Parallels Access Review 2021: Is It Really Worth The Price? (Pros & Cons)

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In this post, I’ve featured Parallels Access Review 2021 that includes detailed insights of its features, pricing, functionality and more. So let’s get started here. 

Parallels Access software provides you remote access to your PC from your mobile device. It offers the fastest, easiest, reliable remote access to your computer from anywhere. Without even touching your PC, you can access applications, files from your PC through any device.

Parallels Access is compatible with many devices like Android, iOS and much more. You will find many programs like this on the internet but Parallels Access is the best because of its features and smoothness. So sit back, relax and read the full Parallels Access Review which is a product offered by company Parallels.

Parallels Access Review 2021: Is It The Most Reliable Remote Access?

Detailed Parallels Access Review

Parallels Access is a program from which you can remotely access your computer through any device. You can pretty much access everything of your PC like applications and files. With just one tap, you will be connected to your PC through your mobile device. You can also access your computer from any other computer through a browser and your secure Parallels account.

Open your hard drive, find any file, photo which you need and then copy it to your remote device to use it.

Parallels access review


From this program, you can access applications of your PC like they are already a part of your mobile device.

It has a Lock-n-Go feature for selecting, copying and pasting any text from your PC to your mobile device. With Parallels Access Universal File Manager, you can manage your files on your computer and access them in the cloud. After that just copy and paste it in your mobile device to use them.

With a single tap, you can switch or open applications of your PC in your mobile device. It also lets you add your desktop application on the home screen of your mobile device. Access desktop-style keyboard to take more advantage from this program.

How To Get Started With Parallels Access?

There are basically four steps you have to follow to get started with this program.

Step #1: In this step, download Parallels Access for Mac or Windows and then install it on your computer for the initial setup.

Step #2: Create an account on Parallels and then fill up your credentials on your computer to sign in to Parallels Access.

Step #3: Go to the Apple Store or Google Play and install Parallels Access mobile version on your mobile device.

Step #4: Then similarly as step 2, sign in to Parallels Access on your mobile device to connect to your account.

After finishing these steps just connect your PC or Mac to your mobile device and start accessing files and applications of your computer remotely. It will work similarly to a computer.

To connect a computer with another computer, you need to use the browser and open your Parallels account to establish a connection between those computers.

Features Of Parallel Access

Applications on Home Screen

Paralles access remote server


You can easily add applications of your computer on the home screen of your mobile phone with the help of this feature. Launch any application of your PC on your phone any time, anywhere. You can also search for applications in the search box. You can remotely use every application of your PC on your phone and it will give you the same experience as a PC. These applications can also be accessed through another computer with Parallels Access.

  • Access Files On Remote Computers

Connect your PC with other computers to access files of your PC remotely through those computers. When working in an office, if you forget to bring a file from your computer, then don’t worry. Just simply open the browser from another computer and log in to the secure Parallels account and remotely access that particular file and then copy & paste it on the other computer. It works both on Mac and PC.

  • Seamless Navigation

Access all the features of a Mac or PC on your mobile device or any other device with Parallels Access. It lets you use gestures like swipe to scroll, tap to click, pinch to zoom of any Mac or PC application. Applications will work similarly as they work on your computer. You will not face any problem in running those applications even on your mobile device remotely.

  • Game Mode

Play PC games on your mobile phone. But this feature is still experimental with Parallels Access though it will come in coming versions of this software. You can still play games like Diablo 3, Elder Scroll, Skyrim, NFS Rivals, League of Legends and Borderlands 2 on your mobile device with a control editor and also create a touch-based shortcut to these games to run them with just one touch.

  • Optimised Screen Resolution

You can choose to read the text and see images in larger form or short form. Just use pinch to zoom in or zoom out which features similarly as a Mac or PC. It lets you set the screen resolution as your readability.

  • Awesome Mobile Experience

How to access remote dekstop server


With just one mobile device you can access files to your PC and mobile both. You can also select text or graphics and then drag and drop on the other interface. Copy and paste applications of your PC to your phone. You can also vary between remote applications and your device’s applications.

  • Access Files in the Cloud

We all know that the computer is not the only place where we can store our files. Parallels Access will create a single-window between your PC and your mobile device where you can access all the files whenever they are stored on your PC.

Parallels remtoe access server


To do that you need to add Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive to Parallels Access to remotely access those files. You can also access files from your cloud. Well, for now, Parallels Access only supports Dropbox on android devices though they might add more mediums in the upcoming versions.

  • Stores Files Locally

This is an amazing feature of Parallels Access. You can save files from your remote computer on your mobile device by using Parallels Access File Manager. Whenever you go on a trip to a place where you can’t access the internet then don’t worry just use this feature to copy files from a remote computer on your mobile device and use it offline with Parallels Access.

  • Manage Files

This program does not only give you access to all of your PC files but also gives you the power to manage those files remotely. You can perform all managing tasks on your mobile phone as you do on your computer like sorting files by their name or size, mover or copy any file, delete files and folders, search locations of files and much more.

Parrallels access discount


These operations can only be available through Parallels Access which is really cool for people like me who always forget to bring important files in a meeting. Perform all these operations from anywhere in the world. It doesn’t depend on the distance between you and your PC and that’s what makes this program one of a kind.

  • Share Files

This feature is new in Parallels Access. Sending a file to anyone through Parallels Access is really easy. There will be no cloud service required for that. Access your files remotely and copy & paste it on your mobile device and use the sharing feature of Parallels Access to send anyone anywhere. This works for both computer and mobile device.

You won’t have to waste in sending those files. With just one click you can share your file to anyone. There is no limit in sending files.


steps to access remote parallel acces


There are more features available of this program which you can get to know about once you try it. It connects to any Mac or PC and it is also integrated with Samsung S pen, Apple Watch support which is really amazing for users of Samsung and Apple.

Who Should Consider It?

This program is for everyone from a student to an employee of an organisation. Since our minds are pre-occupied majority of times due to work stress or meeting deadlines etc. forgetting certain things have become very common. It is very much natural and a little too common that you might forget to bring your presentation or an important file to a meeting.

Tap to Connect - Parallels Access

For these kinds of situation Parallels Access is a lifesaver. You just need to have an account on Parallels Access and connect directly to your computer through your mobile device and access all the important files. Then use the drag and drop feature to copy & paste those files from your PC to your mobile phone.

Many users use this software for work purposes but it can do much more than just accessing files for you. It lets you run PC applications on your mobile device which was not possible till now.

Managing files remotely is the best feature for you. Take an example of a person who has some private files on his computer and forgot to shut it down wherein there is a possibility that someone might access those files and use them against you. To avoid these types of situations just use Parallels Access to manage those files remotely so that no one can access them aside from you.

Parallels Access: SmartTap for Precision Control

To get the full experience of Parallels Access try the trial version today.

Customer Support

The customer support service provided by Parallels Access is also really good. They have tutorial videos on all the features and how to get started with Parallels Access which is very useful for a beginner. They have a support option on their official website where they answered frequently asked questions, from there you can find answers to your queries.

The support team provides you 24/7 support through phone, chat, and email and it is valid until your subscription expires. They typically reply to your query within few minutes and sometimes it might take an hour or so but they never abandon their customers.

All you need to do is sign in with Parallels Access, get a paid account on it and start using it today.

Parallel Access Pricing

Parallels access pricing

There are basically three paid plans available for Parallels Access. It also provides a free trial to their customers but trial period time is unknown for now.

1- Year Plan ($19.99)

  • One User Account
  • Connect to Unlimited Mobile Devices
  • Connects up to Only Five Computers

2- Year Plan ($34.99)

Business Plan ($49.00/year)

  • Unlimited Users
  • Account Administrator has the Power to Create and Manage Users
  • Unlimited Mobile Devices
  • Connect Up to 5 Computers

You can also increase the number of computer connection with an additional five-computer pack for just $49.00/year. From this pack you can increase the number of computers depending on your budget.

Pros and Cons


  • Access files of your computer remotely from anywhere in the world.
  • Parallels Access File Manager gives you the power to manage files of your PC on your mobile device similarly as a PC.
  • Works with all the mobile devices of iOS and Android.


  • No cons have been found yet.

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Parallels FAQs

🤔What Is Parallels Access?

Parallels Access is a remote access app which you can use to remotely access your computer through any device.

💵Is Parallels Access Free?

Yes! Parallels Access does offer a “Free Trial” that you can use to get started for free.

✅Is Parallels Access Safe & Secure?

Yes! Parallels Access is 100% Safe as it uses SSL connections and 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption. The data transfer b/w your computer and phone device will be safe and secure.

🤔What is Parallels Access for Mac?

Parallels Access allows you to share files from your Mac or a Windows COMPUTER without using a cloud service. Browse through KB123242 to find out just how. Parallels Access permits you to access a remote Mac or Windows PC with the help of a Web Console.

🤔What is Parallels access agent?

The fastest, simplest, most trustworthy remote accessibility to your computer system from anywhere.Access all your applications, data, and computer systems in one area.

Conclusion: Parallel Access Review |  Is Parallels Access Worth It??

Parallels Access is one of the best programs available on the internet for providing remote access. It has many different features on it which you can use anytime and anywhere which is really cool. It doesn’t work like Bluetooth for which you have to be close to your PC to access the files and applications.

The best part about it is that you can use the applications of your PC on your mobile device and it will work similarly to a PC. Managing files with Parallels Access is really easy and you can perform all the operations which you perform on your computer.

In the new version, you can share files with your friends and colleagues with just one click and no matter how large the file is, it will be sent in an instant. In short Parallels Access is a program to save your time and to give full control of your computer remotely.

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