasons why I recommend using LightPDF:

1. Multilingual languages:

Because it supports 10 languages, including English, it draws people from all around the globe. Thus, it is globally renowned and preeminent among similar websites and applications.

If you want a free, ad-free platform with unlimited use, advertisements may sometimes be annoying. Then I urge you to try it since you will never get such intriguing features for free. LightPDF will surpass your expectations without letting you down.

2. Latest API:

It leverages the most up-to-date API capabilities to suit PDF requirements while having Business functionality. education and more.

With its diverse module settings, which include module size, language settings, and button color, it essentially makes the conversion quicker and more efficient.

With API, you can quickly convert files less than 10MB in size, but if you need to deal with files more than 10MB, you may contact their 24/7 customer care.

3. Convenient and Operable:

This online platform for PDF editing is suited for all users, regardless of their level of expertise. Believe us; it doesn’t matter while using LightPDF.

Numerous page organizer options, including delete, crop, replace, and extract, are available to facilitate your work. It offers a user interface that even novices may easily navigate.

As it is a web-based application, you may use it without downloading or installing it on your mobile devices.

Why LightPDF: LightPDF Review

4. Safe and Reliable:

It is completely secure to use since it offers 100 percent security and zero possibility of data leakage. There is no need to be concerned about privacy, since PDFs may be permanently deleted from the website’s servers by using an unlocking feature.

It also maintains a close eye on viruses and hackers, preventing anybody from accessing your files. You can safeguard your documents by choosing a password, allowing you to use LightPDF’s features without concern.

5. A bunch of advantageous tools is present:

In addition to the editing tools, there are many more complex editing possibilities. It allows the merging of many files into a single PDF, and the combined file may be downloaded fast and easily from the software.

Similarly, splitting is accomplished in two ways: separating each page into its PDF or extracting numerous pages and combining them into a single PDF.

You may compress your PDF files with a single click and begin using them immediately after downloading the compressed document to your device.

In addition to this, there is a Rotating option that allows you to rotate the whole PDF if required. This indicates that LightPDF is a free PDF editing suite.

6. Amazing Editing options:

It features a broad array of editing capabilities that allow users to give PDFs a more manageable appearance. Colorize, change the font and line spacing, and add text and symbols, such as forms, arrows, markings, etc., while making PDFs.

It can also add a text and picture watermark or a basic signature mark to your PDF. In addition to modifying the content of the new PDF file, you can always change the PDF’s original text.

7. Effortless Conversion:

LightPDF supports both sorts of conversions, namely conversions to and from PDF. This allows you to make PDFs from all common document formats, including JPG, Word, PNG, PPT, and Excel.

In addition, you can easily convert your PDFs with support for Microsoft Office formats like Word and Excel and image formats such as the commonly used JPG, PNG, etc.

This application has succeeded in the conversion sector since it delivers all essential conversions in one location.

Thus, there is no need to look for separate tools for various conversion kinds. It is now the greatest online PDF editor since it assures that the converted documents have a suitable layout and structure in addition to its quickness.


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Conclusion: LightPDF Review 2024

LightPDF is designed with user experience in mind; its interface is intuitive and user-friendly, even for those new to document management.

That said, it also offers advanced features like encryption, which adds an extra layer of security when sharing sensitive information with partners or customers.

Additionally, LightPDF promises that all uploaded files are protected by SSL encryption so that your data remains safe during transfer and storage operations. 

LightPDF is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a comprehensive solution to manage their PDF files without purchasing expensive software or learning complicated programs.

Its wide range of features includes everything from document editing and conversion capabilities to secure cloud storage options—all in one place!

Its ease of use and advanced security measures make it perfect for professionals and beginners who want an efficient way to manage their digital assets without sacrificing quality or security. 

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