Oxylabs Proxies Alternatives & Competitors 2022 Which is Best & Why ?

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Looking for Oxylabs Proxies Alternatives you are at the right place.

Proxy software can be an important tool for users looking to keep their browsing data private and secure. However, not all proxy software is created equal, and some solutions may offer features and capabilities that others do not.

If you are looking for a new proxy software solution, or are considering switching from Oxylabs Proxies, here are some of the best alternatives to consider:

Oxylabs Proxies Alternatives & Competitors in Brief

1) Bright Data

Bright Data Reviews Formerly Luminati

Bright Data is a great option for users who need powerful data analysis features. The software can help you track website visitors, analyze traffic patterns, and more.

Bright Data is a data collection and analysis platform that allows users to collect public web data at scale with zero infrastructure and zero code. Bright Data offers users a variety of pre-made data collection templates as well as the ability to request custom collectors to be specially made by the Bright Data development team.

The Web Unlocker feature of Bright Data allows users to rotate through dozens of browser profiles automatically in order to target the toughest public websites at unprecedented rates. The Datasets feature of Bright Data captures tens of millions of data points from entire websites. Users can request public web data from a collection of pre-made dataset templates or let Bright Data do the work for them by providing customized data requests.

2) Avast SecureLine

avast security line

Avast SecureLine has decent speed test scores and VPN protection, but it’s limited by a lack of functionality, inflexible pricing, and privacy policies that see the business hold more consumer data than other rivals. Price on the street in the United States: $8.99. Avast SecureLine VPN has the backing of a well-known antivirus firm which provides excellent VPN security, fast frequencies, and a wide range of server locations.

However, it lacks enhanced privacy controls and comes with a high cost. In addition, the firm collects a significant amount of data on its clients. Avast has the makings of a decent VPN operation, but it needs to improve. Avast SecureLine allows users to connect to servers in 35 countries, which is. However, the majority of these are spread across Europe. Avast also has servers in China, Russia, and Turkey, which are notorious for their repressive internet policies.

3) psiphon

psiphon is a great solution for users who need to access blocked websites or content. The software uses a variety of methods to circumvent censorship and security measures, allowing you to access what you need without restriction.


SOAX is a great option for users who need a reliable and easy-to-use proxy solution. The software is simple to set up and use, and provides a variety of features that can be useful for both personal and business use.

5) Infatica


Infatica is a global proxy platform that offers dependable residential IPs to ensure that website advertisements are correctly targeted to its target demographic, that ad connections operate properly, and also that the ad system is secure and/or legal. Price comparison entails contrasting pricing from various consumer backgrounds, which is popular in the travel and specialty product industries.

Infatica offers its customers three categories of proxies: residential, mobile, and datacenter. About 2.5 million residential proxies have been collected from actual consumers all over the world by Infatica.

True mobile proxies are available, allowing consumers to browse behind a consumer and service provider link. They also introduced datacenter proxies, which are low-cost and faster. You can prefer Infatica because it does not require captchas in using. You can pick whatever place you like, and it maintains the consumer’s real identity for their safety. It will allow users to access the internet using actual consumer IP addresses.

 6) Gimme Proxy


Gimmeproxy scans the internet for free public accessible proxies and verifies them on a regular basis to ensure that they are running. Then they make them available to you through a simple REST API. It has one of the most comprehensive functioning proxies lists available. Often imitated, but never duplicated. Gimmeproxy verifies hundreds of proxies per second using cutting-edge algorithms, discarding those that are weak or unreliable.

Each Gimmeproxy API request recovers a random working proxy from their database. You don’t have to give out your email address, register, build an application, or produce API keys. In a few minutes, you’ll be able to go. GimmeProxy is safe; they don’t watch you, don’t serve advertisements, and don’t mine cryptocurrency on your computer.

Conclusion : Oxylabs Proxies Alternatives

Oxylabs is a leading supplier of premium proxies and solutions for data scraping on a worldwide scale. Their customers are able to keep their data collecting infrastructures strong with the assistance of Oxylabs and the millions of premium data centers and residential IP addresses that are at their disposal. They also provide more sophisticated solutions such as Next-Gen Residential Proxies.

These proxies are driven by AI and ML and have a success record of one hundred percent when it comes to collecting data, regardless of how complicated the task may be. Check out Oxylabs Review here.

What do you think about Oxylabs proxies alternatives above, which is your Oxlabs proxies alternatives from the list.

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