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MetroFax enables you to organize your communications effectively, with configurable folders and tags that make it simpler to locate your faxes.

FAX.PLUS, founded in 2015, currently claims to be the world’s leading online fax provider. While this is a lofty assertion, there are other things

  • 14-day free trial period
  • Unlimited online fax storage
  • High quality customer support
  • Electronic Signature
  • Scheduled Delivery
  • Storage Unlimited
  • Low overage rates
  • 14-day free trial period
  • Can preview your fax before you send it
  • Flexible pricing
  • Excellent mobile apps and web interface
  • Useful free version
  • Limited weekday customer service
  • Document signing tool is only available on mobile apps
Ease of Use

MetroFax lacks two-factor authentication and interfaces with other products. offers a more polished look Free Version, Free Trial

Value For Money

MetroFax is expensive in comparison to offers customized high-volume pricing for enterprises that want more than what the regular subscriptions supply.

Customer Support

Only Online customer support is available.

Customer support is available in Business Hours

In this post, we will compare both MetroFax Vs Which One Should You Pick? & why

Perhaps the nicest feature of online faxing is the elimination of the screeching noise associated with dialing a fax number. That is not the only element that has aided in bringing faxing into the twenty-first century.

Online fax services now include enhanced security, quicker transmission speeds, and slick mobile applications, among other features.

FAX.PLUS and MetroFax are two such services, both of which are packed with convenient features to meet current demands. They do not, however, have identical characteristics, and which one you should choose is determined by how you want to use your online fax service.

What Is

Switzerland is well-known for a variety of things, including cuckoo clocks, cheese, chocolate, and FAX.PLUS – Switzerland is well-known for a variety of things.

FAX.PLUS, founded in 2015, currently claims to be the world’s leading online fax provider. While this is a lofty assertion, there are other things to appreciate.

Without a doubt, the service has one of the nicest designs and a plethora of features. Users may import contacts from spreadsheets, blacklist undesirable telephone numbers, and digitally sign faxes.

Another interesting feature of FAX.PLUS is that it can be integrated with Microsoft Office, which means that you may send a fax immediately from Word.

MetroFax Vs

If you want further connectors, Enterprise customers may utilize the service’s API to create their application. Additionally, an admin panel is included – ideal for firms that want to construct a hierarchical structure for their users.

FAX.PLUS is a similarly adaptable service, with five distinct price options. What’s more, one of these levels is entirely free, which means you’ll be able to send ten free faxes every month without incurring any installation expenses.

What Is MetroFax?

While FAX.PLUS is a newcomer to the faxing industry, competitor MetroFax has been around since 1997. Now a subsidiary of j2 Global — the firm that also owns eFax – the service has benefited from its expertise.

MetroFax enables you to organize your communications effectively, with configurable folders and tags that make it simpler to locate your faxes.

All of the information is securely kept in an unlimited-storage encrypted mailbox. MetroFax lacks electronic signatures, but it does enable you to transmit faxes to up to 50 recipients simultaneously.

The MetroFax mobile app is especially handy if you need to fax on the move since it allows you to input contacts from your phone and transmits files straight from your device.

Unfortunately, unlike FAX, MetroFax does not provide a free version. PLUS does not, but you may sign up for a 14-day free sample – just be careful to terminate your account before the trial period expires. However, the prices are affordable, particularly when you choose for yearly payment to save even more money.

Features Comparison: MetroFax Vs simplifies the process of sending faxes online or with your current email client (email to fax). Along with the online and mobile apps, is available for a variety of platforms, including add-ons for Chrome, Word, and Google Drive.

Additionally, includes contact and group management, image optimization for higher-quality faxes, and online signatures for DOC, PDF, TIF, and JPG files. Enterprise subscriptions provide limitless fax lines and centralized team administration.

MetroFax enables you to send and receive faxes from any computer or mobile device connected to the internet.

MetroFax Vs features

You view the messages on your screen or through email rather than printing them, which saves you money on paper, toner, and ink cartridges while also transforming your fax machine into a mobile resource accessible in over 170 countries.

There are no setup costs or hidden fees on your account. Pay a single monthly membership fee that is proportional to the number of pages you send and receive each month.

As your company or fax demands expand, you can easily scale your plan. Charges are never dependent on processing delays, therefore a page is always treated as a single page regardless of how long it takes to transmit or receive it.

Performance: MetroFax Vs 

While offers an impressive variety of features and capabilities, it is the service’s UI that sets it apart from the competitors.

While many online fax providers have outmoded or simplistic interfaces, has the kind of UI you’d expect from a 2020 productivity tool. It’s easy to send and read faxes, manage teams, and reach support, whether you’re on a desktop or mobile device.

When you send a fax with, it should reach its intended recipient within a few minutes. Each fax sent by includes a confirmation page and a unique QR code that may be used to verify the transmission.

MetroFax never forces consumers to provide their phone numbers. You’ll get a single dedicated number, which you may pick between local or toll-free. Each registered number is compatible with up to five email addresses, which enables a small team to effortlessly share a single account. performance

Additionally, you may integrate your fax application with Microsoft Office, which enables you to save fax messages alongside other business papers.

Missing critical messages due to too many people vying for your time at the same time is a thing of the past with internet-based fax messaging, and receiving multiple fax pages simultaneously is a breeze with MetroFax, as your number will never display a busy signal, preventing you from receiving fax messages.

Additionally, you may send and receive messages concurrently, making this an extremely affordable paid fax tool for busy professional teams.

If you have any issues while using MetroFax, the American support staff is available to assist you. Technical assistance is available through phone or online chat, and the MetroFax website has comprehensive video tutorials and demonstrations to assist you in troubleshooting any issues on your own.

Pricing Comparison: MetroFax Vs 

Once you begin utilizing MetroFax as your mobile fax machine, fax machines will seem to be obsolete wastes of space. The service enables you to send and receive fax messages using any computer or mobile device with an internet connection and a dedicated fax number.

Not only will you save hundreds of dollars by foregoing the purchase of a fax machine, but you will also save the expense of paper, ink, toner, and other fax supplies.

MetroFax provides three service levels with monthly fees as low as less than $ 10 for up to 500 fax pages. Each plan includes up to 2,500 fax sheets and the ability to integrate up to five email accounts for free.

MetroFax Vs MetroFax pricing

Monthly membership fees keep the service inexpensive for organizations of all sizes but bear in mind that certain customers may incur overseas expenses. Within the United States and Canada, there are no long-distance costs. subscriptions are available at four different pricing tiers. Additionally, a free trial is provided for up to five pages. Additional pages cost twenty cents apiece from there. When invoiced yearly rather than monthly, all memberships are discounted. The Basic plan is $ 5.99 a month and includes up to 100 pages with the option to purchase additional pages for ten cents each.

By upgrading to Premium ($ 11.99 per month) or Business ($ 19.99 per month), the page limit is increased to 300 or 800 pages, respectively, while the cost of extra pages is reduced to five cents per page. Additionally, Business has features such as numerous fax lines and Slack connectivity.

Finally, Enterprise is priced at $ 59.99 per month for up to 3,000 pages, with extra pages costing just three cents apiece. Enterprise customers have full access to the toolset, which includes features such as priority assistance, data residency, and a API.

MetroFax Vs price

Additionally, offers customized high-volume pricing for enterprises that want more than what the regular subscriptions supply.’s primary downside is its price structure. Certain platforms charge considerably more, while others price substantially less for the same amount of pages.

For example, MetroFax costs just $ 12.95 a month for 1,000 total sent and received pages. On the other hand,’s Business membership delivers 800 pages for $ 19.95 a month. This equates to roughly double the cost per page.

Having said that Fax. plus has several benefits over MetroFax and other less expensive services. offers a more polished look, however, MetroFax lacks two-factor authentication and interfaces with other products.

FAQs On MetroFax Vs

Is legitimate?

Not only is secure, but it is also dependable. The smartphone and online applications are simple to use, and the pricing levels are some of the most customizable available. You may arrange the delivery of your papers and have them arrive at a certain time.

Is HIPAA compliant?

Yes. complies with HIPAA requirements when users use additional security features and sign a business partner agreement with FAX.

What is the MetroFax application?

MetroFax Mobile is a free app that works in conjunction with your MetroFax Internet fax subscription. The MetroFax Mobile application enables you to send and receive faxes. You may even check the balance of your account page on your mobile device. Fax pages with attachments from your Android smartphone, Dropbox, or Google Docs.

How long does it take for MetroFax to send a fax?

The fax will often be sent within a few minutes but may take longer if the receiver's fax is busy. If the original fax attempt fails, Metrofax will retry twice more for a total of three transmissions.

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Final Verdict: MetroFax Vs

As seen, both FAX.PLUS and MetroFax have succeeded in bringing faxing into the future with the addition of certain useful features. For enterprises, FAX.PLUS seems to be a solid candidate – the option to add more users and manage them through an admin panel is a feature not offered by many of its competitors.

Due to the free version, it’s an attractive option for anybody who sends a few faxes every month. MetroFax, on the other hand, is a considerably simpler service with several extremely intriguing features.

The option to add digital signatures is critical, and the Microsoft Office connections are fantastic. Because both of these services offer a free plan and a free trial, it may be advisable to completely try them out before deciding which one is appropriate for you.

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